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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz life's so boring.... tml's deres oral...... fri more lessons. haiz........ n dis retard at my tagboard oso.... haiz. full of retardation. im lookin forward to dis sat morning... NOT mentorin cuz i wun be goin i guess. n i look forward to nxt weeks chalet, not a time for chalet but who cares? LOL. i haven started on revision, dat im not worried, i do things fast so shud be ok. everithin owaes turns out fine. so boring..... so hot oso..... altho it rained ytd but its still hot..... damit..... im gna invent a shirt with air con nxt tym, everyone will wana buy it. or pants with air con.

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Monday, May 26, 2008

damit no hopes to get an A for chinese alr... i dint complete my zuo wen.... left de concludin paragraph nvr write finish, all thnx to de stupit clock. 1 was slower den de other, n i cud onli see de slower one cuz im seated right behind. jia sai. damit. zzzzzzzz. paper 2 lyk avrg, cant score well oso. haiz... its over... i tink can get b3 veri gd alr.

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Sunday, May 25, 2008

chinese olvl tml... im scared... scared i screw up or scared de paper 1 qns are gay. paper 1 iz de main worry, esp gong han. de rest im pretty much ok. anws to everyone takin de paper oso, gdluck?

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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

my blog's gettin dead n borin. ok it has been lidat all de tym except when i had kimchi collection. lol. anws nw havin stupit headache, had it in store jus now, not dat tongwei tok too much den headache, i tink i sat dere n dint move for too long. LOL. den when i started movin my head den pain alr. XD. anws tongwei jus set mi tinkin all over again, re-considerin abt clt... i guess yiyang oso, its beta to tink more, 1 wrong decision n instead of hlpin de unit we mite end up doin de opposite. anws E-learnin tml! how excitin. =.=. i tink ...... nvm. no comments abt it. dis post seems dam short. ok dowan post le. sian. tokin to nelson now.... he has cravings for..... ok nvm dowana sae.

i tink dis iz dam stupit. LOL.

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Monday, May 19, 2008

here's my excitin vesak day..... i spent de whole day at home... alone. ok end of post. LOL ok no, altho it was home alone, but it was an excitin home alone experience! i bet none of u all will ever experience it, cuz either u will nvr be home alone at all or ur house too small! muahahhahaa. ok anws basically i spent de whole day doin my chinese zuo wen. as in reali whole day. LOL. i woke up at 12? ya 12, dam shiok, slpt all de way. LOL. actly not reali, at 8 got sms den woke up mi, u noe who u r...... feel guilty. LOL. ok den at 11+ got another sms! u noe who u are too, feel guilty. ya den i wake up to find de house kong1 dang4 dang4 one... my mum n bro went out. my dad's not in singapore. so i woke up, on de com, n watched semi pro. LOL. i watched de 2nd half, watched de first half ytd alr. hahaha. nice movie. den i told myself, "ok lewis chow, tym to do zuo wen, lyk it or not, u gta do it." so i turned off de com! onli a real man has enuff courage n discipline to do dat. i tot all distractions were gone, aft writin 3 lines, i went to look for food. LOL. ok aft eatin i tot, ok back to work. aft writin half a page, i started walkin again. dis tym i was jumpin n touchin de ceilin. its gd to be home alone cuz if u do retarded stuff nobody will noe. LOL. aft jumpin for awhile, i went back to write again, dis tym i was determined to write! n yes i did! i wrote ! but at one n a half page, de phone rang! wth! i stood up n pick it up, it was my dad. =.=. callin frm china. ok den dats dat, when i wanted to start writin again... i realised i cant. so i went to turn on de com, but aft turnin it on, i turned it off. LOL. den i went back to write, as i was gna start, my mum called! she said i ownself settle dinner. n fine. by now it was lyk 5pm alr. LOL. den i write... at de 3rd page, i turned on de com. LOL. n i watched superhero movie! LOL. i watched halfway n went to call macs, aft dat i went to bathe... den i told myself, sumthin iz wrong, i gta finish dat zuo wen first! den i told myself, ok eat finish n watch finish le den do. n yes! aft watchin finish i turned on de tv! OMG!? SCV channel 62 got shi2 shen2! omg stephen chow. LOL. so i watched. watched till 9pm. den i reali serious alr. n do till 10! LOL. n finish! finally. whole day onli did de zuo wen. shit man. die. nvr study anithin. anws if u read till here, i reali respect u for readin everi single word i post altho its a bunch of crap. LOL. n dats my vesak day..... now a video for u guys to watch, gerald show mi one.

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Saturday, May 17, 2008

im in a bad state of depression............................... T.T i wana commit suicide.......................................... y are de ppl up dere messin with mi...................... WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!1 JIA SAI!

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Sunday, May 11, 2008

its day 3 of rashes mania. as usual itchy as ever. tdy im gna try a new way of tackling this issue, apparently i noticed de medicine.... seems to be not workin alr. ytd aft i take de medicine, i still felt itchy! but my body dint feel itchy, its de right hand. shit man. how long am i gna feel dis "im itchy yet i cant scratch" feelin. it sux! its lyk u see a million dollars on de floor n u cant pick it up. LOL. somethin lidat. waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. ok now side trackin frm de rash, SORRY ZHIYONG! i forgot to credit the great ex-clt! anws i believe he wudnt want mi to do so right now, so i'll just give a simple thanks to him. what he's done is obvious to all part Ds so.............. no further explanation. ok back to the rash, actly wanted to post a pic of de rash but.... i realised its too sick to see rash on my posts everiday so dowan le. XD anws a video nelson recommended to mi jus now, i suggest u guys watch it till de veri end cuz de reali funi parts are behind. =). its cool.

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Saturday, May 10, 2008

its day 2 of rashes alr... in de middle of de nite i find myself scratchin em... =.=. dis mornin i woke up, de miracle lotion wasn't dere alr but wad was left was a sea of redness on my arms, body... n oso new rashes joined de family! wooooo. now even my knuckle has rashes n my leg oso! omg.................. but i found out something weird... why de rashes onli on de right side of my body. im serious. my left side is completely clean. my left arm got no rash, de left side of my body iz clean oso, my left leg no rash oso! LOL. half of my body iz infected. i jus hope tml i dun wake up to find my left side infected... T.T. now a picture of my hand with de lotion... ok now u all mus be wonderin y kip on takin pic of my hand, cuz dats de easiest to take =). n body will be too obscene n leg difficult, so hand la.as u can see in de backgrnd iz a chinese foolscape paper with words... hahahaaha call mi hardworkin.

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Friday, May 09, 2008

i must say calamine lotion make wonders... yup its de 2nd post of de day, cuz im too bored n apparently i left out some stuff in my previous post cuz i cant tink frm all de itchyness. yes i applied de calamin lotion n ate de medicine n ITCH NO MORE! n jus now when i washin plate, i accidentally washed off some calamine lotion on my hand... n guess wad, within 10mins it started feelin itchy.... O.O. de power of de lotion. so i quickly applied de lotion again. n not itchy animore! i love de calamine lotion. oh n anws, tdy ms zarinah gave back ss seq paper, n guess wad, for de first tym im actly de HIGHEST! LOL. FIRST TYM IN HISTORY! i nvr got first in ani academic stuff before, regardless of how small it mite seem. i jus can nvr get first, 2nd quite alota tyms. LOL. tdy i got first! hahahahahaha. ok nvm . den again maybe got get first before but i dun rmb. shud be.... now with a picture for ya'll to look at...

meet the giants...

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AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA. im in a super pathetic state rite now... ok here's de story... well last thurs my throat started hurtin... n it has nvr stopped hurtin, even up till today. but in de day it doesnt hurt as much as at nite. at nite de worst. can hurt till can die. =.=. T.T. but i cant ask for more, afternoon not dat pain i veri hapi le =). ok anws dats dat. so ytd i went to see de doctor for my 1 week of throat disorder. ok den tdy! we went to plae basketball, hahahaha hapi day. den aft playin for lyk 1 hr lidat? den i go rest. normal ma. hot day. den aft dat rest for lyk 15mins i go back plae. BUT WHEN I GO BACK PLAE, i started itchin all over! dam itchy. super itchy, n its still itchy now. of course itchy u will wana scratch rite so i scratch. as i scratched, i tot de itch will go away, cuz i tot lyk minor one. but as i scratch i found out somethin iz wrong, I WAS SCRATCHIN MY WHOLE BODY! dun be sick, onli de upper part, a gd thing de lower part of my body not itchy. den i timed out n dint plae. so i took off my shirt, yes in public, took off my shirt n wth dam red. my arm was red too wif alot of rashes. it looked lyk dis...beautiful eh. dats onli my hand. imagine dat all over my body. as in not small portion but reali all over. everywhr! front back, but de more densed areas were de right side. duno y. LOL. well so mite be tinkin..... hmmmmm throat pain + rash everiwhr suddenly....... HAND FOOD MOUTH DISEASE?! so i went to see doctor, ok doctor cant confirm whether reali iz HFMD or not but if my rash stays for de nxt few days i gta go back. i hope my rash goes away. go away. dam itchy. i jus applied white stuff all over my body, its called calamine lotion, de one u use when u have chicken pox n u apply on de pox. lol. ok damit im abstainin real hard frm scratchin. ><. n i jus took medicine oso, a quite powerful one to stop de itch. but it oso cause u to become drowsy n most likely im gna fall aslp pretty soon? LOL. ok shall end my post here, to all whom i share de kickapoo n F&N orange drink jus now, nelson, sijing, benjamin, waiwai, leonard?, GDLUCK. hahahahaha. cuz when i drink de tym my rash haven come out, if i knew its gna come out i wun drink le. serious.

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