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Monday, July 21, 2008

ooooooooo been so long since i last posted. dun even noe wad to post now actly, life's so borin n everyday's de same... haiz. pretty saddenin. except for one part of my life which is not saddenin. =). hahahaha. look forward to every night, get to tok to a certain someone. LOL. anws fri jus had some napfa stations, i got 2 A alr n 1 C. sian =.=. shuttle run n sit up got A... duh. LOL. n my sit n reach got C. hahahahaha. sux. but de thing iz i tink my sit n reach get D oso leh. if follow tan meng tong dat paper i'll get C but if follow stadium dat paper i'll get D. so i wana re-do again on fri... dowana take any risks. n now its left with pull up and standin board. pull up confirm A one. LOL. den standin board i tink i'll get C. stupit thigh... dam sore now T.T. pretty bad, hope it'll get beta soon. i have difficulty goin up n down stairs now. n i cant run. lol. ok anws now my life revolves arnd 21.... hahaha. all about 21. NOT BLACK JACK!. LOL. i dun gamble.... O.O. ok maybe i do, but not an addict. not lyk de tv de man ask money frm de small girl. ok anws tml watchin batman. anws later can have tym with 21 again =). 21212121212121212121212121212121212121. looks lyk 12.
guess who... ok dam obvious. LOL. anws he's 21. =)

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P.S.: You are not alone.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

pls cheer up soon ><...

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Monday, July 07, 2008

wooooo its late at nite n i still dowana slp. hmmmm ytd was mr chua's bbq, dam fun. esp de playgrnd... LOL. brings out de kids in everyone, well if u wana noe more abt de bbq, go to yuncheng's blog, has all de pics n everythin. i dowana do a replica of his post. LOL. n oso i am promotin the eugene collection! yes ppl. aka peh collection, well jus dat im not doin it, yuncheng is. i tink ytd eugene pissed him off so he decide to do a collection on him. LOL. so look forward to it? n tml's gna be pretty borin n dry in class..... haiz, not used to de long lessons again. dam sian. dam sian. dam sian. n tml gettin back core hist, im scared. each tym i expect somethin outa it, i will shun away de tot immediately. cuz i noe i wun do well? looks lyk it. it was difficult. wana cry. lol. n oso tml gettin back emaths paper 2. dis 2 papers will decide my l1r5 fate... so.............. it sux. leon tan i hate u. lewis, "wads ur l1r5?" leon tan, "oh arnd 8-10"... =.=. i tink he's not human. either he's not human... or he's a chink in disguise... or he stole de prc secret manual frm em. ok i tink i'll end de post here... a little bit bout how dis pic was taken, de cam was placed on de table, n yc put de timer. den he'll run n join in... too bad he dint fall or anithin den can snap him fallin or sth retarded...

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Saturday, July 05, 2008

ok tym to squeeze in a post before de movie starts. if u're wonderin if its lord of de rings, yes it is! LOL. altho i stupidly have de dvd, i still watchin it on channel 5. LOL. ok ya im retarded one, somehow if u watch de dvd n watch on tv channel, de feelin lyk different one. i duno y i still lyk to watch on tv altho got adverts n stuff, i jus duno how to explain it. maybe got de feelin of, "onli show today so cant missed it?" LOL. duno. anws, ya my mye results pretty cock up, except for ss. LOL. i failed amaths n chem alr, before i get back i noe alr since i dint study those 2. my bio was not dat gd either, but somehow i still got 3rd in class despite de shitty marks o.o. LOL. den errrrrrrrrrrrr my ss got a2, my egeog abit cock up oso, but manage to squeeze out a b4. so my combine in de end got a b3. =.=. darn it. den dat shud be all.

anws bbq tml by mr chua, i find it weird, so mani ppl, got part D n oso have de SC... mr chua tryin to cut cost...? anws everybody mus be feelin alota stress frm de mye, except for de ppl in my class tho =.=. foreva carefree n relaxed, how nice. even aft gettin back all deir shit results dey all still so =DDDDDDDDD n high. LOL. somethin admirable, somethin de chinks cant achieve. anws back to stress, with stress comes unstable emotions, with unstable emotions comes a hero to make it stable.... LOL. hero...... yes hero, everyone mus have had a hero, who will comfort u n stabilise ur emotions. n funny-ly u mite be a hero n have a hero at de same tym. LOL. ok im not a hero, but i have a hero ^^. dat hero iz very nice, ready to reply my sms 24/7 or ready to pick my calls 24/7. ok maybe not 24/7 but i dun care. anws who's dat hero iz not important, wad's important iz... u all mus go find a hero before any exams! lidat can live thru de exam period. esp prelims n olvl comin, so my advice iz... dun wait for dat hero to find u... find him/her! got superman, batman, spiderman, ironman, lately got new one, hancock. my hero iz someone cute n nice. LOL. so i just wana sae a simple thanks to this hero of mine. but of course my hero doesnt have a cape nor tight fitting suits, without her/him(LOL) i wudnt have made it n be able to post now. =). so.............................. ya.

n oso if ur mye results iz lyk shit, ok so far i nvr come across a person who's mye iz gd. LOL. anws if urs iz lousy, den u shud kill urself cuz u'll not make it for prelims (dats wad mr ben tan will sae). but lewis will sae, den u shud stop readin dis post n go study.


if u're feelin dam sian alr, u can choose not to read dis part, nobody's forcin u. pass few days had mahjong, de one on wed was goooooooooooooooooooooood. i broke de legacy of "de host always will lose money". dey all came my hse n i won quite abit from 20cents. lol. den ytd yiyang was de biggest winner, jem tank everythin. LOL. quite funi, den dere's de curse of de fa cai. u can ask kwan wah wad it iz, he noes it best. ok now im wonderin, shud i post a pic? ok no dowan, dis shall be a borin n long post. i gota feelin monday will be a boring day..... n 1 more thing, oso wana thank de rest of de grp in de CIP who distributed de flyers for mi. =). LOL. thanks alot, i tink u all will be pissed off knowin i was slackin away. but its ok! de collection of newspaper i make sure i do my part, cuz i noe how it feels doin stuff for leechers who get free cip. oh n my cca score iz A1! with a grand total of 29. LOL. same as nelson? i duno.

anws speakin of nelson... from now on nelson's name is nelly belly, call him dat. if u call him dat he will give u free hugs or free handshake or free autograph. if he dun give u, den u ownself settle with him.

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Friday, July 04, 2008

ok i promise i'll do a decent post in de nxt one... well........... most probably de nxt post will be another dedication post to a certain someone... whom u all wun noe who. LOL. n yes my results very gd. so good dat i find it hard to believe. ^^. =.=. ok dats not true.

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Thursday, July 03, 2008

zzzzzzzzzzzz everythin seems so sucky n dis mye iz jus lyk last yrs mye... which was bad. n is bad. ><

i have a bad feelin somethin bad is happening right now. =/

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