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Wednesday, August 30, 2006

wootz.. todae iz a super duper slack day! ya... sorta... first went fer de wheelbarrow race thingy..loll.. mi n stefan got de first few? ya... sian.. nvr get first.. sad life..T.T converse voucher..... >.<. lol.. den aft dat followed part b 2 TM.. we took dam long 2 decide wad 2 eat la..lol.. den eugene was lyk sittin on de train fer those lil kids.. dam childish..=.=.. dat moron... in de end at ajisan! or izit ajisen.. cant remember de spellin.. lol.=x... was 10.90... xing tong.. but nvm...LOL.. WYMER U OWE MI 8.30! yupyup... den aft dat we go watch the break up.. cuz nth else 2 watch.. went into de theatre n quite cool.. onli got 7 ppl includin us... it was so quiet la..lol... ulu ulu one... den eugene kept luffin so loud la..=.=... he laughed de loudest at de porn part..=x..LOL.. moron... quite dumb... n de show has de dumbest endin eva..=.=.. wth la... den aft dat went home le... ya... n zhenghan ask mi 2 fotocopi de equipment list fer part A n B lol... total got 53... nvr fotocopied so mani papers in my life before..=x.. LOL..

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Monday, August 28, 2006

ooooo.. todae mornin so excitin.. i left my hse at 6.50! n guess wad.. i live in loyang, n sch in bedok.. impossible 2 reach sch in tym la... i tot my neighbour was fetchin la.. but i realised dey werent... realised dat at 6.50..LOL. den i chiong outa de house n took bus 29.. N DERE WAS A TRAFFIC JAM.. so heng la... den i was stuck in de bus fer lyk 20 over minutes la.. was so gan jiong in de bus... zzzZZZZ... when de bus finally reach tampines.. i faster chiong out 2 de mrt station n take mrt... den take 2 tanah merah n chiong all de way 2 sch! reached at 7.30! almost late..LOL.. still managed 2 reach class n can sing national anthem..=x den had maths common test.. it was ok ya... den had pe!!! woo hooo.. grandaunt said i dao-ed her.. but i dun remember seein her.. maybe im 2 blur.. stupit mi... i retake shuttle run n got 9.9! same as last yr..LOL.. den went de pt ground n did some lame stuff.. ya... den had lessons n bla bla bla.. den aft sch got oral!!! omg!!! eng oral! it was ok.. ya... i kena mrs NC KOH la... zZZZzzz.. dey sae she strict.. sian.. den went home n nth much happened le.. except i was quite lame in class..XD ok nvm.. dat u all shall not noe! =P

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Wednesday, August 23, 2006

todae iz a gd gd gd day.. i oso duno y..lol.. lessons iz a crap. spent de whole lesson disturbin keith... muahahahaha... XD elit was quite fun... except fer SOME PPL who disturb mi n wan my pillow.. dey managed 2 snatch it but i still got it back.=P n aft assembly, I SAW GRANDAUNT.. wooooo. XDXDXD hahaha.. after so long.... i tink i sorta remember her face... lol... den aft sch i had stupit science test.. cuz i dint take last thurs test due 2 MC... im screwed fer de test.. so freakin diff la... duno how 2 do everitin.. so die le.. XD=( hu cares... den got PDS.. todae's pds iz more meaninful.. i learnt lotsa new stuff.. yupyup. XD =D. den aft dat went 2 canteen wif em n we crap crap crap... YIYANG, I WILL PINCH U SOMEDAY. WATCH OUT!. =P lol.

I SAW GRANDAUNT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!LOL.

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Friday, August 18, 2006

todae i felt so so much beta! yea... except fer de coughin part n de dizzy part.. i get dizzy under de sun but luckily todae nth physical n so i got myself under shelter most of de tym.. lawl. yup... todae got maths test! was quite ok... i dint screw it up... but i noe some did... quite a few ppl not enuff tym 2 do finish but i finished it 13mins before! wooo.. still went 2 de toilet..LOL.. =x. oso got music test.. was quite crap la.. cuz i was more comfortable wif playin wif my left hand but in de end realised mus plae wif right hand! crap crap crap.. startin a lil cock up budden aft dat ok le... she said not too bad... XD. den got science SPA test! was easy.. maybe cuz its electricity...lol... todae so mani test.. nxt wk iz worse.. tml mus chiong revisin.. nxt mondae got geog test, tuesdae got chinese test, wednesdae got science re-test fer mi cuz i missed it yesterdae.. total crap... lol..

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Thursday, August 17, 2006

todae im so so tired...=.= woke up in de mornin n felt my whole body was burnin.. lyk im in an oven or sumthin... den head was oso dizzy dizzy derh.. told my mum den took my temperature.. almost 38... lucky nvr 38... so i went back 2 slp n din go 2 sch... actually nth much happened.. i jus slp thruout de whole day.. ya.. now im gettin beta le.. i guess.. ya. so no worries.

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Tuesday, August 15, 2006

ok todae i gota reali bad flu... aaaaaaaa... stupit thing. been sneezin whole day le n now still sneezin. jus took my medicine. hope by tml can recover le... zZZzzzzZZ. todaes lesson lil bit sian diao... due 2 de dumb flu... nth much happened todae oso.. so i shall end de post here since i dun feel lyk postin a long post..

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Monday, August 14, 2006

woooooo...TODAE GOT PE!!! ok lame... haha.. i dint get 2 see grandaunt.. sian. but nvm. who cares... I GOT PERFECT SCORE FOR NAPFA! yayessss... XDXDXD. haha... first tym seh.. owaes giv de stupit sit n reach hai4 until duno wad...LOL. den later got SEL. yup yup. we watched de movie den i sian diao n feel asleep on my desk. when i woke up i saw a small puddle of water on my table n i realised it was my drool! XDXDXD =x=x=x=x hahaha... ok nvm.. dat was sick. hmmms. i slp till dam shiok. before i slp was lyk dyin den aft i slp, got energy le den can focus more.=D den got maths n chinese.. sian diao la both lessons.. chinese suppose 2 do de funi paper n maths iz jus normal lessons... den later got de sports enrichment crap.. mus chiong 2 de tanjong pagar n upon reachin. we saw ADI!!! hahaha... adi remembers my name le!! cuz i was de first guy 2 save de rope dat was danglin dere n nobody cud reach it cuz its 2 freakin difficult. BUT I MADE IT! its partly cuz my fren hlp mi 2 plae cheat.. hahaha.. was quite diff 2 get de rope down... ya... i climbed de 2 walls dat was chao hard 2 climb!! yays. im so proud of my achievements.. n becuz of dat. adi kip on tellin mi, de other walls chicken feet rite lewis? LOL. den headed back 2 pasir ris at 6.30 lidat... I SAW DAT LUNATIC AGAIN at kembangan mrt.. he boarded de train i was in.. he iz lyk still de same.. kip on shoutin DIE! at some weird stranger n kips on tokin n mumblin abt sumthin... crazi guy la.. last yr i saw him oso, he went 2 yell at kaijie..LOL.. haha.. ya den took 89 home n dats all.

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Saturday, August 12, 2006

since my chio chio chio mei wans mi 2 post todae.. i shall .=) was so busy creatin another new skin fer de part blog.. de previous one was totally screwed up..>.<>.< ok todae's borin.. n sori dom i cant go yer bdae... quite sad... ya... ok dats all. ciao.

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Friday, August 11, 2006

woooo!! i finally posted aft so mani mani mani days... LOL.. so sori i dint post.. ya. overly busy chiongin my hw....>.<. shall not post abt my previous busy life but bout todae. sch iz normal but ncc isnt.. GOT HIKE.. first we played some weird hide n seek game.. i was abducted!! n dey mus find mi... benjamin, gerald, kah yuan n wai wai oso got abducted n nid 2 go hide! haha.. it was quite touchin la.. dey ask hu dey wana save first n dey said mi!!!! n without consideration some more... waaaa.. i duno if it iz im important or maybe dey jus wana make use of mi 2 shout timin..=.=. LOL.. den i was found easily.. which iz gd.. LOL.. den got hike le... we hiked arnd de whole of bedok la.. ok not whole.. almost all... veri sian diao...LOL.. its lyk 10km over lidat.. ya... kept on walkin runnin walkin runnin.. lol.. den foot got blisters due 2 de stupit boots.. sian... >.<. lol... den last parade n dats all.=)

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Friday, August 04, 2006

im now gona post on eugene peh's adventure which took place yesterdae, thursdae.. eugene was takin de bus 2 sch n we had ncc trainin on dat day. den eugene alighted de bus without takin his ncc bag down! n in it has his no.4 n all his ncc stuff... den he took another bus n headed off to changi airport as dat was de place de bus terminatin at. lol.. den upon reachin, he saw de bus his bag iz in n it was stoppin at de side n all de passengers were out... de police was dere oso.. den he alighted n went over n said de bag is his one... DEY TOT IT WAS A BOMB. de other passengers were dam pissed wif eugene cuz he made em giv statements 2 de police.... den eugene was detained by de police la!! LOL.. den eugene had 2 write a lota statements n he was den released by de police... isnt dat dumb... he reached sch at 8.20...LOLOLOLOLOLOOL. moron la.

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Wednesday, August 02, 2006

CAMP FEAST. 31st july - 1st august.

headed off to sch veri early.. it was a mondae n it was holidae! but still mus drag myself 2 sch.. sian... i nvr looked forward 2 de camp n i was right.. reached sch first! lol... den we had UI n did some drills den headed off to NCC HQ at amoy quee camp... first we got our shirts n went into de room fer briefin n stuff.. i was assigned 2 troop 1 wif morons of course... den we got our first scoldins... other schs littered de toilet n he ask those hu litter 2 pick but guess hu went? ahs ncc went... bloody hell, dey throw litter n we pick fer em... n nobody we littered went 2 pick.. loser ncc schs... -.-.. den we did some ice breakin games.. its was quite funi cuz de CLT martiin was dam funi... he iz lyk tall tall... taller den yc by quite a lot... lol.. he was lyk makin jokes n we kept on crapin.. n martiin oso lyked 2 sae ok? he begins each sentence wif ok. lol... we played flyin fox, archery and paint ball... paint ball was de most fun one..lol.. in flyin fox not much happened.. onli fly down onli... ya... den de yin chek at archery was dam funi la! we call him ye man(wild) yin chek..LOL. he was lyk.. he sae de command den one guy dint execute n he told de yin chek, sir i cant hear. den de yin chek sae, my fault ar! den de yin chek go knock it down..LOL.. den de yin chek did alota stupit stupit stuff la! he almost banged down 1 cadet wif his pro drivin.. he iz dam crazy..LOL.. paint ball rocks.. my grp won cuz yun cheng frm another grp, went 2 kamikaze lol! he hlp us shoot down deir own bottles den we win aft we grab de flag..LOL.. den we had dinner n camp feast night.. durin camp feast nite de sir got reali pissed n he knock us down... stupit asshole frm other sch, go throw paper everiwhr n land in front of sir some more... but de saf ppl stopped de sir frm pumpin us... bunch of fools frm other sch... den went back n aft supper n stuff we slp le..

nth much happened, we did rock wall n rapellin... ya... rock wall was quite difficult but i managed 2 climb onto de top.. ya... den nth much le... lazi 2 go into details.. den when we goin back 2 sch de tym, de part when we can see de sch compound. we were so dam hapi 2 see sch again! AHS NCC ROCKS n we treasured it more bein in ahs ncc.. i cud fell dat our drills lyk suddenly got beta? ya... duno if im right or not... aniwaes when in de bus, upon seein de sch, we began singin onto higher grounds de tune! was so funi la!! i bet csm jonathan n srgnt wai leong get diao le..LOL... but was quite cool.. lol.

in de camp de onli guy we seem 2 lyk iz dis guy called koon zhe, he iz our type la! he jokes lyk how we joke n we got along wif him well thru out craps..lol... den oso got alota stupit schs wif standard which iz duno wad... overall de camp iz SIAN!!!

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now im gona continue my dedication post fer part BRAVO'06! ya.. lately got no tym but now got. although haven do finish hw.=x

KEVIN, at first u had a bochup attitude in part A, durin part A camp de tym u still dam innocent n did not noe things but u grew eventually but still childish! lol.. thnx fer doin stupit stuff in class 2 make mi luff. thnx!

YIYANG, super flexible guy! dam jealous seh.. but nvm... yiyang de fit fit guy, u oso tok alota crap 2 cheer mi up at tyms but u sumtyms quite childish ar... lol. thnx.

JIN FENG, super stiff guy.. learn 2 relax.. relax yer body n be swift.. yer body 2 stiff=x.. u r my role model, super guai, owaes stick 2 de rule so u owaes let mi learn alot frm u.. thnx.

LEON LIM, monitor! flick my cheeks onli..lol.. actually iz i flick u first...lol. veri responsible at tyms n i oso learnt alot frm u, dat sense of responsibility. ya. thnx.

JEREMIAH, gb partner..lol.. u r dam hao lian..hahhaha... but at tyms i learn dat frm u, to be confident in yerself n dun look dwn on yerself.. yup. thnx!

ZHENG WEI, sometyms u do stuff wifout tinkin ar... so beta tink more thru yer head be4 doin sumthins.. ya.. noe u since pri sch n i learn alota crap frm u..LOL.. ya. thnx.

NELSON, another one of my role model.. i see u diam de tym, hand chao stiff.. i oso duno how 2 do dat fer so long..lol... pro. dats y see u so hiong, i oso decide 2 hiong wif u sumtyms.. ya. thnx!

KAH YUAN, korean boi.. nth much 2 sae bout u but u were once timer n i learnt some stuff frm u in timin.. ya. thnx.

SI JING, although u dint spend mich tym wif us in part A due 2 wrist injury, u pushed mi 2 strive fer beta results cuz u kip pressurin mi... kip on pushin mi forward. thnx!

EUGENE, full tym lamer... bayonet owaes luff luff luff n yawn yawn yawn... den do kangaroo jump.. owaes make mi luff n cheer mi up. thnx!

MARCUS, stupit guy, owaes make everibody horny onli..LOL. but dat iz quite gd cuz we learn mani bio stuff frm u...LOL. thnx.

GERALD, another guy dat makes ppl horny... owaes u n jem start horny jokes..LOL.. serious at tyms n givs gd advice lyk old man.. ya.. thnx.

TIONG HO, u make everibody wana endure.. u haf shown de best example to all.. although u cant do animore.. u owaes endure n carry on doin regardless of fatigue.. u r my role model! but u lyk 2 get horny at tyms..-.-.. lol. thnx!

WAI WAI, another hiong guy.. u show gd example, serious at tyms.. i learnt a lot frm u in bayonet... oso got chao boomin voice..lol.. ya. thnx!

WYMER, super innocent face..lol.. serious durin trainin, learn alot frm u oso but i guess u mus tok more..lol.. n now y u suddenly so tall...lol... thnx.

BENJAMIN, another full tym lamer.. bayonet de tym u get de 2nd most punishment la..LOL.. owaes cheer mi up n make mi smile..lol.. thnx.

WEIHUA, owaes lame wif mi n haf a dowan report sick spirit which iz gd in a sense.. ya... thnx. btw, u owe mi 20 cents fer bettin in de bus thing..LOL.

LEON TAN, i noe u quite late.. lol.. ya. u haf de eager spirit of wana improve n dat iz wad i learnt frm u... thnx.


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