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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

it has been really happening this week n last week. running arnd watching the world cup, hanging out more with frens becuz of de world cup, visiting pools more often becuz of de world cup, staying up even later becuz of de world cup and lookin forward to tomorrows BECUZ OF DE WORLD CUP. world cup makes life happier. i guess dis would probably be de best world cup. tink abt it, de nxt world cup maybe in NS =.=. or maybe just finish ns. hahaha dis time is de best, gd frens arnd n stuff. yup :)

life has been reali healthy, i have adopted de habit of bringin a water bottle to sch n DRINKING DE WATER. i owaes dun drink water when im out, lyk de entire day, de only time i drink is when i eat n den buy drink. n dat drink is nt healthy either. LOL. so.... thnx alot.

been rather ill recently, de crazy cough, in de middle of classes i would go abt coughin n de entire class will hear me cough. de sore throat, de flu. all de nonsense. hahahaha. wonder wad will life be lyk at de end of de world cup :/ definitely less interesting. sian. hahaha.
meet the enoki mushroom. de name obviously suggests its frm japan. but what if, its actly frm germany? hmmmmm...

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Sunday, June 27, 2010

wads de point of going aft something dats impossible to reach...

putting dat aside. life has taken a big turn. i've finally adapted to my "new" life. but doesnt mean i can accept it. a huge hole which needs someone to mend... de hole seems to be gettin bigger as time goes. :/

tdy saw dis couple kissing in de bus... just in front of me. there's a fine line between loving n being disgusting. dat was obviously being disgusting. being disgusted means being deprieved. being loving is respect, respect for de ppl arnd em n respect for each other. if u're deprieved, go somewhr without anyone n do ur stuff. =.=. yea. :X

gd thing dey boarded n i alighted a few stops aft dat. if nt i'll just alight at any stop n get on de nxt bus.

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Friday, June 25, 2010

hmmmm a very eventful week. not much studying, alot of other stuff. a sleep deprieved week oso. falling ill soon, but it seems i wun. :). muahahaha.

anws... been awhile someone actly nags at me. nt awhile, very long... somehow i kinda want it. at least someone actly cares tho. nw it just feels off. k nvm.

projects deadline gettin closer n closer. not gd. oh nos. hahaha. n i guess life is more or less back to normal. i tink.

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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

more or less got a sneak preview of all my results thnx to tdy's apel. im kinda surprised myself, to be honest when i take exams, its a gamble. LOL. yea seriously i owaes gamble on exams. im not those kind, chiong study everything n den no matter wad hits u, no prblm for u. im those kind that, "wa dis one difficult n chim, k skip, hope tml dun come out" LOL. yea seriously. but of course im still abt to score is because i have de basics. but those abit advance one...... i dun reali bother.

yea shit everything is linked to gambling these days. k anws. i did pretty well, i must say im reali lucky this time round. no funny questions... those i studied all come out... I CAN NVR ASK FOR ANYTHING BETTER! :D. yup. nt a greedy person... lyk someone in class =.=. cant stand it when u do so well alr den u still demand for more marks n tink u did badly. these ppl dun spare a tot for those who dint do so well. so yea.

n i have reconsidered on gettin a bmx all over again. dno last night suddenly hit mi dat, its kinda a waste of money. i dun exactly need it, n i've been spending way alot these pass few months or sth. i tink i shud save up abit more, for my future. no either if i want to go overseas for further studies either. well if something sticks me here i guess i wun go, if nt i probably will :/. i dno... abit hard to decide. i guess i wun decide now.

MARVEL VS CAPCOM 3!!! omg i saw de trailer n gameplay. IT'LL BE A GREAT GAME! seriously. omg. i confirm will buy it. but de thing is... its releasing nxt yr may. =.=. shit dats almost a year n im alr gettin excited abt it. i hate dis. :/. hahaha cant wait to PWN BRANDON'S ASS IN IT. obviously i will. HAHA. look foward to using ryu n dante. dante was de least expected character i expect to be in de game. hahaha. i guess capcom forever gna vs marvel. LOL.
HAHAHAHA my first handphone. LOL. xiang dang nian. XD no idea how i got dis pic either. LOL

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Monday, June 21, 2010

goodnight world.

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dint slp last night. hahaha. tdy was de rare days i was on time for a 9am lesson. hahaha. i cant slp nw... gta eat before i slp. nida ren for nw =.=

got back some results. nt too bad. nt too bad.

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o m g holy shit. i still cant slp. school starts in less den 5 hrs. i gta wake up in 3hrs ltr. =.=.

screw it, kaka dun deserve de 2nd yellow card. de loser banged into him n got injured. =.=. kaka just stood dere. loser much. low class referees in world cup. first was de one in de germany n serbia match. nw dis one. irritating.

either way, i cant slp. im betting on another match, altho i said i was nt going to. :X. shit.
i tink de africa world cup song quite nice. HAHAHA. de france one in 98 was still de best tho.

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Sunday, June 20, 2010

somehow dis really suits wad im feeling...

First day of school he took his hat.
Full of sorrows he couldn't share.
Pack his bag and left the house.
He wonder if this is what he wants.

LOL. i want a new bike :D bmx bike. i want learn some stunts. LOL. i tink gna be fun. :D hopefully can clinch a gd deal. hopefully i dun break my limbs while learning :X

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finally... i have moved on. :)

at least i dint do something bad.

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Saturday, June 19, 2010

i cant slp again..... i dno why.

england drew with algeria. screwed up world cup i would say.

sick n tired of flipping arnd on de bed n trying to slp.
tired of gettin hit dwn agn n agn. i may nt be able to stand up soon if dis goes on.

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Thursday, June 17, 2010

so into the world cup fever now. it is definitely not complete without goin into singapore pools n giving em some money. lyk the noose episode 3 said... "people are happily giving us money, so we (singapore pools) are happily taking the money. It's a win-win situation". LOL. funny shit.

tdy went to nich's hse to do project, good progress, good progress. n i had the bomb today...

yes that was the bomb. cheap and tasty, wad more do u wna ask for. the double cheeseburger. just $2 and it can satisfy every taste bud on ur tongue. dun agree with me? den its war.

tml is a day full of plans. de bad thing is gta wake up early in de morning at 6+. den gna visit de singapore pools. n gna go watch germany match. yup.

i hope everything goes well for you. :/ i really do. goodluck.

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thinking over n over n over again. dis is de best analogy. everything's a chest game. im just moving my chess pieces to get the jiang n win de game. if u played chinese chess with me before, i move without tinkin for reali long, maybe dats why i suck at it. i take it as a game, whr losing doesnt reali matter.

but in real life losing has big consequences. i've been zooming life thru smoothly, i recall someone saying dis before, someone frm ncc. cant rmb who. dat i've nvr faced big setbacks before. its pretty much true. i've owaes gotten pretty much wad i set my eyes on. probably i dun set my eyes on difficult or impossible stuff. nt a dreamer lyk..

i downa go VJC. i just wna have a decent sch n stuff. TP's fine for me alr.
i dowan de hottest girl in singapore or school. someone who loves mi n fits is enuff.
i dun hafta buy de most expensive stuff, lyk a prada wallet (oops i have one). a billabong is enuff? LOL. k dat dun reali applies.
i dun hafta have de number 1 family, i just make do with wad i have now. which isn't much to brag abt but im fine with it.

maybe dats why life's been good n i move my chess pieces fast without having to tink. so now im stuck... i dno wad move to make. im tinkin over n over. lyk an old man who plays chinese chess (literally) at de coffee shop, who takes forever to make a move. i tink im worse. each time i decide to move sth, i pull my hand back n tinks again. im stuck.

nvr have i been in dis situation. a strong feeling, my first major setback in life? well i probably have big setbacks, but not 1 major enuff for me to remember. i do make wrong moves last time but nt big enuff to regret n mourn over it till now. ok yes i do have 1 or 2, but dats nt de point.

yea i dno wad to move... cornered. its lyk de opponent has 2 pao, 2 ma n 2 che, while i only left with 2 che without any pao n ma. not a huge disadvantage, i can still turn it arnd, but its gna take quite alota effort. im bottling things up big time. been bottling things up for life. im nt de kind who will just empty de stuff out to anyone, sorry. im nt de kind. de stuff i tell u may seem personal to me but its actly nt.

dere are 1 or 2 or 3, whom i probably can n wish to bottle out to, but... i do not wish to further elaborate. dowana spill de beans.

either way, im in a pinch. go ahead n just pinch mi. sometimes it'll be gd if my lungs were to burst now... den i can just lie in hospital de whole day n nt do anything. literally nt do anything. just lie dere... n feel de pain. dis is a reali gd time.

ps... im nt emo =.=. i just dno wad to do. confused is nt emo. haha.

omg leh, cant rmb who sent mi dis, but...de fat person is so like tingting. LOL. HAHAHAHAHA.

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Monday, June 14, 2010

:) bought 2 shirts today. im broke. shit de week has nt even started. dno if can last thru, esp wednesday. T.T.

MCLAREN DID IT AGAIN! 2nd one and two in a row consecutively. omg great. it felt great when button overtook alonso for 2nd. it felt great to see webber's tires wear off n getting overtaken by hamilton. hahaha. everything felt great. starting de race was kinda scary, when red bulls had de advantage over de tires. but everything worked fine aft that. which was great.

shit kinda tired now, dno can last thru de germany n australia match, i wna watch germany. T.T.
haiz. i dno who to go to. sux. sorry hoe chin u cant hlp. lets hope i can get thru monday smoothly.

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Saturday, June 12, 2010

waiting for my hair to dry again =.=. before i slp. kinda irritating. shud invent a machine whr u wear it over ur head n 1sec ltr hair dry alr. LOL. everyone would buy it.

anws, de night was kinda gd, had bad luck, but snailing was great. :):):) dint lose nor win. hahaha. glad i dint lose.

MEXICO DRAW WITH SOUTH AFRICA?! stupid linesman, seriously. FIFA shud just fire him. pluck out his eyes. lucky nvr buy, if not i will smash de whole tv into bits. de horns were irritating. thruout de match just hear de horns. =.=. dey shud ban it.

star ocean is getting greater n greater by de chapter. :D love it. hahaha.

im having so much 2nd tots... :/ screwed up shit. someone guide me.

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Thursday, June 10, 2010

i sorta star ocean-ed de whole day tdy. feel so bonded with my ps3... one of de great few days whr u can just sit dwn n play de whole day without worrying, "shit i tink i forget to do something". life's gd that way... i lvled up alot on star ocean. LOL. im still dam far frm completing the game tho... k shall slowly play.

recently quite a few ppl have come to know this great saying, "with perseverance the snail reaches the ark" n quite a few have been using it. well im nt gna be an ass n claim dat i made dat up cuz i dint. sheng chao did. an old ncc fren. so de least if u wna use dat saying, quote dat name. LOL. or u can quote as lewis' fren. n i realise i pronounce my own name differently. im nt used to pronouncing my own name.

in fact i feel weird saying my own name, lyk, "hey im lewis." i feel weird when i reach de lewis. feels foreign to me. maybe becuz my name is supposed to be antonio but not lewis. LOL. n if im frm spain, i would be born in de state of Barcelona or Tarragona. k i prefer tarragona. tarragona it shall be. a tarragonian spanish. LOL. sounds lyk a food name but its fine.

tml, or more like tdy, will be quite a day i guess. ncc in de morning, den arcade in de aftnoon, n mj at night. hope i can survive. hope i dun overslp in de morning n late for training. nt a nice thing to do, altho nth will happen to me if im late. nvr the less, a good impression is owaes good. :)

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Tuesday, June 08, 2010

stupid headache, splitting my head into 2... just took 2 pills, dint wna take em n just wna go to slp, but i realise i cant slp. =.=. de pills have bad side effects but screw it, i rather have em then endure de pain.

BTT today :]. passed it of course. was de first to complete it n first to leave as well. i tink i startled de others doing. then when i was applyin for my pdl, dere's this china guy who dno how to read english, so i hafta translate the application form for him. =.=. omg man my chinese sux BUT I STILL DID IT! LOL. de only difficult i had was, "automatic" and "manual" car. LOL. funny shit, me n wei hua were lyk... "na ge na ge auto de che". den he went lyk, "???". but in de end we just did stupid hand signs lyk changing de gear n wei hua said "cai3 clutch" n he got it. LOL. we looked lyk idiots i tink.

den played ps3 aft thousands of years... i tink 1 rpg game can last mi for a year when u can complete it in a mth. given how often i play it. hahahaha. n no brandon, i will only RDR when i strike 4D.

life kinda suck... im nt gna say why. dowana make dis an emo post.

I lack the courage to do it...

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Monday, June 07, 2010

leaving hse in 2 hrs time. i shall study for BTT now, just in case aftwards aft training i fall aslp until the nxt day morning. XD.

:/ i have no idea why i still seem so confused, even after deciding, there's owaes doubts. :/

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Sunday, June 06, 2010

shit... my body clock is screwed... i just woke up... =.= i slpt for the whole day time.

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this is like gna be de last post. gna wait for my hair to dry before going to sleep. LOL. dumb shit. just dat today i reached home later den ytd. screwed up.

ok anws ended up mahjong-ing again, this was not planned, they dint have enough players so i was pulled in last minute. i guess they kinda regret. the feeling was great. negatived 2 ppl's drawers and almost emptied 1 person's drawer. won quite a handful. i guess ima buy 4D ltr with the winnings alr.

had some drink oso, just a teeny bit. im wondering what time i'll wake up ltr on. see who will come msg me to wake me up =.=. i guess dere wasnt much happening. apart frm me winning money. k im dosing off as i slp... shall camp for my hair to dry and then slp. :)

remember go dentist monday @ 1330.? its stuck in my head now. shit.

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Saturday, June 05, 2010

:) now waiting for my hair to dry before sleeping.

the week has been a fast paced week, back to back exams n stuff, non stop studying. i guess exams went kinda well. yup.

NEchallenge finally over! was a great success. a big relief for me... a big burden off my back. in fact now i feel uneasy when i have nth to do. i will scared dat i have sth to do dat i forget. :/ irritating. ok i cant tink properly now, kinda half dead. i woke up more den 24 hrs ago n did not slp. woke up at last morning at 6am.

was nice of you to wake me up at 6am, if not i probably wouldnt make it, cuz u called after de alarm rang alr, n i turned it off. :X thanks alot :). shit my eyes closing. but my hair nt drying. damn. went arcade aft de paper, wasn't that fantastic, maybe cuz of de gay guy playing street fighter. ultimate nerd. lol. daytona was great as usual. hahahaha.

ok de back of my leg is stinging now, de abrasion frm just now, stupid bike pedals. one day dey decide to rust im screwed, been scratching my legs without fail.

mjp was horrible. mahjong was great, good thing mahjong could cover up my losses at poker. =.=. im nt gna touch poker cards.

tired tired tired.

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