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Monday, December 31, 2007

ok! i figured it out, new year needs new URL, new skin and new everithin 2 my blog! so i did a mass upgrade to my blog. ok not veri mass la. LOL. anws im still sneezin... damit. 3rd day already, i mite be de first person to die of common flu, or maybe got ppl died frm dat before. i cant stand it animore... T.T make de sneezin stop.

anws first things first, shall reply ALL de tags, i nvr reply fer lyk so mani days, haf alot.. =/ ok i tink i shortcut abit

part Bs, kimchi collection all de way! wan haf part 2 not?
eugene, he mr universe, not onli korea.
YC, LOL. mosses lim.
kevin, dowan dowan ^^
leonLIM, ya horh. XD aiya de emcee not big prblm.
ashley, nope i duno when. dis yr no mrchua veri cock up.
wenxin, o.o lol, iz kimchi dat made u luff ba. XD not me.

woo done. ok now i shall do a recap on everithin dat happened dis yr lyk wad i do everiyr. ok i jus realised i dowan to... alot of things i dowana go remember. hahaha. anws basically its jus ncc n life n studies. ncc iz take over company as csm, life iz .... ya, den studies iz i improved? haha. ok dat shud be all.

todae! walao ima sad fella la, spendin new yr eve doin chinese zuo wen =.=. wth! it took mi 4 hrs 2 write de zuo wen. LOL. dis shows how focused i m. hardcore focusin skills. avrg person take 1.5hrs n i took 4 so it makes mi hardcore. later gona go some gl dinner wif some gl ppl, de main thing iz not my family, main thing iz some weird ppl whom i tink i wun see before.

YTD! ytd big big big achievement. i swam 50 laps! woooo, i figured things out, i nvr lyked doin wad other ppl do, ppl owaes jog by trainin stamina n stuff lidat. i shall swim! swim till i die. lol. XD. quite cool la, de first few laps still ok, den reachin 30+ laps startin 2 feel sumthin, de sumthin iz hunger cuz i dint eat anithin fer de whole day before i swam. XD. den at lap 40 my lungs started burnin, when my head goes up de water to get air i wud breathe veri heavily causin my lungs to lyk burn, hot hot one, den oso i started smellin food, when my head comes up. btw i swam breaststroke. den at lap 48 my body started to get super heavy underwater. when i stopped at lap 50, my whole body numb n i was actly pantin lyk nuts. XD. took mi 1hr40mins to swim 50 laps, dat makes it 2mins per lap. =). my goggles frm clear become blurry, actly cant see anithin thru de goggles cuz all de water inside condensed on de surface. sumthin lidat. XD. when i came outa de pool was super thirsty, drank 1 whole can of 7up without stoppin at all. quite cool.

anws, sorry for kip on gettin angry wif u. =/ flu makin mi cranky i tink, or maybe its not, but shud be la. sorry!

happy new yr mina-san. =) hope 2008 iz beta den 2007. shud i do new yr resolution?? ok dowan, if u do n dun follow den mite as well dun waste tym n do. =)

u noe de radio n mtv doin dis 100hits countdwn, lyk everi end of de yr, i shall do a 5 pics countdown of de year! yea! top 5 pics of de yr!






woooooo kimchi owns it all! ok see sianglai dat pic, u imagine playing the candy shop song by 50cent and lookin at dat pic. esp de chorus part. LOL.

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Saturday, December 29, 2007

aaaaa its rainin now... i dun lyk de rain. ><, actly i dun lyk de dark sky. wa sian, stupit rain, faster go away. anws cca orientation almost done, left wif de booth. booooooooooooth. abit worried abt dat, lol. ok nth else 2 post already, oh ya n i desperately wants sumthin, not reali a new phone altho i wan one, but sumthin else....... ><. lol.

started at january2005... will end at april2008..... to all part C'o7, let's have a final mission, bring every single one back. even if it takes brutal force.

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Tuesday, December 25, 2007

ppl! de wait iz over... at de 318th post of dis blog, it is de legendary kimchi collection. before dat, shall post in de comments of our kimchi fans

"kimchi collection??? got hotter den mi not?

"?!. wth i got rival? aiya sure lose to my sianglai collection one."

"yea man kimchi! dey cant see my face rite?"

"erm, ya ok loh. gd. dun reali noe wad u tokin abt."
"kimchi collection? simi lai eh? aiya ho la ho la"

the many steps, to make a perfect kimchi....

step1, be emo :
"with emotions in ur kimchi, comes great taste."

step2, have powerful arms... learn pds :

"kimchi salute, salute de kimchi, respect em. with great arm muscles comes great strength to grind the kimchi."

step3, have an attitude, have anger :

"with attitude and anger, there will be character. character in the kimchi makes it alive."
step4, have a hot look and a hot butt :

*note, dis iz de real thing, yea, kimchi butt upclosed.

*take note of his butt can le.
hot fav
"hot-ness gives de kimchi its spicy flavour."

step5, learn how to open a box of pie :

1) ask a fren via sms.

2) peel de sides with caution, remember, slow n easy wins the race.

3) o yea! almost dere, open the cover of the box next.

4) next, taste it in ur mouth. o yea. heavenly pie. <3

5) dun forget to wipe ur mouth wif tissue aft eating.
"you might think this has no link with makin kimchi... well, you are right."

step 6, learn life-long skills :
spreading kaya/butter

learn to play a Nintendo DS
keep track of time, kip a watch wif u.
"you never know when these skills come in handy, be prepared, be resilliant."

step7, pull the strings with others

oops looks lyk kimchi got abit tangled up.

thats all for the kimchi making. special thanks to gerald and guifeng, they got hlp mi take some pics. yupp. =) 1 2 3 KIMCHI! (handsign)

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Monday, December 24, 2007

ok ppl... de wait iz over. i mean it now... TML! de exclusive kimchi collection iz out tml! yes... im serious abt it... its gona be KIMCHI+CHRISTMAS! DOUBLE HAPPINESS. yes! take de kimchi collection as a present 2 u kimchi fans out dere. maybe i shud put a password 2 my blog den u all mus pay mi money den can enter n see de kimchi collection. XD ok i not so evil. XD

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Thursday, December 20, 2007

WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO TYM FOR KIMCHI COLLECTION!!! ok jus jk. dis post iz NOT kimchi collection. tooo bad. ^^ anws as requested, i shall post wif paragraphs, cuz all chunk tgt read le head pain. so...

i shall split into...


so i jus
came back from annual camp.

ok dun plae le. ya came back frm annual camp. it was fun, expected, i, leader of tau suan, led 8 other tau suan along. wymer, eugene loh HENG MENG, joshua, kiameng, chun kit, shelton, yuan sheng, desmond... yea quite fun. first day iz alot of free tym.. =.=. LOL. quite slack, den got play war games, quite fun but shang gan qing.

day 2 had station games. wth la station games, lucky i nvr tio anithin. den had AMAZING RACE!!! ok i shall post pictures from amazing race. den let de pictures show our adventures arnd singapore.
first up, we did a task, dat is to take picture wif ah eng! check out ah eng doin de kimchi sign! KIMCHI!
nxt iz to take a pic of 1 of our grp members huggin a teacher, so we chiong outside staff rm n camp dere. den when we see one teacher we started callin him out. note, de we, im not involved. den when mr william tong came out, yuan sheng immediately CHIONG UP 2 HIM N HUGGED HIM. hence causin his reaction to be lidat. LOL. i tink its dam retarded de pic. XD
nxt we went to expo! our task dere iz to take pic of hall 5. we scared de first 2 pics cant see de 5 so we went in. lol. tausuan givin de universal kimchi handsign. KIMCHI! den we had BK dere.
while at Bk, we did another task! dat iz to take pic wif a foreigner. n so shelton de thick skinned kia went up to dat angmoh n took a pic. lol dam funi. ppl were lyk starin n we were lyk, ok we duno him. XD
den we headed to de expo mrt to go to eunos to do our nxt task. dis iz wad we saw at de station. HAPPY CHOW!.XD ok dis pic iz random.. lol.
ok so nxt task we suppose 2 haf lunch at eunos, BUT, we already had at expo so we jus go eunos de kopitiam, find one table dat haven clear, den fake fake go sit dwn n take pic. LOL. iz dat jian or wad. XD hahahahaha. look at wymer tryin 2 be funi. XD n shelton's act cute face. as usual tausuan doin de kimchi handsign. KIMCHI!
den we went kallang! nxt task iz to take picture of a durian store in geylang. LOL. dere we saw mani interestin things, old men wif young but er xing womem. XD hahahaha. dam funi. de store owner quite pissed cuz we take pic den nvr buy. =.=. too bad.
nxt was suntec! mus take pic wif de fountain of wealth. u noe y de fountain of wealth seems so small? cuz we lazi cross de road so take frm far. XD as usual, de kimchi sign!n note chunkit doin de siang lai sign.
ok nxt we went to suntec de toys r us. we must take a pic wif barney in toys r us. =) hahaa dats heng meng doin de kimchi sign. n dats shelton tryin 2 be funi. =.=...
nxt headed to jurong east! was in de mrt fer quite long la. den at de station dam funi, chun kit n shelton were lookin fer zhaboh, den i was tellin heng meng, wa dey veri enthu, den eugene loh was lyk, or course la, dey not guys wad so easier find. LOL. hahahahahaha omg funi. XD anws de task iz 2 take picture wif a young girl at jurong east mrt, apparently was wif a few. XD den eugene loh was lyk, eh we anihow tell ani chio bu we see dat we nida take pictures la den kip on takin. LOL. u see de pic, de left side got one kimchi sign hand, dat iz eugene loh's one. XD

nxt we headed back to tanah merah to do nxt task, which iz to eat mars bar at tanah merah mrt. lol. dam funi la on de way back. made alota lame jokes. eugene loh was lyk, walao dis trip we saw alota stuff, transexuals, ppl making out n stuff. den i was lyk, why izit called making out ar? why cant make in. den shelton started luff lyk nuts. even aft lyk 5 hrs he still luffin at dat joke which is not a joke. den we kept on sayin making in from now on. "omg those couples are making in. ".

aft dat in mrt i oso asked another qn to tau suan. eh i ask u all ar, how come when de mrt enters the tunnel, how come so noisy one. eugene loh was lyk, CUZ TUNNEL GOT DRAGON! =.=. WTH LA! zzzzzzzzzzzzzz... best answer eva. den sumtyms de train in de tunnel got dis sharp sound, den eugene loh was lyk, no iz ice dragon, using icy breath. =.=. omg cant stand it. ok anws to anybody, if u noe how come when mrt enters de tunnel so noisy, tell me! =)

another joke iz, eugene loh sae de most seh pds performance iz, when u do pds, u bang till de whole rifle breaks, den u continue doin wif de broken rifle den slowly as u do all de rifle parts start flyin out, charging handle, muzzle, firing chamber n stuff. den at de end of de performance left de trigger guard dat u r holding, den at de end u mus sweep up de whole parade square. =.=... wth. ok nvm. den we reached tanah merah...

dis was de first pic taken, den as we wana take de 2nd pic cuz dey forgot show kimchi sign.
look at eugene loh, he suddenly shouted, WAIT WAIT!!! becuz he realise de hand nvr standardise kimchi sign on which hand.
n dere u go. standardised. =) LOL. retarded.

if u noticed everi pic we took all show kimchi sign one. LOL kimchi! n u notice dun haf mi. XD. hahaha too bad. de whole thing was fun la, ya. anws to u guys, aft de camp i'll be csm again so how u all treat mi n how i joked wif u all, no more le. XD hahaha. KIMCHI! ok now i post some random pics i took in de camp.
ben ben givin a sexy pose XD
the universal kimchi handsign. KIMCHI! note, iz de left hand, right hand coverin face.
heng meng shy shy ar.
heng meng's legendary underwear. MX! LOL. mx underwear.
dis iz shelton luffin lyk nuts at "making in" dis iz lyk 3hrs aft de joke la. den i was lyk, making in den he cant stop luffin. he iz retarded.
dreaming of mrs wymer.
ok a super long post. haf fun readin . XD

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