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Monday, March 31, 2008

hahaha i found some pretty useful videos, u all might need em. XD. anws dis iz a filler post. XD other tym when i haf tym den i post in some pics n my life?

hahaha =).

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Saturday, March 29, 2008

aaaaaa shit im tired, burnt n bored at de same time. tired frm lack of slp n a tirin day, burnt cuz of tdy, u all will probably see a blacker mi on monday. bored cuz im home alone n its reali quiet now...

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Monday, March 24, 2008

ok tym so squeeze in 1 reali short post before i go back to do my hist sbq. shucks la, i re-do de whole thing, cuz ytd i do dat one, i realise its total crap la. i tink last nite mind too blank... anws lately abit tight on schedule, i find myself unable to focus on hw and either i fall aslp while doin OR i lyk walkin arnd de house. LOL. i jus wana live in a 1 room flat or a reali reali small house so i haf no whr to walk around. so usually now i do my homework in my room, shut all doors. cant do homework at first storey if not sure "roam" the house. anws dis sat iz orienteerin alr, i hope u guys dun screw up, wish u all the best. no worries even if u all screw up, i wun scold u guys, i will be proud of u all. hmmmm enuff of dat, my blog's pretty dead n my com's screw up too la. damit damit, i tink kena duno wad virus or wad. gettin haywire. T.T. nvm if now my com break dwn i cant be happier i guess, NO DISTRACTIONS!!!!!. somehow my short post became a reali long one. LOL. ok since long le i jus let it be LONG. anws i haf time to spare tonite to do my homework n study tml's test, since i haf alr long ago decide to slp late AGAIN. ok phew anws feelin abit lonely sometimes when middle of de nite doin homework. LOL. ok la dis iz rather gay. XD. lewis chow = lonely?! doesnt match. ok anws last sat had store inspection, it re-kindled de cadet's fire in mi! i felt so much lyk a cadet again n damit, its a reali gd feelin. serious, something which i had lost for more den half a year iz back! but onli for a short while. but still it felt reali gd, had to describe it. hahahaha. and had free 100+, somehow ppl owaes celebrate wif beer, but we healthy, use 100+ to substitute beer. =). ahahahahaha. ok i tink i end it here? shud be nth le. ya. and... SORRY RACHEL!!!!!

meet Mr Ho, carpenter of the year. check out the enthusiasm he has!

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Monday, March 17, 2008

ahahahahah y do i haf tym now? its becuz i dilligently finished by holiday hw while others haven dats y dey chiongin lyk duno wad now! anws tdy my stomach iz funi, been churnin for de whole day in sch, n its not comfortable. n now its 7.26, for the whole day in de afternoon i onli ate 3 nuggets and that is durin 2nd recess and im not hungry now. zzzzzzzzz. weird weird weird weird. stomach cancer? got chance. maybe i'll die in 7 days. anws mi, gf n wh haf a weird idea... n gf isn't girlfren, its guifeng. ya we haf a weird idea, those in 4E shall see tml. those who not, den too bad. =). damit i nida do sumthin bout my stomach... i wana eat but my stomach iz rejectin de food. T.T. or isit my stomach wans de food but im rejectin de food? =/. hmmmmm.

painter of the year =). everyone wans to paint like him. XD LOL

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Sunday, March 16, 2008

hmmmmm super borin now. n when im bored i tend to tink alot... and all this tinkin makes mi tink back and "evaluate". LOL. ok la den again not evaluate, i cant find a more suitable word, thats all. ok u dowana noe wad i did durin de whole hols, its dam no life. im serious. onli sat, sun n mon im out. n that is part A camp. LOL. de rest iz at home studyin. o.o. im seeeerious. ok la so wad if i screwed up my ca1, its not over rite? im not stoppin till i drop.? see how first.

anws i was tinkin how screwed up my life is la. so mani days at home n still cant finish my hw. super retarded? im left wif amaths, that one iz cuz i duno how to do. left with half of hist, that one oso cuz i duno how to do. left wif SS, and de chem test. chem test i studied half le, left another half. and yup. thats all i have left.

anws its tym to step dwn frm ncc? not yet, 1 more thing i haven fulfilled which i left undone durin part A camp. so im not gna back off frm ncc yet until i get that thing done. its not AAR btw... =.=. lol. sumthin else. im not tellin.

and if i were to look at de future more clearly, i can see myself studyin and my life continue to be no life. and im adaptin well without someone, i guess i made a wrong choice from de start now i look at the clear picture. before that i cant see properly i guess? duno. ok i shall form what ian and robert always say, "study buddy". XD. it doesnt exist in em i guess. LOL. maybe i shud gather all de PRCs in school and make frens with em and study wif em =). confirm will own.

and my blog iz dead, tym to tink of sumthin again to draw the ppl back, dat tym haf sianglai summer/winter and kimchi collection, whats next? i have a few options tho, im tinkin of gandhi collection something else. then again others. duno. see how first. =)

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Friday, March 14, 2008

o m g. dis mornin has been an excitin yet fruitful one for mi. i went to de bookstore to buy a pen! u all mus be tinkin so wad? normal ma. but NO! its not normal for lewis chow for the last tym he went to buy a pen was more den 4 yrs ago! i actly lost count. den again i tink its more den 6. not sure. anws i shall tell u all de history of my pencil case. my 1 and onli writin pen, the pilot G2 pen was bought when i was p4! so basically jus get de re-fill n fill n fill n fill. my correction tape oso been used since p4! jus get de re-fill. my 0.7 pencil oso since p4! den u all mite be askin wad abt de rest? my metal ruler, green pen, 0.5 pencil n de rest iz find one! XD not steal k! but dey come 2 mi one. yup. not i go to em. yes n dats how my pencil case formed. o ya i forgot my stapler, my stapler iz even older, iz in my hse one. hahahahahhaa. n so tdy lewis walks to bookstore to buy pen. i wanted to buy 2 marker n 1 red pen. i brought 4 bucks. i was so fascinated by all de different kind of pens there are! AMAZING! n btw its not sarcastic, i was reali amazed. caveman rite. dam amazin la walao. so mani different kinds of pen. i dint noe which one to buy! so i decide to go for the cheapest one. i anihow pull out one pen, 2 dollars?! OMG! SO EXPENSIVE! i searched high and low for a pen cheaper den 1 dollar, BUT CANT FIND! OMG?! wads singapore comin into! so in de end i bought a red pen dat cost $1 on de spot and 2 markers $1.50 each. total 4 bucks. jus nice. wa nice one la. stupit pens so expensive. nxt tym i shall go all de way to china and buy one pen. XD cheaper. LOL.

the fishes ain kissing. its my (orange) fightin fish bitin guifengs one. mine won =).

retarded guifeng tryin to open the coconut durin part A camp's IFC

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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

finally im postin somethin in, lately not much mood to post. my tagboard iz dam dead oso. anws lately mani stuff happened. part A camp jus over, hafta sae it was a big success. no cock ups n stuff, onli haf a bit n small ones dat can be solved easily. n oso it kept on rainin... zzzzzzzzz. n ytd gf came, not girlfren but guifeng. we fought our fightin fishes n mine won =). got some pics but i'll post in another tym. n it canot stop rainin... zzzZZzz everidae rain. o ya n ytd went class bbq, i dint eat anithin, cuz i dint pay =). a gd option. i dint stay fer long, went back aft awhile i guess cuz nth 2 do dere oso. anws dats shud be all. i bet u all tink i haven started on hw but I HAVE! i done amaths, chinese and chem. beat dat ! left with more chinese, bio, hist n ss. sian.

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Monday, March 03, 2008

it kips on rainin..... T.T

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