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Friday, March 27, 2009

hahahahaha omg today's gta be de coolest. i owned de prize presentation la. all de 2008 sec4s prize winners. hahahahaha. everyone was lyk in vjc uniform plus a blazer la. dere was vjc, njc, hci? rjc oso got i tink. omg all dam cool lookin. dun even have a tjc i tink. dint see any. cuz its award for 7 a1s students in olvl. so of course wun have tjc. ANWS. hahahahaha. all wear till so dam nice except for a retard mi, well obviously i have no jc uniform since im NOT in jc. so i wore a polo T + jeans. hahahahaha. so i was lyk, pretty outstanding. i can safely sae im de first in history to be a non jc student comin back to take prize. hahahahahaha. anws its de siow miow yew humanities award. its dis ex humans teacher siow miow yew donated 200k i tink to de sch when he died. so dey usin dat amnt of money to give incentives to ppl who did well for humanities subjs. so well obviously trip sci ppl cant get cuz dey dun take core subjs. so.... hahahaha. dere was mi n wymer. he's geog. hahaha dam funi. den aft dat when we went to take de prize, it was dis big envelope la, de same as prelims de award. den when we were seated, he was lyk sayin, eh if its jus a cert jus tear k? cuz de envelope felt super empty. so i was lyk k set, if its jus a cert we tear. den i opened mine, de envelope was sealed dam tight la. ripped my way thru, n to my suspense... i pulled out another envelope in de envelope =.=. how stupit can it get. jus dat its a smaller envelope in de big envelope. den aft dat de small envelope was sealed very tightly oso la.s tupit thing. and aft openin phew. its a cheque. dun hafta tear. yup a cheque. dowana sae how much. secret. LOL. k yup. =). happy kid. most probably im usin dat cheque money for part C. ya. omg everyone is tokin abt de guy who wear home clothes n take prize. LOL. swarmed by vjc ppl jus now, quite scary. anws those alota a1 ppl gota trophy. haha yup.
hahaha. =)

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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

aaaaaaaaaa damit got nth to do, jus saw wenjie's blog n reminded mi of some retarded stuff i said durin part A camp or some retarded things i did. k nvm. its all for fun. so bored... i wana slp, but i dun seem to wana slp. manual insomniasm. a new phrase. it means u self inflict insomnia to urself. u CAN actly slp but u DOWANA slp. if dere's manual, sure got auto. auto insomniasm is jus ur regular insomnia whr u cant slp when u wana slp. i shall rant all i want until i fall aslp. i dun care, if anybody reads dis, u shud probably stop, wad im gna type wun reali make much sense. its for u own gd to stop now. unless u r reali fascinated by wad im typin, den go ahead n read on. to those sec4s takin olvl n considerin poly, go get a perma job in nov or dec. well de economy's real bad now n its hard to find a decent job, so start early, u start at nov or dec, u mite find a job u lyk at arnd jan. unless u're a hardcore sui bian person, den u most likely can get a job within a week. but anws, somehow yes i gota job, but i haven started yet, but once i start i wun stop alr. its gna be perma. im not gna sae wad izit. if u noe gd for u, if u dun den u shudnt noe. k anws de economy is dam bad, de papers owaes have headlines sayin PM Lee warns singaporeans to brace ourselves, n stuff lidat. when u read it, it scares u. doesnt it. i duno abt u out dere but i dun feel anithin. i hope when its tym for us to look for a job aft maybe ns, it will be gd. of course dats not gna be possible. but it sux tinkin dat, life's not gna be easy. de tot of goin to ns alr makes u abit scared, since its lyk u fallin into a hole n u duno wads in de hole. dats wad ns lyk i tink. u gna go serve ur country but u dun even noe wad u r gna do. so.......... yea no doubt its quite scary. but of course it doesnt haunts u, life still goes on cuz its lyk, hey! still got a few yrs. nvm. until lyk mths before it den u reali feel it. ok doesnt matter, cuz hey! still got a few yrs. if u're readin till her, gd job, cuz im probably onli halfway thru, if u're hopin for paragraphs in dis post, dream on. i dun do paragraphs in my posts, u all shud noe. cuz wadeva i blog is mainly frm my head n it jus flows thru my fingers, i dun do plannin n drafting. waste of tym. im not writing an essay, n its not gna be graded so dun waste tym. ok its 2.47am now, im gna kip typin until 3 den i will stop. 12hrs frm now im gna be in anglican doin de elections discussion, i duno whether i shud bring my laptop. duno if dey nid it. nvm i shall decide when i slp n wake up. yes its procastination but its a minor one, rite? n aft discussions im gna go take a look at freestyle drills. since im de officer in charge n i haven turn up for deir practice before. i shall turn up more often n give em wadeva i can give. altho i tink i gt nth to give... T.T. maybe i bring water for em. k jk not de pt anws. oh n my wound, i kip peelin until de dry skin is a small patch now. i over peeled it. damit. lol. nvm its such a nice feelin to peel. dun u tink its irresistable. so dry n crispy skin. makes ur fingers wana go n feel em. n den peel it off. oh n i ate macs today, ate de mcvalue lunch. i tink its reali great deal. tink abt it, ur avrg lunch which costs more den 6 bucks is now 450. its lyk a student meal jus dat its not tiny fries n coke n it has more variety. i tink its stupit. fast food restaurants are continuously increasin deir price, but somehow deir food portion are continuously shrinking. BUT why do ppl still go patronise em! we are encouragin deir actions. stop goin to em! let em noe, "hey im unhappy n i wun go back till u do sth abt it!" rite? for macdonalds its not so bad. deir delivery services are reali gd, n deir burger is not shrinkin. kfc its not bad too. deir chicken dun shrink. but for BURGER KING. omg man. i bought a whopper dat day, its more lyk a jr whopper. i tot she gave mi a wrong burger. burger king is cheapskate. even deir student meal is 4.95! kfc n macs onli 4.50.! if one of em gna fold, ITS BURGER KING!. overthrow de king! i wana bigger burger! either dat decrease de price oso can! but dats impossible so. BIGGER BURGER. oh i left out long johns. long johns' food is lil, not filling so i hardly eat dat. yes i eat alot, maybe cuz i onli eat 2 meals a day. breakfst n lunch is combined.. i dun eat breakfast, eatin when i jus wake up makes mi wana puke. but for now i eat onli 1 meal a day, which is dinner, due to financial prblms. i get gastric? i've been lyk dat for arnd more den 3 yrs alr, so its ok. i tink i wun die. yea its gd trainin, owaes ppl nvr eat 1 meal will complain n sae dey gna die of hunger. hate dis kinda ppl, tink of de ppl in africa! dey skip lyk 1 week worth of meals. u onli skip hrs n complainin. u shud be muslim n fast. ok anws yea, skippin a meal or 2 wun hurt, maybe dats why i wun get fat. but tink abt it, i sit at arnd de whole day not doin anithin, how much calories do i nid.... yea so it wun kill to skip a meal. dinner is de most important, i usually eat alot. how much is alot? normally a big mac is not enuff. nid fries, apple pie, n abit more. arnd dere. ya. oh its 258 alr, 2 more minutes, my finger abit pain alr, lol. i tink im slpin soon, darling-est went to bed alr oso. so no pt stayin up alr. i shall slp, as de sayin goes, slp early wake up early (direct translation), gd for de body. 3am is not early? who says its not! if i sae i wake up at 3am, u will sae "WA SO EARLY?!" so of course 3am is early! k its 3! gd job if u read till here, u automatically enter de lucky draw n stand to win prizes worth up to $8888. pls check out our website for more details at http://woshilewis.blogspot.com

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woooo a great day today. watched a reali nice movie. went to watch paul blart mall cop with darlingest. hahaha we watched de very first show, 1045. wooo hooo, it was empty as hell. onli de 2 of us n another 2 apeks. LOL. ya. dam empty, can luff as loudly as i want. woooooo. anws ya its reali a gd movie, i recommend it, my favorite guy? its not paul tho, its de indian guy. i forgot his name but he was half naked in de show n his indian ecsence was authentic. wooooo. LOL. anws u all wun noe wad im tokin abt until u all watch de movie, so go watch it maybe dis weekend. yup. anws nxt movie im lookin forward to is nite in de museum 2 n transformers. maybe terminator salvation. ok jus a short post, tml's gna be a day at ahs. hope i rmb to collect my olvl cert.

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Monday, March 23, 2009

dam i tink dis sux, if i turn on de air con it'll be too cold, but if i turn it off, it'll be too hot. =.=.

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Sunday, March 22, 2009

o yea aft lookin at yiyangs blog, i missed out a point. nyaa. haven been dedicated to it. maybe cuz its lyk in de morning, so it turns mi off to wake up. no reali. tink abt it, u wake up at 11+ everyday n 1 day u mus wake up at 8 or 9 to come for guitar, n i dun reali lyk playin musical instruments, which is a double turn off. sorry guys but i reali detest it, dats why i sorta made a commotion when u guys wana decide on guitar. but i guess dat was de best solution out so nvm. of course im nt gna quit, i paid 17 dollars for it n im a money miser, so i rather endure de wadeva u call it den give up de money. but anws jinfeng, i mite detest guitar, but dun worry i'll still do my drafts. i enjoy typin drafts so its still ok.

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life isn't reali very productive for mi. i feel my body gettin unhealthier n unfitter. im not de reali very fit guy to begin with so its gettin worse. of course i wun sit back n let myself rot. i will commence operation production. wad izit? its basically to make life for de last month more productive. a more productive last month of hols. well i had my break for de last 5mths ++ alr. izit 5 mths? not too sure, lost count oso. its almost half a year. so now its tym to pick myself up n do sth meaningful! of course i have done meaningful stuff tho, had myself involve in ncc stuff, but i feel its not enuff. cuz its onli lyk once a week or de most thrice. wads my plan gna be lyk? i dun lyk disclosin it. lol. n my wounds healin up pretty quick. i started peelin de dead skin alr. my hand owaes very itchy one. no self discipline to NOT peel it. but its so nice to peel, how can anyone resist. k anws somethins not rite with de wound, normally de wound wudnt hurt alr, but mine still hurts alot when i apply pressure on it. n de pain comes frm de bones =/. so im abit worried dat dere may be a crack on de bone. since all de fall impact went onto dat point.... k nvm doesnt matter, it'll heal up anws. jus dat when i slp i cant lean on de right which i owaes do for de past 17yrs of my life. so its rather uncomfortable when i slp. n i seem to have a time lag, i kip tinkin im 16... actly im 17 alr. LOL. somehow 17 doesnt seem as impactful as 16. maybe when u reach 16 its NC16 for u, but deres nth for 17. maybe when i reach 18 i will feel it cuz its M18 for u. hmmmmm maybe. n tml's de last day of hols for de ppl at sch, tym to hit de malls nxt week, why avoid em dis week? cuz full of ppl. when sch reopens its fun to go to lyk maybe tampines mall at lyk 11am, when de shops jus open n its empty. feels as tho "hey welcome to my mall". haha. ya. i did cny clothes shoppin with darling-est at those timings. =). nice n empty. oh n recently i set up a facebook account, wad attracted mi to? DE GAMES! omg so fun. esp de word challenge n geo challenge. not onli izit fun, its oso knowledge boosting. hahahaha. but altho i lyk to plae it, i sorta sucked at it. nvm i wun give up. i will make it to de top. wad a wordy post, if u manage to read till here, i mus sae u have high level of concentration or u reali find my blabbling so interesting. k shall stop here, tym to slp.

i wonder how fat is he now. i bet his hair is dam bushy oso. i gta feelin he will end his education with de olvl cert. anybody any idea wad is he up to? update mi =). curious

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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

so little tags... so sad ><... becomin a boring blog. nvm doesnt matter. had part A camp n orienteerin frm sat to mon. massive lack of slp. lol. so much so dat on orienteerin itself when my wound was treated, blood cudnt reach my head n i almost blanked out. ><. anws aft orienteerin i had lyk 15hrs of slp straight. lol. woke up to a brand new me. shant tok much abt part A camp, dowana tok abt it, orienteerin was more interestin i guess. well obviously no pictures, i dun have a camera handphone =.=. been usin old pictures again n again. nvm gettin a new phone at oct? yup. shud be. nvm i love dis phone now. k anws orienteerin, yes i fell. a pretty bad fall but miraculously my wound wasnt dat bad. hahaha. went off de path n hit something n skid on de road. de super gd n lucky thing was both my legs were unwounded! hahahahaha. i purposely put my arms dwn first, a big risk tho, cuz arms break easier den leg. haha. k anws i put my right arm dwn first, so de main wound was dere. got a reali tiny wound at de left arm, super small. yea gd thing legs were fine, so i cud walk back. i was super far frm de meetin point la. so its super lucky legs were fine. mingxuan saw de whole fall frm de back, n hanyang saw frm de front. lol. mingxuan even said he will get nitemare =.=. yea its pretty scary witnessin a fall. i saw before... nelson fallin into de drain... XD. i guess dat fall was my retribution for nelson's... came 2 yrs late. k anws today. not a very happy separation.... anws i cooked instant noodles, den darling-est suggested addin cheese into it. so bein an obedient .... boyfren? k wadeva, bein obedient i did!. lol. it dint taste disgustin, it tasted lyk baked rice, jus dat its noodles. lol. quite nice in fact. so nxdt tym try throwin cheese into ur maggie mee. lol.

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Friday, March 13, 2009

ok a short post before i leave home for ahs. went to get my hair cut jus now, well not reali cut, trimmed. lol. de fella cut abit abit onli. k anws, back to de point, a reali different n weird hairstylist i wud sae. why not barber? cuz barber reminds mi of muslim baldin man with beard cuttin lil children hair. n outside de shop wud have dis cylindrical twistin turnin thing. nvm if u duno wad im tokin abt. lol. k anws, de guy was young, twenties, has alot of tattoo on his neck, has coloured hair. ya. he was tokin to mi while cuttin. =.=. he said i look lyk malay. =.=. k nvm, he even took a picture of mi aft he cut finish. =.=. duno for wad but bein nice i jus let him take. ya. k anws aft dat, while packin my bag for later, i overheard my dad's conversation on de phone ><. its not on purpose! de house was so quiet n he was tokin so loudly. so its not my fault. even if i went to de 2nd floor i cud have heard him. k anws its a conver i shudnt hear, but once i hear if i cant hlp but carry on. its abt money... he transferring funds frm one bank acc to another... apparently he gets ppl to do it for him. of course its not by hundreds or thousands, if not get ppl do it dey get angry. anws im not gna reveal de amnt. k tym to gooo. i miss u darling-est. ><
"if u wana be sexier den mi u gta perm ur hair." i tink he'll get dam pissed if he saw dis, but i doubt he will.

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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

ok shall blog, gna go for a long break at ahs! =D yay. stakeout at ahs for abt 2 days 3 nites. ?! 2D 3N?! how izit possible? yes it is. hahaha. hahahahaha. k nvm. wooo feel young again, back to de days when was still takin de company n organisin camps. hahaha. k anws, today played mahjong. yes dats rite, mahjong, not viwawa. played with? random ppl. ppl whom i dun reali noe. but at least i noe deir names. k nvm, u all duno anws so nvm. not important, im de biggest winner tho, won 4.20. but nvr play money. LOL. jus throw de coins arnd. n OMG. darling got 13 unios aka 13 yao. T.T dang it n i was de one dat fed her. so despite dat, i still emerged de biggest winner. won double de amnt darling won. =D. darling was 2nd most. hahaha. k quite fun. altho dinner wasn't filling at all, but supper was filling. so nvm. i tink im sorta lookin forward to part A camp, duno how dey will fare but, we will noe. oh yes n yesterday somethin dam funi happened. becuz darling-est's specs kip sliding off her face easily, so she ask mi how? n i told her get spectacle hook loh. n she said, "eh dear u have spectacle hook?" of all ppl to ask she asked mi. =). hahahahaa. i ended up luffin at her. =D. its lyk askin a muslim, "eh u got pig trotters at home? i nid". ya something lidat. ok sorry its nth racist or wad. its jus a frenly analogy. im thirsty, shall go grab a drink.
a familiar pic...

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Monday, March 09, 2009

AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA hahahahahahahaha. something dam funi happened n its definitely worth bloggin abt. I RECEIVED A LETTER FROM ANGLICAN HIGH SCHOOL! hahahahahaha. well obviously im so shocked. came home at nite, n saw a letter on de table! it says "To parents/guardians of lewis chow man loong"... n its in an ahs envelope. hahahhaa. obviously i dno wad izit abt n obviously its opened alr by my mum cuz its for her. so i opened it n see. its an invitation! invitation to wad? to ahs founder's day! hahahahaha! ima prize winner!!! oh yes! hahaha. well probably de prc-s n smart ppl will get oso. im de onli unsmart person. LOL. but who cares. first thing is, i wonder if dere is cash prize. XD. wad award izit? go founders day n u'll find out. XD. hahaha. obviously it has something with history... LOL. cant be best in amaths. lol. n cant be olvl top scorer. well de nxt worry was, o shit wad do i wear.?! all de prize winners will be in deir nice n cool jc uniform... vjc uni, rjc, hwa chong, temasek jc oso probably. WAD ABT MI?! I GOT NONE! T.T hahahahaha. i tink i wear shirt pants n slippers. n another smart thing is, de letter states, "pls return to form teacher by.... =.=" wth la. k nvm at least i got go back ahs so i jus go back n give. hahaha so exciting la. anws founders day is on 27th march, friday aft sch. i tink dey have a 3/4 day. haha, starts at 1. omg dam funi. nvr tot i gna receive another academic award AGAIN. XD. hahahahaha. i feel smart. altho im not. but it wun hurt tinkin im smart for awhile. rite? maybe i shud borrow someone's jc uniform. i borrow mjc uniform. i lyk blue. maybe i borrow leon tan's vjc uniform, make it look seh. LOL. k nvm. i see how first. congratulate mi! n i hope got money. XD.

LOL. i found dis pic in my com. look at zw's face.. hahahhaa. leontan's one pretty funi oso.

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Sunday, March 01, 2009

the sky so dark.... in fact its gettin darker as i type more. guess its gna rain again. hahaha. rainin all de tym. i guess its beta den de hot weather. hope tml mornin doesnt rain.. if not cant go medical checkup! ><

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woooo my very first post in my new laptop. yup dats rite, recently got a new laptop for myself. with my own money tho, no sponsors... T.T. its not too late if u wana sponsor mi now. anws ytd part C got first in east district for deir freestyle drill comp! yea. so shocking. LOL. dey gna enter de finals seh. hahahaha. dang it owe em a treat now, but doesnt matter. haha. k anws dis post is one week late, yup last sun was my bday, hardly anyone cared tho, but doesnt matter, darling-est arnd im happy alr. XD. i guess i let de pics tell de story.

nice cake eh, well of course its made by her, n it tastes gooood. not becuz its made by her but its reali reali nice. anws its celebrated at 12midnite. yup. a reali happy nite. =).

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