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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

sometimes i hate afternoon naps... swings my mood when i wake up... :/

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Sunday, July 25, 2010

a super great day tdy! hahaha :D. really happy ^^. sorry u hafta cab all de way dwn :(. feels lyk a waste of money. ><

de movie was nice :D. i tink i'll be watchin alot of money de nxt few months. hahaha was nt a movie person, but i guess i dun mind watchin with u :D so movie at ehub, i tink its nt a waste of money to watch dat sorcerer show. up till now i still dun reali noe de title. oh yes the sorcerer's apprentice. LOL.

durin de movie, de lady beside her was dam scary, LOL. she told me one. haha. she say de lady scolded de kids behind cuz dey made too much noise. haha. funny. XD but those stupid idiots reali dam noisy... =.=. stupid small kids, no consideration.

aft dat went library to compile abit of my efund report, while she studied her stuff. XD. den went to eat, was tellin her my hospital experience while eatin. >< de painful past... horrible... hope i remain healthy n fit.

den sent her home n rushed home for f1!!!!! mclaren dint do too bad, 4th n 5th. a ferrari 1 and 2. but ferrari ain a threat, dey are abt 100 points behind. LOL. GO MCLAREN!!! really happy dat she's interested in f1 as well aft tellin her ^^. haha. tot she wun bother. XD.

so anws, a reali great day! i shall continue compiling my efund report. i tink im a little sleeeepy.

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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

i tink heok is on a spree =.=. to get ur phone confiscated by him totally sucks. hope u get it back asap =(. its torturous... i rmb gettin my phone confiscated by heok before =.=. a complete stealth assasin. i only got my phone confiscated once in my entire sec sch life AND IT WAS BY HIM.

i completely rmb, was having free period cuz history teacher nvr come, it was sec3! den teacher nvr come of course use handphone only. den he just walk pass... n ask me come out of de class. and ask me surrender my phone. i knew he's nt de guy to argue with, so gd thing i dint argue n give him. and gd thing he passed my phone to de history teacher. whom i very shou with. LOL. so got it back safely. :/

kinda suck. miss u alot ><

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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

:/ i dun seem to noe what to do... to tok abt it, or to keep it to myself n endure it thru hopefully it'll get better? :/

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Sunday, July 18, 2010

best day ever. :)

when will i get to see u again?

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Saturday, July 17, 2010

want to mahjong? im nt de right guy to approach.
want to go singapore pools? u're asking the wrong guy.
want poker? ask someone else.

im hereby declaring that i will CUT DOWN on all acts of gambling. yes ppl, mark my words. u can tempt me all u want but, I WILL NT FALTER. WITH THE POWER OF LOVE! I WILL DO IT. i will rock the world and catch this nation by storm.

tdys driving startin kinda sucky, cudnt get de hang of changing de gear n all. n de fella scolded me cuz i too violent with his gear. LOL. i shud be more gentle with it. hahahaha. maybe cuz his car spoiling. LOL.

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Friday, July 16, 2010

i hereby officially quit ALL facebook games. hahaha

i did PT tdy! LOL. startin deres dis fear but aft awhile, i realise i can actly do it. did quite abit of runnin n its been dam long since i last sweat so much alr. i sweat until my entire shirt was wet, disgustin wet kinda wet. gd thing i brought along another shirt. :D. i tink i shud continue to do PT with em.

i guess projects are going well, not all done. still have quite alot. cleared of CDS project. elnfas ppt done too, but nt report tho. screw de reports :/ lets hope nxt week goes well. WELL! at least i have sth to look forward to nxt week! :D hahaha.

deres owaes have sth to look forward everyday :):):)

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Thursday, July 15, 2010

hahaha i just gave WL a super nice story plot to write on :D. my compo skills still intact. or more lyk my crapping out stories skills still intact. hahaha. jiayou writing. :)
abit guilty nt being able to hlp nor do anything bout ur oral, but nvrtheless, it'll turn out well! if a german can get distinction for olvl chi oral, u sure can. :D. hahaha.

thank you for ur morning calls everyday :D. IM ON A PUNCTUALITY SPREE!!! its now 4 days straight alr n tml will probably be de 5th! best alarm clock i have ever gotten. to those who are still coming late, SUCK ON THAT. :P no more rushing outa hse every mornings, nw can slowly take my time n prepare for schooool. hahahaha.

thank you for making my everyday so happy :):):)

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everything is getting dumb... gta control negative emotions. deres no one to tell, ok dere is but i dowana tell anyone. :/ kinda suck.

dun tink dirty, its all decent stuff..... =.=

elnfas ppt done i guess. at least sth to smile abt tonight.

grant me strength and power to endure this. :) but i dno who to grant from.

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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

no more world cup for 4 yrs. :( life gna have 1 lesser thing in it. but i guess life just added 1 major thing, ok cant use thing, 1 major person. so im fine without the world cup.

so many projects getting due, worrying bout mct de most...
its bnu, elnfas n efund later. :)

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Saturday, July 10, 2010

and so... nw waiting for 2pm before leaving house for tuition. been wondering if i shud ask for payment aft each session, den i can get 50 bucks each time i go. since im reali tight on cash now :/. dno if its too much. i dno if i have de courage to do so oso. since money is owaes a sensitive issue.

pass few days have been great, skipping lectures and all. going out, chilling out. hahaha. :X. n de other day, it was thursday i tink. yup thurs, saw this super duper nice rainbow. it was a perfect rainbow, nvm, suo wei, a picture tells a thousand words.
sorry my camera 2mp only. but anws, de colour was thick n clear, not those fadish kinda rainbows. even my sucky phone cam can take it. yea de rainbow was just abv my hse, how cool was dat. everyone literally stopped n took out deir phones n took a pic of it. even drivers in deir cars, when it was red light, dey were using deir phones to snap it dwn.

i wanted to chase aft de rainbow n go to de end to find a pot of gold. but i guess i did nt have de time nor energy to run to de end before it disappears. dere goes my gold.

ytd's ncc was alright, fell dwn. been super long since i actly fell dwn. a nice exp. :X. retarded. but yea. anws..... did some exercises too ytd, found out my lungs are nt quite ready. its abt time i build up my stamina. i have built up my arms n all alr, wads left is probably my stamina. but i figured out runnin alone can be quite dangerous. i guess ima start with swimming, sth im more comfortable with n better at. hope dad comes back soon so i can go TMCC swim.

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Thursday, July 08, 2010

dam its over for germany this world cup. but no worries, u have captivated my heart long ago with your great game play. 1 bad game will nt make my heart waver. LOL. dang sounds retarded but yea. lyk me being super loyal to mclaren. i will be to germany. :)

i saw a really nice rainbow just now walking home, i'll post de picture tml maybe. feeling tired now, guess im gna sleep soon.

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ytd's mahjong was kinda horrible. LOL. record worse. hahaha. dint manage to slp much either. n i realise how comfortable my hse sofa is to slp on. LOL. gd thing dint slp in my room last night, would have frozen with others. XD hahaha.

germany n spain later! excited excited. DEUTSCHLAND! germany ftw.

had driving just now oso. was great! i tink i did well. dint stall de car at all :D. was fun. was great. it felt just great sittin in de driver's seat. cant wait for nxt week's driving. de car kinda.... LOL. messy n old. but it felt smooth n great when driving. lyk initial D's AE86. its a honda civic 1990. LOL. car plate SBR... but forget abt de fact, n it feels lyk driving a sports car.

campin for ltr's match... kinda nth to do now. sian.

im gettin the feeling all over again :).

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Monday, July 05, 2010

lotsa tots running thru my head now.....

firstly, i realise deadlines are closing in fast. lyk nxt nxt week n stuff lidat. but, I FOUND DE MOTIVATION TO CHIONG ALL DE WAY. CUZ HOLS ARE JUST 3 OR 4 WEEKS AWAY!!! YEA!!! LOL. dats lyk a big push to chiong all de way.

where's de heart? whr's my heart. dun tell me at de left side of de chest. if u say dat den... U'RE TOO SHALLOW! :) i guess i have found whr my heart is or will be.? probably. i dno. if i start tinkin abt it again it'll nvr end.

n shit tdy i overslpt, dint hear de bloody alarm at all. LOL. gd thing brandon called mi if nt cant wake up sia. but woke up n met up with de guys n went tamp eat first. supposed to catch a movie but de mall was packed with sec sch kids. a terror. stupid youth day. but went to ws arcade anws. street fighter was fun. I FINALLY BEAT DE BLOODY BOSS WHO CAN RESPAWN 3 TIMES N U CANT RECOVER UR LIFE CUZ DEY CHEAT! LOL. a glorius achievement. n i kicked bakhtiars ass, lyk usual la. nt surprising.

den played dis shootin game. kinda suck at it. wei long de pro. FIELD MARSHAL HAHAHA. but he kena wad i kena last week, head pain. LOL. lucky tdy nvr. dint stick to de street fighter screen for too long (Y). N DE ARCADE ITS A CHEAT! DAYTONA IS 1 DOLLAR NOW! INSTEAD OF DE 50 CENTS. WTH! WHY RAISE DE PRICE! WNA ZAO FAN! ANGRY

u give us lousy n spoiling machines, n den charge us so bloody expensive?! stupid times zone, or izit called zone x, or x zone. STUPID ARCADES! dun open ur arcade with all de similar names! zone here zone dere. =.=.

MCT tml..... haiz. oh oh oh, driving on wednesday night! kinda exciting. at night sia. more blindspots. LOL. can on de headlights. LOL. if it rains even more ho seh. cant see shit. LOL. before u noe it drive drive drive, got someone in front of u. *bang! dead person. :X LOL. k nvm.

AND FMA JUST FINISHED!!! a GREAT SHOW! de best i've seen probably. omg man. too good. so sad no more alr. GREAT SHOW.


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Friday, July 02, 2010

tdy was kinda horrible. rained lyk no tml... rained de entire aftnoon. n my shoes were wet. so i wore em without my socks. ok go ahead call me smelly or anything. =.=. at least it was abit more comfortable without de socks. LOL.

k anws... had netfund which was horrible. omg so darn horrible. he just went on n on n on. non stop. brazil n holland ltr :D. DUN LET ME DWN BRAZIL. argentina n germany tml. im supporting germany but... having doubts if dey can win :/ dam... hope dey win.

its been so long since i took a bus frm ahs go home, n i fell aslp for de entire trip, n den wake up spot on, right before my stop. LOL. had a nostalgic feeling. hahahaha funny. dats wad happened just nw. fell aslp all de way. XD. was kinda shiok honestly. i can owaes seem to wake up on time when its time to alight. hahahaha.
quite a resemblance dun u say. LEWIS LOOKS LYK LEWIS.

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