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Monday, January 29, 2007

i shall drop a quick post cuz rather busy now? yup... i haven done my maths hw.. on graphs, emaths derh n due date iz todae... sian la... but im not gona do it! anws busy checkin part B n guides test scripts now... jus now dey had deir orienteerin lessons, everithin dint went well... not gd... bad... yup... but i guess can learn frm it so de retest wun so cock up... anws alota failures... part B more den half, guides abt half... hope everithin runs smoothly frm now on, cant afford 2 haf ani more screw ups... but i guess small ones r still ok cuz dey can be solved quickly.. I HATE CLASS LESSONS!!! now i shall post random pic.

lol, quite cute. =)

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Saturday, January 27, 2007

yaynesses... more n more hapi events happenin in one go! n i guess dis also de last tym im bloggin usin my OLD com cuz de NEW com iz arrivin! hahaha. but de com man late le... zzZZZZ. anws i shall blog bout ytd!

freakin fun... not referin to school... school still =( as always.. i hate school la! zZZZZzzz.. trainin was still ok. yup. quite nice? n aft trainin we played badminton!!! nicest!!! woooo!!!! super fun la!!! its lyk chao long nvr plae badminton le... used 2 plae last tym but stopped at p6... lol... omg badminton! xD tink gona plae again... hahaha... got pwned by tongwei n zhiyong.. >.<>
sumthin i carved at de highest point of great wall of china. =)

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Wednesday, January 24, 2007

ok guess wad... its either sumthins wrong wif my blog or sumthin wrong wif my com or sumthin wrong wif de internet connection... kip on showin mi "the page cannot be displayed"... PISSED LE LA! den i cant access my blog... cant load... dumb thing.. i refresh lyk a million tyms still canot... dun feel lyk bloggin le!!!

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Tuesday, January 23, 2007

shall kip dis post simple n short... my eyes gona pop out le.. frm creatin de part C blogskin... kip on look at de screen n numbers n alphabets.. buei tahan le my eyes.. lol.. anws ytd i went 2 watch Gridiron Gang.. was dam freaking cool n nice.. went wif part C dey all.. yup... went TM.. iz abt dese guys in prison, onli de prison iz not prison.. sumthin lyk a boys home den the rock iz lyk a person who works in de boys home n take cares of de naughty guys n make sure dey dun fight n stuff.. lol.. den the rock form dis football team 2 teach em morales n stuff n quite nice... endin quite nice oso.. everithin was nice.. LOL.. ok dat was crap... anws jus go watch it. =) hahaha... now gerald's havin difficulty editing blogskin. hahaha..hlpin him, although eyes poppin out but jus hlp la.. editin onli, quite easy... today iz still quite ok. i dint die in class.. survived on some mentos meimei gave mi. THNX =) den actually dowana giv chuin chi mentos derh but in de end i gave her one den she lyk dam hapi... LOL.. weird person. aft sch had 2 inform part Bs of orienteerin lesson date n nelson n i had some stuff 2 discuss abt de changes in file den bla bla n i went home n did de blogskin n i haven do hw! OMG! sian ... tink dun do le.. tml go sch den do. 2 maths qn onli.. =) ok wish mi luck bahx da jia.. i shall post a random pic in my com. =)
quite diao..=.=

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Saturday, January 20, 2007

ytd was a tiring day, trainin i screwed up. my voice got softer n softer. i oso duno y.. i tink too chuan already. den had 2 ask zw be timer. den pump pump n i dint fell so gd. n i startin yawnin, not slpy de yawn.. but tryin 2 get air de yawn. dats when de headache comes in... wear beret under hot sun makes headache worse... n i finally gave up when changin 2 pt kit... run run run upstairs n head shake shake shake den buei tahan le... den i rest awhile den i do pt wif em... did pull ups n sit ups n de headache got worse so i rest le... ya... den aft dat dey did wad suicide shuttle.. aft dey do suicide shuttle i joined back again... ya... dat was ncc, school. totally sian la... nth much 2 tok abt oso... aft trainin saw sir zhiyong? yup... he came back 2 play badminton. i tink.. lol.. sheng chao n leonard oso stayed back 2 plae... den mi n nelson go 85 den we tok abt stuff n we eat stuff n aft dat i went home.. reached home lyk 9+ lidat.. den aft i bathe n immediately slp le... slp till chao shuang n i woke up at 10 today. =)

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Thursday, January 18, 2007

ok i decide 2 post sumthin in todae... actually dun feel lyk postin one but jus post sumthin in... zzZZZ.. lately not in veri gd moods all de tym. mood rather dampy.. i duno y also but its jus lidat... haiz. sad. im not veri cold in class.. got socialise. A BIT! beta den nth.. den homework still can.. not so bad. but lessons r jus super borin. not all. some. haiz... now not in a gd gd mood also. so i jus stop here. will blog more nxt tym when im in a happier mood.
welcome party JYs!

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Monday, January 15, 2007

yay im back.. apologies fer not postin de pass few days cuz im not reali in de mood 2 do anithin... ya... anws i will reply de tags here.

zw, lol... everibody sick! =) ur temp cant compare 2 mine. =P
wai, U DAM ER LEH.. =.=
shuyi, u thanked u le ok. =P THNX.
wenxin, lol.. ok fine im still gayin. =.=
jollin, HI jollin. =.=

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Thursday, January 11, 2007

woooo. im back n im ALIVE! =) continue frm de previous post.
i stopped usin de com n i went back 2 my rm n rest.. i took my temp n it was 39.5! >.<>.<>>>>

ytd nvr post cuz reali mus pia all de remainin hw seh.. zzZZZ sian... lol... den i oso mus catch up wif lessons n stuff... more sian-ness.. but todae eng teacher nvr come. YES! hapi =). hahaha... n class has been so so la... borin yet still able 2 endure thru.. wifout slpin.. lol... i find hist funi n =.=... geog de same too... these 2 lessons i guess wun sian diao. =) lol... den de rest so so... i came home n jus watched de ahsNCC SPDS'07 video! OMG LA.. de wave lyk... !!!!!! lol... i see le de feelin dam gd n shuang... but sadly de middle part got 1 section cut off, dint get 2 see dolphin arm, momo n slappin.. haiz... duno y cut off oso... anws its beta den not seein de whole one... =) watch de video oso brought back de feelin when i was performin den... hahaha.. quite nice. =) i will stop here now, hope tml's trainin goes well. =)

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Tuesday, January 09, 2007

i jus changed my blog song! its nice =) anws, i woke up dis mornin, wake up at 11! ok... not lyk u ppl in sch.. wake up so early... hahaha.. i can haf all de slp i wan... =P anws i woke up n took my temp, 36.+! YES! FEVER NO MORE! n my flu gone too! BUT.. sad life... my fever comin back le... my neck startin 2 burn again... my neck owaes de hottest.. last nite my mum was puttin towel on mi... den de towel frm freezin cold derh become hot towel.. lyk de ones u get in aeroplane... XD reali dam hot... max. temp was 39.4... >.< now my temp goin up again.. took few mins ago was lyk 37.8... sian... nvr endin fever... kips on goin up n dwn... i startin 2 doubt if i can make it tml... onli got 2 days mc... de whole mornin i was doin lame stuff... played maple! lyk dint plae fer ages le... LOL.. n now im gettin headache le... i cant look dwn, my brain will feel lyk tilting n wana explode lidat... XD msg 2 ppl same class as mi. TELL MI HW PLS! i dowan hw 2 accumulate.. can die one.. XD

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Monday, January 08, 2007

today totally veri cold/hot... =.=.. woke up de in mornin, been sneezin lyk siao... sneeze till lyk frm 3am+ till 5am+.. den duno how mani tissue paper used la... lyk dam alot... den my mum tell mi dun go sch den i go back slp... slp slp till 10+ den i go see doctor... mornin my temperature was 38.0. den i went 2 see doctor, came back n slp again! dam pig... anws i got flu+cough+slight throat infection+fever... den i woke up at 1.15 n prepare go sch fer peer appraisal! XD at first my mum was lyk dun go la. den i jus sneak outa de house. =x hahaha.. n of course i left a note... before i left de hse i took my temperature, it was 39.0! oooo. went up... den on my way 2 sch was lyk kip on sweatin fer no reason n de sweat iz cold cold derh... >.< reach sch do my peer appraisal n left earlier den de rest... den i reach home n guess wad i did, SLP AGAIN! lol... sick person nids lotsa rest. =) aft dat i woke up take temperature, was 6+... den temp was 37.6! dam hapi... fever gone! but i jus took at 9 n it was 38.6..=.=... sian... i guess de chances of mi goin sch tml iz veri veri small... thnx 2 ppl who asked mi 2 take care of myself, includin de doctor. XD although i noe deep dwn inside de doctor wan my fever 2 get worse den i can go back n see de doctor... XD.. get well soon 2 myself =)

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Sunday, January 07, 2007

its been awhile since i last posted.. cuz too busy wif hw le... up till now haven finished all my hw. XD.. later will be doin finish.. still left chem, maths n eng... all de easy stuff. =) lately sch totaly sux... lessons so borin.. den some more i surrounded by unknown ppl, so nvr tok 2 em derh... den super duper... rotting... zzZZZZ .. n my body, turning bad le... havin slight fevers here n dere.. now my throat iz lyk.. rotting also.. throat rot will eventually lead 2 fever... confirm. zzZZZ... jus took dis medicine, lyk sweet lidat, suppose 2 suck it in de mouth.. onli it doesnt taste lyk sweet.. it tastes.. horrible... T.T but jus ren if i wana get my throat back... jus completed my eng de presentation on ppt. YAYS. finally.. oso done all my chi hw le, de 2 jian bao n 1 zuo wen. more yay. =) i stop here now. get well soon to myself. XD

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Wednesday, January 03, 2007

today first day of school! yay... my foot. =.=.. firstly de nite before iz lyk, cant get 2 slp cuz owaes so late slp den i slpt at arnd... lets see... 1+? duno la... n mus wake up so early... den go school... normal normal, n stuff... den go hall... dumb dedication.. ZZZzzzzz... was more hiong den part B camp... 2hrs++++++ in de hall.. rottin... was lyk bu xing le... >.< waaaa!!!!! T.T den when leavin de hall i saw meiimeii =)))).. dats lyk onli de nicest thing dat happened today in school... see her i hapi le. XD... aft dat went back class.. see de form teacher, nvr even see her before. XD. den had recess n bla bla den go back class, take photo, go back class.. elect class com ppl... n i ended up bein class function again... 3 whole years le seh... set record! my whole ahs life i be functions suan le.. XD.. but its beta den treasurer... de teacher lyk jus anihow write my name ask mi be treasurer.. =.=... guo fen! den aft dat she re-shuffle seats.. its lyk she onli re-shuffle lyk 5 ppl la! n i so HENG kena re-shuffled... SOME MORE SHE PUT MI RIGHT SMACK IN FRONT SURROUNDED BY PPL I DUN TALK TO.. T.T i wana cry le la!!!!! sad life.. surrounded by layers of zha boh la... T.T... WO BU YAO HUO LE!!!! den all de other part Cs r lyk still sittin together.. NOT FAIR LA... =.=... i hate today.. totally screwed up... later goin 2 see de doctor... for some reasons im not tellin. XD hope tml will be beta.. HOPE SO. if tml still sux den i reali bu yao huo le...

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Monday, January 01, 2007

last nite was dam fun. last tym we were called BRAVO'06. met de guys at pasir ris mrt at 7.30, before dat i was in ponggol. xD den i took bus 3. as expected, i reached on tym n EVERIBODY WAS LATE! yay.. expected dat... lol... aft everibody was here, we went white sands n eat eat den sheng chao was MIA.. yiyang received a call n dat person was sayin, wait for me, im comin le... or sumthin lidat... he tot it was sheng chao cuz sound lyk him n de caller id state de phone no. iz public phone derh... so we waited.. but nvr came... aft lyk 1hr+ of searchin fer him n waitin.. we finally decided 2 go downtown east without him. we walked there n aft we reach dere, guess wad, WE SAW SHENG CHAO! n found out dat person who called yiyang wasnt shengchao... OMG.. den who was it... >.<

still remember small de tym chinese new year will owaes plae derh but now big le den nvr plae liao.. XD.. hahaha... aft dat de guys went my hse, we walked home n reached at 2+.. watched date movie n white chicks.. dam funi... den watch finish was lyk 7 le... so we slp! lol.. to those who wished mi hapi new yr, thnx =)

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