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Monday, February 25, 2008

ok u all remember got dis 2 be continued at de previous previous previous post??? de one before 22nd feb. yes! dis iz... de continuation.....
Nelson "omg omg! we r gna lose him!"
Delta "wad do we do... commander."
Nelson "looks lyk... we lost. his backup ... its too powerful"
Delta "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaaa"
Delta "he iz... so cheap."
Nelson "wait... cud dat be... HIM?!"
Nelson "eh spot check if gerald iz with us or not"
Delta "he's here sergeant major"
Nelson "ok means dat guy not gerald."
Nelson "he sot ar?"
HIM "i haf come to turn myself in..."
Nelson+Delta "?!"
HIM "go ahead... get it done quick."
*carrys to the fountain of life
*screams n shouts
Delta "eh eh eh zw first!"
Delta "bu yao leh!"
the ultimate backup appears
hidden behind the sleeves of lewis
it is... H E R.
none other than the one and only
who shares the same initials as lewis
C M L!
Delta "?!?!?!" *drops zw
H E R "what r u ya'll doing?!"
H E R "its very late already you know, hurry up and go home"
Delta "its raining"
H E R "dun u have umbrella?"
Delta *giv duh look "no."
H E R "dun ur parents drive?"
Delta *giv a more duh look "they not free."
H E R "oh ok, just dun make so much noise becuz i can hear frm inside"

and thats how... i... crossed the 38th parallel, unharmed, unhurt, untouched, undisturbed, unwadevadereiz.

leaving that aside. now i shall do on a reflection on my first visit to the police post on the 24th february 2008.

I was excited. upon knowing havin to visit the police post, i was engulfed in excitement. on the nite of the 23rd february, i cud not slpin, not being to stop tinkin abt the adventures i will have the nxt day visitin the police post. i wondered how it was like and how the policemen inside are. are they friendly? fierce? stern? i do not know.

the next day, i was filled with joy and excitement as i skipped my way to the police post. upon reaching the door, i noticed that inside was very very dark. was it closed? i tot to myself. i was starting to get disappointed, but nevertheless i still pushed open the door. the door wouldn't budge?! i wanted to cry.

then something near the door handle caught my attention, it was a sign sayin "pull". then i pulled the door and like magic, IT OPENED! a genius i am. i thought i cud almost become a magician already. then i stepped in, no policeman were in sight, suddenly 3 policemen poped out from a room. apparently they were busy, busy slacking.

there was 2 chinese and 1 malay. 2 corporal and 1 staff sergeant. i could tell the policemen were excited to see mi, maybe they were too bored and needed customers. how can i tell? when i asked a question, 3 of them would reply mi. when i ask for a simple thing, "do i need a police permit if i stay overnite as east coast park for 1 nite?" apparently dey jus nided yes or no but dey went to call up marine parade police post and got national parks number n went one big round and in the end the staff sergeant told mi, no. i waited 10mins for a no. o.o. wow. shows how enthu our policemen are. LOL. in de end i got alot of redundant info. i tink dey fail eng compo one, write out of point. LOL. dats all for my trip to the police post.

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Sunday, February 24, 2008

im gettin stressed, i dun lyk it but somehow at de same tym i love it. why? it kips mi occupied... it makes mi wana look forward 2 sumthin, it makes mi move on, it challenges wad i can do. most importantly, stress leads to buildin up of mental strength. am i right? i dun lyk it iz becuz it kips bugging mi, it givs moodswings, it gets mi tired faster, it kips mi negative. yupp.

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ok dis will be a short post onli. wana thank all de ppl who rmbed my bday n those dat stayed up till 12 jus to wish mi hapi bday. XD. anws de first person who wished mi was wenxin, second was WanTing and third was surprisingly megan. XD . loll. ok those dat wished mi before 12 iz not first =P. mus plae by de rules. XD . anws im born at 6+ in de evenin so dat shud be my real bday. thnx fer de presents n thnx PART B FOR SINGIN MI DAT BDAY SONG IN DE CANTEEN. dun tink u all sing song fer mi i wun pump u all animore ar. neither will i giv u all more pumpin vouchers. XD. ok dat shud be all, ytd goin to hq was a waste of time.
"i love steamboat"

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Thursday, February 21, 2008

ok dis iz de conver i had wif leon. i pictured wad will happened tml n put it into dialouge form. de " " person iz nelson tokin.

8:30 PM) -AhšNCC >>M L C:
i not so mean

(8:30 PM) -AhšNCC >>M L C:
i put land mine

(8:30 PM) -AhšNCC >>M L C:

(8:30 PM) -AhšNCC >>K W L:
land mine inside put nails...

(8:30 PM) -AhšNCC >>M L C:
de sch lyk battle field

(8:30 PM) -AhšNCC >>K W L:
tml we mine sweep..

(8:30 PM) -AhšNCC >>M L C:
den aft dat

(8:30 PM) -AhšNCC >>M L C:
put barb wire

(8:31 PM) -AhšNCC >>M L C:
crawl arnd

(8:31 PM) -AhšNCC >>M L C:
"advance advance! lewis iz weak!"

(8:31 PM) -AhšNCC >>M L C:
" oh no! we r bein ambushed!"

(8:31 PM) -AhšNCC >>M L C:
"pull back pull back!"

(8:31 PM) -AhšNCC >>M L C:
"section 3 alpha! can u read mi!?"

(8:32 PM) -AhšNCC >>M L C:
"o no our forces are bein taken dwn!"

(8:32 PM) -AhšNCC >>M L C:
"sianglai wad do we do!"

(8:32 PM) -AhšNCC >>M L C:
"i'll go..."

(8:32 PM) -AhšNCC >>K W L:
can become story...

(8:32 PM) -AhšNCC >>K W L:
then movie..

(8:32 PM) -AhšNCC >>M L C:
den suddenly

(8:32 PM) -AhšNCC >>M L C:
"i nid backup! i nid backup!"

(8:32 PM) -AhšNCC >>K W L:
"saving Master Lewis"

(8:32 PM) -AhšNCC >>K W L:

(8:33 PM) -AhšNCC >>M L C:
"de enemy iz not alone!"

(8:33 PM) -AhšNCC >>M L C:
"i repeat! de enemy iz not alone!"

(8:33 PM) -AhšNCC >>M L C:
"oh no, wad iz dis..."

(8:33 PM) -AhšNCC >>M L C:

(8:33 PM) -AhšNCC >>M L C:

(8:33 PM) -AhšNCC >>M L C:

(8:33 PM) -AhšNCC >>M L C:

(8:34 PM) -AhšNCC >>M L C:

(8:34 PM) -AhšNCC >>M L C:

(8:34 PM) -AhšNCC >>K W L:

(8:34 PM) -AhšNCC >>M L C:

(8:34 PM) -AhšNCC >>K W L:
i should...

(8:34 PM) -AhšNCC >>K W L:
save this convo.

(8:34 PM) -AhšNCC >>M L C:
im savin it

(8:34 PM) -AhšNCC >>M L C:
postin at my blog

(8:34 PM) -AhšNCC >>K W L:

(8:34 PM) -AhšNCC >>M L C:
lemi continue damit!

(8:34 PM) -AhšNCC >>K W L:

(8:34 PM) -AhšNCC >>M L C:

(8:34 PM) -AhšNCC >>M L C:

(8:34 PM) -AhšNCC >>M L C:

(8:34 PM) -AhšNCC >>M L C:

(8:34 PM) -AhšNCC >>M L C:

(8:34 PM) -AhšNCC >>M L C:

(8:35 PM) -AhšNCC >>M L C:

(8:35 PM) -AhšNCC >>M L C:

(8:35 PM) -AhšNCC >>M L C:

(8:35 PM) -AhšNCC >>M L C:
"wait... i see something"

(8:35 PM) -AhšNCC >>M L C:
"iz dat..."

(8:35 PM) -AhšNCC >>M L C:

(8:35 PM) -AhšNCC >>M L C:

(8:35 PM) -AhšNCC >>M L C:
"no wait!"

(8:35 PM) -AhšNCC >>M L C:
"its not lewis!"

(8:35 PM) -AhšNCC >>M L C:
"its gerald!"

8:36 PM) -AhšNCC >>K W L:

(8:36 PM) -AhšNCC >>M L C:
*whacks gerald

(8:36 PM) -AhšNCC >>M L C:
"no wait... lewis escaped! i repeat, all forces, move out!"

(8:36 PM) -AhšNCC >>M L C:
- to be continued...

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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

o ya anws, 1 more thing 2 add. i haf a bday wish, but i doubt it will eva be fulfilled. i wana watch a nc16 movie on my bday. XD. as in serious. aiya but nvm. lol. shall forget abt dis dream.

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woooooo ok my calf iz more or less ok alr, i wun sae its fully recovered cuz if i were to exert it too much it will start feelin funi inside, lyk de veins start twitchin n de muscles feels funi, ya. anws i dare not exert too much oso cuz i scared i injure it again. i cant afford 2 injure it, I NIDA BE IN TOP FORM ON FRI! =) de great escape. LOL.

ok anws here's de big truth... gerald and i... arnt ordinary frens. we r not best frens either, nor boifrens nor wad eva frens. we are actly blood related brothers. *gasp. *pants. *screams. *rolls on floor. dis iz de evidence.

wads up wif dis pic? alota ppl tell mi, "isnt both de same guy?" de answer iz NO. de left guy iz gerald, the right guy iz mi. one day gerald showin mi, eh chow i found my last tym de bus pass. den i see his kiddy face, den somehow, i opened my wallet, dis iz my last tym pic. den we put beside each other de pictures. den we started screamin. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA. same hairstyle same face. if i were skinnier or geralds fatter, it will be exactly de same. omg. if u r still screamin now... u can stop it le.

anws somehow in class, i tot abt things n somehow... if i were to lyk die now, dere will be no regrets n i wun mind dyin now. BUT it doesnt mean im emo n sad n i wana die k. im jus sayin if i were to die now i wun mind. somehow it feels lidat. maybe cuz i haf no more goals in life alr, fer now la, no goals n no aims. no nth. u mite ask, aim fer JC, aim fer olvl. those stuff not i wan derh, iz i MUST do one. so not reali counted. XD.

and YES! nelson jus told mi as i typin dis dwn. LOL. our best unit competition, de unit under part D'08's care, we got a 94.9%!!! HIGHER DEN LAST YEARS! N MOREOVER GOT 1ST IN EAST DISTRICT AGAIN! wooooooooooooooooooo. yessssssssssssss. omg omg omg. last yr if i not wrong was 92-93% arnd dere N we stand a chance in nationals. hahaha i guess we dint screw up aft all. XD.

anws post some pics.
u all noe who dis iz... XD
de floorball club whr i plae in. high class facilities.

LOL dis iz bio lesson.... its not wad u tink it iz. XD

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Sunday, February 17, 2008

woooo gd news. my calf iz almost ok alrdy... jus a few days more..... currently it doesnt hurt if i walk, but if i walk fer too long it will start to hurt. im told not to walk too much, not to run n not to carry heavy stuff. oso i cant eat orange peanuts n drink cold drinks. lol. sian. doctor oso gav mi alota medicine tdy =.=. i dun lyk medicine esp liquid ones. sian. de medicine iz suppose 2 let de blood flow beta .

anws d-gray man seems 2 be gettin nicer n nicer . XD.

hahaha yes dat iz allen walker. sae he's sexy, esp de hair. lol. anws part D, i will be rdy on fri... watch . =). anws im excused frm all physical activities fer de whole of nxt wk n i haf mc... but most likely u will see mi active durin pe, i owaes crush n throw away my mc one. ^^. hahaha.

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Thursday, February 14, 2008

wooooo my dad jus enlightened mi. ok i dint break ani vein. its called hamstring. loool. he sae common in soccer players AND usually takes 2-3 weeks to heal one. oh shit. i injured my hamstring n pls its not ham.

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aaaaaaaaaaaa wooooooooo. its valentines day n here i m stuck at home. LOL. n some more home ALONE. abit scary tho, im takin extra care when i walk cuz if i were to fall... its de end. XD. here's de situation im in now, i tot my calf iz nth serious, tot i onli broke a vein, which happened before last tym at my foot. XD. but looks lyk now more serious, as de doctor measurin my pulse he frowned n shook his head, i so scared? den he nvr sae anithin, onli asked some qns. asked how long le den i said 1 nite n he ask if i did vigorous exercise n i said i got exercise. den he ask mi lie on those clinic beds n he pasted 3 stickers on mi n connected wires. n before i noe it i felt electricity runnin thru my calf. wa seh seriously la its de worst. de muscles were lyk contract relax contract relax n got dis stingy effect la. zzzzzzzzzzzzz when contract dam pain. wa sian. it lasted fer lyk 10mins? i duno LOL. den aft dat he said, “拉到根” and “发言". dis 2 main things. fa yan iz of course infection n de other iz pull vein. wait... iz gen1 vein or nerve ar? LOL. so now i haf an infected calf which iz pretty serious n i nida go back dis sunday so he can do sumthin to it again.

anws tml i'll be back in sch altho i tink im not suppose 2, but dere's orienteerin n i nida be dere so.... ya. go i must. =). n i hope i recover fast!!! cuz now i cant walk properly wad more run. ltr nxt fri i'll be a free frag fer part D..... aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa ><. i cant drink cold water or cold drinks. ><. n oso cant eat peanuts n orange but dat not too bad. if u see a guy limpin in sch tml, its mi. XD

featurin mr yeow! he slpin on de van in chiangrai n his head kept flyin left n right. XD

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Saturday, February 09, 2008

wooooooo my blog stats counter gona reach 20k soon. de 20,000th visitor will win a limited edition free gift frm mi. ok even if u're de 20,000th visitor i oso wun noe. XD. anws damit i woke up too early n now i haf nth 2 do. yes, i jus woke up lyk 10mins ago. LOL. im not pig, i slpt at 4am k. ytd was funnnn. XD. ps, if u continue readin de post, dun call mi a gamble addict cuz if i am den my whole family n relatives are oso cuz u cant gamble alone. =.=. started playin black jack at 5pm lidat. lets see... i started off wif 5 bucks. i played 1 buck per round n at 3am, i had a total of 37 bucks. i won a total of 32 bucks. not so bad. =) todae gona be second round? guess so ba. lol.
ok nth much 2 post alr? shit im bored. zzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

the emo boys ^^.

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Friday, February 08, 2008

somehow..... i gota feelin alota ppl will forget. forget abt wad? im not sayin. but i believe part D will definitely not forget rite? since im gona die on de nxt nxt company trainin. >< aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa bu yao!!!!! virginity at stake. ok maybe not. but i have everithin all planned already, watch de ultimate plan to escape frm u all.
ok anws ytd quite borin. somehow de tradition of black jack iz gone thnx to a bunch of aunts who so obsessed wif makin food. zzzzzzzzzzzz. so it was lyk last tym at arnd 3 or 4+, dey will roll out a reali big round table n plae black jack. den everione will plae, a gd bondin game. but now..... no more le. wth! i hate ppl who break traditions lyk dis. >< . ytd oso went de temple, lucky wasnt so crowded, i stupidly got burnt as usual by de dumb joss sticks. zzzzzzzz. i dun lyk de temple, full of smokes, choky.

todae gona be fun =). cuz todae im goin to a place whr traditions are not broken. XD wooooooo. anws thnx alot wanting fer rememberin =) reali i veri touched. hahahahahaha. =P ok shall end here, everione hapi CNY n to those who wished mi n nvr received my reply, sori! cuz my sms not reali alot left so i nida save em. hapi cny. may money fill ur pockets until ppl wana rob u. =X ok dats not auspicious.

my nerd part Bs... XD

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Friday, February 01, 2008

woooo ok firstly i'll post abt mr chua's farewell! first in de avt, i saw sumthin reali cool. its MY name on de seat! lol lol lol lyk some big shot VIP lidat altho i noe ima small person, but who cares! got my name n im at de FIRST row. muahahahaha. so its lyk vip le. XD

btw de paper says "ASSISTANT SERGEANT MAJOR LEWIS CHOW" lalala. hahaha. pretty cool eh. anws de farewell was quite well done i guess, esp part C's performance, was....... veri entertainin but too bad not fer all to see ^^. yea den had buffet n stuff. went home quite late. XD

nxt shall post abt ncc. check out our latest communication device. onli 3rd generation uniformed groups use such advanced technology. so far no uniformed grp has surpassed our technology, i am proud to show u all our latest model of walkie talkie. it lets u hear clearly n 100% guaranteed it wun break down.

i present to u de NCC-WT-0.589. (raw materials needed: 2 cups n a string)
and this is our notice board. XD

ok dat shud be all. todae no trainin so dam shag. hahaha. super duper sian. yupp.

now its tym to plae guess that pokemon. ok not exactly pokemon, but u guess who iz dis guy. first 3 ppl to guess it correct will walk away wif de limited edition NCC-WT-0.589!

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