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Thursday, August 27, 2009

alrite everything is finally over. hahahahaa. feel reali happy. TONITE IM GNA SLP TILL MY HEART'S CONTENT! finally. hard earned slp. feel so achieved. hahahaha. maybe a short post. here's a retarded person i saw today in TP's library.
ok u mite tink who's dis gay lookin guy, DUN LOOK AT DE GUY. my main reason wasnt to take de guy, its de woman at de background. shes reali dam retarded. look carefully, she's holdin a fan. u noe those kinda fan can fold n u flick n it'll open up. ya. SHE WAS FANNING HERSELF WHILE READIN NEWSPAPER. den u mite tink, hey wads wrong? EVERYTHING. de air con was dam cold. its IMPOSSIBLE to be hot in de library. good air conditioning. n she was still fanning herself. something's wrong with her. maybe she tryin to attract attention... eeee.

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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

since i have nth to do alr, n i dun reali wana slp yet. LOL. anws i'll share with u all a new theorem i came up with. i dint notice it was a theory until leon lim told mi de other day at de airport while waitin for other ppl. hahahaha. haven named it, maybe shall call it de birthday theorem. here it goes.

if you wana remember ur fren's bday, remember all of em. if not, dun remember any at all.

HOW BOUT DAT! if u onli remember lyk 1-2 or 3-4 ppl's bday, den wad wud other ppl say? biased. care abt em dun care abt others. n comments will come in. regardless of wad it is, comments will come in one la. just dat it doesnt reach u or it doesnt even leave de person's sea of thoughts. LOL. so... which one am i? pretty obvious de kind who dun remember at all. so i dun expect ppl to remember mine. speakin of which, dere's another theorem.

if u dun do it for others, dun expect others to do it for u.

HOW BOUT DAT! i tink can slowly compile n make an inspirational book. maybe if i get famous some day, which is impossible. but de chance is still dere. just dat alota decimal place. 0.000000000000000000....... and it goes on. ok i tink im slpy n not tink right, so im postin dis kinda retarded stuff. now u noe what's a real theorem? its dis!

the DeMorgan's theorem. dis one is real btw. LOL. well knowned in de electrical engineering world. the world of gates. k nvm. cant wait for 430pm later. dats de time of relaxation. n i alr noe wad's de feeling gna be like when it reaches 430 pm. it will feel lyk, u have been squatting for hours n hours alr. u squat cuz u cant stand nor sit, dun ask why. den later at 430 pm, u can finally stand. den ur thighs will be lyk. waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. n u canot walk properly.

speaking of which, AM Mayhem gna start on 98.7 soon. u mite tink how i wake up ytd rite? cuz my alarm is de radio, n it was am mayhem. i woke up at 9+. den dere was dis joke de dj say. DAT JOKE WOKE MI UP. de joke was seriously funi. here it goes. "why did the boy ate his homework?"......"because the teacher said it was a piece of cake." LOL. ok its not de funniest joke u have heard, but its original. not de common kinda joke u hear. hahahaha.

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1 more paper left! :D. before its de holidays, n slack time. hahahaha. gna feel dam tired. ytd slpt at 530 am, probably de time u wake up n go to sch. today i tink im slpin at 5 later on. hahaha. sian. not reali muggin tho. LOL. de worst thing is, i dint nap at all in de afternoon, no time to. haiz. lol. tml nite... i'll slp until i wun wake up. slp until i nvr wana ever slp again. slp until i scared.

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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

cant believe im still awake at dis hour... dere goes my sleep. stupit ckt. i'll do anything for wednesday evening ^^

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Saturday, August 22, 2009

oh yes de fasc exam is finally OVER. wooooooooo. its lyk de feeling of, ok its not gna be a nice analogy but it describes de feeling, if u're eating i suggest u dun read on. anws de feelin is lyk, u have constipation for 1 week alr, de sai wana come out n u can feel its comin out, but it just wun come out! n de feeling is lidat for one whole week, wana come out but dowan come out. n finally today! it finally came out. everything inside. yea.... song seh.... LOL. anws fasc wasn't too bad, i just wana forget all abt it now.

aft de paper went to airport to study with de guys, hahaha. saw some ahs ppl whom i dun reali noe but i noe dey frm ahs. LOL. anws guifeng is disgusting. seriously. look at dis pic.
ok you mite tink ok ma nth wrong with it, de left side one is kopi den de right side one is teh. YOU ARE WRONG.! BOTH ARE DE SAME COFFEE. how come one look lyk teh/milo/i duno what.?! de right one belongs to guifeng. dis is wad he did. look at another pic.
i believe if u drink de kopi frm macdonalds, dis is wad u will add. sugar and de coffee cream. guifeng add THREE TIMES OF DE AMNT U SEE. LITERALLY. im not exaggerating. dam gross. he kip pouring packets of sugar and de cream inside. yucks. pour until de coffee become teh tarik colour. he gna become diabetis boy lyk.... er hem. nth. anws de study session was pretty meaningful. sorta. altho gerald distracted us alot, but its alrite. studied till 1130 lidat den headed home.

on my way home, when walking from de bus stop to my hse, SOMETHIN DAM SCARY HAPPENED. EVEN SCARIER DEN SEEING A GHOST. walao. i was walking walking and i crossed path with a fully grown huge german shepard. WTH. in case u duno wth is a german shepard, its a dog used in k9 units, aka police dog dat is used to attack bad guys. de dog was HUGE. until my waist. seriously. and i noe which house it belonged to. de whole estate onli 1 household kips such a SUPER huge german shepard. walao dam scary. it must have ran outa house. no one was attending to it. it stopped n looked at me. it dint have a very friendly face. if i ran it'll be suicide. u run dogs will chase. n no way i can outrun de dog with my brand new slippers. even if i wearing runnin gear i dun tink i can run long enuff to sustain de dog. but! it wasn't time for me to die... nobody dies tonite in loyang view... i saw headlights! yes im walking on de road, side of de road. but anws, i saw a car approaching. not driving reali fast but at normal speed. i faster dash to de opposite side of de road, lyk reali just chiong. o m g! i dint stop duh. i faster walk quickly to my hse which was still a dist away. i looked back, phew... de dog followed de car. idiot dog. walao dam scary.... who knows what will happen if no car.

anws why i so scared of german shepards. back den when i was small, dis neighbour kept a german shepard, den one day ambulance came. de maid got biten pretty bad by dat german shepard n send to hospital. lol. ok dats my adventure for today, 3 more papers left!
black monster with curly hair who puts lotsa sugar in his kopi.

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Thursday, August 20, 2009

alrite... a post aft a very long time. been busy studying. really. not joking. its finally fasc tml. moment of truth, I'LL TELL YOU HOW IM FEELING NOW! yes im done studying, i did all i can alr. de mcq's dat venkatta gave i can do 90% of em. ppl tell me, normally de stuff lecturer give before de exam are hints. if de qns are de same standard as de qns he gave, IM SAFE! BUT! if de qns will be more difficult...... its over for mi. so im in a contradition now... once i stop worrying and wana relax abit, I TELL MYSELF I CANT GET COMPLACENT. den i start panicking all over again. n de cycle goes on n on. zzzzzz. reali cant take it anymore. i cant afford to fail. i dowana fail. i dowana do de stupit sub paper. i dun even have a slight confidence abt de paper. tink abt it, u nvr pass before, how to have confidence... haiz. dis feeling sux. T.T

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Saturday, August 15, 2009

alrite... maybe a short post before i slp. i wana address an issue, u mite not agree with mi, u mite find mi an asshole or u mite find mi retarded. im fine with it, im still sticking to my stand. here goes. i just dun get it, those donation drives. dey make u do somethin den dey will donate whatever dey wana donate. like for example? one very good one is de walk for rice in TP rite now. i tink u walk for duno 100m i tink den dey donate rice to de needy. so wad u're tryin to say is... if no one walks, u wun donate anithin? or if very lil ppl walk, u donate little rice? is dat right? so lets say u have 10000kg of rice standby to donate, den onli 100 ppl walk, so u donate abt 100kg of rice, or maybe lesser. what happens to de rest of de rice? u keep it back? dis is darn stupit. why make ppl whom u duno do things when u can just DONATE and SAVE THE TROUBLE. den u mite argue n say, "let ppl have a sense of achievement =)" den just do flag day la. put 10cents or 20 cents, dats much more meaningful. dis kinda donation drive reali makes mi quite .... duno wads de word oso. hidden agenda? who knows. another example is facebook, u owaes see those groups, join dis join dat n dey will donate 1dollar to de needy n stuff lidat. so if nobody join u wun donate? what happens to de remainin money? maybe im wrong. if im wrong den u can enlighten mi.

ok my short post become long post alr. LOL. alrite im tired alr, shan't upload a pic.. those exams coming lyk mi, gdluck studyin! dun so stress, because, stress is not something dat other ppl or other thing give u, u urself give urself stress. so if u dun give urself stress, u wun feel stress alr. (:

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Monday, August 10, 2009

u'll probably tink ima idiot aft readin dis post, its ok, cuz i tink im an idiot oso. i have dis dream, it'll be good if i live in a hdb flat. i want to. but de day dat happen is... when i have my own apartment. so slowly wait. ok actly duno what else to post alr, pretty tired now. ><>

oh yes, been tinkin abt secondary sch life, life in ahs. lower sec was lyk... days i tot sucked dat i dint reali treasure until i reach upper sec. hahaha. or maybe towards de end of sec 2. but i let go alr quite long ago. upper sec life kinda sucked too, but it was fun with weihua n guifeng n cheong heng n suhuai n kiayong n of course others as well. of course some stuff canot be denied, no point hiding and pretending it nvr happened. altho things weren't owaes smooth going but lyk wad u used to say, when its happy times things can get overly happy, when its sad, things get super duper sad. dere are things i still dun get it up till today but it definitely doesnt matter anymore. i mite seem i forgot everythin clean n clear n gotten over it within a week but i probably remember much more n what might seem to be mite not be owaes true? hahaha.

now for a picture. probably my first proper picture with with my new classmate?

jerrold's camera is owning... i tink its a nice picture, we can be professional camwhorerers, camwhoring for a living. not bad. k jk. lingling said everyone has de same hairstyle in de pic. LOL. true to a large extend. i forgot, izit extent or extend? so much for being 1st in hist.

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Friday, August 07, 2009

hahaha today was pretty tiring but sorta fun at de same time. LOL. went to town with ah kiat, den, yiyan, jerrold n tingting. walked arnd orchard for pretty long. went to check out de new malls lyk ion, and dis new one called orchard central or sth lidat. lol. n gna have more new malls la. imba. so many malls le dey still build. lol. i dint buy anithin tho, cuz i wana save money, n also i dun tink i have alota money left. but i made a list of wad i want tho. =D. so when my nxt pay comes i can spend abit of it. de previous month's pay almost deplenished alr. left arnd 100. must save.! saving money is a life long virtue. dun say lame things lyk, save for wad, save so much dun spend oso no use. YOU ARE WRONG! what if one day financial crisis u no job den u no income how? see u got money to use. lol. ok de orchard central got dis imba long escalators, frm 1st to 8th floor. DAM FUN. LOL. but its split into 3 escalators. but its outside de mall! so when u reachin de 8th floor, feels quite scary. cuz u are in de open n u can see just below. lol. dam fun.
going up the imba long escalator... check out de low iq guy's smile. de guy right at de bottom i mean. LOL
the view from on top.

aft we reach de top at de 8th floor, we go de toilet and camwhore. LOL.

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Thursday, August 06, 2009

alrite just another post. just completed wrtoral. FEEL SO ACHIEVED. k not reali. its just wrtoral. a waste of time but yet seems to be useful but u dun tink its useful while dey say its useful subject. anws regardin de previous post, if u tink de answer chick dun make sense, i dun blame u... onli a true thinker and pro can understand de concept. LOL ok i low iq.

anws today i'll post another thing to trigger ur mind. wad do u think is de worst thing dat can happen in a lecture hall? a super boring lecture? uncomfortable seats? a bomb inside? noisy ppl? YOU ARE ALL WRONG! even if u combine all de 4 i said, YOU ARE STILL WRONG! if u tot of those, u r wrong! if deres a bomb, u'll be dead, dead means u wun suffer. de verge of dyin is de most painful thing. a bomb inside will kill u instantly so u probably wun feel much. noisy ppl? just plug in ear phones n shut em out. uncomfortable seats? boring lecture? let mi share with u de ans. it is... AIR CON SPOIL! YES. u probably nvr experienced before. u probably think de air con wun spoil. DATS WAD I TOT. before de stupit air con in LT33 spoiled, it has nvr crossed my mind dat de air con will ever spoil. AFT IT SPOILT, I REALISE HOW HOT IT CAN BE INSIDE DERE FOR MORE DEN AN HR. it was living hell. can melt, literally. tink abt it. no matter how comfy ur chair is, arm chair, no aircon = wun be shiok. boring lectures? if boring just slp loh, or play chinese chess, or draw on ur frens book. LOL. u will nvr noe de pain of spoil air con until u have experienced it urself. its lyk... u wun noe good it feels until u do it urself. dun tink too deep into dat sentence.

hahaha a retarded video to put a smile on ur face. maybe more den a smile, a luff till ur stomachache.

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Tuesday, August 04, 2009

alrite, finally a nite of peace, whr deres nth to submit tml, n nth to study for. life's been hectic, as de semester is drawin to an end, deadlines increase lyk de cells multiply on ur body. k maybe not dat bad, but sth lidat. hahaha.
and regarding de previous post! i said i will provide an ans whether de chicken or egg comes first. for decades, scientists have been arguing whether de chicken comes first or egg comes first. if deres not egg, how to have chicken, if no chicken how to have egg! I WILL GIVE AN ANSWER. yes. right now dis very moment. dey kip on quarrelin chicken or egg, BUT DEY MISSING OUT SOMETHING BIG! SOMETHING SIGNIFICANT. and that is... THE CHICK! WHAT ABOUT THE CHICK!? THATS DE TURNING POINT TO THIS QUESTION. the chick comes first! DE ANS IS NEITHER DE EGG NOR CHICKEN. ITS DE CHICK. yes. tink abt it. if dey cant agree its de egg or chicken, left what thing leh? CHICK! yes. so de answer is CHICK!. lewis have spoken. chick. ima history pro afterall. u cant doubt my answer.

feel enlightened? yea. professor chow. or Dr chow. ok dowan. reminds mi of dr boon. eeee. ANWS EMATHS TEST WAS GOOOOD. hahahaa. cant believe it. but its alrite. good for mi. alrite shall end my post now n enjoy my virgin deadline life. wad is virgin deadline? means got no deadlines coming up.

im an A380-800 pro. did massive research on it. =D i dint regret doin research on it.

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Sunday, August 02, 2009

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa dis is a venting post. had a fun time ytd tho ;) reali enjoyed myself, altho things dint go accordingly. anws i am suppose to practice maths now, becuz i hafta give tuition tml so i wun have time. test is on tuesday, i noe i must practice but i cant bring myself to! feel super sian about it n have no mood at all to do... zzzzzzzzzz. i hope when exams come i wun have dis feeling oso. if not.... die.

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