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Friday, October 31, 2008

ok time for a short post in someone's house before i go for de bio paper. olvls pretty well i guess, esp de history paper.... de qns too predictable. LOL. k anws i duno wad to post. its not my fault ... someone want mi update . =DDDDDDDDD dat someone is just beside mi now. laughin to de computer screen as im typin more words in... i scared by de tym i end dis post she bu xing alr... so i shall stop now. =D.

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P.S.: You are not alone.

Friday, October 10, 2008

ooooooooh its been so long, n it'll be longer. dis is not a post, but anws de nxt post shud be aft olvl. anws my sept hp bill came. my incomin calls rose more den de one in aug. LOL. i shall post abt dat tgt with my oct bill de nxt post. LOL.

if u haven studied, fear not... dun see others n scared u not studyin enuff, dey are jus over-studyin. LOL. its all abt urself, dun look at others =). do wad u feel is sufficient n leave no regrets? yup. most imp is leave no regrets.

anws... onward to our 3rd mth. =). life's reali good with u in it. continue to be dere ok? ^^. u r more den jus a girlfren alr... =).

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P.S.: You are not alone.

ferrari president (Di Montezemolo) slams singapore circuit
Wednesday, October 01, 2008

as the title suggests, yup. somebody bein a soreeeeeeee loser. XD. this article caught my attention, to all ferrari fans, u all mite not wana defend ferrari, LOL. cuz its all true. i shall put de article below

Ferrari president Luca di Montezemolo has launched a scathing attack on Sunday's Singapore Grand Prix.

Renault's Fernando Alonso took victory at the Marina Bay circuit but Ferrari drivers Filipe Massa slipped from pole to 13th and Kimi Raikkonen crashed out.
"When we race on tracks which should be used for the circus, anything can happen," he told Gazzetta dello Sport.
"This is humiliating for F1 and it is an aspect I want to talk about with the other teams in the next few weeks."

F1's first night race drew rave reviews from spectators but drivers complained about how bumpy the track was, particularly off the racing line, which made overtaking difficult on a street circuit hemmed in by barriers.
There were two safety car interventions, the first of which turned the race upside down and contributed to Spaniard Alonso's unexpected victory for Renault.

Montezemolo, appointed this month as the first chairman of the F1 Teams Association, said before the race that street circuits, with their lack of overtaking opportunities, were not the way forward for the sport.

"It was a bitter day, but there are three races left and I have faith in all of Ferrari's men," said Montezemolo. "We saw that last year in the final race in Brazil.
"Ferrari went through times much more difficult than this. I expect Massa and Raikkonen to always finish first and second in the three remaining races. In any case, ahead of McLaren.
The team president also backed the mechanics who gave Massa the green light during a pit stop despite the fuel hose still being attached to the car as he sped away.
"We have extraordinary mechanics who in other occasions have swung results our way," said Montezemolo.
"We must stay close to each other because Ferrari are always world champions and are still in the running to win."

yup thats wad de article is all abt, for my comments first. he seemed so happy when massa got de pole position on sat, n suddenly aft sun, his attitude towards the track changed a 180 degrees. its pretty obvious when he called de track a circus, it was all becuz he's a sore loser. now for other viewer's comments.

"Di Montezemolo: SC debacle humiliating for F1Tuesday 30th September 2008 as reported in PlanetF1Ferrari President Luca di Montezemolo has slammed the Singapore street circuit, saying it would be better off "staging a circus or something else". "If Massa led from start to finish, I guess he'll pour nice words on their host! But then, Ferrari is what Ferrari does best....Arrogance & sore loser.I wonder, with his mighty clout over FIA,how long will Singapore last should this track still prove miserable to Ferrari! - by chrizy

The Ferrari bosses have finally made them look pathetic, righteousness dwells. How sad can one go by stating the following --"Ferrari went through times much more difficult than this. I expect Massa and Raikkonen to always finish first and second in the three remaining races. In any case, ahead of McLaren".Losers say silly words. This clearly shows that they have lost it. Why should we comment anymore, MaClaren has won the battle of politics by being totally the best. Hami, you smiling now - by PJBullet

Don't recall any complaints after the Valencia street race....but then Ferrari won there! - by Rossifumi
(let me explain a lil more, its becuz valencia street race was de first tym drivers raced dere too n de track was "lousy" too as dere were no chances of overtakin lyk de sg circuit n dere was lyk no overtakin at all durin de whole race. n massa finished off 1st... so look at de irony)

Montezemolo never moaned about the Valencia GP which was infinitely more uneventful and boring than Singapore. And of course, what a preposterous idea it is to have a track 'where anything can happen' to quote Montezemolo, that has challenges such as bumps and gradient changes and even corners, and in its own unique way pushes the drivers to their limits. I personally thought the Singapore GP was Formula 1 at its best, the cars looked brilliant, it was forward thinking, and if thats how the sport wants to make its money them I'm all for it. - by thefunkychief

This is an obvious case of sour grapes from Ferrari, if they had won we would not be hearing these sorts of comments. They only have themselves to blame and have had more than their fair share of luck in recent times in any case. - by mightyMuave

yup and one funny comment by de Muttons in muttons till midnite on 98.7fm... it went somethin lyk "big words are comin out of someone who's name is lyk cheese"... LOL. if u have de perseverance to read till here, gd job! LOL. if u wana change sides n dowana be a ferrari fan anymore, dun hesitate. but this case its VERY obvious dat de fella is bein a sore loser n he doesnt think before he speaks.

yes ppl this is de man who's name sounds lyk cheese. Di Montezemolo...

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P.S.: You are not alone.