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Saturday, January 31, 2009

hope everyone got into deir first choice, its oso impossible dat everyone got into deir first choice, so those who are appealin, gdluck with that. those who dint get deir first, dun so sad its not de end. of course i got my first choice, becuz i dint pick a jc, so it was much much easier. LOL. n dun feel sad that sch is startin nxt mon, ^^. orientation will be fun. anws i got into temasek poly, well i noticed dis... when jnrs hear u got into poly, dey start givin de shock face or dun believe face. dere's nth wrong with poly, lol. of course i went to de higher end courses la. unless i go those COP 20+ den got prblm alr. XD. im goin to engineerin sch in tp. got a bunch of ahs ppl goin dere oso, but different course. =/. anyone noes got ahs ppl goin aerospace ELECTRONICS ?

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Thursday, January 29, 2009

N79 i hate u... more importantly singtel i hate u too. zzzzzzzz.

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Monday, January 26, 2009

how's money comin along? tdy i made alot of money. not onli am i de biggest winner in mahjong, i oso got lotsa ang bao! oooo so lucky. maybe its dearest who made mi so lucky de pass few weeks or months. ok no cant say dat, onli gamling addicts sae dat. den ltr if lose money i'll blame her. no no no canot. k anws yup been reali lucky, well not lucky with 4D tho... =.=. irritatin. but nvm, i'll use my winnings to bet on 4D, i nvr believe in keepin my gambling winnings, cuz dey are not mine, i usually spend em immediately on gd stuff. hahaha. maybe im so lucky cuz dat day i donated 10 cents to de blind guy who sang at tampines. maybe he's actly de god of fortune in disguise. ok anws, hope tml gd oso. yup tdy went without any money, den i borrowed 8 bucks frm mum, aft dat returned her 10, still got interest. i won 12 in total. not bad not bad. enuff to last mi a few days. hope u all makin lotsa money too, den can treat mi a meal someday. anws wana rant abt somethin darn stupit. apparently dis guy frm de 56th CDO course smuggled a camera phone into amoy quee de pass few weeks n tio caught. n dis guy of course i dun even noe, nvr seen his face in my entire life, dun even noe him, at least i noe he's frm de central district. dats all i noe abt him. n becuz of his mistakes, we mus write an apology essay, as in everyone in de 56th CDO course, everyone..... how stupit is dat. lyk wth! i dint do anithin wrong, hey i purposely change to a no camera phone each tym i go amoy quee, why shud i apologise? ok maybe u can sae, hey u cud have reminded or stopped dat guy frm smugglin in, well i dun even noe him or seen him before, how i do dat? well apparently dey gave de excuse of "all for 1 n 1 for all", wad kinda screwed up excuse is dat? if its my syndicate mate in de course i still wun mind, but COURSE mate. deres more den 150 ppl in de course, i dun even noe 3/4 of em, dis is pure stupit. so if someone frm de course commited a crime, all of us hafta go to jail? =.=. n somemore we hafta do a 1000 word essay, n dat essay is suppose to be an apology essay. zzzzzzzz. i dno who gave dat verdict but i wudnt respect dat person's decision, i believe at least 90% of de remainin ppl in 56th wudnt either. i wudnt sae animore how i feel, cuz i'll end up cursin de decision. u urself can judge, izit fair n reasonable? well if we get a scoldin its not so bad, at least it serves as a warnin to us not to be lyk him, but...... apology essay? im not against de essay, im against de apology. im nt gna apologise for somethin i dint do. ok anws shall not get too angry, its cny, happy days. i look forward to tml n wed, i hope i can spend wed with dearest =). can i? haha hope so. ok its tym to bake cake now, see u rich ppl to be arnd soon, take ur ang bao alr give ur parents k? dun anyhow spend. XD. translated frm de show tuan yuan fan.
omg i found dis pic, his hair lyk shit. LOL. lyk china man! hahahahahahaha. Y Y Lee, Lee Yo Yo.

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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

wooooo ncc chalet was great, as usual. despite de fact dere are no opposite gender to spice things up, or make things different, nvr de fact ncc chalet was great. greater den any chalet i've been. anws maybe i tot it was great cuz i won lots of money. a total of 6 dollars. mostly came from black jack. LOL. first i won as a player, den i was "upgraded" to dealer, n money rolled in even faster. well waiwai lost lyk dam alot, so i felt lyk an asshole. so decided to 1v1 him. LOL. damit i lost. 2 dollars T.T... yup n mahjong oso. i reaped alot of money. started with 10 cents onli n money nvr went below 1 dollar. =). anws we play by 10 cents onli. XD. de bbq was great oso. altho full of chao da chicken, but scrap em off n de chicken's fine. XD. today i went tm, full of hopes, to get my new handphone. n to my disappointment, singtel told mi "no stock.." if i grow up to be a powerful man, i'll run dwn singtel. LOL. ok dats impossible. anws ya, wasted trip to tm. anws on de way back, becuz de tamp bus interchange dam screw up now, full of construction, so de bus services abit confusin. of course i dint get confuse. while queuein for bus 29, mi bein at de end of queue, suddenly a felt a tap on my shoulder, "excuse mi, is dis bus service 29?". omg de voice?! I NOE IT! i turned back and it was.... MR POH SENG KIAT. LOL. HAHAHAHAHA. dam funi. wad a small world it was. hahahaha of all ppl he can tap its mi! LOL. apparently he goin to de 4L chalet at aloha changi. hahaha. dam funi. we toked abit n boarded de bus. i tink he was gna sit beside mi but an indian woman stole de seat beside mi. XD. hahahaha. funi. n tml im gna spend de day with dearest =DDD. =). aaaaaaaaaaaa. cant wait. ^^. few more days to CNY! IM GNA BE A RICH MAN SOON! LOL. ok in fact everyone gna be rich soon. =). yea stuff ur pockets, my money nida last mi till march, until i get clt funds. XD. maybe i'll get a job in feb.

hahahaha dis pic seems so long ago. check out nelson's cute face n zhengwei's screwed up hair. ok his hair is still screwed up. XD

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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

ok haven been bloggin regularly nor recently, dun have de mood to. its either im too hapi till i dowana blog, or im too negative till i dowana blog. lol. anws life's de same n usual, nth new so nth much to blog. ytd was new. lol. most ppl were disappointed n sad, to mi almost everyone deproved frm deir prelims, except those dat screwed up deir prelims of course. i deproved too of course. feel so sucky, somethin seems wrong but we cant do anithin abt it. dis sux. i hate de moe system. im gna be de nxt moe n introduce a brand new system. but first if i be moe, i'll probably get rid of ppl lyk dr boon? LOL. ok i dowana be a minister. dun lyk politics. put mi with politics. its lyk a snowman in sahara desert. =D. lol. been slackin.... lyk alot. cant even be bother to find a job altho im broke. how bad can life get. my dad sux. tink abt it, dis aftnoon he jus gave a nice lecture to mi. i was listenin, but i wasnt replyin. no point replyin, u'll jus get extra lecturing. basically i can sum up his whole lecture in a few words. "im right n u are wrong, my advice u mus take it if not u will be a screw up in society. money is everything, earn big big money, nth mus stand in ur way when u earn money." im not gna listen to his crap anymore. why must i be rich n a screw up lyk u. sorry dis dun seem very respectful but i have nvr respected him. u can be rich n powerful for all i care, if u cant even manage ur family u ought to die. tink abt it, a retired man. u retire why? so u can enjoy time with ur family n loved ones dat u have lost. right? or u can enjoy ur life with ur love one which is ur? wife. but no. =.=. dno whr de heck he wanders everyday. most of de tym not at home. goin out with weird ppl. comin home so late. if he has a mistress i wun be surprised. lyk those shows, rich ppl tend to do stupit stuff. k anws i dowana go on abt my dad, dere's nth nice i can post abt him. dun lyk him n i swear if ima father or husband, i'll my de complete opposite. i'll earn enuff to lead a comfy life, n spend de most time with my family. FOSTER THE FAMILY TIES! i believe in ties n bonds as compared to money. im not materialistic, quite far frm dat word. my dad is one hell of a materialistic person, dats why we dun click. he's desert while im north pole. somethin lidat. n he's forcin de ice to melt n pourin sand at de north pole, hopin it'll become a desert. well of course it will nvr turn into a desert. n he doesnt listen. dats de prblm with adults in de household i live in, dey nvr listen. "i have exp n u dun so u dun have a say.".... "i big u small so u shut up". dats wad i get. =.= ok maybe de words are too harsh but dats de rough idea. lol. sick n tired of it. if no one's gna listen den fine, i'll do things myself. if i screw up dun worry i wun come beggin to u for hlp. =.=. ok i duno how i drifted to dat but it so happen its on my mind. i believe bloggin shud be wads rite in ur mind n u filter out some stuff. den aft dat ur fingers move n dere, ur post. dats why i dun do paragraphin n make things nice nice. den it'll be lyk a compo whr u do plannin ahead. yup. lol. k anws gdluck to those who dint do as well as expected. =) dun worry de storm will soon be over. as de fav sayin goes, u mus move on =). n dats the way the cookie crumbles, frm bruce almitey. LOL.
meet the traffic light brothers. why must gerald look up.. XD

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Saturday, January 10, 2009

hmmmm a short post while waitin for my dearest. =). ok been very very busy de pass week. went dwn to sch alot, 3 days in a row. went hq oso. lol. not bad clocked alota money. LOL. which cca pays u money ^^. ok nvm. anws money not de main pt, jus a bonus. hahaha. tml's gna be boring, gna be "home" de whole day. why i " " de home, becuz my home is not a home to mi. k nvm doesnt matter. i hope dis comin fri everythin goes well for em. dun reali wana be de asshole shoutin arnd. nvr lyk-ed shoutin, but nvm. anws orientation was gd i guess, de performances not so bad, de booths all nice nice. gd thing npcc built dis huge structure with a banner, so can cover all de weird stuff we doin behind frm de audience. =DDD. LOL. hope dey build dat again nxt yr. =X. hahahaha. ok shall stop here. gdluck ppl for mon's results. hahaha, u shud be carefree lyk mi n dun worry at all =). its not bullshit, im not worried at all. haha.

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Tuesday, January 06, 2009

oh darn, come to tink of it, my bday is round de corner. LOL. n damit im runnin outa cash, why wun cny come?

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ok i shall do a short post before i leave de hse. damit man look at de date, shall not post abt countdwn anymore, if u wana noe den go eugene's blog. or cyc oso can. LOL. lazy =). anws im home everyday arnd 8-11 hrs onli. n dats de time i slp. so.... ya. sometimes its lesser, cuz i dun go home. why? i dun lyk my home. dats abt all. anws today's trainfire was an eye opener for mi. its my first activity in hq as a cadet officer, pretty fun n slack. hahaha. de cadets darn small size altho dey are part Bs. lol. very fun to ask de specs do sai gang. LOL. =X ok la i dint do dat alota tyms. abit onli, when i needed hlp. lol dere was dis 3rd sergeant, his name tag was L J CHOW. same surname as mi, but not very nice initials. "chow4 lan jiao". LOL. i tink his life in ncc mus be dam sad. ok anws i taught bedok view, deir teacher officers were nice not to interrupt or pointed out some mistakes i made. cant blame mi ma, first tym. ought to have mistakes. i guess i'll be active in hq activities for now... n most likely i shud end up in poly. i guess see my results how first nxt week. ahsncc, see u guys tml! XD.
hahaha just a random pic. dun ask wad de pic is, i wun tell u. XD =)

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Saturday, January 03, 2009

calm on the surface... yet so much confusion beneath it. =/ i guess its my struggle. countdwn post coming up maybe later or tml.

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