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Sunday, November 30, 2008

hmmmmmmmmm ok gna post a short post. later gna go city hall to meet clt course platoon mates. =). dere's a gathering. n somehow, something weird im feeling. it seems im not dreadin for tml to come. is dreadin spelt lidat? i dun tink so but nvm. ya. somehow im quite ok with tml, in fact i quite want de week to start. n i look forward to monday, n i wana noe wad's gna go on on tues. funny feeling. n i wana make frens with as many platoon mates as possible. hahaha. funny feeling. but nvm, dats positive i guess. keeps mi away from depression while in de course. XD. =). now for a picture. =).ok i stole dis from someone's blog. LOL. i tink it was leon tan's. but it doesnt matter =). hahaha. darren took dis pic? he mus have failed his IMT. use HABIT while takin pic oso, to reduce minimum shakin of de cam.

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Saturday, November 29, 2008

hahaha been soooo long since i last posted. anws i will onli be postin on weekends becuz.... ya. of clt course. so i shall do a quick recap of de week. de course so far is ok, all so interested. on monday was boring... =.=. jus admin stuff before lunch n den lecture all de way. BUT! de food rocks. had reception aft de openin speech, meanin a mini buffet dats actly not mini at all. den immediately aft reception was.... LUNCH! LOL. woooooo so stuffed. ok den had Vas for lecture. indian man. lol. but quite interested tho. NLP. thats all for mon.

den tuesday! quite ok i guess. first half before lunch we were cleanin m16 rifles. =.=. so lame. dey teach us how to clean. basically jus strip it n slowly wipe de parts using a flanellite. LOL. dats for first half, den second half we learning SAR21 rifle. =). a very very nice rifle i must say. we were taught how to strip n assemble n stuff lidat. dam zai de rifle. its much smaller but however heavier. LOL. its easy to strip oso, jus a few parts onli. m16 strippin nid 1min, SAR21 only need 40 secs lidat. yup. pretty easy oso. n we booked out dam early on tues oso. LOL.=) an optimistic day. XD

n wednesday! yup morning had lecture, on methods of instruction aka MOI. learn how to teach cadets =.=. super lame. anws den had lunch n aft lunch we booked out! went back ahs to see see for awhile deir part B camp. aft dat went home to bathe n change. apparently everythin was dam rush. den i cabbed to bedok to collect flowers, n frm dere i cabbed to Amara to pick her up n frm dere cabbed to orchard hotel. imagine how much i spent =). ps i cabbed at 5+ so its peak hr surcharge oso. prom was quite boring n lame. actly dint wana go, but not enuff ppl so jus went n under some influence. i left early, before de thing ended i left alr, too boring. de food wasnt dat nice either. den aft dat cabbed back to Amara with her. spent some time with her n den cabbed back home. nice rite. cab here cab dere. i felt i was a rich kia. i spent more den 50 bucks on cabbing... =.=. so stupit....... but fear not! i still have money. LOL. cuz ima super saver. super savers will nvr not have money. sorry no pics for prom, why? becuz im using a non camera phone. LOL. k la actly got pics but im not gna post em. ^^.

n thursday, in de morning i almost died. we almost died in fact. slp at lyk 2+am n i woke up at 5am sharp. dragged myself all de way to hq. found difficulty wakin myself up while on de bus dere. lucky cud wake up. while waiting for de bus to come oso, dam cham. tryin to kip myself awake. but lucky de activities were so hyper. it was adventure training. so no way u can slp one. hahaha. did high element activities, had flying fox (dam shiok) n zw was bein a hum ji not wanting to try, in de end tio own by de officers dere. den got paint ball, rock wall, rappelling, n etc. i swear im nvr gna play paintball ever again. i was hit by a stupit pellet. wth dam pain la. n worse still, we given armour but de part i hit no protection. n its de collar bone. becuz i have a jutting out collar bone, it doubled de pain. de whole bone swelled so much n i cudnt move my arm. zzzzzzzzzz. even now still red. haiz..... stupit thing. irritating. dat guy's aimin dam zhun. yup aft dat i visited de medical centre in de army camp n dey gave mi a bag of ice which made things abit beta. ya. k dats for thurs. an exciting day.

friday! went to nee soon camp for medical course training! yea! i can do cpr ppl! suck on dat. nxt tym u all no pulse alr, i can save u all. dey oso tot de common injuries n how to bandage! yay i can bandage! im beta den st johns! ok maybe not. but at least i noe how! lyk a st john. yup dey oso tot how to relieve choking. nxt tym if u all wan eat fishball mee, eat with mi. =). lol. ya de day pretty boring, but i guess de stuff taught was very useful. u dunida be a st john to learn first aid =). im a certified first aider! woooooooo!

these 5 days, dere's something interested everyday, every single day, at least 1 person will tink im not chinese. =.=. even tho i wear a uniform with my name dere "M L CHOW", dey still tink im not. cool rite. on fri, dis saf personnel givin de cpr test was lyk, "ok chow..." "ok chow...." "mr chow..."... "eh wait, u chow? u chinese ar? mix blood izit?"... =.=. den when i was shot by de paintball pellet, de medic toked to mi in malay, of course i dint noe wad he was tokin abt, until he realise it n confirmed, "u chinese?!"... =.=. n some were my course mates, "how come u dint luff at de joke? u duno malay?!"... =.=. yea some of em toked to mi in malay. some look at my name tag n ask if im mix... all sorts la. =.=. so stupit. LOL. ok i shall end off now. lazy put picture. n nxt week will be a brand new week.

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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

a dedication to part B's, gdluck for ur part B camp. =). with unity comes great power!

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Friday, November 21, 2008

ok been so long since i posted. not becuz im lazy, cuz im busy de last few days with chalet n stuff. yup. ok im playin so hard becuz....... im gna lose freedom soon once again. T.T. haiz clt course nxt week. im left with 3 more days includin today. anws its not called clt course anymore, its cdo course. but cdo looks stupit so i rather it's clt. XD. ok de course is pretty slack i guess. de interestin thing i look forward to is de SAR21 trainfire. but on one day of dat bookin out for prom. T.T... whhhhhhhy. haiz. saddened. ok nvm. anws chalet was fine, it was ok i guess. 2nd nite abit down n upset due to something happened to her. dun ask mi wad. im not gna sae. de first nite was nice. jus dat i kept on sneezin. 6 sneezes in a row. i was sneezin while playin mahjong. lol. ok nth much abt chalet dat i wana tok abt oso. n no pictures. cuz currently my phone has no camera =). thats right..! ok i tink i dowana continue anymore, nth much to post alr. if u're findin a job, gdluck with that! cuz i haven got one =). if u're not findin a job, den gd for u! rich kid!. if u're busy preparing for prom, gdluck! cuz i dint prepare at all! im gna be shabbily dressed. im not lying. too busy n no tym to get prom clothes. sorry to her that her boyfren is gna be shabbily dressed. ><. sometimes its suei that she has to be with mi... =/..."hi im winnie the peh"

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Friday, November 14, 2008

hohohohohoho had a reali fun time today =D. n i bet tml will be even more fun... u noe why? cuz its an excursion to hq tml! woooooooo! so long nvr go dere! i miss it! T.T... i dowana go............. stupit thing mus wake up so early....

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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

ok dis post is suppose to come in tml after de olvls... but anws i shall do it today, cuz scared tml no tym. tml busy day =). hahaha. anws! this post is dedicated to 2 grps of ppl! for de first grp! dey are de ppl who panic upon readin de previous post. LOL. anws de previous post refered to olvls... been studyin n tgt for months now... =/ n so sad gna part with it tml.... last day le. im gna leave no regrets =). im gna do mcq-s until daylight n den go for de paper. LOL. ok jk. yup. its not bike... neither izit fake... i dun do prank posts... i onli do posts dat are not straight-forward. shud i name ... ? ok nvm forget it. anws surname is LIM =). last two alphabet of his/her name is N/A... LOL. ok quite funi. mrs doong and rachel quite funi oso... yup yk told mi abt it... but dun worry at least she didn't continue to scam ya'll further... ok sorry. =X. but at least u all have let yk noe how much u all care abt her. =). im sorry i mislead u all with my last post... =(... de apology is sincere. really. ><...

ok moving on to 2nd grp... k 2nd grp not reali a grp. anws.... THANKS FOR UR HELP! WISH U LUCK WITH FINDIN A JOB!. ok anws i doubt dat person will see de thank you... n even if she did... i dun tink she will noe its her. so u can confirm with mi if u see dis. LOL.

ok guess wad dis is... guess correct n win a prize.

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Sunday, November 09, 2008

i guess everything's coming to an end... months of it.... i guess i wun get used to without you........

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Friday, November 07, 2008

ok im supposed to do huiyi a favour of advertising for her. although i dun reali noe her but .... nvm! since its not much of a trouble. XD. ok her blogshop is selling contact lenses from korea? yup. anws if you wear contacts 24/7 all the time den maybe drop by her blogshop? yup, maybe u can find a good deal there. one thing's for sure... i not goin there. LOL. u all know why ;). =X.
anws here's the link http://clotheshangers.blogspot.com

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Wednesday, November 05, 2008

hmmmm ok and today was the chinese olvl paper... n lemi tell u ppl something, aft de stupit paper, IT FEELS AS THOUGH OLVL END ALR!!! LOL. but dere is one contradiction, n i believe it'll definitely happen.... after olvl, as in officially on 13th nov, i wun feel excited, i wun feel happy, i wun rejoice, i wun scream, neither will i do somethin dat u tot of doin. feels funny...... its as though... muggin for olvls is part of ur life already... 1 thing's for sure, i definitely will have alot of tym... de feelin of... "wa so free"... n aft dat it'll be, "wad shud i study today? wait... i dun hafta study already"... ok i guess nida take some tym to readjust de body. feel so stupit... ytd i felt as tho prelims was just yesterday's yesterday... so fast! n den yesterday i oso felt as tho mye was yesterday's yesterday's yesterday... dun u tink so? so fast! time flies when we're enjoyin ourselves eh... =X. hahaha. i just hope aft olvl de fun n free period wun fly so fast. T.T... stupit thing. ok anws pass few days reali meaninful n not boring... bein occupied everyday, n de nxt few days will oso! of course i wun get complacent, i'll still chiong mcqs, made a target with her alr, 100mcqs a day. hahaha. by de tym nxt week paper 1, dunid read oso noe de pattern of de ans.. now for a funny vid, i recommend dis one.

if u dint watch the noose on channel 5 last tym, u're missing out alot. hahaha, its not a low budget show, dey even got de real simple plan. XD.

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Sunday, November 02, 2008

yay yay yay it feels as tho olvl over alr. LOL. ok im left with SS paper, chinese paper 1 and 2, chem paper 1 and bio paper 1! the first 2 hell weeks are over alr. ss is on mon, chinese both on wed and the 2 paper ones are the week after... hahaha. pretty slack. obviously im done with ss alr. but afterwards after dinner gna do ss all over again. tml mornin gna run thru again oso. yup. tonite's de final race in de whole season in sao paulo brazil! suddenly forgot how to spell de paulo. izit paulo or paolo? ok i tink its paulo. if massa gets third for the race, its over for him. it hamilton gets top 5 in the race, its over for massa too. but durin qualifyin massa got pole position so the race later will be exciting. its gna be 1245 on Star Sports (chnl 24). LOL. lyk advertisement.
ok anws if u ppl kpo kpo wan noe how are mi n her doin... well gna break up alr not? break up alr? close to breakin up? ur 4-6 mths predictions... =.=. bad news for ya'll... we are not close to breakin up. its onward to 4th alr. if u all bettin among urselves... i guess dere will be no winner. LOL. ok anws i jus spent 33hrs straight with yoooooou. XD. i find it amazing myself. before de bio paper met with her at 930... den aft bio paper met her oso and de whole nite den de nxt day until evenin 6... wow =). hahaha. ok anws this is my phone bill as anticipated. so did i hit de 3000 mins target? =(.

thats the sept bill... 2648 mins for the incoming call. =/ darn it... dint even touch 3000... ok and this is the october's bill...
hahahahaha!!! a remarkable improvement!! 4021.6 minutes! =D. hahaha. beat that ppl. ok i shall end my post here. gdluck to everyone (who reads this) for ur remainin olvl papers! =).

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