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Monday, June 29, 2009

aaaaa shucks. today wasn't exactly a reali good day. not becuz i dint slp at all last nite. but more of de stupit flu and the freezing lab durin fasc. zzzzzz. and also de hungry stomach played a part. a day of suffering dats wad i'll call today. ok its onli gna be a short post, tml's dfund lab test. goodluck everyone. =D

makes mi recall de advert video we did on dat phone and makes mi wana luff. LOL. good advertisers.

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alrite ppl, jus wana post sth... I AM AWAKE! hahahaha im gona die in sch later. XD who cares =)

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Sunday, June 28, 2009

i realise my blog archives are dam useful. since 2005 which is sec 1, i was readin thru de 2006 one, I REALISE I DID ALOTA THINGS I DINT DO. LOL. esp de part with rachel lim. LOL HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. and also stuff with de ncc guys. maybe if u all got time u can go check out de old posts. AND ALSO DE PART B CAMP POST. HAHAHAHAHA. made mi remember de pain of enduring de hike and fever. and wondering how i made it thru de camp. hahahahaha. k im gna continue readin. XD. too bad pri sch de time no blogs. forgot all abt my pri days. i got sucky memory. at least i have sec sch one =D

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hmmmm i guess i jus sorta opened up my blog to my poly frens. nvr reali told em i have one, nor told em my url. except brandon came once. lol. i guess its time to let em noe.? maybe dey wun come. but maybe out of curiosity dey will. if u're here and u see dis, HELLO! pon-king says hi.

ok i duno seh, wth. i seem to have set an impression dat im no.1 ponner in class. i WAS tho. not anymore. some ppl surpassed mi alr. sadly. lol. anws each time ppl wana pon dey seem to turn to mi in hope dat i will motivate em or encourage em. >.>. ok i promise myself i'll stop ponnin alr and no matter how useless de class is, or how not important it is, i will stop leadin my frens astray. here's my rules for ponning. i will onli pon if i read thru wad he gna read and i understand de stuff. den i'll pon. and i wana pon and my frens say no, i wun get mad at em. lyk, "eh wth! u not my fren la dowan pon with mi". no i wun do dat, cuz its totally fine. in fact i'll be happy for em cuz dey not bad guys. hahahaha. so dun hafta worry dat i'll get pissed off.

how's term test results? not too bad. everythin as predicted. lol. wad i suppose to fail i fail. wad i suppose to get A i got A. yup. im not overly worried, some ppl are tho. have no idea why dey gettin so stressed out. its no point gettin too stressed =). nobody but yourself gives you stress. think abt it. nothing else can give u stress except for yourself. so if u're stress, its all your fault. been so long since my post made so much sense. hahahaha.

anws i feel pretty lucky to have ppl arnd mi who care so much abt deir studies. lyk dey get avrg marks den dey so stressed out and emo alr. good sign. have good influence. and ppl who dun smoke, except for a bunch who i dun reali tok to.

ok i lazy to post a pic, if wana see pics go my facebook, got tag new pics. hahahaha =D tagged frm yiyang.

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Thursday, June 25, 2009

transformers 2 was great! wooooooooooooo! to de critics who gave super low ratings lyk 1 star for de show on newspaper, u're a joke. u dun deserve to be a movie critic. u can go sell meat instead, take over de sector 7 guy's meat job. jetfire <3.his parts only tho, he himself is jus an old fogey. no worries i wun provide any spoilers to those dat haven watch. but if u haven, GO CATCH IT.

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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

sch is gettin dam boring. see no pt to go anymore. >< look forward to short days in sch.

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Thursday, June 11, 2009

alrite today was a day filled with events. first off head to TP to get my letter of acceptance for my ns deferment. must say de one stop service centre is probably retarded. de first impression de woman at de counter gave mi was, retarded. serious. mi n leon went in n dere was nobody at all, jus a girl at de com updatin her stuff. den i went to ask de woman abt gettin de letter, she tell mi say, pls get a queue number. QUEUE NUMBER FOR WAD?! dere's lyk nobody at all la. queue number is lyk, when alota ppl den take queue number. den ok fine. i took de number. i took number 10. but de number was at 7. so she press one time, den jump to 8, duh. so she stare at mi. as tho "boy come la" den i stare back at her. den she press again, so become number 9, den she ask mi, "boy whats ur number?". i said 10. den she press one more time n i go to de counter. why dun she jus serve mi on de spot without takin de bloody queue number. so its dam retarded. but she's a nice person la, found dat out later. but if you are nice, u can be retarded too.
alrite after that went dwn to downtown east for beach cleaning! nyaa gold beach cleaning. ALRITE MAN! I MUST SAY IT WAS A HELL OF A SUCCESSFUL SESSION. HAPPY!. hahahaha. attendance was gd, altho it was bad, it was better den usual! so its gd alr! n de session hit off pretty well, u will see why later. altho dey were late by super long, im used to it alr.

cudnt stay for de outing. =( sad. had to go for tuition at punggol. not i go tuition but give tuition. ya. was quite boring, found myself yawning. hahaha. but nvm. FOR MONEY! den went to amara hotel at sentosa for dinner. a rip off restaurant. but its ok, rich man paying so nvm one. de food was okok onli la, but its dam ex. total bill was 161 dollars. lol. rip off. but got 100 dollar voucher so nvm. hahaha. ok now for de pics taken during beach cleaning. =D
searching for rubbish, as u all noe singapore parks quite clean.
OMG! RUBBISH! gd job guifeng.
and the search goes on.omg! another one!
after some time, its time to change the spot... headin towards de sea.


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Tuesday, June 09, 2009

alrite... been so long since i updated. been busy. wake up leave home den reach home at nite. finally have free time. altho i still have things to do but, those dun matter much. =X. ok anws term test over! abit slow but i dun feel any difference before de term test n after de term test. still de same. lol. so ya nth to cheer abt.

anws todays post shall be about a prblm dat alota ppl have, spending issues. i shall reveal de secret on how i save money. ya as u all noe i owaes have no money, which is quite true. but its not true for some times, some times got money, but i dun lyk it when i have money. lol. dis is de lewis theory of spending, "if u have money, you will spend it" so........ how to save ur money n not spend it?! have no money! if u have no money, u wun spend any money. so u mus have powerful self deception. hide ur money away frm ur sight n den u will forget u have alota money n u wun spend anyhow. its de same concept as ur ezlink card. tink about it, if u are NOT using concession, u tend to plan de shortest route with de least bus (student fare), if u are in poly, u will plan de route whr de bus goes de shortest. rite rite? if u have concession, its different. u can take 3 buses to 1 destination which is not far. so its de same concept actly. i owaes find myself kippin money in my wallet which i dun open at all. every week i get money, i will kip half in de wallet. i wun open to count how much tho. aft lyk quite awhile i'll probably count n find alota money inside alr. so its quite amazing. anws dis whole lame concept, i was tinkin abt it when i was in woodlands jus now. stupit bus, i take frm yishun to woodlands, den go 1 freaking big round. go thru de industrial park, until marsiling den turn back to woodlands. nvr gna take dat bus again. lol.

anws today dam exciting, went dam alota places. started my journey frm pasir ris, n went to khatib, den i took de mrt to yio chu kang, and went to ncc hq to submit my promotion form. stupit rite, i go dere jus to submit some stupit forms, den i leave alr. travelling time = 120 times more den time in hq. i go in lyk onli for 10 mins. i take lyk more den 2hrs to go dere. stupit thing. den aft dat i went back to yishun frm yio chu kang, den aft dat i go woodlands n find han kiat, saw him with his gf, decent lookin girl. =). but i shant judge. den frm woodlands i go tp with him. rotted on bus 168... felt hankiat's pain of goin to sch everyday... poor guy. lol. so u shud be dam lucky if u live near tp. hahaha. aft dat go syfc, wasted my time dere cuz i nvr apply. hahaha. ok dat shud be all. such a lengthy post. eugene if u see dis, u beta do ur drafts. =D any nyaa gold ppl see dis, do ur drafts. i shall be jinfeng for awhile. DO UR DRAFTS. if not u cant pass gold dun be sad later on. shall post some pics
hahaha cute rite. babies noe how to give du lan face oso. hahahaha

hahahaha cute rite. my brand new cousins.

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Tuesday, June 02, 2009


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