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Thursday, May 31, 2007


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Monday, May 28, 2007

i tink i'll be postin in a short post, havin a split headache now frm de camp... so i guess i'll be slpin soon. im asm of ahsNCC... ok looks lyk i made it. anws de journey iz not easy. yup. de nxt few days i wun be arnd oso. cuz got spec course so will be in HQNCC. so dun sms mi or anithin cuz i no hp n stuff. n wun be online oso. ok i stop here. dats all i wana sae, no pic cuz i lazi upload, too tired liao.

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Thursday, May 24, 2007

hmmm long tym nvr post le. XD cuz too much happenins den dowana post anithin if not will haf ultra long essay liao. shall post abt todae! yup. n de future. todae mornin assembly sumthin ultra gay happened... got dis poster design competition n de theme iz books n library... mi, weihua, gf took part n duno la, we jus anihow take part one, dint reali wana win or anithin n guess wad, we heng heng got first prize =.=. den not call out mus go take prize... den weihua not dere, so end up guifeng push 2 mi.. den i went up take... n guess wad la... i take frm drboon den wana chiong off den i got scoldin=.=.. she ask mi bow properly n made mi bow properly=.= apparently de ppl below were luffin la.. lol.. crap... so @!$#@%!@$#!@#!@%#!$@$~%@$&$^!. ..=.=. zZZZzzzzz... aft dat had career fair thingy. borin loh... but de mr yeow n mr bentan thingy was dam funi la.. dey were dam... duno how 2 describe oso. lol. den aft sch made our way 2 hq 2 get no.1 uniform. was de same la.. try try n found a fit. hmmmm, we were oso informed tml's our interview fer de PS n CSM candidates. n elections iz on saturday. veri fast... our csms n ps-s are gona be known pretty soon... i already prepared liao, i doubt i can make it fer csm... pinnin my hopes on ps. cuz my l1r5 iz 22... improved by 1 but not gd enuff i guess.. haiz... anws gd luck 2 nelson,wai n zw...dun screw up de interview tml. =) random pic!
guess who's dat. XD

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Thursday, May 17, 2007

i screwed up big tym... got back all de papers le... i no nid get my post le... i oso no nid get my 2nd choice le... i guess i can now consider wad post i wan all over again... i guess dint study hard enuff . =/ anws i shall put in my results here, if u all wana noe.

Amaths - 36/80 ( 45/100)
Emaths - 39/80 (48.75/100)
Chemistry - (59/100)
History - 34/50 (68/100)
English paper 1 - 22/30 + 22/30 = 44/60
English paper 2 - 15/25+16/25 = 31/50
English total - 75/110 (68.18/100)

ok i haven gotten back my SS, chi n bio... my elec shall count wif de bio n den key in... my results completely sux... onli maths-s failed.. de other 3 haven get back shud be wun fail... ss i duno. de other 2 wun fail. so currently i count my l1r5 already touched 18 wif 4 subjs.. so estimated my l1r5 shud be 25 fer everithin... im not dat sad i guess, i deserved it? shud be. dey sae u dun study den u will get wad u deserve. ok anws im not reali dat dat dat depressed now cuz NCC won de cheerin com! quite amazin... den de explosion we made was huge! de fire burnt till de basketball court de net. ms cheong stunned by de explosion. but we got first.! ED got 3rd, guides got 2nd... yup.. got back de title. hope nxt yr first again... anws to those dat got bad results too, pls dun be sad cuz im not animore, jus take it as an obstacle n learn frm it den do beta de nxt tym cuz dats wad i intend 2 do. den to part Cs dat screwed up lyk mi... dun be sad jus becuz u aimin fer dat post n cant get, cuz i oso aimin fer a post one n i noe i will NVR get it so jus accept wad u get, anws all post iz equal n de difference iz not in power nor rank, its in de duties u hafta do. so yup, hope u all wun feel depressed cuz u cant get ps or head post. lets jus jy fer de rest. ^^


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Wednesday, May 16, 2007

ok im scared... of tml... not becuz of cheerin, becuz of results... i dowana noe my results, foreva dowana noe... i jus hope my scores all some how got burnt, onli dat row... den i dun hafta noe foreva le.. ok la 2 make things short, im not mentally prepared 2 accept failin marks.. IM GONA HYPERVENT IN CLASS TML. confirm. all de st johns beta standby first... or maybe i jus die frm hypervension oso can... aaaaaaaaa crap dam freakin scared... de tot of it makes mi ><. anws cheerin iz all ok le. everithin went smoothly, hopes are still up, so gd luck 2 part ABC tml! lets be gays till de veri end. n oso got mutual... ok dat not so bad, i not dat scared.. im losin my slp oso la... last nite slpt at lyk 330 den wake up at 530... but quite fun wif de guys arnd... den when we woke up all lyk zombie... i was slpin beside shengchao. hahaha. n apparently i stole eugene's pillow when he slpin. =) ok gdluck 2 de ppl gettin back papers, hope u all dun screw up wif mi. ><>
cute. XD ^^

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Tuesday, May 15, 2007

exams over! it feels lyk passin out of a trainin camp... so called suffered alot of headaches... zzZZZ.. but anws i still no confident of gettin below 18 fer my l1r5 so i guess can forgot abt wad i wan le... hmmm lyk i haf promised, shall reply ALL the tags!

30th April
XAVIER - hahaha can see le rite!
CH - disgustin fella, BU YAO LIAN!

1st may
JOHANNA - hahaha yup cheem qn. XD
ZW - nth wrong wif my skin la! iz yer com lan. =P anws lmao nice explanation u got dere.
KEVIN - yup yachiru iz CUTE.

3rd may
WENXIN - hahaha thnx.
XAVIER - gdluck 2 yer exams too!

5th may
JOLLIN - hahaha yup. XD aft exams bahx.

8th may
WANTING - thnx alot! hahaha. yer exams end so earlier.. =(
MAVIS - hahaha thnx. ya amaths owaes sucked.

9th may
WENXIN - lol yer com got prblm.

10th may
XAVIER - hahaha nus standard so much more diff . XD anws will turn out ok one..

11th may
UNKNOWN Y - YIYANG! lol. kawaii yer head.
XAVIER - LOL u exams still so free 2 tag arh. XD

12th may
ALOY - orh ok will relink

13th may
JOHANNA - yala... sad one... thnx . ^^
ZW - 2nd rong xuan ur head la... wad mr yeow?
SMALLONE - thnx!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! XD =)

14th-15th may
duapui - eh u r? kevin? lol
zw - =.=

replied everibody! hahaha. anws later de guys comin mi hse 2 watch movies till tml mornin den go sch. hahaha ^^ HAF FUN PPL!

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Monday, May 07, 2007

ok... i got some tym 2 post dis... shall not tok abt todae... shall not tok abt tml... shall not tok abt ytd... shall tok abt, de future... i can forget abt de post i wan... i can forget abt <16 or even <18... jus veri ....... unreal... no matter how mani books u hit mi, its useless... i'll nvr score. so far frm wad i see, i haven got any As at all fer mid years and end of years... not once... nvr... to get <18 u nid at least all B3.. u can get B4 n more but u nid A1 and A2s to cover up... but i will nvr get my As and i will definitely get a B4 de least... so i can jus forget abt it... im prepared to get wad im gona get, i tink. senpai said i shud look at de beta side, dun tink abt it n demoralise myself... but i guess facts cant be changed... ok. maybe i haven put in enuff effort, maybe im wrong, but i shud be right one, ok i guess not enuff effort, maybe if i had use dis tym to study instead of post it will be beta... mite get 1 more mark. ok dun put too much hopes into a hopeless guy, maybe i shud run fer a lower post.? anws i will reply all urs tags, aft exams, i wun miss out a single one, promise.

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