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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

It might be a sad end to it but somehow its just the beginning.

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P.S.: You are not alone.

Friday, November 20, 2009

T.T its gna be a tiring week ahead... SUPER TIRING. in fact tml is the start...

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Thursday, November 19, 2009

alrite! starting work tml! cant wait. AND GOOD NEWS. LAST QUARTER'S CLTS PAY MADE IT THRU MOE! OMG! HAHAHAHAHAHA. i cant believe it. long live mr gey and mdm devi.
hahahahaha! i cant believe it. altho it was just 30 dollars plus, but its still money! here's de story.

in order to claim money frm mindef and MOE, u nida fill 3 forms. yup 3 forms. den den den, u must submit to hq personally. no fax or wad. but last quarter aft i submit, which i submitted early, mdm devi, de so called secretary, emailed saying there's new forms and cant use de old ones. and i submitted de old forms alr. but so it seems mr gey so called pleaded with her to allow our forms. and it worked! hahahaha! so happy. its lyk suddenly money came outa no whr. hahahaha! oh yes and im starting work tml!

its probably de best job anyone wants. good pay, (about $7 per hr), free meals... free shirt... and ur job is sth fun! hahaha. not those sucky boring job. and some more ur employer is not de scary and fierce kind. is those "act young" kind. =X oops. k la she's nice person. ahahaha. those kind tink abt de welfare one. yup. lookin forward to it. MOST IMPORTANTLY. lookin forward to gettin moi pay. $$$ friday is $35 plus weekend is $135. total of $170! plus $30 frm hq! plus now my phone is on sale. hahaha. shud fetch at least $100. so $300! YEA. but sadly... ALL IS GOING INTO MY SAVINGS. HAHAHAHA. so dun ask mi treat or wad. im not even gna treat myself WHAT MORE U.

k now... some pictures. de number 1 hobby to do during classes.
nothing beats sleeping :D soon can make an AEL sleeping collection.

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Monday, November 16, 2009

alright dis is de TO-DO list for tonite...

1) EAT DINNER. most important one. which im gna do soon. been pretty long since i came home to eat home cooked food. sick of outside food anws and oso i hafta come home to do lotsa stuff.

2) study my french cultural quiz. it pretty much sucks. cuz its just 10mcqs and some true or false qns. u noe its dam easy to pass. but de tot of it being so easy makes u wana get full marks. and in order to get full marks u gta study a fair bit. SO IT SUCKS cuz u're study for such an easy peasy thing. a viscious cycle.

3) settle de video proposal for the course manager with mr hoe chin. dis one im pretty comfortable abt it since i duno look thru how many proposals done my platoon mates last tym. LOL. and have done quite abit myself too. maybe not alot. but still have. hahahahahhaha.

4) pack for tml's school. i realise i hafta pack every single nite bef i go to bed. i canot rely on tml mornings. once i pack in de mornin. i 94.78% will forget to bring sth one. things go wrong if i do in de mornin aft i wake up. so i hafta do everything bef i slp. so when i go out nth goes wrong. hahaha. a good habit i would say. you all shud adopt it.

AND IM HIRED. IMA HIRED MAN. MUAHAHAHAHAHAHA. I GOT A JOB. IM EMPLOYED. and the job rocks. high pay, free shirts for 1 day u work, free meals, free transport, free everything! and its fun to work. not de boring job. hahahahaha. i cant ask for more. i get $7 per hour for being a game station master. how good can dat be. hahahahha.

alrite no pics again, cuz im pretty much rushing for dinner. been dam long since i posted pics. nxt tym maybe. anws mahjong-ed again durin de weekend. nvr lose money. in fact today's lunch money was frm de mahjong winnings. hahahaha :D. thanks jem. hahahahaha.

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P.S.: You are not alone.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

dis blog is pretty much gna finish alr. hahaha. boring life = not interesting to post = boring blog.its just go sch, attend lectures, attend tutorials, attend lab, take tests, n nth much. a typical student life. nth interestin to post. apart frm some weird ppl who tags on de tagboard n dowana put who dey are.

hahahaha currently job hunting. yup i want money. hahaha. not for spending tho. for savings. have big plans. i wana get my own apartment ASAP. my own house. a place to pretty much call home. >.>. hahahaha.

k anws, mt k trip coming closer n closer. kinda look forward to it BUT not lookin forward to it oso. look forward cuz sure fun one. with de guys arnd. hope it'll be lyk dat time chiangrai. NOT look forward cuz..... i quite worried abt some stuff. later some stuff suppose to do but i miss out... everyone gna die tgt. so quite scary. just made de final payment to de agent. >.>. hope de guide following will be hlpful.

E device test in 2 days time. studyin now ^^. hahahaha. today's emaths test sorta sucked. de last qn was irritating. cant full marks. but nvm. move on (: hope tml's interview goes well and i get hired as a medic. good pay. lidat can get my phone fast. maybe i dowana spend so much on a phone oso. de aino attracts mi alot. but its ex. w995 looks good too. but its ex. =.=. i dun care if u tink both phone sucks. I'LL BE USING IT, U HAVE NO RIGHT TO COMPLAIN.

been savin alota money recently. but all got spent someway or another on impt stuff. been eating simple meals. simple but filling. hahahaha. eat cai fan every lunch. spam veg, just 1 meat. nvr exceed 1 meat. so ex these days. xiang dang nian... everything so cheap. LOL. maybe tml onwards all veg. cheaper......

alrite gna go back study now. left 1/4. ^^. goodluck guys for e dev, dfund and ur cds test if u have. anws i find poly life so competitive. everyone wants to do better den each other. or maybe im tinkin too much.

speaking of which, jerrold asked mi sth few days back. or maybe its ytd. sth lyk... u're suppose to be in U901 not 903. dey sorta tink i chose to come 903. k here's de backgrnd, those with super low l1r4 went to U901, in other words nerd class. 903 is more of de not so low r4 one. my reply was, i rather stick to 903. i nvr liked being in a class who can study dam well. it sucks. muggin all de time. durin lectures always listening. lets just have fun :D. hahaha. i dun care if i get influenced and get low scores. at least its fun. hahahahahha. worry later. :D

btw i duno why i in 903. hahahahaha. but 903 confirm more fun by de way it looks. lyk back in 1L, 2L, we weren't de study sort. still rmb i owaes copy hw back den n slp in class. hahahaha. den 3E 4E CONFIRM NOT STUDY PPL. my whole life im in de back few classes in terms of study. hahahahaha. (Y) k i realise de post dam long alr. hope ppl dun find anything negative abt my post. dun read too much into it, no hidden meaning or wad. its just dat i dun convey msg very well.

shall post AEL pics some other time when i dun hafta study ^^

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P.S.: You are not alone.

Sunday, November 01, 2009

hahahaha ytd was darn fun. mahjong :D de last time bef ytd was durin de chalet which was way way back. hahaha. lucky nvr lose money. den celebrated ah ben's bday at my hse. i uploaded de vid in facebook so go dere see. LOL. dam funi. he was slpin and we gave him a surprise. >.> LOL. k anws here's a super duper nice song.

must listen to de whole song. its dam nice. if u all want de song i can send u all. want mi sing for u oso can. btw if u duno wad lang. its in u lousy. ^^.

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P.S.: You are not alone.