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Friday, June 27, 2008

Nelly Belly?

To be continued...

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Saturday, June 21, 2008

hmmmmmmm jus a super quick post before i go for a long vacation away frm my com... T.T. tml's de day! yes! de day of mass studyin, tml i'll be doin ss first, i predict de most i'll take for ss iz 2 n a half hours, if u tink its short... den u mus be dumb to go memorise all de stuff in dere. XD. hahahahahahahhaha. den aft dat i'll go ahead with elec geog. n sunday will be a day of elec geog too! n ss oso if i have extra tym. i tink im screwed for amaths, but someone told mi dis, comment frm teacher "alota ppl will fail". so.............. lets accept our fate. =). its beta to NOT study n fail den study so bloody hard n fail. rite? hahahaha =X. dats de lewis theory. anws de pass few days i must sae... have been meaningfully boring. but at de same tym not reali borin, if werent for dis veri person i tink de pass few days at home i will rot to death. dis person kips my life in me n kips my heart goin. =). hahahahaha. thanks a lot ehhhhhhhhh. and if u tink u're dat person.... den u are! but if u're a guy n u tink u're dat person, den too bad u're not. LOL. anws gdluck with ur revision >.>. dat shud be all? GOODLUCK ALL WITH YOUR MIDYEARS! IF U TINK U CANT MAKE IT LE, DUN WORRY! U'RE NOT ALONE! like the movie "I am legend" de slogan. XD. ya. AND IF U TINK U'RE CONFIDENT AND U CAN MAKE IT..... THINK AGAIN. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. XD. as the sayin goes, wud u rather not study and fail... or study and den fail? >.> . lol.
ps... if u tink dis iz a zi lian pic, its not =.=. its pretty obvious its an advertisement. LOL. for de eng proj we all did beginnin of dis yr. (Y) nokia's gonna hire us and i noe it.

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Monday, June 16, 2008

yahoooooo. wad a day today. so full of life not bein at home. last nite sux, almost cant slp, slpt at arnd 2+, spend more den half an hr flippin on de bed, guess im too excited over somethin. hahahahaha. dats top secret. anws woke up at 730 today, a miracle i can wake up. dragged my way to school n ms zarinah return us our ss papers. i tot pretty much n pretty confidently i will screw my seq section, cuz i dint reali go read n memorise de points n study well, but i got 11/12! wow wow wow. everi of my points i write lyk 4-5 lines onli n my handwritin was pretty big n average. LOL. magical words. de comments for my seq was "simple argumentative yet effective". LOL. hahaha dam funi. i did well in de sbq oso. yea . =). im quite encouraged to pia now. aft dat went east point with guifeng... we did a whole bunch of retarded stuff... studied at BK, den dere's dis 2 ppl, 1 man n 1 woman. apparently de woman was hlpin de man tell his fortune. she's either a fortune teller, or a swindler... LOL. hahahahaha omg dam funi la, mi n guifeng hear deir conver. omg. luffin lyk duno wad. aft studyin for lyk 3hrs+, we went walkin around. first stop was sportslink. den we stopped at world of JJ, with de legendary n ultimate game machine... i call it, de ping pong machine.

yup u're suppose to get 5 balls, into 5 columns. de best prize iz u get 1 ball into 1 column each. its 20cents per try, so i was sayin, aiya 20 cents nia lets play for fun. den guifeng started playin. he plae a few tyms den cant win. den when he no more 20 cents, my turn. i dig my wallet... onli have 1 20 cents coin =.=. means onli 1 try... n guess wad, I WON A PRIZE. LOL. HAHAHAHAHA. guifeng cant believe it, n took his 1 dollar coin to change for more. at his 2nd last coin he finally won! LOL. DAM FUN N ADDICTIVE!!! anws dis was wad i won.

de most fun toy in de universe, a spiderman flipper. now ppl i have a video on how dis toy works...

cool rite. LOL. aft dat oso got go popular. i went dere to buy pencil. n of course bein a retard who doesnt buys stationaries... i was once again fascinated by all de different pens. dis tym it was a big WOW! IT WAS DAM COOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL. i have nvr seen so mani pens in my life before. it was 5 tyms more den de normal bookstores!!! OMG!!!

o m g take a look at dis!!! u mite tink dis iz all, but dis iz 1 section of de pens. de total iz 5 TYMS DE AMOUNT OF DIS!!

did u see dat! even de camera cant take de pic of one end to de other!!! OMG!!! SO MANY PENS!!! den back to my mission, its a gd thing dey dun have dat many pencils. i was lookin for mechanical pencils... 0.7mm lead one. well u mite tink i have a hard tym decidin but no i dint. cuz first thing i went was for, DE CHEAPEST PENCIL! LOL. n i ended up with de pilot colour eno pencil. de 2nd obstacle was... which colour to buy =.=. damit. dere was blue, light blue, pink, red, purple, yellow, fadish yellow, green. so mani colours! after awhile of not bein able to decide, im down to de most professional method. if u tink its close ur eyes n pick one, its wrong. dats de most unprofessional way. i deduce dat... de nicest colour = most popular... n de most popular = de most ppl buy. THEREFORE! will have de least number of dat colour dere! true enuff, dere was onli 1 red left! aha! immediately i grabbed de red!

dats all de adventure i had today. i missed out some becuz too long alr. LOL. anws... IM HAPPY. not becuz of today, partly onli, but mainly cuz i.......... damit i cant sae. tml dere's geog lessons at 1.30.... =.=. haiz.

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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

woooo tym for another post. lol. today morning has been an excitin one for mi, ok not mornin but rather afternoon since i woke up at 12. yes i had a new toothbrush! dun mess with new toothbrush. i gta pic of it.yes its orange in colour....
look at the fine bristles... with a depression in de middle, perfect symmetry... o m g. of course mi bein a financially challenged person livin in a financially abled family, i dun spend alota money on toothbrushes, so i tend to use a toothbrush to its very limit before changin it. so i hope u can imagine de state of my old toothbrush. LOL. yes de feelin was heavenly with de new toothbrush, i cudnt stop. today i brushed my teeth longer den usual. i took twice de amnt of tym as compared to de normal time. LOL. reali dam shiok, as compared to de old one. soothes de teeth.

aft brushin my teeth i did went to study of course. its emaths n amaths today. did em straight for 5hrs+. dam sian... but still had to. n of course tml's gna be dam sian oso. so today afternoon had been a meaningfully-boring one... n tml will be oso. tonite im gna do chem, hopefully i dun get distracted by de 6hour person on msn. LOL. u noe who u are........ XD

can u gime gatsby?

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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa today's not a gd day. chow iz dead tired n cant slp. apparently chow decided to reset his body clock today, must slp early n wake up early for de rest of de hols. chow realise dat wake up too late iz a big prblm, owaes wake up n get headaches, so must stop it. moreover nxt week somedays nida go sch, dowana struggle to stay alive in sch. so yes last nite, or dis mornin i slpt at 5.30. LOL. dun ask wad chow's doin, top secret. aft dat a nice person gave chow a morning call, called at 7+ but chow dint hear anithin. LOL. bein nice that person sms-ed chow again at 9+ to check if chow's awake, n that sms woke chow up. not bad. a good person to give u morning calls... yes so chow woke up at 9+, 4hrs of slp. damit chow's dam freakin tired now, cant absorb anithin, tried studyin chem but nth went in, tried doin amaths qns but blanked out. so chow decided to jus relax for de day n use de com, sth to kip chow awake till de nite n finally slp! chow's stomach feels funi too... izit de mac frm 1am+? LOL. now for a video which chow believes catches alota ppl's eyes. LOL.

(ps, dis post iz dedicated to a certain someone who enjoys callin me, chow aka record holder of 6hrs... dats y deres chow everywhr... YA-HA!)

can u give chow gatsby? LOL.

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its tym for lewis' midnite post. a real achievement today i must say. im ridin de momentum of studyin! woke up pretty late, ok actly at 8+ got woken up by a sms... FEEL GUILTY FOR SMS-IN MI. ok anws dat person wun see dis so nvm. LOL. anws when i woke up, brush teeth n stuff, i dint start off with breakfast, no food. my breakfast was BIO TEXTBOOK. yes! aft few hrs im done with 2chpts, den i ate breakfast, no i mean lunch. it was arnd 3+pm. den i took out emaths practice papers n practiced maths! den dere was tuition. mastered more maths! aft maths tuition i continued doin maths! OMG! MATHS MANIA. aft maths i went to bathe n turned on de com. aft dat had dinner. aft dinner MORE BIO! another 2 chpts of bio. den went back to de com. basically dat was my day. filled with alota of revision. so proud of myself. so self disciplined i must sae... impressive. LOL. i myself am shocked.... am i reali... lewis? or am i.... a chink?! ok dun tink so, dun have de accent. basically dat was today, pretty borin i wud sae, at least its boringly-meaningful. LOL. new word. tml i'll be doin chem n amaths, another boringly-meaningful day i guess. i have a sudden cravin for ice cream, esp MACs one... too bad de nearest 24hr mac is so far away...... at downtown east. T.T. if onli i had a bike.

this feels so long ago... LOL. forgot how dis came about.

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Sunday, June 08, 2008

aaaaaaaaaa cant slp again... so nth to do n shall post. firstly, i noe u're gna see dis, i tink so. hope so. LOL. but i tink u're very no life. YAHAHAHAHAHA, ok dat was just to provoke u. jkjk. dats not de main point, i no life oso. today iz day 2 of studyin, woke up at 1+ again, i mus wake up earlier... T.T. i shall set an alarm tml. hope it works. ok i tink i oso nida start plannin on wad to study, lately i've been doin blind studyin, no must plan. nida get all de stuff i duno by week 4 so can go back to sch n ask de teachers. but somehow feels awkward askin em stuff, i dun lyk awkward situations... ok maybe i ask other ppl. =X. lol. i was tinkin, when will de nxt mahjong mania be... n where, i noe 1 thing for sure, NOT AT MY HOUSE! no! de host will always lose money, dats de theory. dun ask why, u all shud noe. so no! not at my hse, my mum doesnt lyk it either so even beta. =) n somehow i get dis feelin i'll screw up my mye... a strong feelin i will... izit gd or bad? i tink im gettin loose with academics, tinkin i have plenty of tym left, why cant i be lyk de 3x sci ppl... i tink its tym i walk up to de PRCs n sae hi. learn de ways of studyin... endin off with a song.

hmmmmm kip ringin in my head, duno y... i wonder why. LOL.

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Saturday, June 07, 2008

hmmmm nth to do, so i shall post. LOL. lately my clock abit screwed up, not de clock whr u see time from, but de body clock. i dowan lidat... im wakin up far too late. den i wake up will have headache. i mus slp early n wake up early... nid a healthy life. LOL. my throats gettin dry again, not gd. today started on bio, as in reali reali sat dwn n studied. de dam focused kind. wooo hooo, great achievement. now jus nida ride de momentum, all de way till Olvl! but i bet on de way... sure lose momentum one... =.=. LOL. but its ok! lose le jus get it back. ok nth to do now, i dowana lie on my bed n try to slp, will end up tinkin of unnecessary stuff... not gd oso. waaaa its all not gd now. everyday i will be at home, not gd at all, but i got no choice. ok now dere's alota stuff i look forward to.

1. AFTER OLVLS!!! DIS IZ DE ULTIMATE! but im tellin myself not to tink abt it, de more i tink abt it, de more i wana cry.
2. HER TO SAY YES!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. dis one's top secret. LOL. altho it seems impossible dat she'll sae yes...
3. this sunday??? cuz i'll be leavin house!!!
4. Mr Lee's final decision on who's goin to de CLT course. because its gna determine my life aft sec sch... it'll be a great impact.
5. hmmmm lets see, reaching de 15 mark for pull ups. im almost dere alr. hahaha. in less den a mth de amnt doubled, so its gd =).
6. another mahjong mania... LOL.
7. a bicycle.
8. de nxt PE lesson? not dat i love tan meng tong... =.=. i hope its william tong again. altho both got tong but dey are so different. i wonder why... LOL.

dat shud be all, oh ya, n oso i gta confession, IM NOT FROM PAKISTAN DAMIT, ITS DUBAI. D-U-B-A-I. altho both frm middle east but DEY ARE DIFFERENT. DUBAI.!

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Thursday, June 05, 2008

jus came back frm chalet, tired. not reali tired, had some slp last nite. lol. de 2nd nite most of em tired alr becuz of de first night. LOL. esp de mahjong ppl. hahahahaa. anws u can guess it de first nite we all mahjong thru de whole nite. i played lyk 14hrs of mahjong straight. LOL. i was de longest person who played, de other players got change here change dere, but i stayed de longest!!! woooooooo. dere was oso jem, wai n yiyang. well u see u noe who de biggest loser iz alr, its none other den yiyang. LOL. he lost de most =.=. waiwai took all of his money. mi n jem iz neutral, we win win win win, den aft dat lose........ den win back again. LOL. cuz we lose de money lose alot, but win abit. its ok in de end i win a lil bit, few cents? LOL. dats for de first nite. 2nd day played black jack n had bbq. de black jack i was banker n won lots n lots of money. at first. aft dat... T.T. i kip on dying n in de end........................................................ sad life. its ok, at least i got gd sportmanship. LOL. den had bbq, quite a success. got dis pit near us, dey dam loser la, i tink dey are frm JC one. dam loser. dey were dere before us tryin to start de fire, n when we eat finish gna full le, DEY STILL TRYIN TO START DE FIRE. LOL. dey dam funi. hahahahahahhaha. aft dat had some gossip session n tok abt our pass memories in ncc. lol quite nice. at nite watched borat. =.=. wth..... dowana tok abt dat, hurt my eyes a lil bit. den at nite MAHJONG AGAIN. dis tym i won alot, frm leon lim. we played till 1+ onli tho. dis chalet was pretty meaningful, why? cuz i have wonderfully become de ultimate mahjong mentor, i taught 2 ppl how to play mahjong in de chalet, eugene n leon tan. hahahahahaha. dey have learnt well n have now become mahjong maniacs. hahahahahaha. n of course i have surpassed my shi fu alr, de person who taught mi mahjong. wana noe who? its quite shocking to noe. lol. anws i have now 4 mentees alr, wooooooo. n so far i have nvr lost money in mahjong!!! lol. ok shall end my post here, too bad no pics durin de chalet, too busy havin fun.

Dubai brothers. too bad de pics blurry ><

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Monday, June 02, 2008

dis post iz dam random but... i realised somethin, look thru all my posts, all dese years dere's no content about my family... LOL. except for em not bein at home. mite wana ask y.? duno.

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hahahahahaha im a happy guy cuz im de big winner today. LOL. hahahahahaha, yes its mahjong mania n i won de most! hahahahahaha. i won a total of 3.90, leon won 3.30, sheena lost 50 cents n de BIGGEST loser iz................. hahahahahaha, she lost 6.80! hahahahaha. n dat iz none other den wenxin. hahahahahahaha. i tink she nvr won a single round at all. so hereby declare, de host iz owaes de biggest loser. XD. ya anws chalet iz tml, wooooooo. ok im gettin worried abt my revision. XD. scared..... T.T. o m g? ya. ok can start screamin. anws i duno wad we gna do at de chalet oso. i'll be dam sian if i hear LAN. nvm, anws 3.90!!!!!!!!!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. =X
its all about hirako. LOL.

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Sunday, June 01, 2008

its mahjong mania? LOL. anws it rained today! early in de mornin rained lyk duno wad. got thunder some more which woke mi up =.=. lately i find myself wakin up dam early in de mornin, at lyk 7+. i tink cuz everyday wake up at dat tym go sch, den slowly season alr. anws its tym to start studyin!. n somehow i gta bad feelin abt den ncc chalet. =.=. anws here's a video to watch.

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