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f1 everywhere
Monday, September 29, 2008

yup apparently the F1 news is everywhr, u turn on de news on tv its f1. u read de papers, its f1, n now u read my blog, its gna be f1 too. to all ferrari fans, tooooooooo bad. to all mclaren fans, its still too early to celebrate. to all hamilton fans, u all can be happy. before this post i said something lyk dis race was de crucial turnin point, yup. now massa's 7 pts behind, but i tink he will put up a fight in de nxt 3 races so its gna get excitin frm now. in the constructor's league, mclaren wun stay in de lead for long. its pretty obvious, kovalainen is not a very consistent driver. but if de nxt race de ferrari team cock up again... den i tink dey gna be in deep trouble. the race was super drama, dere were a few nice overtakes. surprisingly one went to nakajima. LOL. his overtake was beautiful. the other was hamilton overtakin coulthard. it was nice too. somehow when piquet crashed aft alonso had pitted, it all seemed so coincidental. LOL. ferrari hasn't been gd at all. first was massa's car engine busted when he was gna win the race, next was kimi skiddin in de rain n crashin when he had a gd chance of winnin, and now the pit accident. ferrari givin us gd shows. XD. well im not a ferrari fan, n neither am i a BIG lewis hamilton fan. im more of a McLaren Mercedes fan, so happen lewis hamilton is drivin for that and he is reali boostin the mclaren team. so i guess im lykin him. but if he goes somewhr else... =.=... den we'll see how. anws ytd i had a nice tym watchin de race... esp the place that im at =). hahahaha. XD. nice area with nice person watchin with mi. =).

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All about F1
Saturday, September 27, 2008

as the title suggests, the singapore F1 race is finally here! after long anticipation... but sad to say, to my disappointment, the track is rather sucky... no doubt its beautiful, and the night lights make de cars dam freaking nice n shiny... but de track seems rather sucky. why? to me a gd track means that alot of opportunities for overtaking. testing the drivers' skills. more overtakin den excitin ma. apparently drivers and critics say, its even more difficult to overtake den the valencia's track, and the race in valencia was dam dry. hardly any overtakin. unlike the hungary track where dere was alot of opportunities for overtaking. BUT! the track is pretty narrow and confusing, so deres alot of room for mistakes by the drivers... so expect more crashes =). so i guess wun be THAT dry or boring ba. XD. hope so. anws i guess the qualifying sessions will be the key to winnin the race. if u get the pole position... i guess 3/4 of the race is completed. the road in SG is oso dam hot, ytd's practice session, onli a few laps and the tires are alr worn out lyk siao. so i guess expect more pit stops? ya anws the track is reali beautiful n nice. the night scenary dam nice and its a success within a short tym. even the F1 committee ppl dint expect it to be of such great quality in such a short tym. so as a singaporean we ought to be proud =), cuz de whole world's watchin. i hope mclarens make it... the SG GP is a crucial race, all seem so well planned. the constructors league, mclaren mercedes is jus behind ferrari by 5 pts whereas massa is jus behind hamilton by a point. so this race determines alot. i gta feelin some guai lan driver lyk de previous race will emerge. LOL. if it rains i tink it'll happen, but if it doesnt, i guess massa stands more chance. we'll see tonite after the 3 qualifying sessions ^^. go mclarens!.
really very nice... =)

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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

zzzzzzzzzzz i reali wished i nvr went to leon's blog. =.=. k fine i shall not be a spoil sport n do de stupit quiz.

1. The person who tagged you is?
leon tan =.=

2. Your relationship with him/her?
my platoon mate for 3 and 1/4 years.

3. Your 5 impression of him/her
-gay. (LOL JKJK XD)
-SUPER sociable

4. The most memorable thing he/she had done for you.
lets see..... during part B camp while tryin to push him on durin de hike he unexpectedly was de one pushin mi on. u're one of em who made mi dowan to give up. its hard to explain, if u wan more i tell u. LOL. personally... XD

5. The most memorable thing he/she has said to you?
"eh! im not gossip king/gay la! (in a rather gay tone)" LOL.

6. If he/she becomes your lover, you will?

7. If he/she becomes your lover, what does he need to improve on?

8. If he/she becomes your enemy, you will?
i will noe its not him.

9. What do you want to tell him/her now?
why u make mi do dis quiz T.T

10. Your overall impression of him/her is?
a guy u shud make frens with, he wun harbour evil tots so u dun hafta worry.

11. How do you think people around you will feel around you?
ask em...?

12. What are the characters you love about yourself?
tolerant n sometyms unpredictable? lol. no idea

13. On the contrary, what are the characters you hate about yourself?
-when i gan jiong i cant un-gan jiong myself easily
-havin/puttin on a dao face most of de tym
-difficulty in smiling
-unsociable? LOL.

14. The most ideal person you want to be is?
i wan de brain of a chink(PRC scholar)... but i guess im fine with myself.

15. For people that you care and like, say something to them.
hi. =)

16. Pass this quiz to 10 people that you wish to know how they feel about you. (eh eh eh u ppl dun fake fake see alr dun do ar...)
1)ashley tongs
4)wei en
6)wenxin NG
(these ppl if u dun mind doin again =) )

17. Who is no. 6 having a relationship with? (ng wenxin)
no one i guess.

18. is no. 9 a male or a female? (yiyang)

19. If no. 7 and no. 10 are together, will it be a good thing? (Charissa n zw)

20. What is no. 2 studying about? (kevin)
stupit qn...

21. When was the last time you had a chat with no. 3? (wanting)
hahaha quite long nvr alr.

22. What kind of music band does no. 8 like? (yuncheng)
no idea.

23. Does no. 1 have any siblings? (ashley)

24. Will you woo no. 3? (wanting)
if im single and if she's single, i guess maybe? LOL.

25. How about no. 7? (charissa)
a sensitive qn...

26. Is no. 4 single? (wei en)
oh oh oh if he's not it'll be interestin. i wish he is not single. LOL.

27. What is the surname of no. 5? (wenzheng)

28. What is the hobby of no. 10? (zw)
growin mushrooms

29. Does no. 5 and no. 9 get along well? (wenzhen, yiyang)
lol i tink dey will

30. Where is no. 2 studying at? (kevin)

31. Talk about something for no. 1. (ashley)
dun so kpo pls.

32. Have you tried developing feelings for no. 8? (yuncheng)
nope, i dun lyk tall ppl who mock at shorter ones. LOL.

33. Where does no. 9 live? (yiyang)
pasir ris

34. What colour does no. 4 like? (wei en)
i duno.

35. Are no. 1 and no. 5 best friends? (ashley, wenzhen)
LOL, dey make a gd couple. LOL.

36. Does no.1 have any pets? (ashley)
i duno n it doesnt matter

37. Is no. 7 the sexiest person in the world? (charissa)
hahahahaha yup =) XD

38. What is no. 10 doing now? (zw)
checkin on his shrooms.

finally... see leon im not an asshole afterall.

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tym for a short post, i was shocked upon seein my tagboard jus now... o.o. change blogskin n so mani ppl come kpo n see see. LOL. de most shockin tag was of course shanna's one... but nvm. LOL. doesnt reali matter, anws today rather boring. in fact everyday rather boring, cant wait for the study break to start! dun hafta wake up so early... tml gna be a long day oso. T.T... anws another shockin thing is my dad has officially retired frm the work force... =.=. he's not old... dis is bad... no job = no money! looks lyk my allowance is gna shrink... but my allowance is little enuff alr XD. so i dun tink it'll shrink? hahaha. anws my dad is de same age as ahs. so make a guess ba. to ppl... how to tell if ur old man's gna retire... firstly he'll start tokin abt alot of retarded plans... lyk, "wa maybe i shud open my own shop" or "i wana stay at usa/europe or wadeva"... secondly, he'll suddenly work lesser, come home earlier frm work n stuff lidat... and thirdly, he suddenly does things out of de blue. LOL. now for a random pic.
i tink dis is dam disgusting... both of em =.=. pls dun do dis kinda stuff for future pop-s. LOL.

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Monday, September 22, 2008

Happy Birthday Chng Wan Ting!
its abit early, scared tml i dun have tym. ^^

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hmmmmmmmm jus completed my mission... XD. operation WT. got attacked by 2 kittens =.=. anws jus a short post to summarise my last prelim result which i got today, my eng =). LOL. my stupit loser lyk compo got a 22 again! LOL. i wrote another stupit ncc story n it got mi a 22 lyk my mye. LOL. it was de same comments again. simple.... that was de marker's comment. maybe if i wan i'll type out my compo here, let u all see how simple it is... LOL. k anws yup my eng a b3. everythin was usual, failed my compre, summary was ok, compos ok. my situational screwed up tho, lyk big tym. almost failed, but i still got a b3 cuz usually i'll get a high b3 but becuz of a screwed situational i got a low b3. LOL. yup dat concludes my L1R5, as predicted by me before i get back all my results... 12! almost divide by 2 frm my mye. wad a mugger i am. LOL.

sorry i got angry with u earlier on ><. altho u dint mind but...... ^^. anws sorry =/. <3

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Friday, September 19, 2008

well before u read dis post... i suggest u stop wadeva u are doin... esp if u're eatin or before u are gna eat. cuz it mite spoil ur appetite or ur food mite end up on de com screen... cuz wad u're gna read is reali unbelievable..... to summarise it all, "the stupit has become smart..." LOL. yes thats me. mi who nvr got a l1r5 close to 15 or 16 or 17 or 18... is breakin history. ok de lowest was 19. last yr's eoy. LOL. well not countin de CA-s tho cuz those are easy peasy. ok even if its CA-s de lowest i got is 16. LOL. well dis tym... i got back most of my papers alr... left with de last crucial one... my eng =.=. anws... so i can conclude whats my R5 alr... and its 9. LOL. 2 A1, 2 A2, 1 B3... hahaha. that B3 is chinese, the A2-s are emaths and bio, the A1s are obviously my humans. LOL. and the amazin thing is i tink i topped the level for core history. LOL. i cant find anyone higher den mi so far... =X. i hope its trueeeeeeeeeee. i nvr gotten any stupit award for studies before.. hahahahhaa. not even once. XD. so it'll be quite amazin. but of course i can top it cuz de total no. of core hist students are 42?. LOL. but its not simple! hahahahaha. ok nvm. yup. of course de 2 subjs i dint include is chem and amaths. i failed amaths la, fine. =.=. LOL. my chem got a pathetic C grade. LOL. those 2 are my weakest subjs... so wad. ok anws i predict my eng will get a B3 or B4, so my L1R5 shud be 12-13... lalala. seems so impossible...
ok anws movin on, life's been very happy... VERY happy. i guess im in for clt course? yup. got de application forms. but of course im still doin de final considerations if i shud go or not... i have abt 1 week left to give it a final thought... since de company is not something to fool arnd with, and my future oso. so...... yup life's VERY happy, because of you =). im reali glad... ^^. we have known each other for so long but nvr reali knew each other. LOL. to those 3-5 mths ppl, LOL, u all shudnt noe who u are... hahaha, WAIT AND SEE. =D. ok anws i have new neighbours, AND THE CONSTRUCTION WORK IS IRRITATIN. ESP DE DRILLING. WALAO! CANT STAND IT!. its lyk "ZZZZZZZZZZEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEHHHHHHHHHHHH." non-stop, gd thing its jus aft prelims, so i not reali into mass studyin, if its jus before Olvls... walao i swear i'll die. i shall stop here, and now stefan, pictures of my bike =). standby tissue, to wipe ur drool. LOL.

the back suspension.

the front suspension.

yup that's my "wife"... of course its not the thing i love the most... ^^.

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Friday, September 12, 2008

today's a nice day... a reali reali nice day... ^^

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Sunday, September 07, 2008

tml is de 2nd half of de prelims. half time gna over alr. n im done with chem ! =). im not pinnin alot of hopes on chem tho. a B4 or C5 im hapi alr. ya. =/. ok anws ltr 745 is de belgian grand prix, ferrari is goin down! die massa! hope ur car engine blow again! kimi can go along with him =D. lol. watch lewis hamilton own de race. go mclarens.

anws im pretty sure i'll hit 3000mins dis month. its not a goal nor a dream animore! its something dat confirm will happen alr. XD. now nida see whether it hits 4000.. hahahaha. anws pls get well soon ><. exams are tml n i dowan u to take de exams with a fever =/. take care n drink more water.

ppl gd luck for ur prelims tml. ^^.

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Wednesday, September 03, 2008

hmmmmm jus a short short post to kip dis blog goin. damit dis hols dint do alot of studyin. =/. nt gd. anws ytd was =DDDDDDDDDDDDD. LOL. ok anws to everybody takin prelims, gdluck studyin n gdluck for ur prelims. hoho anws got thing to let u see!
hoho as u all can see its a handphone bill, yup its mine. well its not an ordinary bill i wud sae, not for mi. ok now i zoom into de interestin part for u...

tada! dun look at de number of mms and sms i sent, its normal and common. look at the incomin calls i got. LOL. BEAT THAT! i have calculated, its abt 37hrs. LOL. imagine if dere's no free incomin call, my bill will be $300+... XD. ok anws my new target will be 3000mins!!! =)

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