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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

damit so bored now...... waaaaaaaa so shall jus post some crap in. tdy was HELL! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA. gayness, imagine it u do 3 papers straight for tdy. wa sian. lol lol lol. eng paper 1, followed by chi paper 1, den chi paper 2. when i was doin chi paper 2, i readin de passage de tym i almost fell aslp la. de story wasnt goin into my head at all. im gna screw up my chinese. wa sian. die le. anws pass few days sch dam borin as usual, sian. haiz. n oso my life gettin more n more borin.... rmb de navy advert? abt dat fella's life story movie den aft dat show him puttin clothes into his washin machine? mine iz worst den dat. LOL. if my life were to made into a movie rite now, it wud be 2hrs long, wif mi sittin on a chair, n stonin. same expression thruout de 2hrs. LOL. anws tml holiday! im gna do chem tml. oh n oso, lately iz hell la. HOT. n ytd mornin at arnd 9+, it reached 35DEGREES CELCIUS! no jk... record. wooooo burn to death. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. start screamin, global warmin. ok dat shud be all? oh oh n oso someone iz makin mi nuts. in wad way nuts? gd or bad? im not sayin. guy or girl neither m i sayin. LOL. ok but u all sure sae GIRL one. but den again dun tink iz a girl luh. =P. now a pic for u all to look at...

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Saturday, April 26, 2008

finally a post dedicated to delta'o8..... 4 years spent wif u all was meaningful, i dint cry on dat day doesnt mean i dun give a shit or wad k =.=. jus dat i feel its wrong to cry... unless our brothers suddenly frm 27 become 26 den worth cryin alr, but apart frm dat.... ya i feel we shudnt cry. lyk de mani ppl posted, somethin lyk, do not cry when it ended, smile because it happened. somethin lidat izit. yup.

i knew i was attention grabber at de beginnin, aft seein alot of ppl's post, i realised i grabbed alot of u guys attention when we first met. "why got this malay guy one ar." LOL. i dint reali bother socialisin wif u guys and.... not reali much of interaction oso. de onli person i alwaes toked wif was stefan. sori i dun remember much of part A life, as in with u guys. somehow i onli focused on ncc ncc ncc n not platoon mates. =( pretty sad. of course i wasn't focusin on aimin to de top but i was focusin on doin my best. cheong kai was de first timer, den kimchi was second, alex was third and followed by gerald. im after gerald i guess. which was around end of part A izit? ya i tink so. not sure. or beginnin of part B whr i become permanent. damit la jus cant rmb. =.=. anws de onli interaction i had wif u guys was durin bayonet. lol. dat was de onli tym i guess? apart frm dat dun haf alr.

bravo life seemed to have much more interaction wif ya'll. it was excitin, esp aft de new batch, weisheng chengjun waileong took over. things got more intensed and dere was an urge to bond? or somethin lidat. we had orienteerin, aft dat de syfoc. most importantly part B camp. part B camp was sort of a new mi. myself wasn't important animore durin den, it was you all who stood first. durin de hike, i somehow had alot of energy left, esp durin de kallang-sch stretch. i knew u all were not gna make it so i did my best. at first i tot, when i reach sch i'll report sick. but upon reachin sch n seein so mani ppl reported sick n cud not move, i dint report sick..... instead i hlped u all out. u all of course played a big role oso. u all motivated mi and i cried not becuz it was too tough. but seein all ur perseverance n not wantin to give up spirit, esp jinfeng i wana mention. admirable. i cried when i heard ur nite raid. =(. de snrs told mi to cover my ears but i dint. den pds, tough trainins. lol.

nth much here, its abt leadership buildin n frm here learnt mani things workin wif u all oso. orienteerin 2ic, nelson tot mi lots. lol. oso it was my first tym workin wif nelson, it was an honour workin wif dis fella, bet u all jealous i get to work hand in hand wif him. den aft dat it was elections, mani dint get deir desired post. 1 person i wana mention iz gerald. aft elections de nxt few days he was reali unhapi n rampaged arnd. but i admire him, frm de hot tempered him, he iz a much calm person now. great effort he puts in to change himself so as to make life easier for us. look at him now, do u see him lose his temper? i tink he oso went thru alot aft de elections, a gd thing he went over it.

well we pretty much are so not bonded now. lol. until mr yeow gave us de wake up call. de cleanin up store thing. im not gna elaborate so much here. lol.

now gna do de individual person thingy here. i WILL miss out some stuff abt u ar, im gna post wad comes to my mind first. so pls forgive mi if u all haf done somethin nice for mi n i forgot. im not reali a gd memory person cuz i haf JBD. LOL.

i knew u since part A camp, de bloody bugger who snored so bloody loud when we slpin in de tent. walao hated u la =.=. hahahaha. durin de tent slpin i was wif stefan n leonard. den i cant slp la walao. all thnx to u. LOL. i alwaes see u as de hot tempered person in de part who gets nth done due to ur hot temper-ness. but durin pds de tym u hlped wif de formation n stuff. when doin sai gang u owaes carry alot at one shot n dat iz gd =). hahaha. yup. dat shud be all. thank you for everithin

whr did u go!? a sad thing we cant kip u..... durin part A i noe u as de guy who does retarded things wif eugene peh. lol. esp durin bayonet, owaes tio tekan by wenguang. n i remember 1 joke which u made n its still veri clear in my mind. wenguang pumped us alot of usin vulgarities, den u said CB durin trainin. den wenguang heard! n apparently den CB wasnt reali veri in. so i tink he asked wad iz CB n den u said cheese burger. =.=. n ur nickname given by wenguang was yutian mankali taupok.. ya. durin part B u're not de reali active one n so nth much to put abt u. thank you for everithin

in part A n B i onli knew u as de one goin arnd gossipin behind ppl's back. LOL. somehow its lidat luh. in camp feast i was with u, OBS oso. u r de guy who i hardly see report sick one. but oso quiet quiet one, jus do ur part n ok le. in part B camp i tink de nite we both ooc tgt, watchin u cry n ur motivation to not ooc reali touched mi? but duno whether dat motivation real of fake one. lol. u owaes do stupit things... sae stupit things... but nobody eva held anithin against u. lol. when its tym to get serious, u dun. when its not tym to get serious, u do. LOL. u're lyk de soccer maniac. i tink shant post much abt u since u sit beside mi in class =.=. lol. anws chiangrai trip was made fun becuz of u. fine loh u main show. lol. thank you for everithin

de tallest guy. asshole owaes call mi short. u tall u gd lorh. one day u'll grow so tall n when de wind blows u'll fly. or when u walk pass de door u hit de top. =D. i rmb, i ran in part B camp wif u. de reservoir. we were tgt all de way. somehow seein u wana die wana die den dowana stop, made mi went all de way. n de same thing oso, i was tellin myself, once reach de end i shall report sick. but who knows la, u jus fell on de grnd aft we ran finish! walao. i hafta carry u up n den i cant report sick animore! sian la! LOL. u stupit guy, deprieve mi frm reportin sick. anws somehow i tink ur retardedness brought joy to everione. altho i nvr lyked ur, "walao y mus come so early! %^#&$# i feel lyk quittin dis stupit cca" attitude, sometimes jus feel lyk slappin u. not lyk onli u come. LOL. dat was how i felt. apparently u nvr changed but i got used to it. hahahahhaa. i tink at 1 point of tym u kept askin mi lotsa of stuff n i sorta can feel de "i look up to u" aura. LOL. altho im shorter den u. ahahahaha. i duno if im correct or not la, but lemi guess, u gave mi 2 votes for de usm candidate rite??? ok jus a guess. maybe im wrong. haha. anws ur laughter iz owaes unique n ur face =.=.... walao nitemare. n ur trademark, to stick out ur tongue when u cock up. LOL. thank you for everithin

de guy who everione looks dwn on. de guy who's de "blacksheep" of de part. but as time goes u changed. a great change. frm a guy who doesnt care abt others, dey die not ur prblm person, to a guy who starts to notice his surroundins. i tink its a big step for u. u r de person who owaes make us tio screwed... but up till tdy i nvr held a grudge against it. reali... altho u nvr hlped mi much in my ncc life, but watchin u manage to change iz somethin great. i was tinkin, if i were lyk u, wud i be able to change n endure on in ncc? i duno. i doubt so... dat iz somethin great i guess. anws take care of ur arm. thank you for everithin

u tok alot. A LITTLE TOO MUCH. in part A u owaes tok when fall in de tym. all de things dat happened u jus hafta comment n comment so loudly. u tink u r dam gd n others sucked. dat was in de past, altho sometimes u still lidat. LOL. i dint lyk u, irritatin. in part A u had dis arrogance, "im gna be de usm". apparently i guess still young n noe nth. but i guess u gradually changed to start noticin how others felt. ur medic skills are pretty admirable. n i admire u for carin so much abt de part u r takin. which iz bravo'08 dats y we nvr had to worry abt injuries or casualties. thank you for everithin

in part A u dam slack la. lol. i nvr knew u except i rmb goin to ur hse to do de part A camp cadets nite skit. lol. in part B, durin trainins u showed great discipline. i actly reali got to noe u durin orienteerin project i guess. ya. u're de programme ic n ur way of doin work was de best among de rest. u nvr gave mi n nelson de usual prblm. u handed stuff on tym n was of quality. lol. den u started to noe u more, de guy who owaes do retarded stuff oso but somehow u noe how to prioritise, dat means... when to be retarded n when not to be. LOL. u owaes knew when was tym to be serious n when not to. i guess dats wad makes u a great ps. u nvr posed a prblm to anione n u solved things fast. its too bad dint noe u soon enuff. lol. sad. thank you for everithin

stefan ar stefan ar... wad happened to u. in sec 1 n 2 its owaes been de 2 of us. i once rmb, we seem to be competitin for de csm posts. in class oso n stuff lidat. ur muscles dam big n sometimes i jus understand, how come u report sick so easily. n i mus sae, u were de one who made mi wana aim higher in ncc. u gave mi de foundation of wantin to be a csm. thnx. durin orienteerin. lol u r lyk de pacer. do de pacin n stuff. altho i did most of de mapwork n whr to walk n stuff lidat, but ur fitness dam gd. mine sucked la. lol. when lyk wana stop n rest, u wud sae "lewis dun stop, at least we walk fast." den u'll walk n push mi along. without u we wudnt haf been orienteerin champs in ubin. LOL. i still rmbed in ubin, u saw dis butterfly flyin den u took de clipboard n smashed it =.=. nice one la de butterfly died. LOL. den i stilll rmbed when u offered to carry my bag n lift de burden. ya. but i duno wad happened to u aft sec3, haiz. sad. but i guess its still gd dat u're my competition in sec1 n 2. lol. thank you for everithin

congrats u jus pissed mi off lyk 1hr ago... frm a guy who knows nth to a rebellious one. i guess u jus mixed wif de wrong ppl. u beta start studyin if not u'll onli find a screwed up life nxt tym. anws if u nid mentorin, i'll hlp. dats all. thank you for everithin

u're lyk de most outstandin one when we were in part A. haha. ur way of tinkin iz owaes different, hahaha. ur tinkin, de way u do things, sometimes when im in a confusion, u wud jus snap my confusion with 1 sentence... dat iz de solution. altho usually ur dat 1 sentence iz either cock or duno wad dat dun reali make sense. but when i tink abt it carefully it does. LOL. when i duno wad to do u wud jus tell mi a solution, altho not in a nice way =.=. but still u r lyk de confusion clearer. ur crap owaes perk ppl up, lyk "wa u so weak ar" "aiya sure can one" dese short yet simple sentences seem to work altho i tink if other ppl said it... it wun work. lol. thnx for all de stuff u hlped mi when we took over. wif part A n part A. LOL. thank you for everithin

lol de ultimate law followin citizen. i salute u for bein able to follow law by law closely. u will find urself guilty if u realise u did somethin wrong, but sometyms u gta bend abit, its not all abt followin rules. but as tym goes u start to bend, ur mind frm a square its slowly changin. de no confidence u in sec1, n now. i admired u alot durin part B camp. u nvr knew wad was report sick. even when u fainted, u still wana go on. even if u noe u r gna die, i tink u will still go on. u r one silly fella... lol. but in a gd way. u went to great extend to train. u changed urself. u did all dat, so as not to become a burden for all of us. u knew u were gna be a burden if u went on de way u were in sec 1. so u changed. n u r 1 successful guy. u dint hlp mi directly but lookin at u, u r alr motivatin mi n encouragin mi thru de little things u do. thank you for everithin

it seems lyk quite a few things to tok abt u budden lyk nth much oso. i noe u r de emotional type when it comes to frenship n stuff n can tell u reali treasure frenship n tym spent wif us. yup. at tyms when conflicts happen u will be de one to hlp to solve. ur way of makin new frens iz dam tok kong n ur social quotient iz dam dam dam high. lol. wide connections = gd.? lol. aft takin over, worked abit wif u, a lil bit onli. lol. wa kns i jus cant rmb anithin much abt u. =.=. anws i rmb, durin pds u got hlp mi abit to catch de beat of de song, i noe u wun noe cuz when i see u tappin den i started learnin. LOL. tapper... thank you for everithin

i guess u r 1 inactive guy, due to all ur happenings n arm breakin n stuff lidat. fragile fella. lol. anws i rmb since we were cadets u wud go abt sayin, aiya u sure be csm one n stuff lidat. can tell u reali wanted mi to be one. lol. but somehow i nvr took those words in, somehow i dun. but its gd that u gime those words of motivation, ur words made mi sorta, confirm again that yes, go for csm. n of course ur support oso. aft we took over started interactin more wif u, bball? lol. anws thank you for everithin

wa seh zhengwei zhengwei. i noe u de longest in dis part. sian. LOL. since prps days eh. in ncc i see u as a totally different person. n pretty obvious u haf become a completely different person as compared to de prps u. dat loser in prps. LOL. ur knowledge of ncc iz wide n u owaes enlighten mi wif lotsa stuff one durin part A n B de tym. lol. but i still cant stand ur gayness. =.=. get lost. LOL. n i cant stand ur singin, i tink no one can. u were a great ic durin part B camp n ur pds iz de best in our part i guess. owaes duno ani drill will get u to teach, ya thank you for everithin

finally nelson, de most to tok abt one. LOL. i nvr knew ur existence durin part A n early part B. LOL. until orienteerin com de tym den i knew. LOL. oops, u r 1 gay guy. frm nth u start climbin up n up n up. i guess dat's wad makes u a gd usm, u faced setbacks before n climbed up frm nth. unlike mi who has nvr faced much setbacks before in ncc. lol. i first worked wif u in orienteerin project. startin i dint noe how to go abt doin stuff wif u, dint noe wad u were lyk, but somehow, SOMEHOW i duno how, we jus "sync-ed" n i jus did stuff my own way n it all went fine. i duno leh... izit u r adaptin to my style? or iz de way we do things de same? it jus seems to coincidental. lol. durin orienteerin u nvr showed ani signs of stress to mi, maybe u knew if i saw u stressed i wud be brought dwn too. its becuz of u not showin ani signs of stress or pressure, dat pushed mi on. i see u "walao so ho seh" , dat made mi "im nt gna die now n leave nelson alone". if anione were to work wif u, he wud find joy workin wif u. lol. u r always 1 seat above mi, u oic i 2ic, u usm i asm. lol. but u nvr treated mi as tho im under u or u're my boss. i nvr felt that. u can carry alot of things on ur hands, i owaes asked u for de final decisions n i tink becuz of dat i suffered quite abit for part A camp cuz i became de oic den i hafta make alot of decisions. LOL. i sorta made u my kao4 shan1. XD. aft takin over, dere were no conflicts between us, i guess its becuz of orienteerin ba, gd thing no conflict. but of course its not all satisfaction wif u. sometyms u treat small things as tho dey will settle by demselves. i cudnt stand dat area of urs. lol. altho at tyms i felt lyk scoldin u but i noe i shudnt. LOL. so i jus respected ur decision for jus leavin em alone. sometyms when we're havin fun, u seem to get too carried away either, but dat one cant hlp it. lol. anws ur tolerance lvl dam high oso. u hardly got angry or pissed wif anione. it was nice workin wif u for 1 n a half yrs. i picked up alot frm u, n i realised, my weaknesses seems to be ur forte, n ur weakness seems to be my forte. its abit too coincidental. lol. i look forward to workin wif u again. thank you for everithin

hmmmm kimchi... i nvr lyked ur attitude, "everione iz inferior to mi" "im dam rich" "im smarter den u" lol. but as tym goes, it jus shows dat attitude of urs, actly comes in handy. LOL. sometyms we nid ppl to wake us up, when i failed my tests in sec1 or 2, u wud sae, "haha walao u dam dumb leh" den i'll get dam pissed n wana prove u wrong. den de nxt test, "u see! look who's de dumb one now" den he will haf nth 2 sae alr. LOL. somehow it works dat way. u nvr cared abt anithin, "i dun care!" lol. anws nth much abt u alr, anws i doubt u will see dis oso. LOL. thank you for everithin

sergeant jeremiah, LOL. oh no its staff jeremiah alr. hahahaha. u do ur work well n fast BUT alot of mistakes one. LOL. hahahaha. but its ok, at least fast den got tym to correct eh. lol lol. u do stupit things at tyms but sometyms u jus seem to be able to noe when wad to do n when not to do. u r 2 complete differnt ppl when u r serious n u r an idiot. lol. i prefer ur serious side tho. hahaha. thnx for all de efficient RO n attendance. n oso for part A camp, u did things fast. sometyms i wonder how de heck u score so high for tests. walao. n oso u were once my gb partner. hahahaha. we pwn noobs. hahahaha. still rmb de days. missed playin gb wif u tho, i swear i'll win u de nxt tym cuz i noe u dam long nvr plae le, longer den mi. LOL. thank you for everithin

u r lyk de most lovable guy in de part. de fella who jokes de most n iz dam hilarious, but i guess wad separates u frm guifeng iz dat, when u r serious u do things swift n precise. lol. at tyms u noe when to stop, but at tyms u noe no limits. LOL. i knew u as de person who knows everi single girl in sch! im lyk dam amazed, dey wud tok abt a girl n den u will pop in n start describin her. i will be lyk, WTH! how come u noe all de girls one. den when u start a topic abt girls i will go, who's dat? who's dat? i hardly noe ani n eugene enlightened mi abt most of em. LOL. u seem to be havin de hottest gossips. LOL. anws wif u arnd, de part iz a happier part n i tink without ppl lyk u, we will be a bunch of depressed ppl. aft a snr scolds us, aft a while wif u arnd, we all become hapi alr. LOL. we nvr get depressed over gettin scolded or tekan. hahaha. thank you for everithin

u r 1 faggot man. owaes tinkin of ways to pon or report sick. LOL. i guess u r lyk de financial supporter. hahahahhaaha. sometyms u treat us to drinks, lyk part A camp, u fork out money to go buy ice n syrup den we all had syrup thru our sentry duty =). anws im glad dat durin POP, u suddenly felt attached to us, im reali glad, i dint haf dis "walao now den u noe we r brothers, too late le la!" feelin, instead i was lyk de opposite. durin part B camp oso, u endured de hike with us, dat's gta be ur greatest achievement seh. i knew u wanted to give up far frm sch but yet u endured thru with us, altho we pushed u lyk shit, but we r glad u dint give up, n showed us wad we wanted to see. dat iz to end de hike with us. thank you for everithin

o my.. my dubai brother. i guess i can nvr noe how u feel bein compared with mi all de tym last tym. its not "eh lewis u look lyk gerald leh!" its always "eh gerald u look lyk lewis!" its a hell lot of difference in dese 2 sentence. i tink he hated mi last tym. did u? not important anws, hahaha. of course i nvr knew dat u looked lyk mi, WE DUN EVEN LOOK ALIKE! i duno y so mani ppl sae we do. anws u were lyk a dam hot tempered guy, durin de hike u were lyk scoldin vulgarities sayin de hike iz crap n stuff. hahaha. i rmb walkin side by side wif u, altho it seemed as tho im supportin u n encouragin u, but u did de most work i guess. hahaha, in ur cluttered mind u still cud push mi on. dats lyk dam cool. u were de opposite of mi, u get hot tempered easily durin hard tyms, but as tym goes, u changed. now i hardly see u gettin all flared up. which iz gd. veri gd. congrats on dat bro. when we plae bball, u owaes notice abt others, apologisin each tym u injure someone n stuff lidat. last tym u wud heck care eh. hahaha. which iz gd too. altho u nvr got ur ps post last tym, altho durin dat tym u sulked for not gettin ur post till no one dare tok 2 u, i believe welfare isn't too bad. n i can tell u dis, if u reali wana be a clt, n ur resolution iz great, i will give up my slot (if i get it) to be a clt, n give it to u. so... tink over it ok? its not "my rank too low la, sure cant be clt one" its nvr lyk dat. if u haf de passion n commitment, why not. thank you for everithin

walao u horny guy. GET LOST MAN! u owaes called mi pretty boi, den u owaes gay wif mi. =.=. sorri but im not gay. LOL. i duno wad u find attractive in mi. get lost. lol. anws u were a great asst log ic. can tell u reali assisted leon tan alot n u r a great servant leader. reali. u owaes did de stuff dat ppl dun lyk to do. foldin ponchos, runnin up n dwn n openin de doors. durin part A camp, i tink i pushed u a lil too far, sori abt it eh. but still without u, everithin wud haf cocked up. u important in de logistics aspect. thank you for that. most importantly, u r ultimate man. u nvr let ur giant body got in ur way. u r 1 livin example, now u can do so mani pull ups. u can even do more pull ups den a fit person. ur sit ups are godly, n each tym we did a hell lot of push ups, de ppl reportin sick iz nvr u. owaes when we did 100, 200, altho u will be laggin behind, but we nvr mind waitin for u, u nvr wanted our help when we tried to support u, behind de scenes u must have done a hell lot of trainin to those arms of urs. u r one admirable guy. but still... u r gay =.=. thank you for everithin.

i guess u r 2 different person as compared frm last tym to now. u haf gone thru alot of emotional battles, before, u was a great person, well respected by all n we all tot u're gna be de usm or csm. u everithin oso dam hiong n u r de last person to report sick. but i guess some obstacles got in ur way, but still u did all u can to maintain stuff. i noe dere was once u're not hapi wif mi, for de stuff u tink i did which i dint, u said nasty things to mi n stuff lidat. lol. but i nvr took those words in. i jus deleted de msgs n pretend nth happened. i noe u're not in de right state of mind n i noe i dint do de stuff u said i did. so i nvr bothered abt em n i jus forgot abt em. den i wud jus pretend i nvr received dat msg n stuff tok 2 u. reali, i nvr hated u or got pissed cuz u said those. so no worries. lol. i jus hope u start cheerin up n dun owaes so emo alr. thank you for everithin

kwan ji babeh. u r lyk perfect complexion kid. walao dese 3 n a half yrs, i nvr seen a single pimple on ur face before la! maybe haf la but i dun rmb! walao. i tink u go regular facial n surgery rite. secrets exposed. LOL. anws i known u as de act cool guy, owaes hardly tok one. u had potential, but u nvr lyked to speak up. lol . i guess dat was a great weakness. durin trainins we dint hear much frm u, or neither did u lead much. but still u did things wif responsibility tho. yup. thank you for everithin

lol stupit guy. owaes doin cute things. LOL. somehow u nvr considered consequences, hahaha, u jus did wad u wanted, but its a gd things dat those things u wana do r nth bad. hahaha. durin part A camp, as in when we plannin de part A camp, u owaes pissed mi off but de way u do things are unique la. lol. each paper work u hand in to mi, it seems wrong la! but at de same tym u r not wrong, den u leave mi stuck one. duno whether to ask u redo or not. LOL. den u r hardcore careless fella. u can do de same document for 3 tyms n i can still find mistakes! wa nice one la. LOL. but u do things fast, u shud CHECK UR WORK! duno if ur exams owaes make careless misktaes or not. lol. thank you for everithin

o my im reachin de end! 2nd last person in de list. LOL. i abit sian of typin. hahaha. anws weihua! sec 1 n 2 i hardly see much of u. u r lyk hardcore slacker. owaes with ur 2J buddies. den not bonded wif us one. but things changed aft part B camp i guess. hahaha, gd that u put in lots of effort, esp durin orientation. if weren't for u, i duno de pt performance will turn out lyk wad. i can see ur effort u put in n its reali alot. i noe u've been aimin for that staff sergeant rank, altho in de end u dint get it, but its ok. u got something even beta, 26 other brothers. rite? thank you for everithin

lol apparently u r de gossip king. LOL. each tym we sit dwn tgt, n start tokin, n before u noe it, a gossip session will start. hahahaha. lol. frm de weak u, u trained much n grown strong. can tell u put in lotsa effort. frm de spineless n no confidence u, u became one with lotsa confidence to face things. im amazed at how well u rmb things, u can even rmb so mani stuff dat happened in part A! as tho u write em dwn or sumthin. omg la, u reminded mi of alot of old tyms. gd old tyms which i long forgotten. hahahaha. i noe i haf hlped u n tot u stuff, but its not onli u who benefitted, i learnt alot oso. n u mus be wonderin y m i so willing to clean up de store wif u. its becuz seein u wana do ur part, seein dat determination to wana kip de store clean, i shall hlp u. cuz i noe u wudnt noe whr to go abt start cleanin, n u cant make decisions on wad to throw away, "wa veri wasted leh" "wad if sir scold" lol. sometyms mus be more decisive. haha. thank you for everithin

OMG FINALLY DONE! LOL. wa seh took dam freakin long for mi to post. anws it was great bein in ncc, ima changed person. now for some videos n pics.

de handin over of csms. LOL. ok call mi retarded.
our march pass. WALAO JEM!our final moments... our last cheer tgt... our last drill... Delta'08 will nvr die.. =)

frm puny part A

to part B

den charlie

n delta...

thank you part A'08

thank you part B'08

26 thank you-s... 3 thank you-s to alpha08 n bravo08. n of course not leavin out charlie08. thank you all for who i am today. thank you seniors who taught us. delta05, delta06, delta07. thank you teacher officers, Mr Lee Jie Han, Mr Yeow Yong Keng, Mr Chua Chong Ping, Mr Andrew Gey. thank you ahsNCC.
i'll be back ahsNCC, my journey hasn't officially end yet.

-Today I'm proud of ahsNCC, let ahsNCC be proud of me tomorrow

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Monday, April 21, 2008

hmmmm i'll do my emo post once i get de pics n video. anws now i'll jus post in my msg for my 2 platoons.

short yet fruitful. i guess u guys see mi mainly iz durin part A camp. de retarded guy orderin u all arnd n "making de rules". hope u guys will be PUNCTUAL and oso not do stupit things animore. oso bond more, i hope to see a more bonded part A de nxt tym i see u all. u guys dun too scared till dun dare tag at my blog, jus leave ur name behind den can alr. i wun screw u all for nth one. ima reasonable person ^^. rite? lol. anws gdluck and STUDY HARD.

lol i guess when i see u all, i dun pump u guys n dun tekan u all or anithin. i onli come, joke joke den go alr. lol. ya i dint reali do alot for u all BUT no worries, its not de end. hahaha. gdluck wif part B life, treasure de tym wif part B cuz as de sayin goes, de climax of ur ncc life is part B life. dun waste de climax. and 1 more thing for u guys, wait for me... I'LL BE BACK.

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Sunday, April 20, 2008

i'll start doin a proper post when i get de pics frm yc i guess. ya. dis sux. somehow all went too quickly... abit too fast..... ytd's atmosphere was... i guess gd. jus shows how much we love ncc. i told myself not to cry. but actly i jus cudn't cry. i guess everione has different way of seein things. eg cyc. lol. its jus different i guess. anws when i got home ytd was too tired, so slpt pretty soon aft i got home.

3 years 4 months... and still counting.

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Thursday, April 17, 2008

aaaaaaaaaaa dis sux dis sux. i made up my mind, dat tdy will be my "off" day. cuz no tests tml. so i dowana do academics. but i still haf lots to do, lyk hist seq corrections (=.=), de 2 mentorin assignments n ting xie for nxt mon. haiz i gta feelin tml nida pia le. wa sux cant bring myself to do em. altho i dun reali wana procrastinate but im jus doin it. ok nvm i'll get em cleared in no tym tml, PROMISE. hmmm anws lately beens ok i guess, i gta feelin im gettin abit more cold towards other ppl tho. well usually if u see ur fren u will, look and sae hi n giv a smile rite? lately i've been shunnin away, dint even bother lookin n pretend i nvr saw em. =.=. well doesnt apply to part D tho. to others. duno y but somehow i jus did it. haiz.......... ok nvm. anws for de tags, i haf no mood to reply upon knowin some stupit junior spammin n not wanting to identify himself. wad i hate most iz ppl wana tell mi somethin but dowana show himself. well u shud noe how i feel now towards dis certain junior n wad i gna do soon. apologisin will not work.
something heavy iz gna be placed dwn frm my shoulders. i wudnt call it a burden, i enjoyed carrying it but i guess its time to put it down and move on in life. ^^.

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Sunday, April 13, 2008

been so long since a decent post came. anws dis post wun reali be decent. LOL. ok i nida study for tml's chem test n ting xie. both shud not be a big issue, i'll settle chem in an hr if im focused n tingxie in an hr too. so i jus nid 2hrs. if im focused. LOL. anws lately dam sian to post and lazy to tag. yes i see de tags but i lazi to reply. and WHO SAYS IM EMO. which #%&$&$## say one. im happy ok, not that im gna get emo for POP because... well maybe some of u may noe de reason why i wun be emo for POP. hahahahaha. i guess onli nelson knows. =) LOL. oh wait wei en knows too. ok n maybe 1 or 2 more but it shall be secret! but mi typin it dis way makes it so dam obvious. =.=. anws i wun be emo cuz i left no regrets in ncc. nth at all. im hapi to be in ncc and i cant be animore satisfied makin that choice in sec one. and also i find myself stuck in some awkward situations.... lyk? im not sayin. LOL. and school's gettin borin and i find it difficult sometimes to absorb stuff durin lessons. my mind frequently drifts off. n lately been havin weird dreams, one was i got hit by a car, de other was i dreamt of myself slpin =.=. n got a few more but i cant tink of em rite now. LOL. anws life's been pretty normal, not hapi n not sad. stuck in de middle so......................................... ya. not so bad? now a picture for u guys to look at.

yup its me and mr yeow! my height is 1.68 (shut up if u wana suan me) and u all mite be tinkin mr yeow shud be arnd 1.73-1.76 infering frm the picture... BUT! YOU ARE WRONG! i guess that mr yeow is around 1.64-1.66! ahahahahahaha. now now now, u all know what is beneath the borders of that photo. ^^. hahahahahaha.

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Wednesday, April 09, 2008

just another filler post... i tink dis game iz nice. emo endin oso.

well imagine it, u were on ur way to meet ur loved one and u die jus in front of the town whr she is n dun get to meet aft lyk more den 4 years. and the girl has been sendin letters to you and she sent a total of 89 letters and u onli received de 89th one. sad.....

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Saturday, April 05, 2008

To be a CLT or not??? i cant decide. i promise i will give zhengwei a reply by POP. so till den i nida consider... it'll be beta if u all tag whether u all feel i shud come back or not.

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