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Sunday, September 27, 2009

alrite im posting LIVE right aft de singapore night race. 1 sentence to sum things up... MCLAREN KICK ASS! YEA. EAT DAT BRAWN. hahahahahaha! YEA HAMILTON LEADING ALL THE WAY. KOV U DESERVE A KICK IN DE ASS THO. i reali want him sacked. real badly... anws... pretty sad for nico rosberg and vettel... deir own mistakes cost em dearly, esp brittney or aka rosberg. hahaha. dam sad. just because de cross de line durin pit exit he hafta do a drive thru few laps aft de safety car. =( was rooting for brittney too u noe since he is a potential mclaren to be. hahaha. timo glock reali reali kio tio.. wads kio tio, zhuan dao. its lyk he pick up money on de floor. 2 de guys mishap made him podium, and alonso too. hahahaha. vettel was speedin in de pit lanes oso, reali bad bad bad mistake. he had a drive thru oso, but his not so jialat, ended up 4th. overall it was seriously a dam exciting and fun to watch race, so proud of my home race. de whole world is gna be tokin abt it.

YEA! heading down to town tml, to shangri la hotel! wooooo! dam excited, not becuz im gna kai fang. but becuz of sth else! shall update maybe tml aft i come home, if i have any shou1 huo4.

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Friday, September 25, 2009

hahahaha its been 1 whole month since anybody tagged, record breaking. mi n gerald were just goin mad about the F1 merchandise, DAM NICE. really, de ppl in f1 reali have a very good sense of taste in deir design. not onli in de car design, oso in de merchandises. went to de f1 online store and drooled over de stuff. hahaha. cant wait to get my hands on de mclaren stuff. really have a wide range of stuff, to shirts, caps, helmets, shoes, accessories n stuff. (Y) i want de shirt. dey have all sorts of designs, and becuz its mclaren, lewis hamilton is in it. so... alot of de shirts, has a "Lewis" printed on it. just lewis. no hamilton. means, I WANA BUY DE SHIRT CUZ IF I WEAR IT, NOTHING IS WRONG BECUZ MY NAME IS LEWIS! hahahahahaha. so its gna be lyk my very own shirt with my name on it. hahahaha. but 1 shirt dam ex. close to a hunderd. but who cares. LOL. cant wait to go down to de shop soon. gna go down with lingling first nxt week, den with gerald again some other time. de first time i go down is to aim at de expensive stuff first and save. den another time with gerald and buy it! muahahahaha.

F1 fever in singapore is turnin up. its everywhere! de tv, de streets, de newspaper. love dis kinda atmosphere. so happy singapore finally wisened up and wana host de f1 last yr. hahahhaa. dam i still wana watch de race live one day... dis yr's not de day tho. but i noe dat day will definitely come. wana hear de roaring engines and de nicely polished cars under the lights. btw in case u duno, dey massively polish de car before each race. making it dam shiny.

and at nxt yr's GP calender, KOREA IS IN! hahahaha. korea and canada to be exact, dey are de new GPs. who cares abt canada, more interested in korea. why interested? becuz de korea grid girl is dam hot. show u all de pic.
meet Kimchi Low Kah Yuan, Korean Grid Girl for nxt yr's korea F1 grand prix. LOL. dats de joke i made with eugene. but its not a joke. its true.

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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

hahahahahahaha. probably one of de biggest tok in de f1 world rite now...

Renault have been disqualified from the FIA Formula One World Championship, with the ban suspended for two years, after the World Motor Sport Council (WMSC) found them guilty on Monday of conspiring to cause a deliberate crash in last year’s Singapore Grand Prix.

Investigations by the Council and by Renault found that team boss Flavio Briatore and executive director of engineering Pat Symonds, both of whom have now left the team, planned the crash with driver Nelson Piquet in order to benefit the race strategy of Fernando Alonso, who went on to win. Neither Alonso nor any other Renault personnel were aware of the conspiracy.

In addition to banning Renault, the WMSC handed out hefty individual penalties to Briatore and Symonds. Neither will be allowed any involvement in FIA-sanctioned motorsport, Briatore indefinitely and Symonds for the next five years. Piquet, who was dropped by Renault in July, was granted immunity from sanction for volunteering his evidence in the investigation.

"We are very sad to find ourselves in front of the Word Motor Sport Council today,” said Renault team president Bernard Rey after the Paris hearing. "By way of background, as a result of our own enquiries, we informed the FIA last week that we would not defend the charges and we accepted our responsibilities in relation to the incident in Singapore and we immediately took appropriate action inside the team.

"Today, we fully accept the decision of the Council. We apologize unreservedly to the F1 community in relation to this unacceptable behaviour. We sincerely hope that we can soon put this matter behind us and focus constructively on the future. We will issue further information in the next few days."

Piquet retired from Formula One racing’s inaugural night race in Singapore last September after hitting the wall on Lap 14, just after Alonso had made his first pit stop. The subsequent safety-car period helped vault the Spaniard, originally 15th on the grid, to the front end of the field.

to sum things up, u wun be seeing alot of renault.

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Sunday, September 13, 2009

AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA! bad italian gp. reali bad.... for mclaren. screw brawn. cant stand de sight of brawn gettin one two. a waste, lewis crashed out at the final lap. kovalainen shud get fired asap aft de season. so.... izit kubica or rosberg? i prefer rosberg. LOL. gd n young driver. definitely dowan kov. wad are de chances vettel? vettel would be ideal. lol. a good drive by force india oso, sutil was kissing kimi's butt thruout de race. imba stuff. hahaha. still cant believe it, brawn one two. =.=

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Friday, September 11, 2009

damit the stupid smell is getting stronger and stronger. AAAAAAAAAAAAA. my head is sticking outa the window now sniffing the air...

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damit i smell pasta/lasagne/baked rice/italian food smell from my room window... haven eaten the whole day... zzzzzzzzz.

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Thursday, September 10, 2009

IT fair later! hope i dun come back empty handed =/. hope it wun be crowded... but duh of course it'll be crowded. unless i buy over de whole place den it wun be crowded. stupit tp website jammed... i swear all school websites are sucky. including anglican's. e-learning end up jamming. now i cant check my results... =.=. irritated.

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Friday, September 04, 2009

TONIGHT IS DEFINITELY DE MOST EXCITING MOVIE SESSION ALL MY LIFE.! LOL. i shall tell de whole story... went to watch dance flick. a super retarded show. serious. lol. dam funi oso. cant stop luffing. some parts quite gross. esp de dance teacher. LOL. if u watched u will noe wad i mean. anws de real story, begins aft de movie.... went to de arcade to make my nebo tapz card aft de movie. aft dat wanted to play arcade. so we decide to split cost and top up into my card. n when gerald's gna take out money... WHERE'S MY WALLET?! omg panic panic. fluttered. first thing we headed back to de cinema, and ask de guy to let us in to check. gerald went in alone. but he was too fluttered and checked de wrong area. he came out empty handed. den we recalled. aft de cinema we went toilet, so we chiong to de toilet. nope not dere. den we went back to de arcade. not dere.. =/ de atmosphere was reali, tensed. although it wasnt my wallet at all, i was darn gan jiong abt it. LOL. something lyk as tho my wallet missing, but not exactly dat feeling. ya. duno if u get it. lol. den we went back again requesting to check de cinema, this tym we approached de manager. still no news. den gerald left his contact no. behind. de staff assured us dat once de movie is over, dey will comb de whole cinema. so we had to wait for de movie to over. we went to sit dwn somewhr n toked cock. toked for 1 hour over. hahaha. den we were telling gerald, dun get ur hopes up man. just give it up. which was wad he did. he completely accepted de fact, hey de wallet is gone, time to move on. den at 11+... a call came. exactly 11:11pm... it was frm de cinema... DE WALLET WAS FOUND! LOL. WE CHIONG LYK NUTS BACK TO DE CINEMA. LOL. IT WAS DE WALLET.! EVERYTHING WAS INSIDE. ALL DE MONEY, ALL HIS CARDS. EVERYTHING. WASNT TOUCHED AT ALL.! HAHAHAHAHA. omg. de feeling was great! although not my wallet, i got dam happy also. LOL. dam cool. hahahaha. dat was de exciting story... phew. XD

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Thursday, September 03, 2009

been dam long since something entered dis blog, regardless of post or tag. lol. any other way, been pretty much rottin dis week. time seems to pass dam slowly... super duper slow. when it was tues, i tot it was thurs alr. today i tot nxt monday alr. ppl have jetlag, im having... jetforward... or jettoofast.. or jetflash... k jetflash sounds cooler. if time passes too slowly for u making u feel 1 whole day is 2 days, u're in a state of jetflash. LOL. dun be shocked if u see de word in ur children's dictionary decades later... anws gna go out later! few days back at nite watch where got ghost with lingling, de jack neo "horror" movie. its genre shudnt have horror in it, it shud be a comedy. i enjoyed it as a comedy film, not horror. so if u're lookin for horror, dun watch it. but if u want comedy, watch it. lol. DAMIT FINAL DESTINATION 4 IS M18. im not surprised tho. all final destinations have been m18. nvm, nxt year i can rent it alr. hahahaha. anws later gna go watch dance flick, leon says its funi. he's suppose to watch with us, but he watch with his classmates. anws im gna watch with de new "clique" called, POLY GANG. LOL. we are de pathetic minority. u can even count with 1 hand. hahaha. ok anws, shud be leavin in arnd half an hr.

anws if i rot at home everyday, what have i been doin? alota things. hahaha. everything related to 4 alphabets... N Y A A. thats right. if NYAA were numbers, i sure will buy 4D with it. but sadly dey are alphabets. de mt k things were massive. mt k means mount kinabalu. and there was a guy called mr yeo whom im communicating from X-trekkers. he made mi do lotsa impossible things. lyk collecting money within 4 days, without warning. filling up forms in spreadsheets, all de stuff. feel lyk an office boy with NO PAY. lol. anws i look forward to de trip, gna be pretty exciting i guess. other than that, im gna issue new drafts soon alr, current count is close to 30, im probably gna add another 15 more. arnd dere. LOL. have fun doin de drafts everybody. im catchin up with my own drafts oso. did 10+ alr. halfway dere! hahaha. alrite shall end de post now, maybe a pic.

meet baby hamster... all babies are cute and i duno why. baby rabbit cute, baby cat cute, baby dog cute, baby lion cute, baby tiger cute. every living creature baby is cute. ok except for insects. insects are exception.

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