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Friday, March 30, 2007

hmmm today was quite fun de trainin. hahaha. anws shall not post abt sch stuff cuz i lazi, if post abt sch derh den gona be quite loooong. XD cheong heng! u lucky guy, not gona post abt wad u said.. lol.. i still remember k! XD ok anws today was Affirmation Ceremony'07! before it started we were doin preparations but in de end i guess part B n A hlped us do lotsa stuff cuz snrs wanted 2 tok 2 us. hahaha. den affirm de parade went well i guess.. except de startin part got some ppl anticipated de command n banged earlier. yup. but de rest was ok bahx, hope so... i judged by de bangs i heard. =) den aft dat had buffet, n den aft everithin which was nearin 7, WE POND SHENGCHAO N WEIHUA! muahahaha. dey cud not escape! lol.. thnx alot zhiyong fer hlpin out. loool. n guess wad la i was dragged in =.=.. i shall let de pondin videos do de tokin fer deir pondin case... but as fer my pondin case i shall explain. as u all will see, in sheng chao pondin video, i was standin quite near de pond, den, wai wai said, eh lewis lend mi yer phone.. bein a chao chao CHAO nice guy, i lended him n he started shoutin, POND LEWIS POND LEWIS! den everibody chiong towards mi! den i of course run la. i manage 2 outrun alot of ppl! veri hiong, but DUMB TIONG HO APPEARED OUT OF NO WHR N HE WAS LYK DE GREAT WALL PLS! i bounced off his huge body n went backwards n dats when i was caught.. TIONG HO U WATCH OUT! my pondin scene no video cuz i was de photographer n if de photographer iz bein pond-ed, so of course no video la!lol.. aft i got pond, i saw a few ppl droppin wif mi.. LOL.. got backstabbers! in de end, guifeng, gerald, zw n few other ppl went in wif mi.. LOL. hahaha.. dam fun la! but de fact dey pond mi fer nth wasnt fun.. =.=... WAIWAI U WATCH OUT OSO! anws aft dat quite fun la... n my u noe wad was dam soggy la... had 2 go home wif a soggy u noe wad.. sian la... =.= =.= =.=... pond de innocent... anws here's de video of de scene! lol.

weihua gettin pond. XD

shengchao gettin pond. XD

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Wednesday, March 28, 2007

ok i landed myself in trouble again.. zzzZZZZ =/// lately been super crappy, tired. zzZZZ. apologies to those who i vent my anger on but anws nxt few days try not 2 do dist mi. last tym i mite be able 2 tolerate all de nonsense but nxt few days i will not. thnx.

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Sunday, March 25, 2007

shall post abt ytd stuff! last nite went TM wif part c dey all, guifeng, stefan, eugene, leonlim, zw n yc. hahaha. we went 2 watch stomp de yard, actually wanted 2 watch bean one la! but all sold out. !!!!!! but stomp de yard was nice, damit, i hate it when stefan n guifeng r right... XD. ytd i hapi boi =) i finally bought my beloved slippers =)))). FINALLY! aft 6 long months of sayin i wana get new slippers, i finally bought em! at first i enter shop, ask lady fer size 8, den she sae left size 10, last pair... den i was lyk... OMG! so i decide 2 try em on n IT FITS! OMG! hengg.. so i bought em! =) dug big hole in my pocket =( but who cares. LOL. i oso bought 1 zangetsu =) i gona collect all of de zanpaktos... dun care... den one day i will come n slash u guys up. slash up all de gays! XD =) before de movie we oso went lotsa place, lyk toys r us, n stefan dam gay, go spend $6 one gacha... its lyk dis sea creature toy den he kip on turnin... =.= lol... dam funi. got once de plastic ball canot open den guifeng took it n step on de ball. LOL. desperate measures. aft movie went home de tym it rained lyk ?!?!?!, lucky still haf last bus of 29, n i saw tong wei! aaaa!!!! ok not dat bad... LOL. so qiao3. ok n later im goin white sands library n do sai gang.. zzZZZZ super sian la! 1-5 of shelving books la! omg... zzZZZz n some more we hlp em do stuff fer FREE dey still got so mani expectations la! but dey givin cip but dey tink cip iz money ar... zzZZZ its lyk, canot wear dis canot wear dat mus wear dis... zzZZZZzzzzz... i guess i hafta endure later! ><

eugene playin in toys r us ytd XD he look retarded. =D

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Friday, March 23, 2007

postin a short short SHORT post onli, firstly, hapi bday rachel ! =) sori dint get u anithin ><... todae's trainin was still ok, onli i tink i strained my voice alil durin trainin, cuz role call n aft parade tio pump den mus shout until dam loud cuz whole company.. ><. aaaaa but aft dat drink water den ok le... todae's affirm rehearsal dint turn out dat well either, jy goh. in class iz normal, watched finished coach karter... de main team lost.. lol.. ok dis post everithin all dam random. LOL. maybe im tired den cant tink properly. XD. anws shall put in 1 random pic.
MY money =)) $$$$$

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Tuesday, March 20, 2007

hmmmms todae no hw! dats y postin in stuff now.. but later im goin 2 study fer de SPA exams... sian dao. lol... anws todae had affirm practice... not much comments onli dat sweat alot. haha. speakin of sweat remembered wad wanting told mi... her teacher sae sweat not nice word 2 use mus use perspire.. =.= lyk wth la.. lol.. ok anws, im startin 2 lyk 3e? dats not gd? or gd? lol... in class most lykly wun get bored one la... unless de teacher strict, if strict teacher den de guys cant fool arnd den no fun... if teacher not fierce one den de guys will start disrubtin de class one la... i dun join em makin noise n doin funi stuff but i watch... sometyms quite funi... lol... quite dumb one la... but sometyms i find em too far but i cant stop em. haiz. anws in class tok 2 timo n zk.. lol... timo iz GAY, so iz zk... suhuai wenjian sk n cheongheng oso. ALL BUNCH OF GAYS! lol... n first aider kips disturbin mi, =.=, oso sumtyms tok 2 lijing. todae durin eng oso did dat dumb skit, lol... suhuai dam funi... hahahaha.. cheong heng kips callin mi lewis korkor =.=. sounds gay. kip on disturbin mi one.. zzZZZZ shall post in some pics i took ytd, some are drawins frm de whiteboard.. lol..

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Friday, March 16, 2007

Omg Lewis is in camp now and I didnt help him post yesterday! Sorry boy, I wasn't on the comp. the whole of yesterday(:

Still.. Lewis is cuteeeee.


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Wednesday, March 14, 2007

hmmm i suddenly wana rush in dis post cuz i came across part B's blog den i saw de orienteerin dat post. yup. den i quite gan dong luh. u all can read de previous post posted by jollin, lol.. cuz i lazi post todae but i finished my bio early so i jus drop in dis post esp fer part B'o7. yup.
i enjoyed orienteerin wif u guys, although u all mite haf failed fer de ubin one but dun feel discouraged, its not dat u all lousy or wad, ya... anws train hard ya, train more on yer stamina, dat affects alot... n i hope 2 see gdgd results frm ya'll frm de nxt orienteerin. oso wana thank u all fer acknowledgin de part C's work, yup, u all oso mus acknowledge de part Ds, clts and mr yeow oso lol... yup, dey hlped oso. wei en! tou1 pai1 mi when i slpin on de boat ar! =.-.. u cant hide le... jy fer orienteerin part Bs... ALL THE WAY BRAVO! ^^

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Hey all^^

This is so exciting I'm helping Lewis to blog again after a zillion years.

Did you guys know that Lewis is how cute?! Oh oh and his stupid cca always drain his sleep.. Dont think he mind anyway. Since Sec1, he has always as in seriously always crazy over NCC, and is like so responsible and like always attend everything single training and all!

How can like that right?

Okie I shall end here. Thank me Lewis Chowwwwwwwy. ^^

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Monday, March 12, 2007

IT DINT RAIN TODAY!!!! im dam freakin happi it dint rain!!! =DDD and also orienteering iz over? temporary bahx... de ever lasting saga of orienteering, the part Bs dint do veri well and nid re-test! but dats in june so fer de orienteering com got half time. anws todae went mostly smooth, ended ahead of schedule which iz GD but startin got some cock ups budden solved em veri veri quickly =) yayness. first was de money.. lol.. de case of de missing cash but in de end i solved it, i was jus forgetful.. forgot 2 collect money frm com ppl XDXD. den was de case of de food! but food ic was fast n solved oso. =) den all went quite well le. ytd's advance party got alot alot of happenings! esp DAT! lol... de nelson case.. shall not sae, later he rape mi. XDXD i dint slp durin advance party, onli awhile... less den an hr... was hearin de part a camp's nite raid n watchin wai flirt.. XD. n watchin de npcc ppl walkin here n dere n doin stuff which i duno wad it iz.. XD term 1 passes super duper fast, becuz was busy thruout de term preparin orienteering bahx, term flew past lyk duno wad n of course i dint do well fer my ca1... =( l1r5 dam bad... but im gona buck up, its not gona be de end... ALL DE WAY ZI JI! ok anws to de committee members and helpers, thnx alot! sori if i haf been an asshole durin meetings and advance party but without somebody 2 discipline u guys, it will take dam long 2 do stuff so i had no choice so thnx fer bearin wif mi... i promise i wun be lyk dis durin outside tym or trainins =). but orienteering stuff i will still be dat way. i guess i stop here now, shall now concentrate on holiday homework!!! I WANA STUDY!!!
random pic! terrorist =)

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Tuesday, March 06, 2007

ok sori veri long i dint update... cuz was reali busy n now im still busy so i shud be less busy by nxt monday le... so now i jus drop in sumthin quick, my ca1 sux, l1r5 over 20 le.... confirm. been slpin late oso doin hw, i duno y now i so wana complete all my hw, maybe cuz i dowana continue screwin up academics.. shud be bahx. orienteerin nxt monday, jus hope it doesnt rain. strugglin 2 survive? sorta. anws i shall post properly nxt wk. no random pic, i mus go back n do hw. XD

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