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Thursday, September 30, 2010

TDY WAS GREAT! hahaha. but guess it shud be de last day until 2 weeks later. :/ study hard! :D aft exams we haaaaaaappy. :X

driving has been going well :). i learn parking kinda fast. hahaha. now just need to run circuits can alr i guess. life's been very slack now. doin nth much constructive. gd thing i still have income tho. :D. tuitioning rocks. hahaha. gd money. :D.

im losing track of what day is what day. everyone
's so busy. some working, some involved in sch stuff =.=. (HC). wna plan sth oso like difficult. everyone nt free. SO ITS NOT MY FAULT. ask go out shopping nia all say not free. how u want me to plan big stuff?!

life now is kinda good, shud enjoy it while i can. aft poly life wun be so easy alr... :/ needa work n stuff. kinda suck. so DONT COMPLAIN WHEN U'RE BORED N U HAVE NTH TO DO. everything oso complain, "wa sian nida study" den when no need study, "wa sian nth to do" =.=. these ppl are just pure irritating who dno how to appreciate what dey have!

sth retarded :)

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Monday, September 27, 2010

been awhile since i posted. going to de f1 was great! an eye opener. hahaha. nice seating, and not too hot oso. altho when go out de time was horrible. =.=. but yup if u have money, i WILL go back again for f1 in singapore! hahaha. :D.

mclaren kinda screwed up the singapore race =.=. pissed off. lets hope things get better, but im nt having high hopes anymore. but anws, i just bought 3 huge mclaren posters online. LOL. its a 91x61cm huge poster. :D cant wait for it to arrive! haha.

exams nearing ><. not mine duh. anws my results are quite lame. gpa nvr move at all. haha. anws exams nearing, all the best :). dun get too stressed? =). ok dowan get overly "disgusting" here.

anws pictures for the f1 is on FB. :D.

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Sunday, September 19, 2010

EXAMS OVER! ok over for arnd a week alr. time kinda flies dam fast when u're having fun. :/ n i realise sept is coming to an end alr. den left with october den sch reopens again =.=. kinda sucks.

k kinda dun feel lyk posting nw. leave a pic to look at. realise i rarely post pics of myself. i shall post 1.
i guess dun bother bout the guy who's smiling retardedly. :X

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Monday, September 13, 2010

THE AGONY!!! zzzzzzz.

im not afraid of failing. im nt afraid i wun score well...

just scared that, all my studying will be wasted... cuz it feels like nth much went in. :/. everything is stupid. puttin 2 hardcore memorising subject together is just pure stupid. de moment u study de other 1, de first one gets wiped clean. den u try to go back, de previous one gets wiped clean. =.=. piece of shit. im gna stuff myself with sushi aft de paper if we're still goin for the buffet.

just side tracking... i tink professionals in the fashion industry are weirdos... :/

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Friday, September 10, 2010

thanks for the best meal ever. :DDD. really sweet of you to deliver food all the way to my house n it tastes great :D. you know me the best. ^^. thanks for the cute card oso. :D. I love you :):):)


so... no pics. :(.

yea go ahead hoechin, get goosebumps aft reading this. :D

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Thursday, September 09, 2010

omg... i cant bring myself to do it... just too painful. T.T

cant bring myself to start studyin efund... it sucks. T.T. elnfas ain too bad, got wing fatt's tips :D. GRANT ME POWER TO STUDY EFUND!!!

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Friday, September 03, 2010

was readin thru alot of my archives. was readin my nov 2007 posts to jan 2008. OMG! i felt young again. really young. it was just 2 yrs ago but it felt so long ago. really nostalgic de feeling. i forgot all de gd times i had in ncc n ahs last time, n de horrible times as well. when i still had to worry abt homework n all. LOL.

really awesome. its a complete opposite of my TP life now. n ima really diff person as well, i guess u can say i grew up? hahaha. tho still retarded, but compared to last time. :) got difference. this blog is really good, readin back reminds me of my sec sch days, really documented quite well frm sec1 till 4. what kinda person i was, n how i changed overtime in sec sch. haha. i shud continue document my poly life perhaps.

but de difficult part was, DECIPHERING DE HIDDEN MEANINGS. cuz last time maybe i dowan let ppl noe, den will add some hidden stuff, den me myself forget =.=. needa think dam hard. LOL. but was fun. :).

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Thursday, September 02, 2010

its been really long since sth decent came up on here.

recently everyone shud be pretty much worryin abt exams. all my frens tho, Jc guys for prelims n Alvls, while poly guys shud be nxt week's exam. i tink i had mine sorted out.

Netfund is more or less done, just need to go thru again on sunday, n maths is fine too. left with fourier which hopefully can get answered tmr durin de lecture. elnfas n efund intend to do durin de 4 days break. MCT? i dno... tmr see how.

anws this might nt sound very nice of me to say, but sadly n truely its true. its gettin kinda irritating recently n it really irritates me sometimes. for de pass few days or maybe weeks, shud be days, ppl been askin me alota qns, thats nt de irritating part. some is probably what dey ask. over reliant probably. its probably more convenient to ask. u might think nth is wrong with that, but im gna go, why dun u check it urself?

u dint check first den u ask me. u might tink im bein an ass, why cant i just tell u? cuz i dno as well. den u'll go, ok hlp me check. den fine i hlp u check. dats me few days back. aft awhile it just gets pure irritating. its nt 1 or 2 or 3 ask. its alot of ppl start asking. so im finding myself checkin so many things. =.=. thats why it has been gettin irritating. sorry if i dint reply ur sms, it just means im gettin too f-ed up with all ur favours. so nxt time, do check lms or tp website first, if u cant find den u can come ask me. if u dint bother checkin first, dun ask me to check for u or sth. cuz u're probably nt de only one who asked me to checked sth.

yea thats why sometimes when u sms me or on msn, i give cold or irritating or pissed off replies when u dint do anything its becuz of this. got overly pissed off alr. so i guess sorry if u dint do anything n got abit of my unhappiness.

well anws, i haven been slpin late recently, hardly slp aft 1am these days. de good influence frm my cute girlfren tho. "sleep early k?". n i haven been wakin up aft 12pm at all. waking up aft 11am is alr rare. ya. amazing? yup very amazing. n to plus it up, its hols now. last time even when dere's sch, i'll slp aft 2 or 3am. nw holidays no sch, i'll slp before 12am or 1am. kinda healthy living.

dun go like, "wa ur gf nt cool, restricting u n all". she's nt restrictin me, im doin it outa my own will, n why wudnt u wna live a healthier life. nw dere's a motivation. den hoechin u'll probably go "gay sia". yea i can live with that. u noe i love my gf alot =). that shud send ur hair standing.

recently been saving up alot. all my money from tuitioning. its good money. savin up for de f1 season!!! gna go dwn to town n get mclaren stuff! hopefully its a better deal den buyin online.

been having lotsa fun with her. dun tink de wrong way tho =). have been happy. altho sometimes i have some worries but no issues. hope this time round i dun screw up like de previous time. in some cases when u screw up, fine u can get away with it. but in these kinda stuff when u screw up, its nt simple with just gettin away with it.

speakin of screwin up, driving's been good. de final practical test is on 2nd nov. :D. soon. soon. HOPE I CAN PASS.!!! really hope i can. if nt..... dam sad. so aft exams, time to chiong driving lessons. tdy did abit of parallel parkin. its kinda stuck in my head for a moment. LOL. was fun to play de car on de slope with no other cars tdy. hahaha. :X yea was doin de "control ur car on de slope" den de car was sliding up n dwn de slope. LOL.

yea n de usual, ending off my post with a picture.

hahaha. hoe chin sent it to me few months back. the world cup season was awesome. great bonding with frens. (Y) sports do create stronger bonds.

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