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Friday, February 23, 2007

today we went ubin fer recee!!! wootz. planted more checkpoints den expected... so quite gd??? duno la... anws not much stuff happened, but got pics. =) lyk wad ppl owaes sae, let de pics do de tokin bahx.

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Thursday, February 22, 2007

hmmm todae wo de bday... quite normal, wana thank all de ppl who gave mi stuff, esp mei... super gan dong-ed... T.T shudnt haf spent so much money... cheong heng quite... =.= todae jus now... he found out it was my bday den he was lyk, na! i giv u bubble gum... LOL.. den i stare at him n he was lyk, hapi bday, shakes hand... hahahaha.. super funi la... den he gime a gay wave... LOL LOL LOL... quite a nice guy? lol. ok anws mei gave mi a nike shoe bag, 2 nike wrist bands n lotsa snacks... hahaha... thnx alot. she also gave mi mineral water. which i luffed when i saw ... loool.. cute. den oso got flobber ball, n ring necklace, got 2 rings in it, maybe nxt tym i got stead le i giv her de other ring.. XDXDXD. ok nvm. lol lol... den pri sch frens remembered my bday, oso quite gan dong, its lyk nvr tok 2 em one den outa de blue dey wish mi hapi bday... waaaa, wana cry... XD ok anws thnx alot da jia. =) RANDOM PIC!

Part Bravo'o6 SYFOC GOH =)

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Monday, February 19, 2007

ytd sux... startin to hate cny... zzzZZZZ

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Sunday, February 18, 2007

happy chinese new year everybody! n to those who send mi sms n wished mi hapi cny, thnx alot. =) de surprisin sms i received was rong xuan's and wen guang's one... hahaha... dint expect em 2 sms mi hapi cny. anws thnx alot. i will kip dis post short short cuz goin out soon le although i jus woke up... and YA LA ZHENGWEI HAPPY BIRTHDAY. =.=... gayness seh.. LOL.

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Saturday, February 17, 2007

new chinese new year new skin!! loll.. de 1st orienteering pre-hike iz over! yayness? lol.. 2 more orienteerings to go... hahaha... tml cny le, but i still dun feel de cny feelin seh... i tink too mani things 2 do le... todae i sorta lyk took a break, i dint do hw, dint do orienteering stuff... jus did wad i wan =)) dis cny i wun touch ani orienteering stuff! i wana relax fer awhile XD but as fer hw... i will do on wed. hahaha... =) ytd's orienteerin went beta den i expected... heng heng, no checkpoints went missing, all de checkpoints dat mus be dere r dere n quite smooth goin except fer de last part when 1 grp went missing n we came back late.. ya... overall part B dint do well... 50% failed 50% passed... de mani checkpoints in 1 place worked, confused em... XD ok quite mean.. anws will be teachin how 2 see which checkpoint iz den de correct one. n we took de 3e class photo on fri. weihua, guifeng, kevin n i quite extra la in de photo.. everibody lyk standin den de 4 of us take chair n sit in front of everibody.. lyk veri big lidat.. LOL. hahaha.. den in de pic i was lyk lyin on guifengs shoulder. gayness... weihua dun let mi lie on his.. XD den got 1 pic got dis part B guy call mi den i pick up den tok on de phone den dey took de pic... =.=... ok nvm, anws now i find dat my class ain dat bad... although its veri bad but in terms of de ppl, its still ok... but in terms of other stuff esp guai1-ness, its reali bad. hahaha.. RANDOM PIC!

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Friday, February 16, 2007

yo... jus droppin a quick post... its lyk 1+ in de mornin n im still awake!!! >.<>.< sad life. ok no random pic cuz jus a short post. JY OC TML!

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Friday, February 09, 2007

guess wad, im pek chek already la! dis iz lyk de 3rd tym im typin dis da bian in... =.=.. anws i briefly post in le la! wth. wed got imt, n i got marksman again! lol. score = 18/20. den thurs got affirmation ceremony trainin.. yes. n todae got live range shootin. n i got marksman todae! score iz 10/10. yup. i shall onli type dis in! PEK CHEK ALREADY LA!!! i was in de first detail so quite jing zhang? den was lyk when dey sae own tym own target carry on, nobody dared 2 fire off la.. den i gan gan go shoot off first, tio stun sia.. de sound dam freakin loud n recoil dam freakin huge luh... den when shootin de tym guifeng's shot rounds kept flyin 2 my leg n de rounds r hot hot one la.. den my leg hot. XDXD lol.. i was suei la. got a faulty rifle.. =.=.. de rifle kept on IA la.. den mr chua n de sir kept on hlp mi clear ia. it was lyk i shoot one tym den ia one tym.. it was lyk, de shot rounds cant be fully pushed out of de chamber den stuck dere.. but lucky despite of de faulty rifle, still got marksman!! =) 10/10 de score. wootz =).. den got once leon dam funi.. he was assistant for guifeng den guifeng shoot finish le, den he scared still got rounds so he press press de trigger 2 check. den leon tot he got IA so he shouted IAIA! den de sir hit leon n sae, shoot finish already la! lol lol.. dam funi la.. XDXD =) anws shall post de random=)
chibi heheou zabimaru =)

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Monday, February 05, 2007

tym 2 post!!! lol.. got mani comments abt de previous post de nelson sexy pic.. hahaha. XDXD anws todae was i guess quite ok? but still i dun lyk sch... Zzzzz. n shangkuns hair look dam funi todae la..lol.. i oso told alota cold jokes todae n suhuai n shangkun got =.=... XDXD =) aft sch had chem test? sian luh.. got a few qns i duno seh... die cham habis... but i guess not de end? lol... still gona pass.. oso had history test which was ... OMG. wad i dint read alot came out la... its lyk i jus read thru dat part den it came out!!! T.T.. wana cry le? aft chem test i faster chiong de GOH selections.. we did drills n slowly bit by bit ppl got "eliminated" or sumthin lidat... den when its left wif 8 ppl? yup... den shengchao quite funi, he did a dumb mistake la.. he turn de wrong side den he out oso... sad life for him. in de end left wif 6 of us, zhengwei, nelson, waiwai, wymer, yiyang n ME! wootz.. hahaha... gona haf lotsa trainins now... sian... fer de part B i dun reali noe em except fer chin yi, lol.. same grp fer welcome party... hahaha... anws tml got orienteerin re-lessons... hope everithin goes well.. >.<>
n now for de random pic =)
lol, ichigo n zangetsu. cute. XD

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Saturday, February 03, 2007

finally postin again.. last few days dun haf mood 2 post so dint post lorh. yup. todae finally got? lol.. recee was kinda fun. XD got some super funi stuff dat happened.. firstly it was ben tan tio birdshit! woooo!!! we were walkin at simpang dere den he was holdin de map... den one birdshit drop dwn n hit de hand! unfortunately, de map oso tio birdshit.. haiz... >.< we were worried bout de map.. but de hand, nvm la... LOL.. secondly was jinfeng! we jaywalked alota tyms but bein a law abidin citizen, he dint cross de road! it was lyk, man was red, no car so jus cross! but jinfeng nvr cross.. he stand dere n waited fer de man 2 turn green den cross.. wth la.. lol.. den we cross de road de tym, he insist we walk till pedestrain crossin den cross... got once nelson pissed off cuz he nvr cross den he told jinfeng, "jinfeng! u beta cross NOW! if not i wun bring you for anymore recees!" so he had no choice but to cross.. LOL LOL. den got once bentan nvr hold de map properly n de map flew to de road!!!OMG LA! it was went we walkin back 2 sch de tym la!!! luckily no car den we faster chase de map.. LOL.. if we loose it, ben tan iz so dead la..LOL. we also ate prata! n marcus amazed us wif his malay skillz.. he actually noe how 2 speak malay la! n quite fluent.. we stun dere fer awhile as he toks 2 de prata man in malay.. lol.. we ask him treat us prata but he dowan seh.. stingy guy... XDXDXD todae we marked 37 checkpoints out n hope de rest will go on smoothly. now post some pics i took jus now durin recee=)

de OIC with a cool look. XD

another cool look.. XDXDXD

backview. =)

Orienteering Oic and 2ic. =)

ah bird and me! XDXD

walk walk walk

recee IC bentan in action!


ah hock de secretary. lol

AHS sign. =)

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