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Tuesday, February 28, 2006

hi... 14 posts in a row already... been postin non stop fer 2 wks.. lol.. stupit tests... 5 in tis wk... n all de crap shit dey sae abt... ohh, now onli max 3 test in a wk... explain de shit 2 chen ze hou n he sae.. no no... test still goes on... i promised 2 cut down on vulgarities n i shall do so... hate tis wk... todae got de narrative n spa test... im doomed fer spa i tink... den in bus on my way home, i fell asleep n missed my stop again...-.-... so pissed... pissed ain vulgarity rite? haven watch finish de episodes of bleach i haf yet... no tym... jus read saiyuki reload... quite cool... although its jus pics... stop here n 2 her, get well soon n take care of yer eye n u look gd in specs.

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Monday, February 27, 2006

currently.. im workin on de part B blogskin... todae lessons r borin la... den had air rifle! woot... first round... had shots on target but 2nd 1 not as gd... lol... sorta sorted things out with n found out mani things dat i dint noe... frens again? maybe... shud be. lol...

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Sunday, February 26, 2006


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Saturday, February 25, 2006

im freakin pissed wif de dam internet connection... it kips disconnectin by itself n den alwaes lyk doin sumthin on de com den nid 2 face de instability(duno how 2 spell) of de com... nth happened todae, apart frm all de hw...-.-... n im confused no more! woot.

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Friday, February 24, 2006

todae pe... run run run den do rope,wall n de window thingy... nth much 2 tok abt... den ncc... had de orienteerin thingy... it was dam fun... lyk amazin race. goin arnd wif partner, stefan... arrived back in sch first! woot... but results got 2nd... sian... cuz got 1 checkpoint wrong...den bersurai... n faster run until stupit long leg stefan get in my way n got caught some where near de indoor stadium... den got pillar, dint reali hurt la... dey held mi wrongly... den got pond... den jinghui got pond, n mani mani mani ppl got pond oso...-.-... now typin tis shit in n im confused.

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Thursday, February 23, 2006

todae nth much 2 sae... now jus goin thru my escape route again fer tml's pond... hope it works although got no confidence if it will work...

tml iz pond dae...?
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Wednesday, February 22, 2006

todae... iz not a veri nice day... i tink so... lessons totally sucked, de ppl r totally gay... "lewis happi b'dae..." zzZZZZZ... den went de SPM... sucked too la... so borin... got 20 cents frm treasurer? wow? return em de money already... got de skitties... gav em n distributed it... den got all de crap sms... kk... now jus brace fer de pond... foot totally recovered.. i tink... removed de bandage todae... foot feels nicer n tried runnin... watch out part B... ima gona run...

2 days to pond! lol
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Tuesday, February 21, 2006

de do-s n de dont-s...
xXdun gime a b'dae present, i'll feel chao guilty.
xXdun wish mi happi birthdae, sounds veri gay.
>>treat tml lyk a normal day.
tml gona suck... i noe it... hate de day 2 come... todae durin chinese... czh still wearin de same god dam holey pants... smelly man... nvr change pants 1... den lessons iz de most borin 1... look back 2 de posts n see all statin dat lessons r borin n none iz interestin... stop here...

3 days to pond!
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Monday, February 20, 2006

todae chinese iz funi? a few days ago... shud be 3 chinese lessons ago... i found a hole... dat can be seen easily on czh pants! lol... den since den, he kept on wearin de same pants... lol... stinky man... nvr change 1... todae zz went 2 tell him his pants has a sorta big hole... den he was lyk usin his hand n coverin his butt... its reali not my fault if 1 day, i turned my head n his butt in my face n i saw de hole...LOL... den dey sae duno wad aft sch got air rifle... in de end duno wad aunty jennifer wif de key ain here so no air rifle... alwaes lidat... cancel air rifle last minute... happens all de tym...-.-... seein de doc. again later... sian... i mus recover fully fer de pond so can put escape route 2 plan..=P

4 days to pond.T.T
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Sunday, February 19, 2006

i posted... lol...
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Saturday, February 18, 2006

lol, same things goes... postin tis jus fer de sake of dat shiit thingy... k I POSTED!
happy birthday zheng wei!
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Friday, February 17, 2006

lessons=nth 2 sae... sian. got ncc... same thing beginnin, got roll call den water parade den U.I, mus do 140 den did all of em... aft dat i duno y, after standin fer a while vision went blank n ears were clogged, felt lyk goin off... den decided 2 report sick... den got ifc n drills... learnt 3 new drills... taught by de part C... den got pt... was hiong... i made my foot injury worse, got circuit... sir yeow was dere too... managed 2 go thru it wif de injury... sian-ed... den WE POND ZHENG WEI!!! aft seein him get pond, im startin 2 fear... nxt wk iz my turn...T.T!!!! zheng wei got thrown into de big big pond, wif de thingy squirtin out... not de waterfall 1... lol, oso got pillar him on de way 2 de pond... den went "crawled" home.. lol... de foot hurt more now... den go see chinese doctor... de sinsei was frm ahs!!! woot! den he toked bout some stuff bout ahs..lol... realised de vein of de foot was injured n nided treatment... de bone almost broke... den put medicine n got tis weird bandage on it... all de way bravo.
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Thursday, February 16, 2006

ok... lessons still borin... nth much 2 tok abt... im postin tis crap in cuz of de stupit thingy, how mani posts can i post in a row daily... I POSTED.

2 posts in a row daily!

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Wednesday, February 15, 2006

todae iz total defense dae... so excitin...-.-... had science first... got crappy stuff den followed by eng... mrs rod iz happi wif us again? lol... all de eng teachers seem 2 lyk us... mr adrian oso lidat... lol... den went 2 library fer eng n got fire drill... stand at parade square... was veri hot... de ppl were lyk squattin n tokin a lot... den went back n eat biscuits n de weird noodles... not reali dat nice la but still edible... den had more lessons n more lessons till i bore out... DE FURTHER THE CALENDER GOES... DE MORE I HATE LESSONS! nth much 2 tok abt... tym fer blog marathon, will be postin everidae n see can post how mani post in a row per day... lool.

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Monday, February 13, 2006

todae got pe! de most fun lesson of all... pe rawks n im psycho... lol.. did runnin first, mi n stefan behind chao keng, was runnin chao slow... i tink walk oso faster... until mr chua saw, 2 ncc guys behind chao keng, den go tell us, if he touches us, we mus do 50 pumpin... -.-... siand-ed... so dun plae liao n go run.. lol.. den go pt aft de run... hahaha... kinda fun watchin everibody die... onli some survivors... lol... den go plae soccer... yea... fun game... den lessons, history got 23 n a half/30!!! woo!!! A1! ima nerd!! den maths got 10/20 nia... loool... almost flung it... den went home almost immediately aft sch... did hw den go cut hair... got de lady 2 cut a diff way, took her much longer... lol... den she was veri funi, knew i wanted 2 spike n offered a free spike fer mi... loool... aft spike she go sae some crap stuff... lol...

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Friday, February 10, 2006

todae lessons iz chao chao chao chao fun.. lol.. jk, sian... lessons r nvr fun... ok mrs rod giv de readin thingy den can lyk bring pillows n crap stuff... lol... quite cool la. durin pe de iz most chio... i grew shorter???!!! last yr... height, 1.64... tis yr, height, 1.62... wow? n how can john be taller den zz? its obvious its not accurate but hu cares, im fine wif my height... lol... can run n jump can liao... den went runnin n played captains ball... i was abt 2 get de ball, until i felt sumthin big hit mi... i jumped fer de ball n stefan comes rammin into mi... den i flew n landed foot first den followed by arm n knee... den i tink i sprained de foot, but not so sure, onli noe it hurts. den durin ncc i went off wif de sprained foot n learnt IFC... ganda made it interestin wif his lame-ness den went fer PT... saw de part A n brought back memories.. lol... now home wif a pain in my foot...

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Thursday, February 09, 2006

todae iz de day of train fire.. but before that shall tok abt sch first... all lessons borin... im screwed fer de maths test.. dint reali listen 2 de lesson abt de triangles den todae got de test... fail liao... 99.99999999999% fail... den rushed off fer train fire... in de bus learnt new songs... arrived in hq... revised de strippin n assemblin of de M16... den leon lim got hit by sir yeow a lota tyms fer not payin attention 2 his instructions... den got de test thingy, i failed de first tym, cudnt assemble in tym cuz i put de pin wrong way n dint realise until so mani secs later.. lol... den second tym learnt frm previous mistake n passed... im de weird 1... strip rifle, 51 secs... slow man... surely will fail de assemblin, cuz take much longer 2 assemble... assemblin tym, 48 secs.. LOL... faster den strippin, cuz got no nails, cant remove de dam pin frm de hole.. den aft dat, revised how 2 shoot, stuff bout firin de M16 n how 2 load rounds into de magazine n mani stuff... den waited fer de bus de tym, was lamin wif staff ziqi... lamed wif him fer veri long den bus came n bla bla bla... den arrived in sch got punished by sir yeow, got told off by him den went back.

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Wednesday, February 08, 2006

todae...todae... was kinda a normal day... completed all my hw liao so dun feel dat stressed, chi.. nth 2 tok abt, borin lessons. geog oso nth 2 tok abt... miss sia dint come again... used dat free period 2 do de bloody corrections... copy each qn 10 tyms! wtf man... den mary chan kips goin n goin, tokin bout how disappointed wif mi n keith, 2 gd bois... zzZZZZZ.. im not gd boi, its jus durin her lessons i tend 2 drift away n it makes her tink im attentive... zzzZZZ... completed de corrections within dat day n gav it 2 mary chan... i changed de blogskin, will be addin some pics soon... hope so.. lol..

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Tuesday, February 07, 2006

hi... hi... hi... hi... LOL... todae got 2 mani free period, 2 hrs of free period.. rawks man!! n 2 mani free periods screws up my brain n turns mi into a lame piece of sheit... durin de free periods, tis iz wad i did... we pissed ppl off, roy hexian n zz n mi! we call ppl names lyk, "stefan, (den he looks here) HI!" then he turns back n de cycle goes again... hahaha... kinda fun, hi... pissed mx off first, den slowly got keith, stefan, zz, sk n de rest... I GOT MY SUMMER COLLECTION! lol, roy took my hp n took pics of all de guys in class lol.. all deir weird expressions... quite funi, den got tis pic of a persons butt, shall not sae... lol.. todae iz lame day, now im sloggin all out 2 complete my hw.. im so guai... done art, chi, left wif eng... n i screwed up todaes eng test... lol, dint reali go remember de words n lost a lota marks... tis thurs train fire, gd luck all... bye. back 2 hw.

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Monday, February 06, 2006

ya'll wan mi 2 update..? fine... zzzZZZZ... lately lazi 2 use de com... 2 busy wif doin sai kang stuff in sch... jus came back frm sch carryin coms n wires frm 1 com lab to another..zzZZZZ sian man... den welcome party, suppose 2 be fun, but ended up doin sai kang stuff, wash chair wash stuff dey dirty n serve food n stuff... so mani eng hw... kip pilin n pilin up la, when will it stop man... mrs rod, stop de hw!!! she hardly collects em n alwaes pile em up... now doin de shit summary la, later nid 2 do de journal n find de meanin of de words fer de weirdo test... k dats all, haf fun in sch. -.-

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