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Thursday, November 30, 2006

yay yay yay im back n alive... body still not recovered frm injuries n stuff though.. i tink de fever still dere.. but heck first.. i shall post a more detailed post later in de afternoon maybe cuz now got lotsa lotsa stuff i haven do. ya. anws, gd job to whole of part B whole went thru de camp.. supported my weak body n hlped mi thru in lots n lots of way.
anws, i noe u mite be tinkin y de hell i wake up so early. XD

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Saturday, November 25, 2006

to my beloved meis, thank u.
to ppl who noe me, byebye.
wo zhou le. bye.

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Thursday, November 23, 2006

ok i finally posted sumthin... actually wana post aft camp but since now i cant slp i jus post sum crap in... i wana slp... but i cant seem 2 slp.. eyes lyk closin le... but duno y i dowana slp.. zzZZZZ... im gettin more retard le. =x. anws, thnx meimei fer hlpin mi update ytd. =) thnx alot. n so sori fer de trouble i caused fer u... >.< ya. n part B camp seems 2 be drawin in closer n much faster... zzzZZZZ... it was lyk 1 year.. n now its been reduced greatly to lyk 2 days+... not sure if i cant make it thru... zzzZZZZZ... ppl tell mi i can... but i doubt so. sian. sian sian sian. i tink i stop here.. will continue 2 post aft de camp.

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Wednesday, November 22, 2006

heyy... Lewis's meiimeii here...
helping him write post cos he's too LAZY!!! x)=

emm... would lyk to say Hi!!! to WaNtInG =DD
think she's kinda niceey... =))
hello hello hello ^^ hahax...

actually wanna help him say 心里的话 lehh... smth like... "miss 2L alot"... =P
but he dun have lehh... ... zzz... zhen shii de... hahax...
anyway, after his pds traning today... he sms-ed me...
saying his muscle tore... hahahax...
me replied "aehh... tear le jiu have more muscle ritex? ren e pain lorhh"
then he laugh laugh... say muscle tear le jiu gone le... ...
and we started a funny argument about whether muscle tear le will still grow back or not...
lols... but is WILL de lorhh...
even willie, your SENIOR says so..!!! hahahax...
so, i win... =DDD
end of the day... he say his muscle din tear luhh... aching nia... =))

mum bugging me to get off e com le... haishxx... ...
lastly, lewis <33 exchanging arms... =DD
the end... buh-byex... =DDD

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Thursday, November 16, 2006

ok now i got mood 2 blog de stuff in le... haiz... pass few days quite, sian diao n moodless... now sad no more=). cuz last nite toked 2 meimei on de phone den cheered mi up.=) anws, day before chalet, dad brought home a HUGE plastic bag.. n inside contain de eva lastin supply of vitagen!! it was lyk 40 over bottles of em la... nvr seen so mani vitagens in my life before... he told us cuz de vitagen factory got printin error so cant sell 2 public so dey sold 2 my dad fer 1 bottle 20 cents.. haha.. den i decide 2 plae wif em.. i began makin a vitagen pyramid.=)

its lyk, can drink till all de stuff in yer stomach come out.. even de stomach will come out. LOL. >.<.. vitagen fer life! XD.. den had class chalet... i dun tink i wana post 2 much abt it... wasnt nice on de 2nd day cuz i remembered all de stuff i hafta do den start 2 sian diao... so i was not reali enjoyin in de 2nd day... i even forgot 2 eat de whole day...=.=. de first day was still ok.. i learnt mahjong n played de whole nite.. haha. =) n dey enjoyed touchin my nice n sexyyy hair..=.=.. but meimei touch my hair nvm. =) hahaha.. at least she iz gentle wif de hair.. not lyk SOME PPL. =.=. LOL.. =) touch le got gd luck. n i missed de part B chalet, when dey were in chalet i guess i was busy doin de cheer booklet.. but in de end i still nid hlp frm part Bs... =/ at first tot no nid trouble em... haiz sian... still haven do mutual visual aid, grp flag, cheer bklt, read up manual, HOLIDAY HW. =.=.. heck de holidae hw.. im goin in ncc first.. part b camp nxt sunday le., =)? si le!

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Tuesday, November 14, 2006

i will post on wad happened lately nxt tym, now not in de mood 2 post... dun even haf de mood 2 go fer part b chalet le.... ... zzZZZZzzzz...
" dat chalet shall be de last tym i will be wif ya'll..... "

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Wednesday, November 08, 2006

hmmms...todae had trainin.. but not veri hiong.. haha.. i learnt quite a few new drills.. perfected de sung fu further but not perfect yet.. haiz... sad.. de applyin of kaya still sux n polishin oso... XD.. den oso learnt popeye n slow marker... those drills quite easy... i fergot how 2 spell popeye!! duno if correct spellin or not... hahaha.. shall not go into so much details on pds. =) hahaha.. den aft pds had air rifle, 2 train fer tmls shootin com.. i shot a total of 60 pellets! dam alot la! lol.. de 5 of us goin tml used up de whole box of pellets...hahahaa... dam freakin fun... n tirin oso... we were lyk, kip on shootin again n again... total 15 rounds of 4.. =)... de results of shootin got beta n beta until de last part lil bit cock up... lol... aft dat went 85 eat n den aft dat when i reached home, i went out again 2 do sumthin.. dun tell.. =P se-cr-et.. lol.. XD.. hahahhaha.. tml shootin com le... i fear tml n pressured by tml oso... if we cant win, mus wear de dam singlet..=.=... n pe shorts tucked in... siannn... its lyk, i tink most lykly will lose le la.. haiz... but jus try my best not 2 pull de rest down.. =) ALL DE WAY SHOOTIN COM! n wish mi luck =)))

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Monday, November 06, 2006

todae had a loooooooong trainin... 8-5+... i a lil sian diao... cuz iz not train all de way... we started off wif lecture n grpin fer part B camp.. im in a grp called ROMEO.. nice name.. den it was lyk.. romeo mus die.. IM GONA DIE IN DE CAMP WIF OTHERS IN SAME GRP! T.T... lol... den de grp ic was weisheng n jeremy... weisheng warned us, he will be lyk an animal in de camp... scared la.. de beast iz comin... waaaa.. XD. n i was appointed de ic fer de song bklt... sian... nvm... i got files fer de song le.... but lil bit onli... lol.. den we had 2 design grp flag.. i guess it went off smooooothly... yup... den aft de lecture, had practice on pds... i already noe de drills at de tip of my fingers le.. muahahahaha... cuz last wk jonathan got let us practice... den i noe alot alot n practice alot alot.. it paid off.. den had lunch.. aft lunch, its tym.. FER SELECTION!!! WAAAAAAA!!! DAM FREAKIN GAN JIONG!!! n guess wad.. im lyk de most heng person on de entire earth... yiyang went off first... he de most suei one la! IM DE 2ND MOST HENG/SUEI!!! IM 2ND 2 GO LA?!!??!?!.. its lyk.. wth?!?!?!?! so fast?!??!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!??!?! i dam freakin nervous... cant even stand without shakin.. so i was lyk kip on shakin durin de audition thingy... wa... shake till lyk... vibrator.. XD... hahaha... wth la... den first 2 drills still ok I TINK. i did right turnin slope n volvo order.. den de surprise drill was side kick.. I SCREW UP DE TIMIN! SHIT! cuz got new timin fer de thing.. den i kip on followin de old timin la... sian sian sian... n i learn frm sir tong wei dat... L iz fer lima in de thingy, lyk A fer alpha, B fer bravo.. n stuff.. L fer lima! woooo.. lol.. XD den before i did de pds drills, sir tong wei got ask a few qns.. abit lame la.. but still answered anws... super scary!!! waaaa!!! T.T. den aft lyk 2 hrs.. de selection lasted dam freakin long.. n we were sittin dere.. n hearin de chinese orchestra ppl playin la?! den dey kip on playin over de same one again n again. =x. hahaha.. lil bit irritatin.. but nvm.. hahah.. n finally, de results! csm aloysius was readin out who entered pds in order of de name list.. den was lyk.. leonard in, kaijie in, n aft kaijies name iz mine.. den de nxt name was yuncheng... mine was skipped.. i noe.. i nvr enter pds le... T.T.. saddenin la... den read read read.. finally read all finish le... den he was lyk.. ok dats all... den he was lyk starin at mi wif waileong, nvr notice anithing ar? hen xiang shao ren... den i was lyk hah? den he said, n lastly, lewis... =.=... frm my sad sad face i made a pissed look..=.= plae wif my feelins.. den chun peng was lyk video-in dwn my face or sumthin..=.=.. =.= =.= =.= =.=.. gou le man! =.=.. plae wif my feelins..heart broken... anws, i entered pds! hahaha. to those dat dint enter, no worries, u will still haf a part to play in de cca orientation. jus try yer best in wad u do. =) ALL THE WAY BRAVO!

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Sunday, November 05, 2006

hmmm... i guess de guys shud be in changi airport now... shud be landed le unless de flight was delayed.. sori i dint go airport fetch ya'll... cuz i dint feel lyk goin suddenly... everibody went, stefan,shuyi,jollin, etc.. duno y suddenly dowana go... lol.. tml got long long trainin n selections are tml... sian.. i scared i cant make it... >.<. shootin com iz also closin in, its on de comin thurs... feelin lil bit pressured le... ok not lil bit, pressured... zzzZZZZ.. waaaa.. ps. to de guys dat came back frm shanghai, rest well except fer leon n marcus, cuz tml got trainin.. LOL. =x.

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Saturday, November 04, 2006

i shall post abt yesterdae first... ytd had company trainin... n dere were conflicts between part B bout de meetin... but in de end, wif de hlp of sirs and ps/csm, we managed 2 sort out de conflict without ani injuries, which iz gd... n we shud learn frm de incident... =) n last nite i called mei mei =). toked 2 her fer abt lyk 30mins lidat.. hahaha.. she in shanghai n i guess i jus missed her, aft tokin 2 her feel high.. =x. XD.hahaha... n i also toked 2 my dad, as in de real dad.. he said he gona buy new com!!! wooooooooo!!!!!!.. XDXDXD. finally... n todae i went out wif part B.. haha... dam freakin fun.. we all meet at pasir ris mrt station n den we headed off to pasir ris park. we went dere n rent bikes.. $5 fer 2hrs. haha. den shengchao was bein moron.. he went 2 ask de shop owner which iz a rather old man... he was lyk askin de uncle in chinese if dere iz a bike dat 10 ppl can cycle.. hahaha.. den de uncle said haf, mus pre-order first.. dam freakin lame... den we cycle arnd n arnd n we looked lyk biker gang lol.. we were lyk cyclin in a grp of 9 lidat.. n iz close together den look lyk we wana fight.. lol. n we cycled passed de ponys! =) i took pic of some of em.
aft dat we stopped at de playground! it was dam freakin fun.. we climbed up de web thingy. i was lyk, i wana be spiderman! den one small boi went 2 copi mi n told his mum he iz spiderman.. LOL. veri cute... we went all de way to de top lol...lil bit scary. haha.. den aft dat we climbed up de web wif a freakin long slide.. but de slide sux la.. cant slide derh.. can even walk dwn de slide.. LOL.
Bravos on top of de web! =)
hahaha, gerald tryin 2 get dwn but we kip on shakin de web den he dam scared. XD
on top of de slide! =)
walkin dwn de slide.. lol.. super dumb slide, not slippery one. XD we look lyk lil kiddies. XD

aft de 2hrs was up, we returned de bikes.. actually, we returned earlier den 2hr la.. but nvm.. hahaha.. den shengchao wanted 2 buy ice cream frm de rental bike kiosk den he dam freakin dumb n lame.. it was de same old man again.. den he ask he wan which one.. den shengchao opened de ice cream slidin door n told de old man, uncle! da2 qiang3! (robbery). den de old man told shengchao, how much can u earn frm snatchin ice creams.. lol.. shengchao iz a moron. den we went 2 de field behind n relaxed.. cheongkai n some of em tried 2 fly de kite but failed.. hahaha..dam funi.. den some kicked de soccer ball arnd.. i was jus sittin on de grass listenin 2 geralds ipod. XD. aft dat we went white sands food court n eat.. den at de mama-shop in de food court, de indian was callin de guy readin de magazines not 2 browse, he was lyk, "hello! hello!" den shengchao walked pass n told de indian guy, hello. =.=. den i shout at him n he found out de indian man not sayin hello 2 him..=.= buei tahan. i ate chicken rice. not veri fillin, but dun care... den we went TM n walk walk. lol. n i decided i wana buy a cap!!! fer my bald days.. lol.. den guifeng oso wana buy cap so we decided 2 buy same one. gays =) we hunted de whole tm n cs but dint find ani nice caps.. T.T sad life. first we went into isetan.. den we were lyk walkin arnd n we arrived at de toys section! dam freakin fun. guifeng saw dis bunch of cool kiddie sunglasses n he went 2 try one of em.
guifeng look dam freakin funi.

den got dis boi dam freakin cute.. fascinated by de toy. hahaha veri cute.

aft isetan, we all went to a few shops n we arrived at toys R us! hahaha. another kiddie place.. these days de toys super cool la.. unlyk last tym.. dull dull one.. sad life.. lol.. dey found de soft toy section n began playin wif elmo..=.=..
find de hidden meanin within dis pic. XD hahahaha. stefan iz sick. XD

aft dat dey went into mini-bits n guifeng bout hair clips.. hahaa.. i was lyk, u buy fer wad, yer goin bald soon aniwaes.. hahaha.. he gave mi 2 hair clips. one blue one purple. hahahaha. XD den went 2 77th street 2 find de cap oso.. no nice ones. den guifeng bought shoe lace. pinkk one. haha.. he lyk obsessed wif pink. XD. den he used my 77th street card n i found out gona expire le.. mus renew. sian.. =.=. hahaha... aft de tampines area, we went 2 simei! we went east point n finally found nice cap. =) not reali super nice but still nice. ya.. hahaha.. was an i.p cap.. mi n gf bought it n aft dat we all finally went home.. was out fer whole afternoon. lol. =)

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Thursday, November 02, 2006

veri long nvr post anithin le... lazi.. =x. yesterdae had trainin. lol. was quite ok.. practiced alota moves again n again until i familiarised em.. den todae woke up wif an achin back.... lol... buei tahan... hope by tml's trainin not pain le... todae went 2 sch.. fer de discussion, it went well n we came up wif a plan... it sounds lame la.. ok, it iz lame.. not sure if it will work but up 2 dis stage.. no choice but to try everithin... jus nid permission n consent to carry it out. den we went 85 to eat. i ate de same old stuff again, nasi lemak.. i lyk wun sian of it one.. lol.. XD. aft eatin we were decidin go whr.. den stefan was lyk, followin eugene n gerald go some place.. i fergot de name le.. lol.. XD. den mi, zw n yiyang went ky's hse.. n guess wad i did.. i slept at his hse! so cool.. i slp at de sofa dere.. lol... dam sian... but i guess beta den home... XD. den went home wif zw n i was abt 2 go bathe n guess wad, xavier called frm shanghai. =)? haha.. i sorta miss em.. ok not em.. i sorta miss some of em... ok not some... actually i dun miss em at all.. =x. ok dun find mi mean or wad.. but its true.. i onli miss some of em. SOME. esp... nvm. i was lyk take off my shirt already, abt 2 bathe den de phone ring ring ring vibrate vibrate.. wanted 2 heck care n jus bathe but i see xavier den tot got sumthin imp den i go pick.. pick up de fone de tym.. a bunch of... duno how 2 sae was makin hell lotsa noise.. cant even put de hp at my ear.. mus put a distance away..=.=. aiya, i tink dey miss mi. mus be. LOL. XD lets see, i toked to, rachel, xavier, roy, sisira, ashley, hexian. hexian i not sure.. lol.. hope tml's trainin goes well. =)

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