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Friday, June 30, 2006

ya'll wan mi update post?? fine... lately dint update cuz its lyk everi freakin day i come back after 8.30... dun even haf tym... trainins overloaded... todae iz sports day! de long awaited day... i woke up so early n chiong out cuz 6.10 nid 2 meet le... at de bus stop.. i waited.. n waited n waited n waited but de bus nvr came.. in de end it oso dint come... at 5.55 i got real pissed n took de taxi... on de meter it says $5.10 n nid 2 plus $2.20.. den de taxi driver so nice la! he told mi.. bu yong jing, pay mi $5 enuff le... he iz so freakin nice!!!! i kept on thankin him..lol... den go stadium n bla bla bla... den my turn 2 run! it was quite fast... i ran ran ran... den at lyk left 20m to finishin line... de guy hu was in de lead, fell down! n he fell until veri nice... fall onto the 2nd position guy's place.. i was in third den i faster chiong go finishin line... n i got first! LOL... was dat lame or wad... den went fer cheerin... de gayness was finally over! ya... den aft cheerin immediately was my relay 4x100... our trainins paid off... we pwn de whole race! yun cheng took off de biggest lead in de whole life... we were lyk in de outer lane n he thrashed everibody by lyk 20m la! yun cheng is GOD! den eugene made things worse.. he pwn other ppl even more!!! n pulled de dist off to lyk 40m lidat? den joseph nvm.. still young.. he let de 2nd position caught up a bit... dats cuz we outer lane! not cuz he slow! yea... den pass 2 mi lerh n i run 50m, n jog 50m cuz i see em so far... dun feel lyk runnin... LOL.. in de end i ended de race n de 2nd position still got 50m 2 go... dey all kena stunt lyk siao... =) n i kao pei de empire!!! yes! he ask mi stand at de white line, but i was taught 2 stand at orange line which iz way behind... den i go stand at orange line, den he scold mi ask mi stand at white line.. den i shout back, " I STAND AT ORANGE LINE DISADVANTAGE U CARE FER WAD?!" it was in his face.. den he diam diam already... hopin i will lose...LOL.. yea.. was dam cool.. i wana do dat some other tym. =))) in de end i got 2 gold? it was gd.. lower secs got a lot a lot of gold... all made improvements... our cheerin com we got 2nd again? nxt yr, part c'07, lets do our best!

de pass few days have been lyk... mondae, syf trainin. tuesdae,walkathon n sports day practice. wednesday, syf trainin. thursdae, cheerin practice. ya... n tml is de actual syf oc le... quite excited bahx..LOL...ya... now nid 2 pia hw le... mani hw still owe teachers... ya.

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Saturday, June 24, 2006

yo! i jus changed my blogskin cuz got ppl said de previous one veri lag or duno wad crap.. ya... i made dis skin myself=)... took quite long bahx... ya... fer de last week.. .everidae had ncc trainin.. mondae was company trainin... had drill, pt and cheer learnin... tuesdae was sports day trainin and syf trainin... wednesdae was company trainin again... thursdae was sports day trainin.. fri was oso sports day trainin... overall it was a busy week... ya... dowana blog in details cuz i lazi..=x. lol... n jollin came back! toked 2 her yesterdae.. ya... lol.. missed her so. nxt wk sch reopen le... i guess nxt week iz a super busy week... mondae, sports day trainin. tuesdae, company trainin. wednesdae, syf trainin. thurs, company trainin. fridae, sports day and syf reserve day. saturdae, syf le... ima busy guy..LOL. i go do hw le... later no tym. bye.=)

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Thursday, June 22, 2006

ok my com jus got reali screwed up... so now im com-less..ya. i jus wana reply all yer tags.=)

jollin: i miss u so so much..=(
aloysius: bbr iz gd! lol..=x.
wenxin:u take care 2 bahx.=)
ME: hu r u?

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Sunday, June 18, 2006

hoihoi... 2 long nvr blog already.. 2 busy lately... now shall blog on de happenins..

17th june, Passin Out Parade.
11 reached sch le... looks lyk our tekan started earlier... =/.. first we were made 2 count stupit objects la..-.-.. lyk de tiles on de floor, de water droplets splashin out, de pebbles.. in de end jus anihow tell em one number..=x.. den got break n got roll call... den we played tis stupit game.. shall not elaborate.. quit erxin... ya.. den aft dat played tis rollin game.. we all lie on de floor in 1 line, den de corner guy roll on top of everibody... was dam pain la.. some ppl go elbow de dick..lol.. den ziqi oso got roll over us n say yien oso... den guicheng kuku one... go jump on us n roll n lip tat de worse! he go leopard crawl on all of us.. lucky i got de not pain part... den we played de same game again.. all do leg raiser den corner guy mus run n lidat... den its master parade, some part D's got promoted to staff srgnt and de pop... aft dat got tis last performance fer de part D's.. was dam stupit la... den got some racist jokes... "what do u call a bunch of indians standin in a line in front of a white backgrnd? BARCODE!"...."what do u call 2 indians wif a chinese in between? OREO!".... "what do u call an eurasian wearin a mask? super hero. what do u call a chinese wearin a mask? robber. what do u call a malay wearin a mask? terrorist. what do u call an indian wearin a mask? GRASS CUTTER!" wth la.. lol.. dam racist... but quite funi..lol... den dey got last words... was quite saddenin la.. ya... THANK U ZIQI, SAY YIEN, WEN YONG AND GANDA!!!!!

Outward Bound
day 1 in obs... jus arrived n brought a sian attitude dere... wth la.. waste my tym onli... we started de day waitin n waitin n waitin... i was in a grp called hillary? den we began crappin n sae im hillary u r duff...-.-.. lol... den met chu ai, de instructor.. weird name.. at first cant get de name rite.. ya.. lol... den aft dat took grp foto.. wasnt veri enthu la de ncc guys.. except fer de stjohn guy called james.. ya... den aft dat we did de sian stuff la! take 5 days supply of food, pack de store.. prepare equipments ya... was chao chao sian la.. make mi even hate obs n wana go home.. n next we went kayakin! wooo hapi hapi.. but it was equally sian la...-.-.. learnt how 2 paddle and did capsize drill n rafted tx.. wth la! all noe le den still mus do again n again... not fun derh! den at nite cook rice.. was ok la i guess... n we slp in our tents.. had mani mani mosquito.. was on a killin spree la..lol.. anihow smack sure can hit 1 mosquito one... i slp wif marcus,ky and guifeng... n while slpin i realise i slp de space seems 2 be gettin smaller n smaller... den i look n realise marcus n ky curled up n take up so much space! wth?! nvm.. onli noe startin when slpin de tym was SUPER DUPER hot...

another borin borin day... woke up early early in de mornin jus 2 unpitch de stupit tent...zzZZzz... unpitch den makan den we did land activities... first did de fallin thing... de ppl below hold de sheet den we fall onto it.. veri fun...lol.. i hate it when edmund fell.. its lyk hard 2 support den marcus oso dam cham... den we did de 3D... de one we climbed on de logs.. i did with another girl... i got de biggest disadvantage... i was short.-.-... den veri hard 2 reach out 2 de other log wif my leg... i let de girl step my knee n go up so easy fer her... den how i got up? first i jumped n hugged 2 de above log.. den i twist my body n twist myself up... was quite pain la.. in de end i made it 2 de top! lol.. den did some orienteerin warm up.. i dint do much.. jus followed em runnin... den we carried our field packs and set off... i was de navigator and lucky got de correct directions.. was not as tirin although de field pack was heavy.. it was lyk 7-8kg den.. arrived at abt 40mins n pitched tent.. de place was quite nice.. by de sea.. n i cud see de mainland!!! waaaa!!! miss her so... den cooked maggie n slp in de tent...

tym 2 set off fer de land expedition! packed de stuff n we set off le.. de field pack was so freakin heavy la... its lyk 13kg lidat... got additional 4L of water...-.-... stupit water... i was de navigator again den walk walk walk.. it felt quite gd la.. when its lyk im choosin directions den ppl butt in den another person saes.. jus trust him la! dun kpo... lol... in de end i dint get anibody lost n i got de correct direction all de tym.. not tyco one..lol.. we walked fer abt 10km+?? wif dat heavy bag pack... aft de whole land expedition my shoulders was lyk chao chao chao achin! was dyin!!!! dam pain... den aft dat... we were dam dam hungry n nth much 2 eat.. so we gorge ourselves wif pitted prunes.. marcus ate de most... den aft dinner... we all went 2 poop together!!!LOL... lucky facilities dam gd n toilets r clean so nice 2 do our business...hahaha... den at nite got de briefin fer de nxt day sea expedition n bla bla bla.. ya..

woked up de earliest todae... tym 2 set off fer de sea expedition... its a whole day of kayakin n nth much.. onli kip on kayak n kayak... paired up wif a girl.. she so weak la.. pedal lyk...-.-.. nvm.. suan le.. aft de whole thing... was dam tired.. especially my arms.. pedalled frm 8-5+ lidat... dat nite dinner was de best thnx 2 de steel chef edmund.. he used de curry chicken de curry as soup n cooked maggie.. my idea..=).. lol.. its lyk he stuffed 8 packs of noodles in 1 pot den aft dat dam full..lol.. dats all fer dat day...

go home le! de day finally came... had last words n stuff den waited fer de boat n stuff lidat... dats all.. obs is cool.=))))

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Sunday, June 11, 2006

i will be off fer outward bound tml.. so if got anithin look fer mi on fridae.. will be back on fridae... ya... ps, if u guys wana do project, go do without mi... =)

*i will miss u gnapgnap.=(
*jollin, i miss u.

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Saturday, June 10, 2006

todae got syf trainin! sian man! woke up early in de mornin at 5+... i felt lyk goin back 2 slp again but i stilled drag my way 2 sch... reach sch first thing i see ppl get tortured.. it was sjab... dey were doin sit ups n stuff...EARLY IN DE MORNIN.. worse den mi... hu cares, not mi..=x... den took de bus 2 ncc hq, i slpt all de way in de bus.. bus was cold... veri nice 2 slp... den draw arms, bayonets n sling... on de way 2 home academy in de bus i slpt again! slp de whole way again lol... it was a hot hot hot day... i onli ate a bar of kit kat fer breakfast n dat bread dey gav... practiced homat n de shootin command... n turong oso... lol... den had 2 do a rehearsal parade... n curry puff hair kept on sayin, slap yer face ar! -.-.. de tamil police man kip on kao pei again as usual... i almost fainted.-.-... was 2 weak 2 survive... den when reali shakin le n losin balance... i immediately squad down... den de nice surroundin ppl go call de sir n dey DRAGGED mi off de grounds... its lyk curry puff hair first took mi den EVERIBODY chiong 2 mi lyk i bad guy n carry mi dere... my leg was in mid air n dey lifted mi by my elbow! den got tis steps i dint see n dey jus chiong mi pass de steps n my feet ram against de thing la...-.-... i wana thank de st john ppl fer takin care of mi? de girl was lyk dere fannin mi n dey added sumthin in de water dey gav mi! was it sugar, salt or some drug...=/... its powdery... dats all i noe... i dint manage 2 fire de blank rounds!!!!!!! actually wana tahan till dat part but stupit tamil man tok 2 much den i dint get 2 endure dat much..=/... den went back sch go 85 makan, as usual aunty gime a lota rice n stuff... den follow stefan go army shop buy solid fuel n cotton twine fer de obs... den came home n went out again 2 follow my dad go coffee shop n watch soccer n sunbian eat? was such a stupit match la... eng vs paraguay... eng won 1 nil onli?! n it was own goal...-.-.. waste my tym watchin...

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Friday, June 09, 2006

finally changed my blogskin... was quite fast, except fer de part when tryin 2 find de songs i wan... went 2 iwebtunes den actually wanted 4 songs but all dun haf.. den i downloaded de converter n realised com got some crap problems den canot convert de songs...=/... todae was veri fun? woke up wif a mornin sms, thnx a lot fer de sms..=).. den aft dat gav sotong her stuff... dint reali manage 2 see her properly... eyes were not dat opened n blurry... not enuff slp... den xavier n sk came... sk brought de teacher de laptop den we were lyk playin king of fighter in it n metal slug.. was so cool?? quite fun although iz lame game... den oso got tis lame videos in de laptop... cant believe teacher iz lidat one.... *shake head... lol... tml got syf trainin in de mornin! sian la... 5+ mus wake up den 7 mus reach sch... zzzzZZZzz.. its lyk normal days goin 2 sch... im dead, haven read mockingbird, de chinese book, n 1 outside eng book.. left wif 1 wk... nxt whole wk got obs... zzZZzz..

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ok sorri ppl fer not postin fer quite a while le... mostly cuz i lazi...lol.. tink will be changin blogskin soon oso.. ya.. if i not lazi.. =x currently typin in de dark cuz dowana on de lights n disturb family ppl... lol. lately nth much happened... except fer syf trainin on tues... veri long dint attend trainin le due 2 shanghai trip... first tym we wore de no.1 uniform!! it was cool but at de same time hot... we had 2 button will de extreme top n its lyk chokin de neck.. cant breathe!... den got tis tamil, shud be tamil cuz he had a lil of dat acsense ( duno how 2 spell).. ya... he kip on dat side shout shout shout.. chao si ren le... was quite slack la overall.. startin it kept on rainin n all we did was sit dere n slack slack... den practiced fer a while n went back le... reached de hq at 7+ den reach back sch at 8+.. den go 85 eat! i ate one big pile of rice... cuz not eat finish la.. den went back wif yiyang... fer de rest of de days, i onli stayed at home n played de com or do hw... veri sian...zzZZzzz...

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Saturday, June 03, 2006

hoihoi! long tym dint blog already cuz lately went 2 china fer de immersion trip thingy fer 9 days... jus came back last nite... ya. now 2 blog in wad happened dere...

day 1, 25th/5
first day was hell... suffered a lot.. arrived in china at 6+ in de mornin, den we met de tour guides n put our luggage in de bus first den went fer breakfast... had kfc? but was veri full cuz in de plane eat le so did not eat.. i cud not reali remember wad happened dat day cuz 2 long le... but remembered went 2 de lu xun de memorial gallery.. was super sian la... lucky dint haf 2 take much notice of it... den went 2 de duo lun road, was super duper sian la... fell lyk slpin cuz dint reali slp much durin de midnite flight.. durin bus journeys was slpin... den went 2 de sch in shanghai.. its a chess sch? was quite nice bahx... had mani lvls but still quite small.. exchanged gifts wif de kids dere? but i dint exchange mine.. hahaha... den we toured de sch n stuff lyk dat. in between got go back hotel n put our stuff ya... aft de sch thingy den forgot le... onli noe dint haf shoppin n slp until veri shiok... lol. i missed her lots.

day 2, 26th/5
today is more of a scenary day or sumthin... first we went off 2 de sch in sch uniform.. sian! we had geography which iz de most sian thing eva n oso did de car thingy... was quite fun la.. den we learnt how 2 plae wei qi.. de basics... ya... it was so fun! wei qi iz so cool.. i pwn stefan in it.. LOL. den went off sight seein. went 2 de river place.. forgot wad it was called le... lol... took pictures fer project.. den aft dat went off 2 de tall tall tower.. was veri cool up dere lookin down.. den was oso super windy n cold...lol.. dats all i remember fer de 2nd day... i missed her lots.tinkin bout u.

day 3, 27th/5
headed off 2 suzhou, was a super long trip.. fell alseep in de bus n listenin 2 my mp3... first stop was de park where mani countries invested in.. singapore invested de most accordin 2 de tour guide. n i saw a merlion in de park! so cool lol... de park was super super windy... when de wind blew real hard its lyk u can feel yer body movin... park iz chao beautiful n clean.. suzhou iz not so dirty compared 2 shanghai... also went 2 a place wif lots n lots of stone.. WAS SUPER BORIN.. i dint reali go listen 2 de guide tok... n i realised de suzhou tour guide de eyes look lyk jollins one... LOL... oso got go 2 tis temple.. dats where de yamikazes invited mi? dey were lyk jumpin arnd lyk morons den tryin 2 attract mi 2 join.. in de end was forced 2 join la..LOL... quite funi wif em jumpin arnd... den booked into de hotel.. was a nice hotel.. nicer den de shanghai's one... but so sad onli stay dere one nite... i missed her lots, dyin.

day 4, 28th/5
went off 2 hangzhou, de bus journey was even longer when goin 2 suzhou la.. lol. super borin in de bus.. listened 2 mp3 again.. n oso slp! lol.. cant reali remember de order of de place we went... but we went 2 de xi hu (east lake), de tea place n oso tis theatre.. east lake was nice... we sat in a boat n moved arnd de lake... den oso heard some tales of de lake... felt lyk slpin la when on de boat... lol.. den went de tea place... a lota ppl lyked de tea but i find dat IT SUX... tea ain my cup of tea...LOL. nvm.. aft dat at nite went 2 tis theatre n watched tis reali cool plae of hangzhou's hist n stuff... its lyk a performance n de ppl did a lota stunts... reali cool lol... den went 2 hotel n de hotel iz super super nice... nicest so far... but so sad onli stay one day... haiz...oh n i oso get a packet of chopsicks frm de tour guide fer answerin a qn... haha.. tym flies, missin u lyk crazy...hope u r ok.

day 5, 29th/5
headed back 2 shanghai... de journey iz even even longer! was super sian la... in between got stop at one place 2 look at de hist... tink its called wu zhen or sumthin.. borin place again... den aft de wu zhen place de journey continues... when reach shanghai was lyk 11 or 12+ le.. so ate lunch den aft dat went 2 de sch again... had music n PE... music we learnt de song muo li hua den i was called out 2 sing!?!??! wth?! wif another guy... was lyk so malu la... -.-" but still sang.. sux. den went fer pe! was so fun la.. finally sweat a lil bit... we played basketball n oso tis weird top thingy.. den went 2 de best place.. xiang yang lu!!!! LOL. went dere n bought all de gifts fer frens... dint bother 2 hlp myself buy things.. hacked prices n everibody bought a lota stuff... lol... den went back hotel n retired.. i missed her lots, i jus wana hear yer voice..

day 6, 30th/5
went 2 de sch AGAIN.. tis tym we had history lessons... was also super sian... wana slp la... den had interaction tym wif de china students... not veri fun oso...zzZZZZzz... den we made propelar models which can fly till dam high... quite fun 2 plae wif... den at nite went 2 cheng huang miao n did more shoppin... i dint buy anithin cuz dint nid 2 buy animore things le... im veri jie sheng.. dyin fer u...T.T

day 7, 31st/5
same crap again..SCHOOL!. had chinese lessons den dey were lyk teachin poems... i was gong gong all de way n jus heard dem recite de poem n tokin crap.. oso got clay lessons.. we were playin wif clay? or play doh...LOL.. i made mani faces n stuff.. some other ppl made lame stuff... den aft dat got tis farewell party... got plays performances n stuff.. i performed in a skit.. im a canadian soccer player whose special power iz de leaf... quite lame n fun la... lol... den we took de boat at nite n looked at de nite scenary... china ppl r self centered.. tink dey own de place n block everibodys view.. den dey lyk 2 smoke smoke smoke... super smelly... nxt tym i will hit em..-.-... cant reali remember much on tis day.. den back at de hotel i called her... was hapi 2 hear her voice despite de short tym... i still miss u... i wana go back 2 singapore soon...

day 8, 1st/6
todae no sch!!! so hapi..lol.. first went 2 de museum place.. walked wif jing lu n stefan... was borin la.. onli found de jewerllery part veri nice.. where got all de minerals lyk aquamarine n dey were veri amazin.. big n shiny.. if onli i can take one n giv her..LOL.. den went 2 de book paradise... super big book shop la... was so borin...-.-... onli walk walk walk arnd n did nth much.. den went 2 our all tym fav place again... xiang yang lu! dint do much... went back 2 de bus early cuz was rainin lyk siao... n de whole day was rainin n weather was cold... jollin got her jacket wet so i lend her mine.. so i no more jacket but hu cares... its not lyk its dat cold... tink a girl got jealous but hu cares..LOL.. called her again, toked 2 her more but she disappointed mi. but nvm. hell iz gona end...

day 9, 2nd/6
todae iz a hapi hapi day... goin back le!!!!!!!!! mornin went 2 de xin tian di place... sat in de starbucks n waited fer tym 2 fly.. den took de maglev train.. was super fast? yu xun was nice, he let mi haf de window seat.. tytytyty... de highest speed de train went was 431km/hr..super cool.. everithin outside was lyk flyin... den went 2 airport n flew back 2 singapore!!! i went overly crazy in de plane... dats it fer china... history.. i dowana let go of u animore...

aniwaes i met some reali cool ppl... lyk jinglu n yuxun.. dey r nice.. reali nice.. oso got de morons.. lyk ryan, raymond, zi jie, nick n stuff.. oso de 2a guys r oso cool.. n everi meal had 2 sit wif some 2A girls n eat..zzZZzzz.. dey kip on luffin n luffin... zZZZZzzz... den oso got pang ge... he iz ok la.. n i find de fat driver super cool!! he speeds most of de tym n drive super fast.. dam cool.. lol.. n he iz HUGE. dats all.

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