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Saturday, February 21, 2009

somehow i feel de sec sch ppl are gettin more n more sheltered. as in to de extreme. reali reali to de extreme. well den u'll wana question urself, wth are de parents doin? well u mite say, different generation, so its a different approach. yea rite, different generation can dunid to learn how to do stuff urself? lyk tyin ur shoe lace. today i felt lyk a father, i was teachin part A how to do de boot laces, altho i tink im not suppose to but somehow i found myself doin it. i tink i stole joseph's job, sorry. =(. i got too carried away, try not to do it again. k anws, i was teachin em, n those dat reali no idea, i will give em all de attention dey can get. dis guy came up, n he dint noe how to tie a knot. a knot. a regular knot. reali reali a knot. of course i tot him. i was abit shocked tho, but i nvr showed it la. dowan him to feel bad, its not his fault afterall, his parents probably. well of course i wud look at his shoes n expect a valcrow shoe, but to my horror his shoe lace was tied, very nicely. den another tot came to my mind, his maid tied his shoelaces? mus be oso. n when wei en was explainin camp feast to em, i noe alr, on dat actual day of camp, dey confirm will bring deir whole house dere. n dey wun noe whr is whr, becuz deir mum or maid pack one. n i expect alot of parents full of lame qns, so i gave em my number, in case deir parents wana call.

well i cant reali stand dis kinda parents, sheltering deir kids n stuff lidat. its not de kid i cant stand, its deir parents. i sorta pity de kid, why mus he suffer under his/her parents mistake. maybe im jus jealous, but it doesnt matter. k enuff of dat, tml's saturday! or rather, its saturday alr! woooooooooo. cant wait. hahaha. cant wait for wad? wait for de nxt post n u'll noe it. gna have lotsa pictures? yup shud be. damit my phone has no camera T.T. i dun lyk de handphones now. =/. n somehow i dun trust sony ericsson anymore. u have lost a valuable customer who changes phone pretty often. hmmmm doubt any part A will come by here.

de good old days in chiangrai.... T.T.

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P.S.: You are not alone.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

hmmmmmmm imt went pretty well today. maybe becuz dere was lyk onli 4-5 schs? haha. part C did reali well, almost all of em were marksman, except for 1. but its ok. so its 20/20 MM. gd job. well partly cuz it was reali easy with de sar21, but of course u gta compare with others to noe de standard. k anws i wana go for more imts. so slack. LOL. k damit my hair's gettin long again, its bad living a military life, k semi military life. realise it, if u kip long hair n go into camp, u have dis fear of someone frm de back comin to screw u. but if u kip a short hair, u can walk abt at ease n with confidence. BUT, outside camp its de other way. LOL. with a short n sloped hair, u feel inferior when u see dis cool guy, hair all nice n spiked n long. LOL. k quite crap. but who wans a sloped hair these days? haha. aaaaaaaaa its onli a few days to dis weekend! =D. i cant take it anymore, XD. de excitement, anxiety, joy? sorry jinfeng, i cant go nyaa again, i doubt u'll see dis =). its ok altho im not dere, i'll do my drafts =). tml's company trainin, n dere's neighbourhood orienteerin, hmmmmm guides wun be doin it with us. somehow i gta feelin dis is de break of tradition. meaning no more guides n ncc orienteerin anymore. so sad. k doesnt matter, i have a beloved guide with mi anws. =X. k sorry if it disgusted u. so...... are u studyin now? o yea happy belated bday zhengwei, i'll give u ur present tml, which is somethin u reali reali reali reali want alot. ur no.3 nametag. nice present rite? its gta be ur best present. u've been wanting it ever since year 2008. such a nice n totful fren i am. =).
o yes de pic uploader is working. LOL. stupit picture rite. look at nelson's face. n i still owe yuncheng $6... LOL ever since chalet. =) kfc money.

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P.S.: You are not alone.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

blog dead for half a mth, cuz was way too busy. everyday wake up jiu leave hse alr, den home onli at nite. lol. k anws i shall blog abt de pass few days maybe, valentines day maybe? lol valentine was a bomb. ooooooooo. had so much fun with her, booked a table at a hotel restaurant, den aft dat a room at de same hotel. woooooo. =). k ya rite, dat'll be nxt tym. k dat sentence seems to mean somethin. k nvm. im too broke. k maybe im not broke, but i cant hlp tinkin dat im broke. maybe i dun open my wallet all de tym. anws ya was workin durin valentines. not a gd job, hafta sweat alot, n pay is low. so obviously i quitted.

been goin hq pretty often, went again today for trainfire, taught .... wad was dat sch again, oh ya siglap sec. i wud say dey are not a bad unit, but not dat gd oso. jus an avrg one. but dey have an amazing amnt of muslim cadets. LOL. k anws been spendin lots n lots of tym with darling-est. =). somehow i jus hope hols wun end, n life will remain lyk now. so carefree n simple. to those jc ppl readin dis, sorry. not meant to suan u all. but u all mug will have end results one =). yup so jiayou?

i cant wait for dis sunday. esp midnite. i dno wad darling-est prepared, but i guess ... ^^. hahaha. if u all dun do research properly u all wun noe wad im tokin abt. but one thing's for sure, it'll be memorable =). no dirty tots pls =.=. anws gna get a job again, not becuz i nid money tho, becuz extra money wun kill =). anws im gna get myself a laptop soon, n mp3, n a thumbdrive. of course my dad's nt gna sponsor as usual. whereas few weeks back when i wanted to buy a handphone, i failed to buy =.=. due to singtel bein irritatin. anws i sold my sony ericsson phone. cuz its gna spoil =). hahahaha. so faster sell before it does.

so wad phone am i using? a no camera nokia phone. so wad if its low class n old? its gd to use =). old phones are de best, no matter how mani tyms u drop em, dey nvr spoil. believe it! i dropped it lyk so mani tyms alr. n de best thing, when u drop it, u wun xing tong. if u drop ur ... lets say Iphone, u'll scream in pain. but if u drop a cheap n old phone! no pain! jus pick it up n life will go on. rite? k i tink i'll end here, gdlk muggin jc ppl! if u all so happened to burn or throw ur sec sch txtbks n u nid it now, lets say amaths or chem or bio or wadeva, i have em ^^. i wun give u, i'll sell u. =). give u 50% discount.

i cant seem to upload pics, either blogger sth wrong or my com sth wrong. no pics for dis post den T.T

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Friday, February 13, 2009

oh yes! i found a job. suck on dat. been blog hoppin n seein ppl havin fun n muggin in sch. k maybe not. hmmmm im pretty curious wad cca de jc ppl r joinin. sometyms things get funi, lyk dis guy not suited for dis kinda stuff n suddenly u see him or her in de cca. yup. anws i'll do a decent post maybe tml? yup. been reali busy de pass few wks. upon wakin up go out, den aft 10 reach home.

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P.S.: You are not alone.