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Sunday, February 28, 2010

i guess as time goes... things do change... no point wanting to go back... but i guess im not ready for this change, so i kip lookin back...

shud have bought de dam ps3... feel so bored at home.

n i have decided wad to get for ling's bday. :D
budget yet impactful... the best choice.
im not being cheapskate here, just resourceful. XD

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Saturday, February 27, 2010

today was kinda a healthy day for me...

woke up early in de morning at 630 and found my way cycling to changi jetty.

met em up n went to ubin for de recee. morning wasn't too smooth going. but aft dat things were alright i guess.

den went back to changi at arnd noon, dang it heavenly fried rice wasn't opened. wad a disappointment. ended up eating de long queue nasi lemak, which isn't as great as before alr.

den had to cycle back again. lol. n went to get my hair cut. or maybe cut isn't de word to be used... hmmmmm.

i guess its a lil bit too short. nvm cooling jiu hao.

den went to slp..... now nth to do at home... shud have gotten de ps3, den at least got sth to do...

nth to do until 11pm... den head over to mahjong. too bad hoe chin u're 1 step too late.

time to put on a cap. ^^

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Friday, February 26, 2010

its finally over... but im not at all happy...

i cant stop sneezing.

i sneezed till my lung hurts...

T.T.... feels lyk gettin stabbed.


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Thursday, February 25, 2010

basic aerodynamics is gay... seriously... its dam difficult... i cant seem to link everything together, its dam hard to memorise de stuff. yes im king of memorising everything, its becuz i fully understood de theories n noe how to link em, dats de secret. but i cant even do it now... T.T

damit i feel screwed for basic aero... just a C+ would make me happy.

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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

alright... 1 paper down. MATHS SUCKED. ITS RETARDED. de person who set de paper obviously is retarded as well. its pure stupit. makes mi angry tinkin abt it.

gime find out who set de paper, i'll burn ur hse down. pour paint all over ur apartment. throw bags of pee n poop lyk loan sharks. its not dat i dint study, or im stupit. de qns are just pure dumb. everyone agrees with me.

if u dun agree, U DUN TOK TO ME.

ok anws birthday just over. dint feel lyk a birthday at all. kinda pathetic. studied de whole day on my bday. sucks. no presents.

but i guess ppl wishing me happy bday is de only nice thing. so nice to take time off to type "happy birthday!" and click the button to post it. yup. cuz normally i dun do dat at all. maybe i'll start from now on.

anws... toking to someone whom u normally tok to and suddenly dun tok to and u want to tok to n u get to tok to finally is happy. yup its definitely a happy thing. u can say its one big piece of puzzle placed back to de picture.

but this picture already has lotsa puzzle pieces taken out. so take out even more, it wun look lyk a picture anymore. but of course pieces get replaced, but replacing it wun make it look de same anymore does it.

i only have 1 birthday wish for this year, i dowana say it. cuz if i say it, it wun come true ^^.

hope all de other papers are better den STUPID MATHS.

i tink dere will be better days from now on...

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Monday, February 22, 2010

bday wish? its something impossible tho...


how about dat. king of TP please grant my wish.

den de whole TP will worship me, cuz everybody's exam will be gone too.

hope king of TP sees this, and grant me my bday wish. :D

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Saturday, February 20, 2010

altho i have nth to do now...

i still dowana study.

so painful.. T.T

PS3?? :D

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wealth brings about temptation...

temptation leads you to bad decisions...

bad decisions make you regret...

regret makes you du lan and sad...

you being du lan and sad means u cant focus on what u're doing...

if u cant focus u cant do things right...

cant do things right means things go wrong..

things go wrong means sth bad is abt to happen...

when sth bad happens, it leads to another...

so.... STAY POOR! :D
k im giving out all my money. come get now.

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Thursday, February 18, 2010

T.T so hungry.....

samsung pixon?? :DD

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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

i cant find de drive to study... seriously, i rather stone n rot den study... dats not good.

maybe dere's still time. when dere's no time left i study better...


im more worried abt basic aero and edev... gay subjs.

puttin that aside... i tink its permanent alr, DE SLIMFIT ADS ARE GONE ONCE AND FOR ALL.

its kinda good, but makes u feel outa place when watchin tv at night...

its like... u have owaes stayed at pasir ris den one day u shift to boon lay... wa out of place.

now got new ones, which i hate more den slimfit ads. dis stupit honey ad, n de steamboat one with aunty lucy. de honey one is irritating, cant stand de woman.

i tink i'll attempt to study later.. hopefully i can at least study one chapter of one subject... at least its a start :D

recently been sneezy days... when i sneeze my lungs hurt.. after effects i guess.. or maybe its not fully ok yet...

i duno... i just hope it doesn't come back again, or come to haunt me when as i age... it'll be hell all over again.....

imagine de current scars/wounds... den dey poke in de stuff thru de same holes again. waaa... cuttin open de same wound...

my body is lyk... have natural markings for de doctors alr... whr to cut n stuff. T.T

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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

CNY dun seem so great now... in terms of entertainment and money... not so much of de money..

frens are good to dispose when they are of no use.

looks lyk its time to start studying soon...

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Saturday, February 13, 2010

i cant stop sneezing today... quite a terrible day at sch... hafta endure flu, tiredness, n hafta response to what ppl request or say...

i dun lyk to respond to ppl when im having a bad flu, i just wana focus on stopping de mucus frm flowing, everything else is anti-social...

LOL that line came from de new motorola phone ad.

TONIGHT DERE WAS NO SLIMFIT AD! finally! im not sad. so sick of it, it finally stopped. maybe dey ran outa money. hahaha suckers.

but a new irritating ad is runnin thru my nerves... its a stupid honey ad. n de steamboat one with auntie lucy on. those 2 are de new ones to take over slimfit ads...

those ads play only aft midnight... dey spam midnight hrs. lol.

i tink im asking for too much..... maybe asking for the impossible oso....

its no point if u kip pouring water into a filled jar, it'll just overflow and go to waste.

but if u wana displace de water that is originally in de jar, its definitely possible.

how? shoot in a great amount of pressure in the water, de high pressure water will push out de water that is already originally in the jar.

its hard to get rid of all de original water inside n fill it with new water...

but its still worth a try sometimes.

but of course too much pressure might break the jar, or topple the jar.

so gta be careful if u do so.

btw becareful dun exist, its be careful. only beware exist.

i tink my class CP is related to the famous chef Martin Yan...
the guy on the left is my CP. LOL. de right is of course martin yan... o m g. wonder if my CP cooks as well as martin yan.. can imagine if my CP tells us, "If JS can solve this question, so can you! zai jian!"

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Friday, February 05, 2010

i went to eat in de end =O

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damit... im feeling de worst feeling now... T.T.. painful...

its not getting dumped or rejected...

its not de loss of something...

its de feeling of...

feeling hungry and sleepy at de same time...


what to do.

sleep or eat?

damit the slimfit advert is showin on tv now.

i cant take it. i see de dumb advert more den 5 times a night...

maybe i shud go try... XD

ok i tink i go eat.

den again just sleep.

or eat.

or sleep.

i duno.

see how first...

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Wednesday, February 03, 2010

HAHAHAHAHA i swear last night was dam retarded. mi n yuncheng were de ultimate. here is wad we did on my facebook profile if u dint see...

me: 爱玲,进来吧!

YC: eh? 这是什么啊?

me: 自从我接受slimfit的建胸护理之后,这些胸罩都太小了.

YC: 你也接受slimfit了啊?

YC: 他们的护理真的很有效哦!

me: 我的胸部比以前更丰满,更圆润

YC: 而且它采用百分百全天然精华油按摩。绝对安全.

me: 我现在更有自信,更有女人味

YC: 也更性感了

Hahahahaha! sounds familiar??? if u watch channel 8 at night you will know. cuz its this!

hahahahaha we were luffing out ass off last night... seriously dam funi. retarded ad oso.

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Tuesday, February 02, 2010

its so simple yet complicated... hmmmmm

sometimes things are just simple, but ppl lyk to make em complicated.

like example, 1+1=2. simple as that...
then u go and ask, why 1+1 must be 2. if i make u explain the theory behind that equation, can u produce an explanation for me?

u probably cant. dun crap ur way thru it, cuz u cant even crap out sth.

what if one guai lan kia insists u explain it...

dun say walk away. cuz u cant...

what would u do?

hahahahaha no explanation means no dinner.

jialat... u probably dunid eat alr.

so nxt time if someone provides an ans to u, or a solution for you, its best u dun ask so much.

knowing more might harm u.

if dey give u a formula u follow.

dun ask why is de formula lidat.

if u happen to be lidat, im not shootin u. XD. i just suddenly tot of dis n wana post it. hahahaha.

i noe quite alota ppl who are lidat in my class. i tink one of em is weilun. LOL. he sometimes lyk to ask alot. he must noe why one. its not a bad thing. but u wudnt wana be de one answering him.


sorry wei lun. u got girlfren alr, so u will be happy, so if say u oso nvm one. right? XD

dere's more, just dat dowan say.



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Monday, February 01, 2010

hmmmm just a simple n plain blog skin...

i dun tink it'll be perma... maybe other time i'll change again.

main thing is i dowana see de same one which i have seen for more den a year alr. LOL.

ya at least its sth new to look at.

tml hafta wake up early to go sch, i scared cant wake up... T.T.

tml got maths test, shud be fine. ^^

i shud prepare my fingers... for a chain of sms-es tml...

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