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Friday, January 27, 2006

ok... thnx ppl fer botherin bout mi... aniwaes i've recovered frm fever already... finally!! so much sufferin durin de stupit fever period... yesterdae, in sch was lyk dyin? 38.6... den finally went back.. den took medicine at home but nvr see doctor... slp fer whole afternoon de evenin lidat woke up n plae com..=D... den eat n slp again... middle of de nite, i felt so warm... den took my temperature... 40.1?!?!?! if go higher will burn off my brains n makin mi a retard... den informed parents, mornin go see doctor, get some medicine and now recovered... 2 those ppl hu got fever now, get well soon... i noe how u feel.. lol

2 days to chinese new year!!!! woot...

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P.S.: You are not alone.

Friday, January 20, 2006

todae lessons...nth much 2 sae... apart frm mi pissin roy off.. as usual..loool... todae stefan's birthdae... den durin ncc... we had U.I... i forgot 2 button!!! n its all!!! SORRY GUYS... den drills... i got a lil flu, JUS A LIL BIT. den sneeze sneeze sneeze, so STAFF ziqi ask mi go rest, i told him i dowan 2 but he forced mi..-.-... yc stomach pain so rest wif mi... den yc went 2 toilet n vomit... all came out... he was still luffin n tokin when vomittin, weirdo..loool... den went back rest, i buei tahan,ask if can join back, ziqi dun let... 2nd tym i asked again, he still dun let... 3rd tym wif yc, den he let! phew... den practiced de move front n back drill.. den got scoldin n encouragment den went pass it... can tell de drills r gruadually gettin beta although dun feel it.. lol... den got games! played soccer first, plae fer a while onli.. kinda sad... den plae captain ball... thrashed de other team... lol... let in 1 goal pump 10. den vs de part D... at first we thrash em lyk siao.. 5-0? until lip tat turned things arnd... den in de end we lost 10-9... sad... den pumped 100... had fun loool.. den bersurai n STEFAN GOT PONDED!! he got his gift...loool... im de mastermind.. xD... den GERALD GOT PILLARED!! woohoo!!! den LESTER GOT PONDED TOO!... de most impt 1, LARRE GOT PONDED!!!!! loool... todae 3 ppl b'dae...loool... my hair spiked? lol... maybe bahx...

happi b'dae, lester,larre n stefan.

9days to chinese new year!!!! wooo!!!

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P.S.: You are not alone.

Friday, January 13, 2006

todae lessons=s-i-a-n... its alwaes sian so nth much 2 tok abt except i got new nick frm mr poh S.K.!!! geisha chow!!!! wooo!!! ima geisha! LOOOOOL... todae got ncc... den realised forgot 2 bring my beret!!! nooo!!! wtf!!! i remembered puttin it in my bag last nite 1... maybe it dropped out or duno wad happen, SORRY GUYS FOR PUMPIN 20 FOR ME... SO SO SORRY... i felt lyk killin myself when i realised todae iz Master Parade... NO BERET!!! of all daes y mus todae drop out... !!!!!!!!!!! so pissed wif myself... lesson learnt, zip up yer bag den go 2 slp... aniwaes, i tink seniors or sir not hapi wif mi not bringin beret... den gana tekan before de parade cuz nth comes free... loool... were made 2 do gay n stupit stuff, nid 2 exchange de hand de legs...-.-... den listen 2 sir yeow lesson, how 2 wear de uniform n all abt de uniform... den Master Parade... i got TWO badges!!! whee! while others got 1 onli... =D... mi zheng n gerald got 1 extra cuz went de course... loool... my veri first badge iz gotten todae... mani ppl got promoted n got badge todae... happi parade? lol... congrats 2 de part D hu got promoted in rank... loool... especially promoted 2 staff sergeant.. o.O got de string... looool.

msg to her(u shud noe hu u r).. STOP LUFFIN AT MY HAIR! I NOE ITS SHORT.

16 days to chinese new year...

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P.S.: You are not alone.

Thursday, January 12, 2006

todae lessons so bored... but i dint fell asleep! endured thru out de whole thing... s-i-a-n man!!!! den fell down cuz chao slippery n de shoes no grip... zzzZZZZ... pain in de thigh... den air rifle cancelled, which iz gd? cuz got tym 2 cut hair! went home straight away, walked in de rain, heck care liao... den go cut hair... hu noes... de person go cut my hair till so short!!! shortest in my whole life apart frm de tym when i got no hair when ima baby... SO SHORT!!!! so dun luff when ya'll see mi tml... nth much interestin happened liao...still wonderin how mani intakes tis yr fer ncc... looool... stop here, ciao.

17 days to chinese new year!

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P.S.: You are not alone.

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

im so screwed!!! de rain iz messin wif mi...>.<... i wanted 2 cut my hair on hari raya but it rained n rained n rained den canot go cut.... todae wanted 2 go cut oso but it oso rained lyk siao den some more came home not at de tym i expected 2 come home cuz got nyaa n mani hw... >.<... i saw cute lil cheng wen when i came frm bus stop... woot... i doubt will haf tym 2 cut hair tml cuz got air rifle.. sian man... looks lyk mr chua gona cut my hair liao... tis fri got his pe lesson..=x... hope mi hair still acceptable... STOP RAININ!!! PLS!!! JUS FER 1 DAY!!

18 days to chinese new year! woot.

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P.S.: You are not alone.

Friday, January 06, 2006

woot,todae iz de orientation performance! it rained lyk siao... i tot de rain iz playin wif us, practiced so dam hard, fer 2 mths den all efforts go 2 waste cuz of de stupit rain... but de rained stopped.. which iz gd. den went 2 put on camou paint! waaa... i alwaes dint wana put dat thingy on de face... but still gota put... de feelin iz not nice n cant touch de face n de lips will be dry dry 1 den it stinks! den went 2 de store at de parade square n waited fer our turn... hu noes... when its tym fer de ncc performance... it rained!!! wtf man!!!! screw de rain! den no choice gota shift in... tot its de end 2 our efforts... budden de rain stopped abt 5 min later... stupit tain... purposely 1... when its ncc den rain... so we went 2 perform... got some cock ups but managed 2 cover em up... heng... was gan jiong, scared cock up or sumthin lidat but in de end both performances turned out fine... all practices not in vain.. den de draggin of ppl in! sir ian teh iz chao chao lame!!! de lamest clt!!! he got hold of de microphone n began sayin into de mic., join ncc!!! if u join ncc, yer face will be on de banner(sir ian teh face on banner), den he said, if u wana spike yer hair lyk wei nian, join ncc!!!... den he said a whole lot of crap into de mic n made us luff la... den he oso shouted JOIN BILLARD!! lol... lame guy. den all de other uniform grps except npcc n sjab gang up n did stupit stuff... find em dumb... dint reali entertained em... lol... NCC BOMB NCC BOMB, NCC EAT YER STUPIT BOMB! PUEI! den go wash off de camou paint... wth man.. so hard 2 wash off la... spent so much tym washin it off... den felt so nice after washin off de paint off de face!! woot... den took gerald car n got outa de car... n found my hp missin!!! waaa!!!! nooo!!! aniwaes... i hope 2 haf more den 30 intakes... now dats wad im worried abt... all de way BRAVO!!!

23 days to chinese new year

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P.S.: You are not alone.

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

hi... first post of de yr... i wun be puttin crap in so often cuz sch reopen liao.. study study! orientation performance comin le... lil bit gan jiong? i wun worry bout dat, i worry bout de camou paint... looks so er xin.. after seein it on stef de face...i nvr put before cuz dat tym sports day managed 2 escape cuz runner..first day of school.... i tink dun crap so much jus go 2 da point... i became class functions AGAIN!! wtf man! stupit zz... make himself look so lonely den i mus... ZZZzzzz... i gota gd seat, at de back again... cuz i managed 2 outrun stefan... lol... stefan in de end mus sit rite in front...lol... de best part iz... zz seatin in front of mi again... woot!... i flicked his ears mani tyms todae... till he dam pissed. todae got orientation again... rained n rained... den did 100 pumpin in 1 go... not reali 1 go... got car come n ga jiao... all de way bayonets!

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P.S.: You are not alone.