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Monday, March 27, 2006

im back!!! wooo... lately de 3 posts veri interestin... overly moroned... saturdaes kayakin, was fun, learnt de basic stuff n stayed in de pool, den we were lyk capsizin each other lol, we fill up deir kayak in water n den dey sink down!! yea.. den obvious got scoldin lol... 2nd day was even more fun... we went out 2 sea n mi n stefan kayaked till far... gui cheng capsized in de middle of de sea!!! ahahahaa... we went pass a place called gay beach n we saw 2 banglas dere!!! looool... now veri red n tanned lol... hardcore tannin fer 2 days... now face even blacker den before.. ahahaha... todae, walked in de rain! den in de freakin bus chao cold man... was shiverin... n was drippin wet.. no umbrella... den sisira n xavier came n did nothin much... sch iz freaked up... IM IN MATHS REMEDIAL!!! wtf man!!!!!!!!!!!! cbcbcbcbcbcbcb!!! fags... my hist got A1 again!!! im gd... lol... jollin, yer a moron!!! wif yer stupit posts...

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Sunday, March 26, 2006

Mr Lewis Chow Man Loong is now getting his ass wet in the salty sea of East Coast Park. Uh duh, he's kayaking. Anyway, I'm only a few metres away in this cosy lan shop. (: And, I get to blog again! (smiles &smiles).

Dear Ncc guys, I hope you all get eaten by the sharks and never come back again. Or maybe you guys can kayak until the Pacific Ocean and drown there, or being saved by the mermaids and live in their kingdom, happily ever after. Or maybe meeting giant sea turtles and being eaten up by big, large whales. And then and then one of you becomes the sea king. [:

I seriously dont know what I'm typing. That sounds like my chinese composition I wrote for Czh. Ah well. Marcus poh is a nice guy, he bought for me bubble tea! Chocolate orea. Yummy. Hes doing his cca proud. I wonder what will happen if he kayaks for the next two weeks (his turn). Ahahaha. I would love to go see. :D

Bye, I'm doing a card for my dearest friend.

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Saturday, March 25, 2006

LEWIS CHOW MAN LOONG is currently dragging his ass to Mcdonalds in East Coast Park from Big Splash. The distance is super far, and they're walking. Not cycling/ rollerblading. Those poor little things. I'm enjoying myself here in air-conditioned room. Aw, so sad. He just had kayaking there, with his ncc guys. So yeah, IM BLOGGING IN HIS ACCOUNT!! I still can remember his password, its like so long. Anyway, I can type whatever I want here, ehe (: He allow me one okay, and he ask me HELP him. So yeah. Ahaha :D

Firstly, I would like to announce to the whole world that TAN MEI XUAN's birthday is like on Monday. It's going to be a happy day. Trust me. (winks)

Fancy getting extremely excited over Mcdonalds. That's what your Mr Lewis is doing now. Told you he's a GAY. Now girls, dont get crazaye over this gay. Aha, I dont even know what I'm typing. -_-

I have left this page without typing for I-dont-know-how-long. And now, I'm back to it! YueDing by Guang Liang is nice nice nice. :D I'm hungry and where is my Mcdonalds Delivery! ):< lewis =" GAY." zuo =" Gay." size="2">Some people says I'm flirting with Lewis. So sad. ): ): And Mei Xuan too. Those assholes. I shall end here, tomorrow's Hui Yi's birthday. Aha, happy birthday girl! Bye, and THIS GUY IS GAY. (Jollin)

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Friday, March 24, 2006

Hey all, I'm helping this guy here to blog because hes lazy and tired, and its not good to break the chain okay! So, the kindest girl in the world helped him. (part of it because I'm bored). So yeah. Ah, I dont know what to blog about!! Zzz.

Lets see. Oh yeah, Lewis had NCC today, and thats all I know. I know he folded his sleeves last night or sth. :D Oh, he is gay . Blah. I seriously have nothing to write. Actually, I have but i scared he scold me. ):< He thinks the whole world around him are morons. Uh, ...

Never mind, I shall ask him. Okay, he says I HAVE THE POWER. Ehehe. [: I end here already luh, nothing to write. Bye people! (Jollin)

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Thursday, March 23, 2006

todae sch...sucked... tml got ncc... tink so.. aft sch went 2 white sands... actually wanted 2 go home budden i duno y i ended up in white sands... leeched all deir fries, leeched till i eat until quite full... lol... comics connection again... lol... den went home n went out again.. 2 sisira hse... plae de xbox lol... metal slug n halo 2... i did my math dere... shit man.. forgot 2 bring home hist so cant do...-.-... den we played de ultimate game again! N I LEFT DE HSE ALIVE AGAIN!! wooo... im gd...

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Wednesday, March 22, 2006

almost forgot 2 post... 2 much bleach distracts mi...lool.. aft sch, went wif de guys 2 get de gift PART 2... went 2 fair price 2 buy things wif stefan den aft gettin de stuff wana go pay money... he suddenly asked mi a veri veri stupid qn... "wana eat sushi?" den i gav him stupit look...zzzzz... in de end he bought de sushi aniwaes... ty fer de poster lol... although it dint cost much... but tot dat counts n gay stuff... lessons make mi sick now... borin n so borin... apart frm todaes show n tell... leon was so cool lol... although he kept usin singlish... science iz borin... chinese iz worse... maths iz nth beta... im totally screwed up fer acc.. wad else... dats all...zzzzz

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Tuesday, March 21, 2006

lazi 2 post todaes details... jus postin tis fer de chain...lol

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Monday, March 20, 2006

wootz... todae went 2 white sands jus 2 look fer de gift wif steffie... now rackin our brains wad 2 get fer de gift... lol...den sk,zz, sissy n keith came.. played fun dai dee! lol. shall not giv de details... tml den post in details... tml iz gona be a fun day n i noe it... although pw iz screwed... LOL... tml get 2 change seat? hope so lol... dowan ky behind mi. upcomin ncc stuff, promotion! camp feast, orienteerin com! imt, shootin com n part b camp... lol.. so far all these.

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Sunday, March 19, 2006

YES!!! its almost 12 liao... faster post tis in... later break my chain of posts... todae was out almost de whole day... i guess... dey came n do pw, got plans fer presentation liao.. quite stupit but cool... den plae death dai dee wif my bro... jus chiong finish de homec... lol... not done wif my maths...T.T... sad... kk... now iz abt 11.52? ya...

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Saturday, March 18, 2006

i posted... lazi 2 add details fer todae...lol.

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Friday, March 17, 2006

nooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!waaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!!screw de barber... let him drown... now my hair iz lyk durian... short n spike...-.-... totally screwed up hair... its so so so so short... aniwaes, keith came todae 2 do de homec... scanned de shit in n bla bla... watched spongebob! lol... den plae survival proj... dun luff at my hair when u see mi... dats all... wtf man.

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Thursday, March 16, 2006

roy,hexian,xavier came todae 2 do pw proj.. not done wif it lol... spent de whole afternoon jus 2 draw de outline of s'pore n malaysia...lol... spent most of de tym playin survival proj n i can tell dey r veri hook 2 it... lol... stopped playin till dere was a maintenance... LOL... morons... den dey were searchin fer sumbodys blog n went thru all methods... stupit n veri lame methods lol... morons... den played gb n owned... ahaha... nid 2 do hw tonite... tml do homec proj, sat n sun do pw... sian man... sian sian sian sian sian....-.-...

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Wednesday, March 15, 2006

woot... todae my internet connection iz finally fixed! i tink so... watched anime de whole afternoon.. lol.. haven started on a single dam hw n its thursdae tml liao... left thurs,fri,sat n sun...woot... thurs n fri booked fer pw n homec... sat maybe fer pw oso... so left wif sundae 2 clear up all my hw... maths n chi... sian man... -.-..

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Tuesday, March 14, 2006

managed 2 squeeze in tis post fer todae... keith came todae n wanted 2 do de homec budden de internet connection went off... wtf man...-.-... so in de end we watched huo yuan jia n big mommas hse 2... huo yuan jia shudnt be nc16 damit... its lyk not violent at all n so normal...-.-... holidaes gona be sian... no more ncc activities animore...-.-... guess part A havin camp.

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Monday, March 13, 2006

=DDD orienteerin iz finally ovah!! everibody passed! gd job, so so so hapi... durin de first trial hike, mi stefan leon tan n tiong ho got 2nd placin... mi n stefan got chao pissed cuz we alwaes get 2nd in everithin...-.-... den durin de actual hike, we decided 2 get first... we r aimin fer it... but i got a stomach ache n cud not run.. sori stefan.. had 2 walk all de way but once in a while got chiong... n in de end we got FIRST!! was so... speechless... at first we tot we gona do veri badly... but victor dint read it in order n we tot he read it in order...-.-... won yi yang grp by a lil bit onli... orienteerin com fer us ... pulau ubin iz veri... nth 2 sae oso... have a lota things happened n got exp... now knee hurtin n skin toasted... n dun pin high hopes on mi part b, thnx.

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Sunday, March 12, 2006

tml iz orienteerin! scared n worried... msg fer tml, those hu haven pass up de result slip, fotocopi it n pass up tml... those hu dun haf poncho no nid 2 bring cuz store will provide... dats all..

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Saturday, March 11, 2006

pissed again... de internet connection was doin fine till i started downloadin o2 jam... pickin on mi... good luck fer orienteerin part b's n those hu haven pass up de results slip, remember 2 fotocopi em n bring em on mondae 2 pass up... worried bout orienteerin..>.<

2 days to orienteerin!!
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Friday, March 10, 2006

woot... todae sch iz slack... had pe first... not veri fun... den mr chua nvr come so free period durin SEL, was listenin 2 mp3 wif xavier n slpin... lol... den got cd n got back results... got improvement bahx... mum dun haf comments on results... den went 2 85 2 eat wif yc n den went army shp wif him n i bought poncho n glove... leon tan, u still owe mi 3.50... loool.. den went home prepare uniform n went fer traffic duty... zzzZZZ... i chose de main gate duty again! its so fun despite take a lota effort... when cars come mus halt them, standin in de middle of de road n ask em if dey r goin fer ptc... got lyk 10 cars came in a row n i mus kip on askin de same stupid qn again n again... veri thirsty... until i met a freakin gay... i ask him, gd evenin sir, r u here fer de sec 1 ptc? den he replied... no, im here 2 see u... zzZZZZ.. i freaked out. got cip! den ate free dinner at de canteen, food sucked lyk duno wad... rice lyk dried porridge n chicken lyk... den walk home wif de gang n home.

3 days to orienteerin!!
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Thursday, March 09, 2006

todae went white sands aft sch... zzzZZZZ... bought de weights!!!!!!!!woooo!!! hapi? but now my mood ruined by de stupid internet connection!! f* de whole thing!!! screw it up... it kips on disconnectin by itself n i cant do anithin on de internet... its lyk... bro, call up den singtel ppl n ask, den he said, its not my prblm... when de internet connection started yrs ago, i fixedit n called de singtel ppl n he said, aniwaes i not usin it so no nid fer mi 2 fix n now he iz lyk fightin over it 2 use the internet... zzzzzZZZZ... morale of de story, dun use singnet... dats y dey promotin it real hard now... tml gona be a slack day accordin 2 em by seein de timetable... lol... end my complains here... lol... bro, if u see tis shit, bring it on. -.-, lol.

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Wednesday, March 08, 2006

im in de deepest trouble in my whole life... tml got tis science test n im weak in dat chapter n den i forgot 2 bring home all my notes... cuz i jus remembered i file em into de science file n left it in locker... -.-... ty jollin, hlp mi scan.=D... todae aft sch got tis orienteerin lessons, iz 2 clear our doubts but dint haf ani doubts... so jus listened n refresh memory... i haven got my weights.>.<.. todaes orienteerin ended 2 late... sad...

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Tuesday, March 07, 2006

hi... currently listenin 2 de in de end indian version... 2 kip my mood up.. havin bad flu wif slight fever... sian... went 2 sch as usual. lessons was hell... wana slp n body felt so warm... kip on sneezin... use mani mani tissues.. science teach de chpt 6.. tink suppose 2 be funi la.. but had no mood 2 luff... den aft sch went 2 white sands 2 see de cost of de thingy... 28 bucks! shud be enuff... lol... went mac saw jing heng...-.-...

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Monday, March 06, 2006

todae lessons r ok... finally fer once its ok... except maths... its not ok... history watch de hitler thingy... de ppl veri funi, weird hair, tok so fast in german n sound funi... den aft sch got tis UI... praises! felt different... lol... put in effort preparin uniform n got results... den did 100 pumpins we owe frm previous trainins... i noe its weird endin here but im still gone end it here..

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Sunday, March 05, 2006

tot todae cant post already... but in de end managed 2 squeeze tis post in.. wana kip it short...

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Saturday, March 04, 2006

yo...started off de day wif a run... lol... den went off 2 marcus car in jollins car... mercedes sia... 4 ppl squeezed... forced eugene 2 sit beside de girl...lol... den durin turns made eugene 2 keg a lot... =D... played xbox, cards, went playgrnd, n stuff... we played de proposal dai dee.. stefan lost n mus propose 2 sum1!!! wooo... will not sae hu first... i dint lose a single tym..... lol... keith oso hardly lose... lol... woot... but was most of de tym sittin dere watchin em plae de xbox... lol... took kevins car back... squeeze in another car again... 4 ppl behind...-.-... maybe dats de cost of takin other ppl car... dats all...reminder 2 part bravo ppl... touch up uniform... look thru it thoroughly!!! knots, apulet, boots, cock hair, n stuff... i noe i veri uncle but i wana avoid unecessay scoldin.

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Friday, March 03, 2006

hi... todae lessons usual n everithin... den durin ncc... pumped on de hot road, practiced on new drill, had master parade n wore my badges fer de first tym... 2 de ncc part b ppl, i noe i dun haf authority 2 sae tis but get serious liao bahx, do well in orienteerin n fer mondaes UI, touch up yer uniform, cut off all de hairs stickin out, iron de apulet if u haven done so, make it stand... den polish boots n remember do de nyaa draft... dun jus gu zhe plae dota... or sum other crap... all de way bravo.

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Thursday, March 02, 2006

ok todae i lazi 2 post... jus finished watchin bleach... woot... I POSTED.

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Wednesday, March 01, 2006

im freakin pissed wif my stupit internet connection n im pissed wif everithin wif de com...-.-... feel lyk takin sumthin n smash up de whole com... de internet connection kips goin off n on n off n on... -.-... n de czh doesnt giv a dam how mani test we got n still bombs us wif test... wait till we get his ass fired... n 2 eugene n zheng wei... if u all r pissed... im mani tyms more pissed den u all... -.-...

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