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Sunday, April 29, 2007

heys everibody, since i noe im not gona update veri veri often de nxt few weeks, dis iz wad im gona do. im gona post a qn fer u all 2 ponder abt den u all can tok abt dat topic at de tagboard, yup. all are welcomed i guess, strangers who dun reali noe mi but u all blog hoppin oso can giv comments. ^^ i'll see how dis goes first if nobody wans to respond den nvm lol. XDXD anws dis iz de qn..

"a bad deed overrides a thousand good deeds."
do you agree? happened on you before? unhappy about it? you may give examples.

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P.S.: You are not alone.

Friday, April 27, 2007

yayness i haf changed my blogskin! lol... as days goes by, mye iz closin in... aaaaaaaaa! gdluck everibody who goin fer top posts.. hope yer exam results dun screw u all. anws tml haf chi oral... aaaaaaaa! i dam scared later de topic iz sumthin dat i dun understand den habis le... ><... de pass week was still ok i guess... anws sumtyms de class jus pisses mi off la... but i guess i still can tolerate em... i guess... den oso got some interestin stuff dat happened oso.. shall not go into details cuz too mani le... i shall post in some pics bahx.

dis iz de rubbish i swept up in 1 corner of class XDXD. dam dirty la.

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Thursday, April 19, 2007

=) todae i came home early! dats y i haf tym 2 post now n use de com... haha. im done wif hw n studyin wad i wanted 2 study le! later my bro come back den i gota get away le sian... anws stupit guy at home started 2 go sch liao so more peaceful. n ytd had dumb trainin at hq fer mt ophir... zzZZZZ SUPER DUMB LA. its so freakin slack n dey call dat pt... see other sch dam pathetic... haiz... sad life, gona climb de hill wif em, sian. pass few days in class still quite ok bahx, all veri normal, as chaotic as eva... n my eng pwns! hahaha.. heard 3a onli 2 ppl pass o.o n alota ppl get 20+ one... n i got 30+! =)))) woooo qiang mah?! hahaha. ok sori. anws, oso still got errr lets see.. todae kevin dint come, den he ask mi hlp him do attendance takin, den super funi la! ms lim was lyk, lewis veri gd! got take de initiative 2 take de attendance while kevin not here... den i was lyk, errr teacher not i wan derh, iz kevin ask mi do one... LOL. den disappointed her, tot got some nice soul in class but actually not. XD but kevin got de praisin instead which was beta off la since he got bad records while i dun... ok maybe i haf alil bit. XD tml got trainin n muster parade! wooooo. duno who gettin wad... hope part Cs gettin our badgessss. hope so. i shall post some pics in tml cuz dey still in my phone den haven put into de com yet. anws, im stuck wif a qn..... can anibody hlp? regardin wif ncc one so part Cs if ya'll feelin nice hlp mi out bahx. ^^ random pics.! its on orienteerin advance party.

de guys slackin on de boat 2 ubin XD
nelson's chio wound frm fallin into de u guys noe wad XDXD.
advance party dat nite before orienteerin, 2ic restin on de lockers XD i hardly slpt!

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Friday, April 13, 2007

ok as i haf promised, i shall post! lol.. been a long long long tym since i posted anithin in lol.. cuz too busy wif sch stuff n all those. ya... anws nxt few days not gona update often oso cuz of mye. yup, anws im startin 2 doubt i can get de targeted L1R5 ... quite sad... but not gona giv up. anws pass few days in sch was still ok bahx... de class super chaotic n i realise bein in dat class, brings mi trouble all de tym n i owaes land up in trouble becuz of em altho i did nth at all... =/ jus becuz i was near em n dey screwed up, i got dragged in... gettin more n more pissed already, so frm now im gona be firm. anws fer trainin, got 1 more trainin left =/ im seriously gona miss it seh... takin over soon, tym flies lyk duno wad la... jus now durin trainin when fall in behind de part As de tym, i felt as tho when i part A de tym was jus few weeks ago... dam fast. im worried fer mye =/ crap... anws im prepared fer de consequences le, of not makin it... im ready! maybe not reali... aaaaaaaaa crap. todaes trainin still ok, except i strained my voice, dumb rain... ok shall stop here, shall post in some pics i took aft sch of part C. n 1 dam gay video mi n stefan took.. LOL.

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aaaa im bored in de com lab so i decide to post dis now =) lol.. n i will sae dat i shall update de dead blog later at nite. PROMISE =) anws no random pic cuz at sch com lab XD.

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Monday, April 02, 2007

lalala.. since i dun hafta do animore hw i shall post sum random stuff. lewis chow hapi kid now aft knowin my mp3 iz safe... phew... lalalalalala. n also when i came back i saw dis reali chio girl on de bus? LOL. ok nvm no link, anws duno frm wad sch one. green green one de uniform. maybe tkgs. ok anws elections r round de corner n here i m gettin into trouble. i will promise NOT to get into animore trouble and get myself a decent post n study hard which i haf been doin, but i dun see improvements in my results =/ maybe nid 2 work EVEN harder which i find it quite hard... but i shall not giv up due 2 alot of influence frm class... ok anws todae was still quite ok n i tink jollin ong freakin mi out =/. sori jollin, but u reali are. =X anws yer nice. yup, so dun so sad becuz i said dat. i jus realised how much ncc changed mi aft tokin 2 zw jus now when waitin fer de army shop man to come... lol... quite cool? thnx alot ahsNCC, thnx alot part C'o7, u all r irritatin when i hafta do serious stuff wif u all but u all bunch of fun guys. ok dis iz super random post.. lol.. first aider makes mi smile... cheongheng make mi feel gay? LOL. guifeng n weihua make mi feel gay oso. lol... shangkun n suhuai make mi feel dumb... richard make mi feel nth? LOL. hahaha. gabriel dam gay... so iz timothy... so iz zhikang... actually everibody in class iz gay. shuyi make mi feel stupit oso... lol.. den i dint reali tok 2 alot of de zhabohs... anws i shall stop de random-ness here. de random pic.
"family" photo of ahsNCC Charlie'o7. my brothers.

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johanna - wa seh advertise ar.. XD
zhiyong - yup we wun forget one. jy in army.
mavis - lol thnx?
shuyi - whr got lyk war song? lol ok maybe alil
RCS - aeh! wad sux... its jus dat im not frm photographic society ok. =P
xavier - lol whr got go home early? iz im owaes wif cca... not dat go home early =.=
aloy - yup THNX ALOT.

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