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Sunday, May 30, 2010

A GREAT TURKISH GRAND PRIX! YEA! altho i dint watch it, i made it back for de highlights. now at m'sia channel having a broadcast, im gna watch it. anws...

GLORY TO MCLAREN!!! YEA! 1 AND 2! EAT DIRT RED BULL! mclaren is top on constructors champion ship oso!!! however they cant rest yet, they are just a point ahead. GREAT RACE! and i gta ang bao today :) $10 bucks. LOL. :D. still munneh.

not much studying today :/ shit man... i dno if im too laid back or what. ok in fact no studying today =.=. i merely flipped thru some books. im gettin kinda worried. shit shit shit. so gna regret later.

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Saturday, May 29, 2010

hahahaha tdy's kinda eventful. woke up and den went brandon's hse to study. ok not study, more like teach him only. so basically today i dint reali study, i just revised by teaching him. guess it went kinda well, just dat i still dno how to do some qns. :/. hopefully monday morning got time to learn.

then i almost died during dinner. literally die. i almost choked on my rice n almost died. I HANDLED DE SITUATION WELL! i was darn hungry, so i was stuffing chicken rice down. :X. hahaha den some rice went into my windpipe. cuz i was trying to breathe n swallow =.=. den i suddenly felt sth blocked down my throat. it wasnt my gullet. i noe it. den i started to grasp for air when i realise i cant get any air... dats when i noe food went into my windpipe, n i noe it went down pretty far.
i kept calm, i faster put down my rice n stopped chewing/swallowing/breathing as well. i held my breath for awhile, let de body do it. den i felt sth moving up my throat area, de windpipe was pushing de food up, but not enuff!!! dats when i really needed air alr. so i initiated coughing n pounded my chest. dats when i felt sth gross, i felt some rice in my gullet, AND DE FOOD WAS OUT! LOL. HENG SAI MAN. LOL. HAHAHAHAHA. dats when i started breathing lyk nuts n keeping de remaining food in my mouth. omg man. i tot i was gna die for a moment. lucky de SAF medic course taught us wad to do when ppl choke.
things u shud take note when u choke on sth, DUN DRINK WATER OR EAT MORE FOOD TO PUSH IT DOWN! it'll get worse. u see those tv shows? dey owaes hug de person n squeeze, yea dats de right way to get choked food out. its not reali hugging or squeezing, its actly u pound his rib area. whr to pound? i sorta forgot. its somewhr at de chest. yup. hahaha.

yea dat was dinner, a close shave to hell... omg man i dowana eat so fast ever again :X. DEN IT WAS F1! hamilton put up a good fight against red bulls. in fact MCLAREN DID! it was a good fight. i noe dey can do it! DEY WILL NT GO DOWN LYK FERRARI! ferrari is lyk, dno wad de hell dey doin alr. dam sucky. 1st was webber frm redbull, 2nd was hamilton, 3rd vettel n 4th button. hopefully tml can watch. :/. GO MCLAREN!

den went out to buy de ear phones for NEchallenge. lalala. was lyk an idiot seh. LOL. we cleared all de stocks on de shelf. we literally took all. bought 12 ear phones in total. de person at de cashier was O.O. she wasn't prepared seh. LOL. she took dam long to scan all de ear phones. she slowly scan 1 by 1. den wads worse was, i paid all 10 dollar notes. total was 154 dollars, she counted lyk nuts. den de first time she count until $90 den she lost count. LOL. den she had to restart! hahahaha! i tried my best not to laugh man! gd thing i dint :D. LOL funny shit. yup now tying up some admin issues for friday's NEchallenge. hope de event goes well :/
hahaha check it out. :D sonicgear ear phones. de quality nt very gd, but it looks dam nice n colourful. so i tink de participants will lyk it. XD. hahaha.

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Friday, May 28, 2010

YEA! finally done with new blog skin. phew. took me long enuff. 2 hrs to be exact. dere goes my study time. :/ but whatever. hahaha. i feel lyk i was doin MCT when editting de codes. LOL. i seem much better with more MCT knowledge.

hope u all tink its nice :)

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so proud of my achievements today. more or less done with maths. :). left with qn B2... de draw graph one, which i dno how to draw. shall figure dat out ltr. hopefully i can if nt gta ask for hlp alr. i guess i'll study efund tml. becuz efund on friday n friday is oso de NEchallenge...

hmmmmmm... my gadgets in my room are heating up. speakers getting hot, ps3 gettin hot, tv getting hot, laptop getting hot. becuz my room is so hot... just turned on my air con to cool em dwn, before turning em on again n continue to study. tml gna be another boring day studying. but... i guess its better this way, cuz studyin SAVES MONEY! LOL. unless u're an idiot who goes to a cafe or restaurant to study den as u study u keep ordering food n drinks.
my master piece. what izit made from? the box is de tictac mango flavour sweet box. de hands are papers which i stuck em on. n i used marker to draw on it. :D little art pieces which i do in class when im bored.

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my head says no, but my heart cant say no... im not following my head anymore...

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Thursday, May 27, 2010

today's last day of school! holidays!!! well thats wad de sec sch kids are tinking... NOT US!

ours is... yea last day of sch, exams nxt monday. =.= haiz. sian creative nvr called back. i tink dint get de job... de guy cheated us, he say most likely will get. WHY LIDAT! i hate scammers who get ppl's hopes up. i hate you... i hope creative gets bought over by apple or another company. die.

k anws shall rest for de night n start studying tml... feeling kinda tired, slpt too late last night watching guiness book of world records. :D FANTASTIC SHOW! HAHAHA. its dam cool to see ppl push to their limits. jerrold will be featured in nxt yr's copy. LOL. cover page somemore. :X

i realise ppl are not selling a lot of mp3 anymore... i tink give it a year dey will stop producing mp3s... cuz everyone is buying apple n its nt a lucrative business to sell mp3s anymore. UNLESS U CAN BEAT APPLE! so little choices nowadays... horrible.

i've come to realise how valuable 5cents is. i cant believe it... i was short of 5 cents... i wasn't thick skin enuff to ask de auntie, "aunty arh, 5 cents only, can dun count?". gd thing i checked de price before buying, if not dam paiseh, buy alr short of 5 cents. its owaes gd to check prices if u have little money in ur wallet.

i've decided which path i wana take... it'll be de longest n most grueling path.. but i guess its to atone for de sins n inferiority... i may not reach de end successfully but i'll still take it. im nt gna take de easy way out again...

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OMG! i love this article. HAHAHAHAHA! MCLAREN KICK SOME ASSES! if u lazy read all, u just read de heading n de last paragraph can alr.

Neale: Watch out Red Bull, McLaren are coming through

Red Bull may be riding high in both championships, having scored every pole position plus three victories from the opening six rounds of 2010, but McLaren’s Jonathan Neale is certain their advantage won’t last the entire season. And during a Vodafone McLaren Mercedes 'Phone-In' session, Neale revealed he believes his team could close the gap to the frontrunners very soon.

“Let’s suppose Red Bull are maybe 0.8 second or a second ahead at some circuits,” began the McLaren managing director. “Based on our own experience, we know that we closed a 2.5 second-a-lap gap between the start of the season and Hungary last year. So we’ve demonstrated that kind of gradient is doable. They have a quick car so now it’s just up to the rest of us to get the job done.

“I suspect that they won’t have that advantage all season. I think they are eminently catchable and we fully intend to do that. It’s all still to play for. At the moment Red Bull have the upper hand, but I’m confident that won’t be the case by the middle of the season.”

Although clearly optimistic McLaren have what it takes to catch the championship leaders, Neale admitted that the British team still have their work cut out to improve their car’s qualifying pace, which in turn will enable drivers Jenson Button and Lewis Hamilton to make more of an impression on the results.

“I don’t think we’ve given Jenson or Lewis, a car that can put them at the front of the grid yet,” he said. “They’ve got their work cut out. Both are working really well, and in terms of the car both leave nothing on the circuit. The obligation is now on us as a team to give them a car to get the job done, not for the drivers themselves to look at what they need to do next.”

Neale freely acknowledged the team has lost out on points over the last few races because of procedural errors. From Hamilton’s DNF in Spain to the mistake in Monaco that saw Button retire after he was despatched with a foam bung left in one of his car’s sidepods, McLaren - like their rivals - know they must prevent similar issues in future.

“Formula One is not at all tolerant and nor should it be," he explained. "We came out of China on a high and then we dropped points in the last two races and, when it’s as tight as it is in the championship, you can’t afford to make those kinds of mistakes. You need to eliminate those from the game, like everyone else… I think Red Bull would say the same thing. If you look at the potential of that car, and the points that they didn’t score, I’m sure they have their own frustrations.”

While admitting it is something of a relief to know Red Bull have similar concerns, Neale is hopeful that McLaren’s experienced driver line-up will ultimately pave the way to rapid development progress.

Although there are plenty of differences in their driving styles, the similarities between Button and Hamilton are such that they free the engineering department to focus on specific areas rather than spreading themselves too thinly to suit each individual’s needs. This, Neale believes, could be important as the title battle hots up.

“Jenson and Lewis have slightly different preferences for braking, but you’re into a second order of magnitude, compared to fundamentals like suspension, wheelbase etc,” he concluded. “So we’re very happy that having these drivers doesn’t mean the chief engineer has to open up two or three development paths, which sap the organisation of energy.

“It means we can then focus on getting more downforce and getting more out of the tyres on to the car, which is essentially where we are going to close the gap to Red Bull. That and being operationally more effective.”

McLaren, currently third in the standings on 129 points to Red Bull’s 156, will be back in action at this weekend’s Turkish Grand Prix.

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Monday, May 24, 2010

today's outing was... to the arcade :):):) was GREAT. i believed everyone wna go back again. street fighter was fun. was kinda retarded as well, we were shouting lyk mad dogs when we used our ulti n kena each other. den when anyone of us won we would shout lyk some retard again. LOL.

den daytona was dam fun oso. we literally used up all de machines. LOL. n as usual, we were screaming lyk mad dogs while driving, overtaking, crashing, winning, losing. everything. i tink de entire arcade could hear our screams n shouts. LOL. lyk some pai kia lidat :X. hahaha but HECK. IT WAS FUN! ITS SO DARN FUN TO PLAY N SCREAM UR LUNGS OUT AT DE SAME TIME. gets u high n into the FUN MOOD! GUYS! AFTER TERM TEST NXT FRIDAY! ARCADE AGAIN! YEA! LOL.

my CDS term test tml... studying now. i seem to be kinda stressed but i dno over wad. i have no idea over wad. maybe cuz i fell aslp just nw while studying, when i woke up i've been feeling lidat. n i fell aslp in a bad position, made my neck ache lyk shit. =.=. n my head hurts oso. nt too bad now.

JUST WATCHED FMA. GREEEEEEEEEEEEED FTW! its a gd educational show abt de 7 deadly sins. hahahaha. btw dey are.. gluttony, greed, lust, envy, sloth, wrath aka anger, pride. :) we all definitely have em, but contain em as much as possible. need explanations? k lazy.
Daytona-ing. :DDD. i tink sega earn billions outa this simple yet fun game loh. LOL.
this is called multi-layering. my camera is taking wad another phone's camera is taking. this is to reduce image quality. LOL.

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Sunday, May 23, 2010

looks like this place is nt gna close down. :X

shall try to put more stuff in, and extend my memory portal.

MCT research now =.=. not going pretty well... the contents are screwed up and hard to find. :/ hope i can get it done by today. since i wun have time tml cuz i gta study for CDS term test which is on tuesday. :( and wednesday dere is orgcom test as well. double :( then there's term test the week after... im dam scared for MCT... triple :(

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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Closing down this place... :)

this blog has been with me for 5 years + alr. this is the 6th year i guess.
it shall serve as a memory portal for me now ^^

this is the 564th post. probably the last one alr. :)

maybe in future i'll decide to use it again. :)

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Friday, May 07, 2010

DONE WITH AEL VIDEO! HAH! if u reject one more time u shall feel my wrath. thnx alot den :D. LOL. time to relax n take a break for de rest of the night.....

how bout that, my work of art :) i editted de picture and drew the book.

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