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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

ok i tink im home too early today, hence i find myself nth to do rite now. ok actly i do have but i DOWAN TO DO EMATHS. btw emaths is NOT elementary maths, its engineerin maths. ok anws, yea reach home too early, reach at 630 lidat, zzzzzz. so nth to do, i go cut hair. de weather too hot, kippin long hair makes my head hot. lol. so i find myself completing my wrtoral project. yay. i hate de emaths tutorial tcher, he give hw lyk de amnt of rice he eating. irritatin. ok nvm. gd thing de qns are easy. but becuz its easy dats why its irritating. lyk u kip writing 1+1=2.. =.=. ok anws im not gna post abt her bday celebration, it'll be no meaning, im not even de main show so no pt mi posting how i feel. haha. so other tym someone else will do it. oh yes i bought a new phone. no contract. =). hahaha. ok doesnt matter, im bored.
lol looks familiar? somehow if de jnrs see dis, dey will tink, wa 2006 so long ago. hahaha. i tink weihua made dis pic.

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Monday, April 27, 2009

HAPPY BDAY MY DARLING-EST! super busy now, shall post other tym.

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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

i see no difficulty in adaptin to tp life... LOL. have nice n cool kia frens, rather hardworkin ppl oso, those dat wun lead mi astray. even if dey will i wun. =). well so far i probably made a few reali good decisions in my life, one of em is of course, pickin to go poly instead of jc. if i went to jc i probably wud wana end my life now. so dats a gd thing. n another is of course pickin CHARLENE CHUE YU KWAN as my gf. dere are more tho, lyk joinin ncc, its a gd thing too. lol.

how's sch lyk? i tink i post another tym... got things i nida do. =). dis sunday's a big BIG day.

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Saturday, April 11, 2009

i find myself buyin alota stuff recently. reali alot. not jokin. dis week alr spent more den a hundred alr. yea. lol. k anws wads nxt on my list? its dis very cool mclaren dat is made of lego. its dam freakin cool, at first i saw de ferrari one, den i told gerald, if got mclaren i sure buy. and a few days after i saw it at toys r us. LOL. but it costs a bomb as well, 80 dollars. hahahaha. its pretty huge tho, BUT ITS DEFINITELY WORTH IT! shall show u all a pic of it.this is how de outside looks lyk, its in a metallic casing. very cool. i cant stand de words =.= alibaba...
how it looks lyk...
yup. pretty cool eh.n yes ima mclaren fan. i dun go abt f1 by de drivers. i lyk mclaren doesnt mean i lyk lewis hamilton. so dun assume things. cuz de drivers change all de tym so u cant possibly follow de driver everywhr. ITS MCLAREN ALL DE WAY. say no to brawn gp. hehh gerald maybe if u wan u can buy de ferrari lego. jus dat it costs 100 bucks more den de mclaren one. XD. k anws im startin to love de ship dat i bought, it costs 52 bucks... LOL.

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Thursday, April 09, 2009

well... i tot i was gna go to bed abt 15 mins ago but i was thirsty so i went dwn for a sip. den i opened de fridge n i saw some sushi inside. so of course no harm eatin one cuz it dint look lyk de familiar kind of sushi dat i eat all de tym. so i decide to eat one, of course 1 tiny sushi doesnt occupy much space in ur stomach. aft eatin one, i realise i was a lil hungry so i ate all 3 of de sushi. dun worry dere's still 6 more which looks pretty disgustin, brown stuff in it so i dint dare to eat. lol. aft eatin n drinkin, here i am, n i decided to post. lol

its gna be a happy post, darling-est wud be most present to read cuz its gna be abt us. i suddenly rmb dis incident whr i was bein retarded. it goes lyk dis. we were out at de mall lookin at stuff, den we went into dis shop, its a reali massive furniture shop dat even sells safe boxes. u noe those kinda metallic hardcore safe box dat has dis huge combination thingy whr u turn turn turn. normally its in bad guy shows, whr de burglar breaks into de home n tries to crack de code. anws i saw dis super huge safe box, whr even i can fit inside! den i saw another feature it has, its fire-proof! wow. den i told darling, eh dear, shud buy 1 n put at home, den lidat rite, if de hse catch fire, jus open n hide inside. aft dat wait for de fireman open de safe for u. well of course i nvr tot of de possibility dat de fireman duno how to open it. LOL. of course she gave mi de "get real" look. den de safe boxes comes in alota sizes, reali reali have alot. big to small. n i commented again. eh dear, u noe wads de ultimate form of security? u buy de biggest box, den buy alota diff size one, den put de 2nd biggest in de biggest n so on. put lyk 5 boxes. tink abt it, de burglar cracks open de safe, tinkin, "YES! TREASURE!" den to his horror he sees another safe box! n he kips tryin to crack de code until he pek chek. until, "AIYA FORGET IT! I QUIT" or, he takes too long until he gets caught. or best thing, get 2 safe box, put em side by side. den kip puttin tiny safe inside de bigger safe. den he suei he open de wrong one. lol. but of course, cost is owaes a big issue, since one costs arnd a hundred bucks. lol. hahaha, dear, if u read dis u sure luff again.

ok anws, tml's my dad's bday, obviously i dint remember until i opened de fridge n saw a cake. of course de cake is free one, he has so mani membership, he gets free cake every yr. got one yr i still rmb, he got lyk 3 free cakes. =.=. lol. well, its alr dam gd i remember his bday, u can ask him whens mine, if he rmbs de sky will turn green de nxt day u wake up. oh n its not his bday tml, it is his bday alr. LOL. ok doesnt matter, gna go slp now. gdluck jc ppl with ur pw. esp mr xi wai xi. LOL.

im half lewis half jinfeng.

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Sunday, April 05, 2009

o m g... i must say, wad a shitty malaysian grand prix it is.... seriously. ferrari still hasn't broken de 0 for de constructor's league, mclaren isn't doin very well too. n i feel lyk squeezin kovalainen. STOP CRASHIN AT THE FIRST LAP. zzzzzzzzzzzzzz. irritatin to watch. anws its shitty not becuz it got suspended halfway, but de decision not to restart de race aft suspending it. de rain was pretty cool, but.... de decision not to restart was lame. zzzzzzzzz. first tym in my life of watchin f1 for i duno how long, dey suspend de race n it nvr started. my first tym seein it. dere was alota action tho, but i jus dun lyk de ending.. and yes gerald, its say no to brawn mercedes. if dere wasn't a mercedes behind brawn, i wud be hatin brawn gp even more. i reali hope mclaren makes a comeback soon.... n i hope kovalainen will stop crashing.

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Friday, April 03, 2009

lemi tell u a story...

there was a ship sailing across the seas, then a storm hit the ship and it sank. 3 men survived and seeked refuge in a deserted island with no form of civilisation. man A was called Adam, man B was called Bob, man C was called Collin. if ur name so happens to be one of those 3, its jus a coincidence, cuz i duno anyone who has those names. anyways, 3 men was stuck on dis island, lets jus call Adam, A; Bob, B; and Collin C, so its lesser for me to type.

if u tink u noe dis story, u r acting smart cuz i made it up n unless u are mi, den u duno dis story. k anws im slpy alr, i shall continue the story other time.

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