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Friday, September 30, 2005

ok... todae i did sumthin dat i regret... durin pe... played basketball den aft dat wana go up de steps n threw de ball 2 hexian cuz tired liao... but roy took de ball n threw it down n i threw it up again n shouted 2 roy n ask him dun throw down but he throw down again n i throw up again den he throw down again n wana throw up but slipped n flew sideways!!! de ball was flyin fast den bounce again sumthin n hit somebody!!! waa!!!!! sorry!!!! den durin pw de mrs ong kip on shout shout shout... chao si ren... I SAW IAN TEH WHEN I WAS IN DE BUS IN SIMEI!!! lucky he nvr see mi... den nth much happen lerh... SORRY!!!!!

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jollin... im so so so sorry... didnt mean 2 hit u wif de ball... didnt expect it 2 hit u... sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry... hope it doesnt hurt animore...>.< sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry... forgive mi...

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Thursday, September 22, 2005

i m gona miss u...
i reali love u a lot...
but i nvr told u dat...
cuz u cant listen...
yer finally gona leave mi...
i knew tis day wud come but i not so sure which dae...
i perished de tym together n hope u will be back...
but i noe someday u will be back... i noe it...

dat iz not dedicated 2 a gurl nor a guy, its dedicated 2 my hair... u mite tink im kuku but im not... i took so long 2 grow de stupit hair, so mani months den within seconds, its snipped off... so xing tong! y mus dere be an attire check? i hate it... so gay! when i first heard got attire check, de 3 words flashed pass my mind... wad de fuck! wad de fuck! wad de fuck! cuttin my hair tonite, wana spend more tym wf it... LOL. i dun tink i will be used 2 de short-ness, especially de front... alwaes had a fringe danglin but will be gone so forehead will feel bare... den jollin will be sad cuz canot see de hair again... but i will take tym 2 grow it back n when its dat long again will be holidaes... so can kip de future long hair longer...

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Monday, September 19, 2005

ok... common test sux... gona fail i tink... den mr lee gona come find mi... den lessons de same la... chao sian derhx... but i canot slp... mus listen. guess wad... todae durin first recess, she called my name for de first tym... lol... den aft sch mus settle leons grp de PW... so gay lorh. de cable diff... den take taxi go mi hse... $5.20! each person pay 1.30... so its quite ok... den rachel was lyk fascinated by my hse.. den de 3 of dem, leon, yu kwan n rachel kip on plaein wif de 2 toilet doors... turn my hse into a maze... lol... den aft hlpin dem do de video, dey go look arnd my hse n was fascinated by de size... lol... den dey look at my class pics n acheivements.... den look at my old foto albums, de fat n chubby mi last tym... -.-"""

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Saturday, September 17, 2005

yesterdae... pe was gay... rain den no floorball... dats de gayest thing... den lessons sian lorh... stupit mr ong ask mi 2 teach leons grp how 2 edit de video...den ncc... was kinda fun... alan recommended mi 2 be timer... stupit sia... den my voice when off when was saein de timin den finally changed timer... den played captains ball n soccer... den pt... pull ups, parallel bar n rope... ian teh got so high expectations frm mi...>.<

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Monday, September 12, 2005

ok... todae iz back 2 sch... den science was kinda funi... mr lee iz alwaes lame... except when he iz angry or durin ncc de tym... lol... den erm... jollin, i wana clear all misunderstandins wif u so pls dun ignore mi... dowana loose it...

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Sunday, September 11, 2005

i wana dedicate tis post to jollin ong...
im sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry. i noe dat u haf forgiven mi but i feel veri guilty so jus let mi apologise... despite de fact dat i will do dat... dat doesnt mean i wana severe ties... jus wan u 2 noe dat... im still yer bro n will alwaes be...

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Saturday, September 10, 2005

I can finally see the full sky from the 3 windows...
I can finally feel the parquet floorin beneath my feet...
I can finally walk to the 3rd floor without bangin into sticks...
I can finally feel the staircase guides...
I can finally smell the fresh air...
I can finally have more privacy...
I can finally not hear hokkein words flyin around the house...
I can finally see the ceiling...
U might tink tis sentences has gota do wif love, but u're wrong... de hse iz finally completed!!! all de paintin iz done!! except fer my bro's room's wallpaperin... left dat miserable room.. de house look so new!!! lyk shift into new house liddat lol... den my rm iz so nice n cool oso lol... no more sticks in de hse n outside de hse!! no more cardboard coverin de floor! no more dirt on de floor! no more paint smell!!! so hapi!!! waitin fer tis day for lyk 5 days liao... finally its over... todae i skipped 2 meals becuz i was dam sad.. she nvr reply my sms! den some more when i go msn she oso not online! nvr tok 2 her so sad... i felt empty again... den when i sian de tym, i got nth 2 do... onli stared in de blank space n tinkin how she was... den i todae oso got do my remainin hw... sad... i miss her so much!!!

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P.S.: You are not alone.

ok... i cant slp... here i m.. sms-in u, den u nvr reply... i duno de reason...i believe dere iz a gd reason behind it... den i went online, u werent dere... >.< was totally sian-ed...

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Friday, September 09, 2005

todae iz little bit sian...de paintin of de hse iz done!! so hapi!! todae dey wallpapered my room den look so nice now my rm but tonite i mus slp in de first storey livin rm cuz de wallpaperin of my rm iz not completed!! sian! slp on de couch... im so so sorry... i reali missed u a lot...>.<

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Thursday, September 08, 2005

todae in de mornin went 2 brandons hse cuz de hse smelly... went dere n plae floorball wif him... den at arnd 11 went home cuz bro go out liao den can use de com... lol... den after dat went 2 hexian hse n do da pw proj but in de end we did nth cuz plans didnt go out too well... played soccer n roy toe injured den hexian de toe oso injured den my foot oso pain... was red red but nvr bleed... mi n hexian foot injure cuz we wore slippers... lol... roy iz before soccer injured liao... den went 2 buy drink n mi, roy n xavier go tampines de 201 n eat mac... den when eat finish i saw sir IAN TEH!!! de guy hu called mi angmoh first... but lucky he nvr see mi... den i faster zao... den went home n prepare 2 go zhen's hse cuz todae his b'dae... wasted 20+ dollars on his b'dae present... >.<
den at zhens hse i played de PS2 first... after dat go eat den de bdae cake... was nice... den after dat went 2 de alley besides blans hse n we played midnite street floorball... was fun although keep winnin... =/ den after dat dey got tired den we sat down on de floor n slacked while blan explored my hp... lol... den home...
happi birthdae zhen...

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Wednesday, September 07, 2005

todae went 2 keith hse n do de homec proj... was so gay lol... first it went smoothly.. until we needed 2 translate de malay words in de recipe bk into eng... was so diff... asked mani ppl n failed but in de end asked keith's mum n everithin worked out... den went home n was so darn smelly... de smelliest among all de days!! dey painted a lot of places n it was quite nice but de smell sux... can die sia... lucky todae went out but mus tahan de smell in de evenin till de nite.. gay! den went 2 loyang point 2 buy dinner 4 de whole family besides dad.. gay!! den in loyang point i met cute little Bryan, my pri sch junior... at first he looked at mi wif a gong look den after a while he recognised mi... lol

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Tuesday, September 06, 2005

todae wus hell!!!!! de ppl need 2 paint de ceilin of de computer room so canot use de com until dey paint finish which took foreva!!! was so dam sian!!! waited fer so mani long hrs n did nothin but sat on de sofa n stared into blank air... -.-"" todae de hse iz even messier den yesterday n will be even messier den tml... when will all de paintin end... >.<

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Monday, September 05, 2005

todae iz dam sian... stayed in da computer rm fer de whole day... cuz de ppl come n paint de walls of de whole hse n wallpaperin everithin... a lot of things happenin in da hse now n its dam messy... borin day...

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Saturday, September 03, 2005

todae not much thing happened in fact nth happened... stayed at home de whole day nvr go out... den todae jollin went 2 bangkok n will be back on wed i tink... haiz...

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Friday, September 02, 2005

todae got no lessons cuz got eng n chi compo... sian lor... de eng n chi compo was okok n i dun tink i will do badly fer dem... den after dat i went back wif roy n hexian den reach home den nth happened bsides mi bein home alone... was dam sian... onli haf de com 2 pei mi... lol

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Thursday, September 01, 2005

todae was kinda fun... hexian n xavier came mi hse at abt 10.30... den taught dem de basics of floorball, how 2 plae n stuff lyk dat cuz needed fer de stupit PW... den at abt 12.30 we stopped n ordered KFC! den after eatin go mi hse de cinema rm n watch dvd den played dai de... at 5+ dey went home den sian lerh lorh...lol

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