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Tuesday, November 22, 2005

67 days to chinese new year...

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Friday, November 18, 2005

todae got bayonet trainin, iz wenguang, wenyong n dennis take us fer trainin... not as slack as say yiens trainin. more hiong... den nth reali much funi happened... den kaijie zam my lil finger n it didnt swell dat much.. onli bleed frm 2 sides.. i tot it was nth so didnt bother... den hu noes, after a while, de finger grew until so big!!! de little finger was bigger den my index n middle finger, almost de size of de thumb... den dey kept luffin at my finger, was reali dam big n funi... den wenyong bring mi go wash it wif cold water n while washin, he said it looked lyk a pregnant guppy stomach... lol.. now its still swellin lyk siao..

71 days to chinese new year...

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Monday, November 14, 2005

todae bayonet trainin lil bit funi... first we did de lame old stuff, warm ups aka PT... den we began practisin fer de orientation... den made some adjustments n ian teh came... i broke one rifle todae lol... den my index finger get hit, now swellin... den when its lyk show sir ian teh de real thing, jeremiah reali got indimidated by mi n forgot de moves, den got praised... den when we restin, sir ian teh n sergeant say yien got lame... dey began fightin wif de bayonets...den...

IAN TEH: come say yien! join the dark side!!
SAY YIEN: no!!!
IAN TEH: WHY! i m your father!!!
SAY YIEN: thats impossible!!! wa lim pei si liao!!! ( my father die liao in hokkien)

den fought as dey said dat... veri veri funi.. todae so mani injuries... den got dis blind thingy, where we mus pair up den one guy mus close eye n de other lead de blind dude... im de blind guy.. den i wana touch de surroundin stuff n i touched sumthin weird, den i ask, wads tis?? den ian teh reply, its muscle! i accidentally touch his arm lol... den went home, on de way home say yien poped out behind mi, scare mi... den i walk wif him 2 mrt station/bus stop... we tok, but not crap... he kip askin mi qn, i hardly toked...

75 more days to chinese new year...

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Saturday, November 12, 2005

todae early in de mornin get scammed!!!! T.T... woke up early in de mornin 7 n den went 2 bedok reservoir fer company run. reach bedok reservoir saw sheng chao n wai wai n no SIR or sergeant in sight... after dat a lot of part A came n guess wad, we called sergeant n he sae dun tink haf... wtf!!!! gana scam!! on fri sergeant still sae tml got company run... scammers!!! den i went home n use com den slp! on fri evenin i slp at 6 den nxt mornin woke up at 7, dam tired... slp fer so long... pig.

77 more days to chinese new year...

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Monday, November 07, 2005

todae bayonet iz dam slack, i tink so. maybe cuz onli got wen guang dere. did de normal bayonet PT den practiced de 3 set of moves tot last fri. den aft dat we got do crawlin n how 2 hold rifle when squatin. due 2 de fact dey haven plan our trainin schedule, we were released early!!! den eugene n gang began cheerin de wen guang sae," ok nvm, i change my mind!" den eugene sae, " er sergeant, ni yao duo shao qian, gen wo jiang(translation: u wan how much money, tell mi.)" LOL. so lame... den went white sands wif stef n zheng, stefan buy 1 booster lol, so lame... den go eat chicken rice!

82 more days to chinese new year

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Sunday, November 06, 2005

ok...ming jun make mi plae tis weird game... de "rules":
post 5 weird\random fact abt yourself. at the end list out 5 people who are next to do this. leave a comment tht says you are tagged in their blog and tell them to read yours.

fact 1: im in anglican high
fact 2: ima boi
fact 3: i got 2 eyes
fact 4: i gota nose
fact 5: i got 2 ears

de suei 5 ppl 2 do dis lame game: hexian, eugene, leon TAN, wai wai, jollin. de 5 ppl mus plae tis game so can pass de lame-ness arnd.

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83 more days to chinese new year...

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Friday, November 04, 2005

im bloggin in tis early cuz i noe later at nite canot use com.. smart rite, but im dumb, cant even fight fer my rights over de com.. todae bayonet trainin iz not as hiong as wednesdays one although its longer. mus wake up so early den i lai chuang, lai fer half an hour but de previous nite i ask my mum wake mi up veri early so can lai chuang.lol.. todae learnt all de 3 patterns in bayonet, dam cool, gona practise em till its kinda lyk perfect. we practice behind de place where all de UG stalls r den i stand at de side n de girl guides ppl come. den my sergeant make mi move n purposely make mi stand near near de girl guides.. den jokes over n serious stuff, todae nvr shout dat much, still got my voice. den it ended early n canot dismiss early so we played war game in PT ground!!! we had 2 pretend dat de rifles r real den im de leader n mus save de dead corps n bring it back 2 base den can see us crawlin n pronin arnd de pt ground... den funs over n "bersurai"

85 more days to chinese new year...

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Wednesday, November 02, 2005

todae de ncc dam hiong... i was kinda late den didnt eat in de mornin n went fer ncc.. den aft doin de 95 push up, i ganna gastric n accordin 2 sergeant my face was all pale.. felt my ears cloddin n vision blurred so i report sick n went 2 rest.. i put my head down n when i look on de floor i saw a puddle of sweat.. dripped frm my head... -.-""" den i finally felt normal n went fer de physical trainin... so dam hiong, so mani ppl "died" in between but aft de whole thing 9 were left. i was one of de 9! kinda hapi wif myself lol... den sergeant see we all so endurin den show us some bayonet moves as a reward lol... den de sirs n csm came n test see hu fit fer bayonet, i got selected due 2 de fierce look lol... den learnt on guard, forward thrust, pull back.. kinda cool... de bayonet ppl were called de knights, by sir ian teh, at first he hlp us choose n chose barbie knights, den in my head 3 words flashed... wth! but in de end iz knights. tough trainin. mus kip on shout shout shout den my voice was so hoarse aft dat, drank some water n not so hoarse. den "bersurai" n went 85 wif de dudes n eat...

86 more days to chinese new year...

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