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Monday, June 25, 2007

ok i nth 2 do so i decide 2 post.. actly pia-in maple one but i plae de tym lyk wana slp lidat so i decided 2 not plae... save fer later 2x exp. XDXD. anws my hw iz mostly done... left wif dumb jb eng hw which iz grp one... tml we goin sch n chiong.. den bio n chem half done... its not reali half done.. iz a few qns dint do cuz i duno... goin 2 see see tml. XD. ncc day iz comin... dis fri in fact.. sian la... mus wear de uniform whole day, tml goin 2 get my uniform 2 de army 2 sew mi rank =) anws i seem 2 be avoidin some1 =/ ok dat person shud noe but i doubt dat person will see dis... if u do, yes i tink im avoidin u. =( dis sat gona be dam gay... again, as usual... got new timetable! oso got new timetable de formatin. 2 recesses! yayness.. canteen gona be less crowded.. =) n tml got pe! wootz. XD but 1 period get taken by phototakin.. n crap! TML'S PHOTOTAKIN N MY HAIR HAVEN GROW BACK! omg!!!!!!!!! my nice hair gona be taken dwn fer life n ppl can see it anitym... zzZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. sian sian sian. ok i tink i stop here, maybe tml got tym post again. XDXD.

lol... guifeng n his beloved scooter.. XDXD he look lyk uncle. =)

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Tuesday, June 19, 2007

ok tml's de day le, brace yerself guys. our journey iz jus abt 2 start. ><><>< im gona chiong everithin on thurs fri n sun... sat whole day taken up by dumb trainin.. zzZZZZ... crap. anws i shall post in a decent post maybe aft sch reopens.?

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Monday, June 18, 2007

zzzZZZZ.. ok currently, im doin sumthin dam dumb. i duno y i agreed 2 hlp but i jus did... LOL. im currently "coachin" SOMEONE on exposition... waaaaa. XDXD. tml mornin still gota go sch fer ncc... sian!

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Wednesday, June 13, 2007

aaaaaaaaaa!!! HW!?! i haven started... actually i started le ! i started printin em.. XD i todae print out all de hw n realised its not alot... yup. within 3 days shud be can finish. yup.. or less den dat. so i shall start maybe tml or fri. XD depends... ytd went 2 sch n i forgot 2 bring my cap la... #$#%$@!#~ omg... sian... nvm... anws went sch 2 "watch over" de part As as dey do deir POP banner... de part As dam cute la... but sumtyms quite rude oso.. but i super duper nice senpai... joke wif em... *grins. XDXD . deir banner dam diao la... compared 2 part B one... part B one iz muscles n part A one iz flowers... =.= i can infer dat part As are gays while Part Bs are macho? LOL. =X XDXD. anws i got 2 noe some part As... yup. not all tho... some. XD. tml i hafta "watch over" em again.. sian.. hahaha... dumb ps slackin . =X hahaha. n daaaaaaaaaamit. i seriously miss someone... actually more den one. XD miss quite a few ppl... pri sch ppl.. sian. havin primary 6 class gatherin.. but not sure if i can make it or not oso. hope i can. XD n i jus remembered i was my p6 class monitor... LOL. XD ok i shall stop here n post random pic. XD all the way ALPHA!

pic taken aft dat nice n relaxin camp XDXD. very blurry ><

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Monday, June 11, 2007

ok long tym nvr post... as usual. XD lately busy. yup... gayness... i decide 2 change de skin back cuz dat one small! cant see de pics properly.. i shall find a new one tho. XD .. anws lately COC jus over.. dint lyk COC... haf 2 stand at de parade for so so so so long la... was lyk more den half an hr... can die... den dat dr arthur beng giv speech so long.. made things worse... i tink when he tok de tym got dis guy fainted... XD not surprised... den oso quite a few ppl report sick cuz stand too long le. n some more nvr move one la! stupit thingy. anws its over! de pics i post at de end of de post. anws i haven started on hw.. habis... actually i haf la, started on bio onli. XDXD. LOL. beta den nth rite! lets see, pop oso yao dao le.. its nxt wed. haiz. so fast.

ok i noe de pics lil bit blurry, wad u expect, phone camera. XDXD

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Wednesday, June 06, 2007

rarrh! ok damit im influenced frm all de ppl who owaes "rarrh" to mi... anws, i haf no choice but 2 post... boredness pushed mi here! ><>< aaaaaaa!!! ok im short but not de SHORTEST =) leon............... hahaha. csm=company shortest man, company snr medic, n all de crap stuff.. but im COMPANY SERGEANT MAJOR. get dat right. XD. n oso spec course! i got alpha company BEST cadet.. hahaa... its quite dumb la... i dint even do anithin in de course, dint volunteer, dint take initiative... nth! as in seriously nth... n all those ppl who volunteered lyk siao n stuff dint get... hahaha.. i mus sae, im gd. XD i dint do anithin n 1 nite, dey ask mi go fer best cadet interview... dey shall make a mistake cuz i own in interviews... n de best part dey ask de same qns as my post interview de other tym n so i answered swiftly n quickly wif no worries... maybe dats how i got de award. XD n CLT shiyuan iz nice... i mus sae... yongming iz nice too... too nice. XD.. joshua iz still okok. clt shiyuan tot mi aspiration n i guess i will see shiyuan, joshua n xiaowei AGAIN in ssc or maybe GOH trainins. haiz sian? hahaha.. de best dey forget mi den i hapi hapi le. tml got COC GOH trainin!!! aaaaa!!! 8-530... =.=... fri iz COC!!!!! omg!!!! dam fast? n sat got trainin again!!!!! n most importantly... all 3 days wearin ONE UNIFORM ONLI! de no.1 gona turn frm white 2 black la... or duno wad colour la. ok i haven started on hw...intend 2 start dis sunday... tink shud be able 2 make it... i shall post some pics.

dat was wad we did, durin orienteering com practices.. XDXD.

stefan gettin raped. ^^

my bald days... i bet somebody miss touchin my baldy head. ^.^

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zzZZZZZ i suddenly dun feel lyk postin anithin dats y its been awhile since i updated my blog... duno, feel lyk deletin de blog le. =/. anws sori i dowana reply de tags. sian diao le.

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