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Sunday, October 29, 2006

ok... aft receivin lotsa complains regardin dis.. i decided 2 take back wad i said abt 2 posts ago... i said i will not miss anibody in 2L except somebody... ok fine!!! u all win! =.=.. dun get jealous already ok... i WILL MISS ALL OF U IN 2L except fer exodia...=.=.. i will miss u all SO SO SO SO MUCH!!! =). no wait... if i miss em i shud be sad.. I WILL MISS U ALL ALOT =(.. so stop gettin jealous already... lol.. =x! XD. i will miss all de stupit stuff dat happened in class... miss yer faces.. miss yer voices... miss yer wadeva dere iz 2 miss... so in conclusion, i will miss all in 2L except exodia. =.=

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Friday, October 27, 2006

hmmm... looks lyk de 2L ppl r in airport now.. makin a fool outa emselves..=.=.. dey shud be headin off 2 chinaaaa soon... lol... im so NOT gona miss dem... =x.. hahaha... but i guess gona miss mei... =( but nvm.. 9 days onli... lol... ok 9 days quite alot.. =x... my trainin schedule iz nitemare.. so mani trainins.. so lil rest... >.<.. everi mondae, wednesdae n fridaes got trainin... tues,thurs,sat,sun off... apart frm part B camp... fear seems 2 be grippin mi bit by bit... as tym flies... wth... im startin 2 fear part B camp... =.=... i hate dis feelin... zzZZZZzzzzz... >.<

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Thursday, October 26, 2006

last day in 2L? who cares.. =x.. de onli thing im sad abt changin class iz i will hafta be in diff class wif mei le =((( ... super super sad... i dun feel lyk bloggin rite now so i jus kip dis short... todae basically nth much happened durin lessons... den aft sch had mutual lessons, peer apraisal n de fill in particular form thingy... i dun reali noe wad 2 write fer de particular form thing la..!! not gd at fillin those kinda qns.. so i jus squeezed sumthin despite de fact i noe its important.. haiz... wonder wad others grade mi in peer appraisal but i noe its confidential so i dint ask.. but its not wrong 2 wonder rite. =) tml mornin dere will be company run... mus wake up early again.. XD i tink i stop here fer now, post details nxt tym. maybe... XD

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Wednesday, October 25, 2006

todae in class quite funi. xD i played uno stacko!!! XDXDXD.. dam freakin fun although its dam freakin dumb. i 1on1 wif stefan n i won de first round! wooooo. aft dat we kip plae plae plae plae plae n it kept on fallin n fallin n fallin. until we got bored n decided 2 make dominos outa de uno stackos. xD here's a video i took. =D

although de domino was a failure.. it was still funnnn... =D but aft dat de other dominos we made were successful.. hahahahha.. we r dumb =). aft dat i did an extreme stunt wif de uno stacko.. its sumthin not normal humans can do. XDXDXD

aft dat de guys got dam lame n started 2 build stuff n destroy other ppl's "buildins".. lol.. dam moron.. hexian,roy,sisira n sing hian playin. XD

de whole of sch had de dumb fair n i dint eat anitin cuz downstairs so mani ppl... dun lyk crowded areas.. =x.. aft sch dey had de dance practice n i was watchin em.. dam freakin funii. =x.. esp de guys.. XD.. de rest dun feel lyk typin em in cuz im 2 lazy.. zZZzzzz

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Tuesday, October 24, 2006

death note todae! =D left early at abt 9.40 n headed fer tampines 2 meet yiyang, zw n gerald.. we went fer de 10.40 movie. death note! it was dam freakin nice.. den gerald got some lame comments 2 giv durin de movie lol. de movie was quite long, 2 hr plus n in between i wanted 2 go pee but de movie 2 nice le.. dowana miss anithin so i jus ren ren ren.. lol.. den aft de movie faster go toilet n pee. =) lol.. aft dat we went gv n meet waiwai.. we go eat mac n yiyang had 2 stand.. sad life.. den he wanted 2 drink de coke n he connected 3 straws together n drink cuz he standin n lazi 2 hold lol.. dint take pic, sad... it was dam cool.. lol.. aft dat we go hunt fer new sch bag.. i wana buy new one.. been usin mine fer lyk 3 or 4 yrs le.. lol.. antique le.. but cudnt find nice one so nvr buy.. lol.. i went home early, at 2.40 lidat cuz aft dat i mus go visit my grandmother... aft i went home n tok 2 my NEW MEI!!! fer a while.. yup. =D... veri veri hapi. lol.. den headed 2 paya lebar dere n pick my grandma up den we go eat dinner wif her.. lol.. as usual i nvr tok 2 her cuz we speak diff language.. sad.. eat till dam freakin full. =x. wo yao bian fei le.
I GOT NEW MEI!!! =)))) hahaha. XD

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Saturday, October 21, 2006

aaahhhhh.... waaaaa... zzZZzzzZZZzzzzzzzzzz... todae i basically stayed at home de whole day n i haf been usin de com since 9 in de mornin... =.=.. i frm normal become rotten... jus slowly rot in front of de com as im sittin on de chair.. SOMEBODY PLS ASK MI OUT!!!!! PLEASE!!!!!!!! T.T before i die... siannn.. msn not much ppl 2 tok wif, nth much 2 plae, sian seh... WO BU XING LE!! if dis goes on... den u all no nid 2 see mi le. T.T

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Friday, October 20, 2006

woooo! todae iz a hapi hapi dae XD. lol... not becuz of traffic duty, cuz i saw HER! lol. first in sch got dis sex tok, which has nth much 2 do wif sex at all.. iz coach danial tokin abt havin stead n stuff lidat... den as de tok goes on, it gets dam freakin bored.. ya.. LOL.. left de church at 9.50 n den chiong 2 change to no. 4 cuz got traffic control duty. lol. change finish le, zhengwei fergot 2 bring his badgesss! =.=.. so i lend him my orienteerin badge n leonard lend him total def badge n so i lend leonard my total def badge, leavin mi wif my PUB n napfa badge..=.=.. lol.. dam lame... aft wearin badge, den wear beret n glove n do duty lohhh.. i ended up doin main gate duty again.. todae not much cars came maybe cuz its de afternoon n parents mus work.. lol.. so wad i mus do iz... stop de car, ask whether de person here fer sec 4 graduation day, if yes, let em pass n direct em.. lol... den i hafta stand at de main gate fer so so so so so so so so so long. lol.. n got haze n jus outside de sch gate got construction site, so veri dusty n buei tahannn XD.. aft duty, we go 85 eat! eat le we all take bus 17 home. while on de bus i got dam lame n so i took some pics.

HAHAHAH, zheng wei was feelin emo n sadd.. got dumped? who noes.

den frm de upper deck i decided 2 take a pic of leonn goin home. XD.. den reach de ngee ann sec buss stop n i saw a bunch of ngee ann ppl comin up.. den i saw WAN TING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! loll.. she saw zheng wei first den she sae hi 2 him onli.. she dam blind, dint see mi.. but aft dat zheng wei point 2 mi n she screamed lyk she saw a ghost den went 2 push my head when i was abt 2 sae hi..=.=. lol. cute cute cute. XD. ok nvm.. sad thing dint tok 2 her. den i alighted n go homeeee.


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Wednesday, October 18, 2006

NCC whole day! ok almost whole day... 8am-5pm.. lol... longgg day in sch... started wif same stuff, roll call. aft dat had pds fer 3 whole hrs.. i learnt 5.5 drills... lol... dint reali master de side kick yet... rotational order, volvo/bolvo? order n slope and right turning order n slope.. den kept on doin pds pds pds pds pds fer quite long... i had a headache durin pds but dint bother abt it... maybe cuz of de sun.. den got lunch tymm.. aft lunch head not pain le.. n got master parade.. de first n last tym wearin de total def bronze badge.. LOL.. we got de silver total def badge todae... quite sad.. nvr get de badge i wan, obs.. n de part Cs nvr get staff.. de parade lasted quite long i guess... everibody took sumthin.. i tink. aft dat had gamesss... i played basketball wif em.. i joined de part A team lol... quite funi. den de back part of de games i slackeddd.. lucky todae no drillss. or else will be sian lol.. aft games iz 5 le n last parade den mr lee was tellin us abt a complain regardin obscene/violent acts... lol... den got nuts swollen den mus chop off n stuff.. tiong ho luff till dam horny la... =.=. dis friidae got traffic duty! lol.

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Tuesday, October 17, 2006

todae iz borin day! went 2 sch n we first had dis speak fluently thingy workshop.. dam freakin sian... but no choice i jus listened. aft dat had recess n den inter-class games.. my class dint take part lol... so jus stayed in class n did nth... slack slack slack.. lol.. aft dat got ncc meetin, fill in de napfa results... aft dat go home n rottt... lol.. tml iz gona be longgggg day... whole day gona haf cca... frm wad i noe, mornin will be company trainin, den aftnoon got master parade n company run... now im more worried bout hazeee.. later mus run den got haze... walk in haze already chokin lidat le.. lol... ok who cares.. jus run tml. XD.
to wanting, gd luck fer yer results tml=) <3.XD

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Monday, October 16, 2006

ok its been a veri long tym since i posted anithin in.. lately i cant enter de dumb blog thru my com den i dam freakin pissed till dowana bother bout my blog.. =x. but todae i decided 2 do sumthin so i changed skin... shud be temporary or duno. see how first.. lol. frm todae on shud be postin more often le. ya. todae got back results, here are my results, dun luff horh. sux alot.

science, 71/100
eng compre, 13/25. summary, 20/25
maths, 60/100
geog, 66/100
chinese, 63/100
elit, 29/50
dnt, 76/100
hist (old one), 67/100
homec (old one), 63-69 range, i cant remember. =x
art, 70

ok those results some not finalised cuz haven add de CA n assignment stuff into it.. my target iz to not get anithin below 60 n i tink im almost dere.. except fer 1 or 2 subjects lil but worried... i guess im still ok wif my results, all de while my results dam lan. =x. those dat sad abt deir results, no nid sad, its not de end or duno wad.. its jus a set back which mus be overcomed. =) sounds chim. XD

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Tuesday, October 03, 2006

veri long nvr post anithin le so i decided 2 post now... todae iz a bad bad bad bad bad day... super bad... actually de day started off ok, wif sci n maths... den had dnt.. we went 2 de same rm n did stuff.. .we played zong ji mi ma n tok crap n stuff... looool.. quite dumb.. loser mus pump 20. n i onli lost once! haha... aft dnt iz whr de pain comes in... suddenly duno y durin 2nd recess my stomach dam pain... den i still had 2 go back dnt room.. drag my body dere cuz mr kwang balls went missin... in de end he wasnt veri understandin n some ppl had 2 stayback aft sch n explain 2 him n he investigate. den had eng, got back our compre n summary test.. both i got 17! sheit man! 1 more mark to A le... sad life... todae i oso got back maths paper which mr poh hlp mi remarked.... add 2 marks! 23.5/25, skillz dat killz. =P aft eng was free period so dey asked mrs ganeson open up de PAS so we can practice dramaaaaaa.. i was in a bad pain so dint reali noe wad i was doin la. den i was lyk kip on sayin wo bu xing le, wo bu xing le... den i was tellin ppl my last will fer em... n stuff lidat..aft sch iz whr de challenge starts... de pain got worse la.. n still mus stay back do elit drama thing... i tried 2 eat but found out cant eat.. so ended up wastin food... den halfway in de discussion i went back.. cuz reali bu xing le.. anws now de pain iz goneee. feels gd. ya. =)

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