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Saturday, December 27, 2008

damit im rotting... worse thing is im rotting at home... anws pls do consider de previous post. =). i nid to do somethin new at home, why is home so big, yet nth to do. i hate home. i wana stay at my 2nd home de whole day n nite. dere has nice ppl, but de ppl dere are different frm de ppl here. so i wun get used to it. but nvm. doesnt change de fact im rotting. maybe i shud jus lie on my bed n stone.

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anws i saw dis at wenxin's blog. XD

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Wednesday, December 24, 2008

today suck... alot... haiz.... i've been glued to de com ever since i woke up. apart frm eatin n bathing. not that ima game addict or a com addict.... but, i have nth else to do at home. yay. home is de last place, i wana be. today i was alone at home de whole day. de weather's not gd either. tink abt it, alone in a big big house, in a rainy weather. makes a person emo reali easily. lol. of course im not emo. im not zw. =P. ok anws im goin out later, at 9... duno why im tellin everyone im goin out. LOL. k anws my dearest started work today. wad a cock up shop, whr got ppl suddenly call n tell u on de spot, "hey u're working today". if its mi i wun work with em. cuz i will scared dey cock up my pay too. but nvm, since she likes workin as dat job, den i have no complains. but seriously, its dam freakin cock up. lol. ok its still rainin, damit. hope de rain stops by 9. if not i'll get drenched. de weather is gna be cold, so ppl, cover ur blankets n wear ur clothes when u slp. =). lol. ok shall end de post here, look forward to friday's trainin, becuz i dun hafta stay at home =).

does anybody miss kimchi? i tink he put on 5-10kg ever since pop.. XD

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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

aaaaaaaa life's pretty boring lately. been goin back for trainin. a gd clt i am... LOL. ok anws everything's still fine with ahsncc, we are not toppling, u can hear rumours for all i care. but u'll be a loser if u complicate rumours with de truth. today was pds, yup dey were great.. not sarcastic, serious. dey improved alot. to mi it doesnt matter if dey suck or wad, as long as dere's improvement, means dere's hope. doesnt mean dey suck la. yup. a gd batch, look forward to deir service nxt yr aft dey take over. bayonet was......... ok nvm. i have nth to say to de current part A. but doesnt matter, lets hope dey will get beta in part B. yup dis whole hols im not gettin a job. woooo hooooo. i get to enjoy life. unlike u ppl out dere tryin to "make a living". muahahahaha. thats de gd thing abt being a person who doesnt buy anithin. LOL. ok actly i have alot of things to buy, jus dat dey are thousand over bucks one. so its impossible to save till dat amnt. hahaha. n dats wad u get for scrimping n saving for de whole of dis yr.! i have saved so so so much money, that it can last till cny. wooooooooo. dint regret savin money. anws i still have a decent 3 digit amnt of money for spending, hahahaha. shall not reveal how much. my room is a treasure trove. money lies everywhr. rob mi =). lol. ok anws, shall end of with a picture.... as usual. ok my mum jus forced mi to eat a biscuit. =.=. k nvm. yup a picture.
some ppl tink flowers are a waste of money, i tink so too. but if its for someone special on a reali special occasion, den it wun be a waste of money. dun u tink so?

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Friday, December 19, 2008

damit actly lazy to update. but i shall not delay animore. lol. anws yup pop. lyk i mentioned was a blast. so how was de last week of clt course lyk? mon we went for de safti challenge. dam fun. was lyk a mini amazing race n i de samsung omnia sux. apparently we all given an omnia for gps. my omnia kept on hang n dc-in. but overall pretty cool. as in de place. it was at discovery centre. yup. lol. den tues dam sian, mass lecture. wed sian oso. wed evenin i started gettin fever. had flu de whole day n it slowly became fever. well i tot dats dat. den thurs i still went de course. of course my fever became worse. which guy got fever den do activities fever will get beta one. lol. yup my fever got reali reali bad. i was shiverin all de way. i went to de medical office at arnd 11+. i tink in de theatrette my fever shot high up. was dyin inside until sabiruna, a platoon mate, forced mi out of de place n took mi to fann howe, de platoon commander. in de medical office, it was lyk an Anglican reunion. dey were all retards. here was de story. i was waitin for de medicine, den dis guy, forgot his name =X. he was in Larre's batch, in other words delta 05. izit? ya tink so. lol. den aft dat he called mi, "eh lewis! remember mi not? wa u become clt ar?" apparently he's a medic in de saf n he's dere. in amoy quee medical office. LOL. den aft dat upon hearin de magical words anglican high, 2 other medical staff responded. " IM FROM ANGLICAN TOO!" den slowly de retards who have been workin with each other for so long n duno dey frm same sch, started tokin abt which batch dey from n which jc dey went. apparently 2 of em frm de same batch =.=. omg. dam stupit. lol. wad a small world eh. den movin on, i got 2 days MC, n of course i threw away de mc. i dint want anybody to see it, if dey saw de mc, dey wudnt let mi take part n of course i cant pass out n de 3 weeks will be to waste. so i rather faint or coma aft dat den let 3 weeks to waste. 3 weeks too precious. ok so i went back. clt akmal n gabriel took care of mi. reali nice guys. i tink akmal was abit irritated cuz he mus accompany mi for so bloody long. lol. n he had nth to do. yea den i slpt for awhile, abt 3hrs, in de syndicate room. i was freezin inside. mass shivering. even tho akmal gave mi his no4 as jacket, i was still cold. even tho de air con was off, i was still cold. den at 5+ finally dey forced mi home. my dad came n took mi home. my temp was 39.7 when i measured it at home. i tink in hq it was 40+. ya. i cudnt even walk straight n it was reali bad. i was burnin. lol. i tot all hope is gone alr, i can nvr recover by fri. but who knows, hahaha. when i woke up, i was beta alr. 36.9. it went dwn. placebo =). hahaha. den i went to hq, before goin gabriel took a ride dere oso. =.=. lol. i dint join de rehearsals before lunch, i was too weak. a gd choice, aft lunch i was full of energy n pia all de way until pop. de pop sux la, stupit ncc chairman take so long to come. stoned for so long. de guest of honour wasn't any beta la. take so long oso. lol. he was de chief of navy, n he's name almost same as mine! his was Chew Men Leong. change de E to O n A become Chow Man Loong! LOL. ya den had performance n stuff. everyone was dam high. we all dam happy. cuz its all finally over. dat is all i guess. now for de pics dat eugene took.the Swiss Winds from swiss cottage sec. cock up band on dat day =.=. major cock up. dey got scolded big time in de canteen. lol.
the parade square of hq ncc...
marching in of de swiss winds.
the participants of de 56th cadet officer course aka the guard of honour. we just marched in n are takin alignment.
and this is contingent 2, the contingent im in. hahaha. im first row 7th person from the right. XD. anws so colourful right, its becuz de contingent consists of air, land n sea officers. =D.
thats the whole parade. its quite a small parade. no supporting contingents. lol.
contingent commanders. =).
its the arrival of ncc chairman Dr Arthur Beng. he arrived in de vehical u owaes see on de golf course. hahaha. stupit guy =.=. take so long to come.
n its de arrival of chief of navy, he walked. not lazy lyk arthur beng.
den moving forward, its de donning of the ranks. does his face remind u of de ppl in katong special school or simei care centre?
getting raped durin a parade.
"hey guys, check it out ima cadet officer!" he's bein retardedly happy. see dis pic reali feel lyk smackin his face.
n its my turn now. yup i asked my parents dere. mainly so dat aft de thing im all tired den can have free ride home.
lol eugene peh owned. wana take pic but tio block XD.
wad a retarded face. but not as retarded as zw's... lol.
the post parade activity. all de clts lined up n ready to throw our peak caps. XD. mine hit de fan. hahahahaha.
meet the free-loaders. esp de one with de curly hair smiling lyk a retard. lol.
a random picture of a person with a stupit lookin face. =)
meet the ahs clts from the 56th COC. =).
we have white bar! zhengwei dun have!takin picture with the freeloaders. thanks eugene for takin pics.
meet de instructors. left: gabriel, right: akmal. de ppl who took care of mi. =) so happi cud take a pic with em.
taking picture with our platoon mate lopez aka sen loong. lol. we share a common last name. a reali nice guy. hahaha.
thats all for de pics. when i get de vids i will post em in oso. =)

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Sunday, December 14, 2008

56th COC POP was a blast. a million times beta den prom. LOL. i mean it. altho it had no air con at all! woooooo. i shall fill in de details more when i get de pics frm eugene. 56th was reali a great course, de best course hq has to offer. reali enjoyed myself n i will miss spartans.

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Monday, December 08, 2008

oooooooh its such a cold day today.... but its nice n cold. hopefully it doesnt rain tml or will have prblm bookin into camp. =/ but it can rain in de afternoon all dey want, i dun reali care. lol. today's a nice day =) n i hope de week ends reali quick. 4 MORE DAYS TILL POP!

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Saturday, December 06, 2008

lets see... i see everyone out dere is havin a great time. anws here's de thing guys, if u go to an army camp everyday, n when u get outa it n see de civillians out dere, this will flash thru ur mind. "wa look at these ppl, so free n carefree...". yes! to girls, u'll nvr noe how it feels unless u wan go army. LOL. to guys, u will noe when de time comes. not lyk im serving NS now, but i guess it feels lyk. jus dat a mini-ature one. everyday(weekdays) i wake up at 5am, drag my ass outa bed n den walk to de bus stop which is quite a distance away, a 10-15 min walk, dependin on how awake i am. LOL. so i owaes wake up earlier to avoid missing de bus. becuz de army camp is far away so if i miss de bus, its de end. den i wait for bus 39, which comes exactly at 6.02am. well sometimes it came at 6.01 or 6. sometimes 6.03. thats SBS transit for u. consistency. den i'll board de bus, n call zhengwei n sae "eh i board alr". den 2 stops later he'll board. dats when i'll start fallin aslp. yup. aft 40mins on de bus, i'll wake up n den its time to alight. aft that will walk to khatib mrt station, a short walk, but can yawn so mani times. den will take de mrt to yio chu kang. its a long ride, abt 5-7 mins? it feels that long. ya. de chances of finding a seat is 0%, but who cares its onli 1 stop. den will reach de Amoy Quee camp at arnd 7.10 lidat, den i'll find myself marching in a platoon to block 246. den will go to de syndicate room to put down my bag. what u have jus read is what happens every morning in my life. im serious, dere is not 1 day when its different. ok except once, when we all overslp n ended up in yishun. LOL. onli dat day special. yea. den everyday goin home, on de mrt, i will look at de civillians n that tot will run thru my mind. hahaha. go ahead pity mi, i dunid ur pity. esp leon lim =.=... or shengchao or any part Ds. hahaha. becuz one thing's for sure, i learn alot of cool stuff in de course... de lecturers dey hired are no small fry. its completely different frm spec course or snr spec, dey pumped hell more money. well de course major once told us de whole course costs abt 600k... sing dollars. lol. ncc is rich. maybe becuz saf is rich. hmmmm. lunch seems to be gettin bad everyday. de rice seems to be gettin harder oso. lyk wad de idiot kevin frm chung cheng said, "these are small pebbles". lol. these refer to de rice. nxt week gna be a busy week. preparations for POP =DDDD. hopefully can quickly get a job aft pop so i wun spend all my money soon. ok actly i still have alot of money. hahahaha. despite spendin more den a hundred bucks durin prom, i still have lots of cash! yay. thats de result of bein poor for de whole year! =). hahaha everyday i kip money at home, nvr spend. XD. gd thing i did that. ok this is a no link post n no organisation, im jus pouring out what im tinkin rite now. n most of all i love yukwan. my pillar supportin mi thru de course =). if not i tink i wud be dam pathetic now. at least everyday i look forward to somethin at de end of de day. n every week at de end durin weekends, i look forward to something oso. =). ^^. u can nvr find someone more supportin den her. i pity zhengwei n yiyang. hahahaha. ok shall stop my post alr, shall go out soon. to de ppl workin, work hard n earn lotsa money! to de ppl out of job n wants one, gdluck with findin one! to de ppl who dunid a job n is slackin now, gd for u, u gna go broke soon unless u're kahyuan or marcus. to those who misses mi, i dun tink u exist. to those who wants mahjong, I WILL ORGANISE ONE SOON AT MY HSE! to those who goin on a holiday, bon voyage. to those who works till very late n very tired, u're lyk mi so i noe how u feel. to those who working n dun lyk ur job, faster quit n get a new one. LOL. ok enuff to those, shall end with a pic. psps, my blog is inferior to others cuz i no prom pics. T.T
delta'08, i will organise another cny reunion again nxt yr. i will inform ya'll de date by 1st of jan. hopefully. can treat that as a chalet oso at my hse. ya. more budget oso. but for accomodation i will see wad i can do.

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